Endangered Species: Threats, Conservation and Future Research


Melinda Quinn

Series: Plant Science Research and Practices
BISAC: NAT046000

This book provides research on the threats and conservation of endangered species. Chapter One reviews the causes of extinction, the possibilities of persistence in colonized sites, as well as the proposed method of conservation of populations of selected rare plant species such as Dianthus superbus L., Gentiana pneumonanthe L., Gladiolus imbricatus L., Iris sibirica L. as well as Trollius europaeus L. Chapter Two provides an example of the use of multivariate analyses of morphological characters and DNA analyses for assessing the taxonomic ranking of rare plant taxa.

Chapter Three offers a synthetic, state-of-the-art analysis of the existing knowledge around magnolias, including their biogeographic origin, the distribution and number of magnolia species, their current and potential uses in medicine and biochemistry, the ecology of seeds and of successful pre-germinate treatments, the regeneration and restructuring of populations, and a revision of the genetic diversity of magnolia species. Chapter Four examines a case study of Cycas hainanensis, an endangered cycad species.
(Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Threats, Persistence and Conservation of Rare Plant Populations in  Molinion Caeruleae Meadows
(Kinga Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt, Department of Plant Ecology, Institute of Botany, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland)

Chapter 2
The Use of Multivariate Analyses of Morphological Characters and DNA Analyses for Assessing the Taxonomic Ranking of Rare Plant taxa: An Example Comparing Populations of Echinomastus erectocentrus var. acunensis with Those of its Relatives E. erectocentrus var. erectocentrus and E. johnsonii (Marc A. Baker, and J. Mark Porter, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA, and others)

Chapter 3
Ecology and Conservation of Endangered Species: The Case of Magnolias
(Lázaro Rafael Sánchez-Velásquez, María. del Rosario Pineda-López, Suria G. Vásquez-Morales and Ma. de la Luz Avendaño-Yáñez, Instituto de Biotecnología y Ecología Aplicada (INBIOTECA), Universidad Veracruzana, Campus para la Cultura, las Artes y el Deporte, Xalapa, Ver., CP, México, and others)

Chapter 4
The Limitation of Genetic Diversity Conservation in Botanical Gardens: A Case Study of Endangered Species  Cycas hainanensis
(Zheng-Feng Wang, Ming Zhang, Shu-Guang Jian, Wan-Hui Ye and Hong-Lin Cao, Key Laboratory of Vegetation Restoration and Management of Degraded Ecosystems & Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Applied Botany, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, P. R. China)


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