Encyclopedia of Public Health (22 Volume Set)


Arnold Aboubacar and Marguerita Hoyle (Editors)

Series: Public Health in the 21st Century
BISAC: MED078000

This encyclopedia contains 22 volumes and a total of 552 chapters covering up-to-date research in the field of public health.

Table of Contents



Volume 1.
Chapter 1. The Impact of Exposure to Alcohol Advertisements on Adolescents: A Literature Review
Chapter 2. Adolescent Alcohol Misuse
Chapter 3. Alcohol-Related Road Traffic Accidents in the English-Speaking Caribbean: A Call to Action
Chapter 4. The Relationship between Alcohol Use and Social and Cultural Determinants in Grenadian Adolescents
Chapter 5. Alcohol Misuse in Adulthood Following Experiences of Psychological Maltreatment during Childhood
Chapter 6. Gender and Suicidal Behaviour among Adolescents Who Use Alcohol
Chapter 7. The Jamaican Secondary School Survey: Parental Influences Associated with Adolescent Alcohol Use
Chapter 8. Smashing Babash: an Evaluation of Unregulated Rum in Grenada
Chapter 9. Influential Factors Affecting Underage Drinking among Caribbean Youths
Chapter 10. How Many Drinks Has Your Adolescent Been Offered Today?
Chapter 11. Alcohol and Aviation: An Assessment of Aeronautical Decision Making among Caribbean Pilots
Chapter 12. Assessment of Health-Compromising Behavior Prevalence and Clustering among Grenadian Adolescents: Findings from the 2008 Global School-Based Student
Health Survey
Chapter 13. Drug Consumption in Suriname: Influence of Knowledge of Consequences and Academic Performance
Chapter 14. Community Engagement: A Commentary on Promoting the Health of Communities
Chapter 15. Mommy: A Maternal Health Surveillance System
Chapter 16. Disparities in Access to Early Intervention Services for Extremely Preterm Infants by Family Income
Chapter 17. An Ecological Model of Health Care Access Disparities for Children
Chapter 18. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren with Disabilities: Assessing Health Status, Home Environment and Impact of a Family Support Case Management Model
Chapter 19. Addressing Social Determinants of Health at a Federally Qualified Health Center
Chapter 20. Health Vulnerabilities of Utah’s Immigrant Children: Breaking the Cycle
Chapter 21. Parents’ and Teachers’ Beliefs about School Readiness: Working toward Developing More Culturally Relevant Interventions
Chapter 22. “I Was Scared over There.” Family Well-Being after Relocation from a Distressed Public Housing Development
Chapter 23. Learn, Eat, Grow: The Healthy Living Initiative
Chapter 24. Should Parents Be Allowed to Refuse Vaccinations for Their Children?
Chapter 25. Food Security, Gender, and Occupational Seasonality in Urban Low-Income Households
Chapter 26. Traditional Health Care Practices of Women in Urban Slums: Focus on Maternal Health and Nutritional Status
Chapter 27. Chinese Beliefs about Adversity: Their Association with Treatment Fears among Young Psychotropic Substance Abusers in Hong Kong
Chapter 28. Validation of the Non-Conflict-Related Marital Quality Scale from the Perspective of Chinese Adolescent Children
Chapter 29. Subjective Outcome Evaluation of a Training Program of Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project in China
Chapter 30. Subjective Evaluation of a Training Program of the Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project in Mainland China
Chapter 31. How Do Teachers View and Experience a New General Education Program in Hong Kong? a Study Based on Descriptors and Open-Ended Questions
Chapter 32. Condom Use, Alcohol, and Alcohol-Related Personality Changes: A View from Russia
Chapter 33. Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among In-School Adolescents, Uruguay
Chapter 34. Prevalence and Factors for Suicide Ideation among Adolescents Attending School in Ghana
Chapter 35. Prevalence and Correlates for Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents in School in Gaza Strip
Chapter 36. Prevalence and Correlates of Suicidal Ideation among School-Going Adolescents in Oman
Chapter 37. Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents Attending School in Philippines
Chapter 38. Correlates of Suicidal Ideation among School-Going Adolescents in Bahamas
Chapter 39. Suicidal Ideation Prevalence and Its Associated Factors among School-Going Adolescents in Pakistan
Chapter 40. Suicidal Ideation in Jamaica: Prevalence and Its Correlates among School-Going Adolescents in a Global School Health-Based Survey
Chapter 41. Suicidal Ideation in Guyana: Prevalence and Its Associated Factors among Adolescents in a Global School Health-Based Survey
Chapter 42. Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents Attending School in Samoa
Chapter 43. Prevalence and Correlates for Suicidal Ideation among School-Going Adolescents in Iraq
Chapter 44. Correlates of Suicidal Ideation among In-School Adolescents in Trinidad and Tobago
Chapter 45. Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents Attending School in Kuwait
Chapter 46. Suicidal Ideation in Fiji: Prevalence and Its Correlates among School-Going Adolescents in a Global School Health-Based Survey
Chapter 47. Prevalence and Correlates for Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents in School in West Bank
Chapter 48. Suicidal Ideation Prevalence and Its Associated Factors among In-School Adolescents in Morocco
Chapter 49. Suicidal Ideation in Vietnam: Prevalence and Its Associated Factors among Adolescents in a Global School Health-Based Survey
Chapter 50. Prevalence and Correlates for Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents in School in Bolivia
Chapter 51. Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Adolescents Attending Junior High School in Suriname
Chapter 52. Correlates of Suicidal Ideation among In-School Adolescents in Myanmar

Volume 2.
Chapter 53. Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities
Chapter 54. Break the Cycle of Environmental Degradation
Chapter 55. Risk Factors for Preeclampsia in a High-Risk Cohort of Women Served by a Nursing-Based Home Visiting Program
Chapter 56. Evaluating Fish-Consumption in Pregnancy
Chapter 57. Barriers and Promoters to Initiating and Sustaining Breastfeeding among African American Women
Chapter 58. Maternal Childhood Adversity and Early Parenting: Implications for Infant Neurodevelopment
Chapter 59. Young Minds, Young Readers: Dialogic Reading with Adolescent Mothers and Their Children
Chapter 60. Changing Sleep Habits to Decrease Obesity
Chapter 61. The Relationship between Childhood Obesity and Neighborhood Food Environment Explored through the Context of Gentrification in New York City
Chapter 62. Relationship between Community Characteristics and School Engagement among United States Children, National Survey of Children’s Health, 2011–2012
Chapter 63. Invisible Threats: Legal Methods to Address Asthma Triggers in Rental Homes
Chapter 64. Children’s Health and Safety Risks Posed by Irrigation Water in Northern Utah
Chapter 65. Environmental Justice for Vulnerable Florida Children in Hurricane Aftermath
Chapter 66. Social Media as a Tool for Breaking the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities
Chapter 67. An Assessment of Anti-Vaccine: Reasons and Responses
Chapter 68. Depression in the Skies: An Occupational Health Issue among Pilots
Chapter 69. An Assessment of Mental Health among Refugee Communities
Chapter 70. Environmental Atrazine Exposure and Endocrine Health: Implications for Rural Communities in Midwestern United States
Chapter 71. Communicable Diseases in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean: A Review of Health Status, 1990-2016
Chapter 72. Measles Outbreak 2019: Re-Emergence in the United States
Chapter 73. Vaccine Awareness for Cervical Cancer
Chapter 74. Efficacy of Combination Antimicrobial Therapy and Impact on Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance: A Twenty-Five Year Systematic Review
Chapter 75. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Diabetic Patients at a Clinic in Grenada: Implications for HBA1c Levels
Chapter 76. Carnival Bacchanal Culture and the Silent HIV Risk among Female Caribbean Professionals
Chapter 77. Pet Ownership and Stress among University Students
Chapter 78. Quantification of Antimicrobial Prescribing Practices within Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Chapter 79. Alcohol Consumption and Self-Reported Violence among Secondary School Aged Children (12-16 Years) in 14 Caribbean Countries: A Cross Sectional Study

Volume 3.
Chapter 80. Managing Influenza Pandemics: Past and Future
Chapter 81. The Dilemma of Typhoid Mary: Personal Liberty versus Public Health
Chapter 82. Preparedness in Public Health: A Never Ending Need
Chapter 83. From Smallpox to Polio: How America Embraced Vaccines
Chapter 84. Immunization: Rights, Responsibilities, Regulations, and Results
Chapter 85. Refugee Health in the US: From International Policies to the Affordable Care Act
Chapter 86. Public Health Themes: Grenada and the Caribbean Region
Chapter 87. Responding to COVID-19 in the Caribbean through the Novel Tourism and Health Program in the Caribbean
Chapter 88. White Paper on Vaping: Electronic Cigarettes Use – A Case for Restrictive Policies in Grenada, West Indies
Chapter 89. Protecting Health Security in the Caribbean: A Coordinated Regional Response to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and Other Global Public Health Threats
Chapter 90. Rainwater Harvesting Water Quality Parameters Relevant to the Caribbean Region: A Short Overview
Chapter 91. Bacterial Vaginosis in Women of Reproductive Ages in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Literature Review
Chapter 92. Recommendations for Developing Pesticide Exposure Prevention Programs in Caribbean Countries
Chapter 93. Breast Cancer in Grenada, West Indies: A Trend Analysis of Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Cases for the Period 2001-2010
Chapter 94. Prostate Cancer in Grenada, West Indies: A Seven-Year Trend Analysis for the Period 2008-2014
Chapter 95. Epidemiologic Surveillance of Amputation in Grenada, 2010-2017
Chapter 96. Hazard and Risk Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Carriacou, Grenada
Chapter 97. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Rainwater Harvesting in Carriacou, Grenada
Chapter 98. Assessment of Recreational Water Quality in the Southern Coastal Areas of Grenada
Chapter 99. Metabolic Syndrome, Anxiety, and Depression in Aruban Adults
Chapter 100. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity among Adults in Aruba
Chapter 101. Overweight and Obesity among Grenadian Adolescents
Chapter 102. Active Aging: WINDREF’s Sports for Health Program among the Elderly in Grenada, West Indies
Chapter 103. Differential Exposure to Social Determinants of Obesity among Rural and Urban Grenadian Adolescents
Chapter 104. Analysis of Urine Samples for Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles in Grenada, 2015-2018
Chapter 105. Trends in Morbidity and Mortality of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Grenada during 2015-2019
Chapter 106. Health Impact and Multisectoral Response to a Major Flooding Event in Trinidad, October 2018

Volume 4.
Chapter 107. Service Leadership Education for University Students
Chapter 108. Service Leadership Education at the City University of Hong Kong
Chapter 109. Service Leadership at Hong Kong Baptist University: A New Concept in General Education
Chapter 110. Educating Students as the Leaders of Their Lives
Chapter 111. Grooming Service Leaders through Dynamic Teaching
Chapter 112. Prospective Service Leaders Enhancement Project
Chapter 113. Service Leadership Education at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chapter 114. Service Leadership Community Blooming
Chapter 115. Challenges in the Development of an Experimental Course Series for Multi-Disciplinary Undergraduate Students
Chapter 116. Key Practices of Leadership for Service in Hong Kong
Chapter 117. Preparing Service Leaders from Lingnan University through Service-Learning Practicums in Social Enterprises and Non-Profit Organizations
Chapter 118. The Evaluation of Service Leadership Education for University Students in Hong Kong
Chapter 119. Development and Validation of the Service Leadership Knowledge Scale in a Chinese Context
Chapter 120. Validation of the Service Leadership Knowledge Scale: Criterion-Related Validity
Chapter 121. Content Validation of the Service Leadership Attitudes Scale
Chapter 122. Service Leadership Education in the University of Hong Kong
Chapter 123. Service Leadership Education in an Era of Service Economy
Chapter 124. Impact of Service Leadership Education on University Students in Hong Kong
Chapter 125. Promotion of Well-Being and Leadership Qualities among University Students after Taking a Credit-Bearing Service Leadership Subject
Chapter 126. Evaluation of an Intensive Service Leadership Program Using the Subjective Outcome Evaluation Approach
Chapter 127. Promotion of Service Leadership in University Students: Views of University Students
Chapter 128. Impact of a Leadership Program on the Holistic Development of University Students in Hong Kong
Chapter 129. The Effectiveness of a Service Leadership Subject in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Evaluation Study
Chapter 130. A Qualitative Evaluation of a Service Leadership Subject in a Higher Educational Institution in Hong Kong
Chapter 131. Development and Evaluation of a Service Leadership Subject in a Blended Learning Mode

Volume 5.
Chapter 132. Development and Validation of Assessment Tools on Service Leadership Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior
Chapter 133. Leadership Assessment Tools in Different Chinese Contexts
Chapter 134. Conceptual Background and the Development of Service Leadership Knowledge Scale
Chapter 135. Development of the Attitude to Service Leadership Scale in Hong Kong
Chapter 136. Development of Service Leadership Behavior Scale: Background and Conceptual Model
Chapter 137. Psychometric Properties of the Service Leadership Behavior Scale: Preliminary Findings
Chapter 138. Content Validation of a Service Leadership Behavior Scale in Hong Kong
Chapter 139. Validation of the Service Leadership Knowledge Scale: Factorial and Convergent Validity
Chapter 140. Validation of the Service Leadership Attitude Scale in Hong Kong
Chapter 141. Convergent and Factorial Validation of the Service Leadership Behavior Scale
Chapter 142. The Service Leadership Knowledge Scale: Norms and Psychological Correlates
Chapter 143. The Service Leadership Attitude Scale: Normative Data and Personal Correlates in Chinese University Students
Chapter 144. The Service Leadership Behavior Scale: Norms and Personal Correlates
Chapter 145. A User Manual for the Service Leadership Knowledge Scale
Chapter 146. A User Manual for Service Leadership Attitude Scale
Chapter 147. A User Manual for the Service Leadership Behavior Scale
Chapter 148. Origin, Development and Assertions of Service Leadership Theory
Chapter 149. Humanistic Leadership in Service Economy
Chapter 150. Moral Character in the Service Leadership Theory
Chapter 151. The Dark Side of Leadership in the Service Leadership Theory
Chapter 152. Caring Leadership in Service Economy
Chapter 153. The Role of Trust in the Service Economy
Chapter 154. Self-Leadership in the Service Leadership Theory
Chapter 155. The Fung Service Leadership Initiative in Hong Kong

Volume 6.
Chapter 156. Can We Nurture University Students to Become the Leaders of Tomorrow?
Chapter 157. Emotional Competence
Chapter 158. Cognitive Competence
Chapter 159. Development of a Clear and Positive Identity
Chapter 160. Resilience, Leadership and Intrapersonal Development
Chapter 161. Developing Self-Leadership and Responsibility
Chapter 162. Developing Social Competence
Chapter 163. Spirituality
Chapter 164. Moral Competence
Chapter 165. Reflective Teaching and Holistic Personal Development
Chapter 166. Reflection of a Teacher
Chapter 167. Reflections about “Knowing Thyself”
Chapter 168. Levels of Reflection
Chapter 169. Riding on a Roller Coaster
Chapter 170. Evaluation of a Service Leadership Project
Chapter 171. Qualitative Evaluation of Leadership
Chapter 172. Focus Group Evaluation
Chapter 173. Evaluation of a Leadership and Intrapersonal Development Program
Chapter 174. A New 4-Year Undergraduate Program in Hong Kong
Chapter 175. Leadership Qualities as a Foundation of Service Learning
Chapter 176. Service-Learning as a Mandatory Credit-Bearing Subject
Chapter 177. University Social Responsibility and Promotion of the Quality of Life
Chapter 178. What Should Be the Desired Attributes of Youth Leaders?
Chapter 179. General Education at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Chapter 180. The Achievement of Desired University Graduate Attributes
Chapter 181. The Perceptions of Teachers of the New General Education Curriculum in Hong Kong
Chapter 182. The Well-Being of University Students in Hong Kong
Chapter 183. The Development of Undergraduate University Students
Chapter 184. General University Requirements and Holistic Development in University Students
Chapter 185. The Impact of Three-Year and Four-Year Undergraduate Programs on University Students
Chapter 186. The View of the Teacher in a New General Education Program in Hong Kong
Chapter 187. A Focus Group Evaluation of Teachers’ Views Concerning a New General Education Program
Chapter 188. What Did the Students Say?
Chapter 189. Student Feedback on a Pioneer Subject on Leadership and Intrapersonal Development
Chapter 190. Qualitative Evaluation of the General University Requirements
Chapter 191. An Evaluation Study on a University General Education Subject in Hong Kong

Volume 7.
Chapter 192. History and Background of Vasculitis
Chapter 193. Overview of Primary and Secondary Vasculitides
Chapter 194. Epidemiology of Primary Systemic Vasculitis
Chapter 195. Health Related Quality of Life and Its Measurement in the Vasculitides
Chapter 196. Neutrophilic Cell Pathobiology in the Vasculitides
Chapter 197. Complement Factors in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
Chapter 198. Experimental Autoimmune Vasculitis: Insights into Human Vasculitis Using Animal Models
Chapter 199. Genetic Aspects of Vasculitis
Chapter 200. Nomenclature and Pathologic Features of Vasculitides
Chapter 201. Classification of Pediatric Vasculitides
Chapter 202. Detection Techniques and Clinical Relevance of ANCA Testing
Chapter 203. Classification and Pathogenicity of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
Chapter 204. Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis
Chapter 205. Aortitis and Periaortitis
Chapter 206. Systemic Vasculitis and the Lung
Chapter 207. Systemic Vasculitis and the Kidney: ANCA-Associated Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis
Chapter 208. Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Disease
Chapter 209. Systemic Vasculitis of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter 210. Rheumatoid Arthritis Vasculitis
Chapter 211. Dermatologic Aspects of Systemic Vasculitis

Volume 8.
Chapter 212. The Clinical Approach to Patients with Vasculitis
Chapter 213. Polyarteritis Nodosa
Chapter 214. Giant Cell Arteritis
Chapter 215. Ophthalmologic and Neuro-Ophthalmologic Aspects of Vasculitides
Chapter 216. The Blood-Brain Barrier
Chapter 217. Neuroimaging of CNS Vasculitis
Chapter 218. Adult Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System and Related Syndromes
Chapter 219. Primary CNS Vasculitis: Pathophysiological Diversity
Chapter 220. Stroke Due to Vasculitis in Adults
Chapter 221. Central Nervous System Vasculitis Due to Infection
Chapter 222. Peripheral Nerve Vasculitis: Classification and Disease Associations
Chapter 223. Central Nervous System Vasculitis Due to Drug Abuse
Chapter 224. Autoimmune Encephalitides
Chapter 225. Overview of the Treatment of Primary Systemic Vasculitis

Volume 9.
Chapter 226. How Knowledgeable Are Young Adults about Alzheimer’s Disease?
Chapter 227. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease: About the Survey and Survey Instrument
Chapter 228. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in London, Canada
Chapter 229. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Kingston, Canada
Chapter 230. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Toronto, Canada
Chapter 231. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Ottawa, Canada
Chapter 232. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Hamilton, Canada
Chapter 233. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Waterloo, Canada
Chapter 234. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Saskatoon, Canada
Chapter 235. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Montreal, Canada
Chapter 236. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in North Carolina, United States
Chapter 237. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in New York State, United States
Chapter 238. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Dublin, Ireland
Chapter 239. Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among Young Adults in Asia
Chapter 240. Young Adults and Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Meta-Analysis
Chapter 241. Young Adults and Awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease by Age, Sex and Familial Ties: A Meta-Analysis
Chapter 242. Associations with Obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter 243. Metabolic Syndrome in the Philippines and Asia: Concepts and Concerns
Chapter 244. Body Mass Index, Percent Body Fat and Fat Mass Index as Screening Tools for General Obesity among Adult Females of Amritsar (Punjab)
Chapter 245. The Association of Central Adiposity with Metabolic Syndrome among the Bhutias of Sikkim, India
Chapter 246. Bisexual Differences in the Association of Adiposity Measures with the Risk of Hypertension among the Tribes of Gujarat, India
Chapter 247. Obesity as an Important Predictor of Hypertension among Rajshahi University Students in Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Study
Chapter 248. Increasing Incidence of Macrosomia: The Impact of Maternal Somatic and Behavioral Parameters on Newborn Weight Status
Chapter 249. Metabolic Disorder and Type-2 Diabetes Associations with Anthropometric Measures among Adult Asian Indians
Chapter 250. C-Reactive Protein and Family History: A Future Threat Towards Diabetes and Syndrome X
Chapter 251. Sensitivity and Specificity of Body Mass Index to Assess Excess Adiposity
Chapter 252. Framing Obesity and Undernutrition as Problems for Governments
Chapter 253. Modernization and Obesity: A Pandemic Issue
Chapter 254. Obesity and Syndrome X
Chapter 255. Syndrome X: Some Common Determinants Worldwide

Volume 10.
Chapter 256. Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities
Chapter 257. Resilience: A Commentary on Breaking the Cycle
Chapter 258. Maternal Drug Use and the Severity of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Chapter 259. Mothers in Prison
Chapter 260. Housing Instability and Child Growth and Development
Chapter 261. DDT Exposure, Socio-Economic Status and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children
Chapter 262. Racial Disparities in Access to Municipal Water Supplies in the American South
Chapter 263. A Silver Lining for Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Graduates: Coordinated Services from 0-6 Years
Chapter 264. Exploring the Role of Social Support in Understanding Barriers to Breastfeeding Practices for Adolescent Mothers
Chapter 265. A Community-Based Program to Decrease the Risk of Childhood Obesity
Chapter 266. A Lead Education Program with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta
Chapter 267. Report to Congress on Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States: Understanding the Public Health Problem Among Current and Former Military Personnel

Volume 11.
Chapter 268. The Spatial Analysis of Air Pollution Parameters (PM10, SO2 and NO2): A Case Study of the Marmara Region (2014-2017)
Chapter 269. Obesity, Obesity Surgery and Nursing Care
Chapter 270. Effect of Global Climate Change on Occupational Health: Heat Stress
Chapter 271. Physical Activity in Women
Chapter 272. The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol and the Role of Surgical Nurses
Chapter 273. Current Approaches to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Chapter 274. A Review of Studies on the Application of Coumarin and Its Derivatives in Plants
Chapter 275. Awareness of Brucellosis: A Worldwide Zoonosis
Chapter 276. Mutagenic Potential of the Insecticide Arrivo 25 EC on Mitosis and Meiosis of Hyacinthus Orientalis
Chapter 277. Aluminum-Induced Toxicity and Programmed Cell Death in Plants
Chapter 278. Comparative Analysis of Different Regions of Rat Brain Tissue by FT-IR Spectroscopy
Chapter 279. Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis for Determination of Plant Responses to Genotoxic Stress
Chapter 280. Evaluation of the Sensitivity of the Nurses Working in Surgical Services of a Public Hospital to Patient Rights
Chapter 281. Control and Eradication of Animal Brucellosis
Chapter 282. Small Ruminant Morbillivirus
Chapter 283. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for Medical Applications
Chapter 284. Nursing Care for the Symptoms of Cancer Treatment
Chapter 285. Mortality and Life Expectancy in Post-Communist Countries: What Are the Lessons for Other Countries?
Chapter 286. A Theory of Why Potentially Favourable Political and Economic Changes May Lead to Mortality Crises
Chapter 287. Mortality Crises in High-Income Countries: Evidence from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Greece
Chapter 288. The Mortality Crisis of the Former Soviet Bloc Countries, 1989-2014
Chapter 289. Mortality Crisis in Russia Revisited: Evidence from a Cross-Regional Comparison
Chapter 290. The Path of Economic Development and Health Status: Evidence from China
Chapter 291. Policy Reform from the Early 1990s and Changes in Health Status in India: 1991–2016

Volume 12.
Chapter 292. Lactic Acid Bacteria against Spoilage and Pathogenic Microorganisms in Food
Chapter 293. Thermotolerant Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria in Cooked Meat Products
Chapter 294. Microencapsulated Lactic Acid Bacteria in Meat Products
Chapter 295. Lactic Acid Bacteria Responses to Osmotic Challenges
Chapter 296. Lactic Acid Bacteria as Source of Biosurfactants
Chapter 297. Antimicrobial Bacteriocins and Peptidoglycan Hydrolases: Beneficial Metabolites Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Chapter 298. Bioactive Peptides Generated by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Chapter 299. Antimicrobial Products: An Important Feature of Lab and Their Applications
Chapter 300. Diversity and Production of γ-Aminobutyric Acid by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Chapter 301. Lactococcus Lactis as a DNA Vaccine Delivery System
Chapter 302. Bile Salt Hydrolase Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria: A Potential for Health
Chapter 303. Exopolysaccharides from Lactobacillus: Biosynthesis, Characterization, Functional Aspects and Applications in Food Industry
Chapter 304. Spore-Forming Lactic Acid Bacteria and Their Abilities for Utilization
Chapter 305. Public Health Significance of Fringillidae: Viral, Bacterial, Mycotic, Parasitic and Allergenic Approaches
Chapter 306. The Role of Sphingomonas paucimobilis in Intergeneric Co-Aggregation and Mixed Biofilm Formation with Water Borne Pathogenic Bacteria in the Distributed Drinking Water System: Implications of Public Health Risk

Volume 13.
Chapter 307. Parenting and Family Life in Hong Kong: Traditional Perspective, Contemporary Research and Intervention
Chapter 308. Parental Expectations Amongst Chinese Parents in Hong Kong: Profiles and Demographic Correlates
Chapter 309. Gendered Expectation Towards Sons and Daughters in Chinese Parents in Hong Kong
Chapter 310. Division of Labor in Parenting Amongst Chinese Parents in Hong Kong
Chapter 311. Parental Beliefs about Parental Roles and Responsibilities in Chinese Parents: Pioneer Findings
Chapter 312. Parenting in Contemporary Hong Kong: Observations and Reflections
Chapter 313. “Di Zi Gui” (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child): Implications for Children and Youth Development and Parenting
Chapter 314. Promotion of Family Life Quality Amongst Adolescents: The Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong
Chapter 315. Advances in Chinese Children, Adolescent and Family Research
Chapter 316. Reliability and Validity of the Chinese Version of the Psycho-Educational Profile (Third Edition) for Children with Developmental Problems
Chapter 317. The Impacts of a UNICEF Health Promotion Project on Primary Health Care in Western China: A Comprehensive Evaluation at Provincial Level
Chapter 318. Materialism in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong: Profiles and Socio-Demographic Correlates
Chapter 319. Materialism and Egocentrism in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong: Perceptions of Teachers
Chapter 320. Family Mealtime Environment and Child Behavior Outcomes in Chinese Preschool Children
Chapter 321. Families in Transition in Hong Kong: Implications to Family Research and Practice
Chapter 322. Subjective Outcome Evaluation of the Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project in China: View of the Students
Chapter 323. Evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Mainland China: Views of the Program Implementers in Senior High Schools
Chapter 324. Evaluation of the Training Program of a Positive Youth Development Program: Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project in China
Chapter 325. Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project in Mainland China: Preliminary Evaluation Findings
Chapter 326. Evaluation Findings of Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project Implemented in Junior Secondary Schools: Implementers’ Views
Chapter 327. Subjective Outcome Evaluation of the Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project: Views of Senior Secondary School Students
Chapter 328. Implementation of the Tin Ka Pin Project in Two Chinese Cities: Students’ Subjective Outcome Evaluation
Chapter 329. Subjective Outcome Evaluation of a Service Leadership Subject: Findings Based on University Students in Hong Kong
Chapter 330. Student Development under a New General Education Program in Hong Kong: A 3-Year Longitudinal Assessment
Chapter 331. Promotion of Service Leadership Qualities in Chinese University Students: Objective Outcome Evaluation Based on Six Waves of Data

Volume 14.
Chapter 332. Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities: 14th Annual Review of Program and Student Projects
Chapter 333. Natural Disasters and Vulnerable Populations: A Commentary
Chapter 334. Barriers and Opportunities for Young Caregivers to Provide Nurturing Care in Low-Income Communities of Paraguay
Chapter 335. The Development of a Prenatal Care Health Literacy Instrument for American Indian Mothers
Chapter 336. Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Adversity through Pediatric Primary Care Screening and Interventions: A Pilot Study
Chapter 337. Educating Clinic Support Staff to Enhance Early Learning Environments through Pediatric Well-Child Visits
Chapter 338. Contextualizing the Social and Structural Constraints of Accessing Autism Services among Single Black Female Caregivers
Chapter 339. Engaging Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Identify Rural Health Disparities and Factors Related to Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment
Chapter 340. Evaluation of Health Literacy in Childhood-Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients and Its Effect on Healthcare Utilization
Chapter 341. Did Medicaid Expansion Decrease Disparities for Receipt of Preventive Medical Care among Vulnerable Children?
Chapter 342. Self-Perceived Neighborhood Quality and Children’s Depression Symptoms in a Gentrifying Northern Manhattan
Chapter 343. Water Infrastructure and Childhood Blood Lead Levels: Characterizing the Effects of Exclusion from Municipal Services in Wake County (NC, USA)
Chapter 344. The Impact of Childhood Exercise and Household Income on Resilience in College Students
Chapter 345. Game-Based Learning for Positive Youth Development: A Preventive Approach
Chapter 346. The ‘STREAM’ Model of Digital Game-Based Learning for Enhancing Positive Youth Development among Adolescents
Chapter 347. Designing Digital Positive Youth Development Games for the Enhancement of On-And-Offline Interpersonal Relationships among Adolescents
Chapter 348. A Digital Positive Youth Development Game to Prevent Intrusion of Privacy
Chapter 349. A Digital Positive Youth Development Game for Promotion of Integrity in a Digital World
Chapter 350. A Digital Positive Youth Development Game for Prevention of Bullying and Cyberbullying
Chapter 351. Reducing Gender Stereotypes through a Digital Positive Youth Development Game
Chapter 352. Prevention of Cognitive Biases through a Digital Positive Youth Development Game
Chapter 353. A Journey to Somewhere, to Someone: A Digital Positive Youth Development Game on Friendship and Romantic Relationship for Adolescents
Chapter 354. A Digital Game for the Enhancement of Reflection on Materialistic and Non-Materialistic Values
Chapter 355. Using Chinese and Western Literature in a Digital Game to Enhance Core Competencies for Peer and Romantic Relationships among Adolescents

Volume 15.
Chapter 356. Electronic Cigarettes: What’s the Bottom Line?
Chapter 357. E-Cigarette Use among Youth and Young Adults
Chapter 358. Electronic Cigarettes: U.S. Imports in 2016
Chapter 359. Electronic Cigarettes: U.S. Imports, 2016-2018
Chapter 360. Electronic Cigarette Fires and Explosions in the United States 2009 – 2016
Chapter 361. Characterization and Abuse of Electronic Cigarettes: The Efficacy of “Personal Vaporizers” as an Illicit Drug Delivery System
Chapter 362. Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping
Chapter 363. Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with E-Cigarette Product Use or Vaping: Information for Clinicians

Volume 16.
Chapter 364. Health and the Nigerian Society: An Overview
Chapter 365. Opinions of Nigerian Religious Leaders and Seminarians on What Causes Cancer
Chapter 366. Awareness and Perceived Need of Nigerians on the Restorative Treatment for a Defective Tooth: A School Survey
Chapter 367. The Role of Fear of Mental Illness on Academic Performance of Nigerian Medical Students
Chapter 368. Do Expectant Mothers in Sokoto City Actually Want the HBV Vaccine?
Chapter 369. Prevalence of Shisha Smoking and Awareness of Head and Neck Cancer Among Secondary School Students in Ibokun Town
Chapter 370. Healthcare Provider Attitude Towards Persons With Disabilities in Nigeria
Chapter 371. Factors Influencing the Choice of Graduating Medics in Pursuing a Medical Career With the Nigeria Defence Forces
Chapter 372. After Medical School, What Next?
Chapter 373. Barriers to Uptake of Low Vision Aids Among Visually Impaired Elderly Nigerian Patients
Chapter 374. Attitudes of a Snowballed Sample of Nigerian Hookah (Shisha) Smokers Toward Tobacco Ban
Chapter 375. The Knowledge of Drug Prescribers, Dispensers, and Administers in Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria, on Non-Opioid Analgesics: Any Need for a Refresher Course?
Chapter 376. Neck Circumference as a Screening Instrument for Overweight and Obesity in Nigerian Secondary School Adolescents in an Urban Area
Chapter 377. Serum Triglyceride-To-High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio: Profile and Its Use as Surrogate for Insulin Resistance Prevalence in Overweight/Obese Adolescents
Chapter 378. Pseudohypoparathyroidism: A Rare Cause of Hypocalcaemia
Chapter 379. Detecting and Preventing Wheat Stripe Rust Epidemics in Argentina
Chapter 380. Glycoengineering of Vaccines That Harnessing the Natural Anti-gal Antibody Increases Immune Protection in Viral Epidemics
Chapter 381. The Myopia Epidemic – A Worldwide Visual Concern
Chapter 382. Which Demographic Quintile Benefits from Public Health Expenditure in Nigeria: A Marginal Benefit Analysis

Volume 17.
Chapter 383. Overview of U.S. Domestic Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Chapter 384. Global Economic Effects of COVID-19: In Brief
Chapter 385. COVID-19: Potential Economic Effects
Chapter 386. Domestic Public Health Response to COVID-19: Current Status and Resources Guide
Chapter 387. COVID-19 Medical Countermeasures: Intellectual Property and Affordability
Chapter 388. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Poses Challenges for the U.S. Blood Supply
Chapter 389. COVID-19: An Overview of Trade-Related Measures to Address Access to Medical Goods
Chapter 390. Development and Regulation of Domestic Diagnostic Testing for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 391. The Stafford Act Emergency Declaration for COVID-19
Chapter 392. Division B of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—Relief for Individuals, Families, and Businesses
Chapter 393. Overview of Initial Responses to COVID-19 by the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts and by Select Courts Within the Federal Judiciary
Chapter 394. Oversight Provisions in H.R. 6074, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act
Chapter 395. H.R. 6201: Paid Leave and Unemployment Insurance Responses to COVID-19
Chapter 396. Tax Credit for Paid Sick and Family Leave in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) (Updated)
Chapter 397. Workplace Leave and Unemployment Insurance for Individuals Affected by COVID-19
Chapter 398. COVID-19: Social Insurance and Other Income-Support Options for Those Unable to Work
Chapter 399. COVID-19 Economic Stimulus: Business Payroll Tax Cuts
Chapter 400. Tax Cuts and Economic Stimulus: How Effective Are the Alternatives?
Chapter 401. Payroll Tax Cuts as an Economic Stimulus Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Chapter 402. Federal Executive Agencies: Hiring Flexibilities for Emergency Situations
Chapter 403. SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans for COVID-19
Chapter 404. COVID-19 and the Cruise Ship Industry
Chapter 405. The Financial Industry and Consumers Struggling to Pay Bills during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak
Chapter 406. Federal Reserve: Recent Actions in Response to COVID-19
Chapter 407. COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals: Considerations on Using Advanced Refundable Credits as Economic Stimulus
Chapter 408. COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals: Summary of the 2020 Recovery Rebates in the CARES Act (S. 3548)
Chapter 409. COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals: How the 2009 Economic Recovery Payment Worked
Chapter 410. COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals: How Did the 2008 Recovery Rebates Work?
Chapter 411. COVID-19 and Stimulus Payments to Individuals: Potential Impacts of Direct Payments on Family Incomes
Chapter 412. COVID-19 and Direct Payments to Individuals: Historical Precedents
Chapter 413. COVID-19: Cybercrime Opportunities and Law Enforcement Response
Chapter 414. COVID-19 and Broadband: Potential Implications for the Digital Divide
Chapter 415. COVID-19: Potential Role of Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carrybacks in Addressing the Economic Effects
Chapter 416. USDA Domestic Food Assistance Programs’ Response to COVID-19: House-Passed H.R. 6201 and Related Efforts
Chapter 417. COVID-19: The Potential Role of TANF in Addressing the Economic Effects
Chapter 418. COVID-19 at a Glance: From Health, Education, Economic, to Science and Technology in South East Asia and India
Chapter 419. A Glimpse of the Pandemic COVID-19 Outbreak around the Globe
Chapter 420. The COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Chapter 421. What We Learn When We Are Facing COVID-19 in Indonesia
Chapter 422. COVID-19 Outbreak and the Steps Taken by India
Chapter 423. Bayanihan Values during COVID-19
Chapter 424. Stress of the Changes in the Life and Conditions of Patients
Chapter 425. COVID-19 Possible Treatment through Exercise and Nutrition
Chapter 426. Changes and Transformations in Human and Social Life: Anticipation and Understanding of Events and Stresses
Chapter 427. Adjustment of Thai Curriculum and Instruction in the COVID-19 Crisis
Chapter 428. Education and Information about COVID-19 for Improving Students with Special Needs Knowledge in Indonesia
Chapter 429. Increasing the Science Process Skills Using Virtual Science Laboratory during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Chapter 430. Post COVID-19 Competencies of Teachers
Chapter 431. Perspectives of Thai Parents on COVID-19 Outbreak That Effects Students Learning
Chapter 432. Challenges and Chances in Learning Management for Thai Students during the COVID-19 Outbreak
Chapter 433. The Role of Malaysian School Administrators in Facing Movement Control Order During COVID-19
Chapter 434. New Norms in the World of Education: Think Out of the Box from Malaysian School Administrator’s Perspective during Pandemic
Chapter 435. The Global Impacts of COVID-19: Risk and Crisis Management in Affected Company
Chapter 436. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Indonesian Economy
Chapter 437. Consumer Purchasing Patterns in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia
Chapter 438. Analysis of the Application of the Mobile Vending Machine as a Distribution Tool for COVID-19 Basic Protective Assistance for the Indonesian Society
Chapter 439. Health Truck Mobile Community Health Services for COVID-19
Chapter 440. Automatic Slit for Delivering Food Aid to Workers and Medical Personnel in Motorized Vehicles
Chapter 441. Mobile Food Truck to Assist People’s Food Fulfillment during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Large-Scale Social Restrictions Area
Chapter 442. Mini Helicopter as Disinfectant Sprayer (Hypochlorous Acid)
Chapter 443. Modification of Public Transportation to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in West Java, Indonesia
Chapter 444. Microfluidic Devices in PCR System for the Application of COVID-19 Rapid Detection
Chapter 445. Community Service during COVID-19 Pandemic at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Chapter 446. Simulation of Multi-Hop Routing Wireless Sensor Network Topology Performance and Its Advantages during COVID-19 Pandemic

Volume 18.
Chapter 447. COVID-19 and the Rise of Telemedicine and Integrative Medicine: Benefits and Challenges
Chapter 448. Role of Telemedicine in COVID Times for Neurologists and Neurosurgeons
Chapter 449. COVID-19 Outbreak Represents an Opportunity for the Development of Internet Healthcare
Chapter 450. Arrhythmias in COVID-19 Patients: Benefits and Challenges When Using Telemedicine
Chapter 451. Legal Ethical Dilemmas Related to the Care of COVID-19 Patients through Telemedicine
Chapter 452. Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of COVID-19
Chapter 453. Transmission of SARS-COV-2 and Prevention Strategies
Chapter 454. Clinical Aspect of COVID-19
Chapter 455. Diagnosis of COVID-19
Chapter 456. Treatment Options for COVID-19 Patients
Chapter 457. Intensive Care Management of COVID-19 Patients
Chapter 458. Anatomical Basis of the COVID-19
Chapter 459. Genetic Background of Differences in the Incidence of Corona Virus Infection
Chapter 460. The Clinical Course of COVID-19 in Elderly Patients
Chapter 461. SARS COV-2 in Pediatric Patients: Hematological Face of the Disease
Chapter 462. COVID-19 and Ophthalmology
Chapter 463. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patients with Diabetes
Chapter 464. The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Chapter 465. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases
Chapter 466. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer Patients
Chapter 467. COVID-19 from General Surgery Perspective
Chapter 468. Cytokine Storm and Oxidative Stress in Severe COVID-19
Chapter 469. Antioxidant Agents in the Treatment of COVID-19
Chapter 470. Vaccine Development Studies for COVID-19
Chapter 471. Molecular Approaches in COVID-19 Treatment

Volume 19.
Chapter 472. Overview of U.S. Domestic Response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Chapter 473. Another Coronavirus Emerges: U.S. Domestic Response to 2019-nCoV
Chapter 474. The Coronavirus: U.S.-China Economic Considerations
Chapter 475. The Wuhan Coronavirus: Assessing the Outbreak, the Response, and Regional Implications
Chapter 476. What You Need to Know about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Chapter 477. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary
Chapter 478. Science and Tech Spotlight: Coronaviruses
Chapter 479. COVID-19: Current Travel Restrictions and Quarantine Measures
Chapter 480. COVID-19: Federal Economic Development Tools and Potential Responses
Chapter 481. COVID-2019: Global Implications and Responses
Chapter 482. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Hospital Preparedness Assessment Tool
Chapter 483. COVID-2019: CDC Protects and Prepares Communities
Chapter 484. COVID-19: What to Do If You Are Sick with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Chapter 485. The Defense Production Act (DPA) and COVID-19: Key Authorities and Policy Considerations
Chapter 486. From SARS to 2019-Coronavirus (nCoV): U.S.-China Collaborations on Pandemic Response
Chapter 487. Lessons from the West African Ebola Response: How to Save Lives and Protect our Nation During the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic of 2020
Chapter 488. The State of U.S. Public Health Biopreparedness: Responding to Biological Attacks, Pandemics, and Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Chapter 489. Facing 21st Century Public Health Threats: Our Nation’s Preparedness and Response Capabilities, PART I
Chapter 490. The Dilemmas of the Lockdown: A Society in Post COVID-19 Days
Chapter 491. The Hunger Games: A Look at Food Interventions in the Context of Covid-19
Chapter 492. The Enemy Inside
Chapter 493. Pandemic, Internet and Emotions: Politics of Sensibilities and Commodification of Audiences
Chapter 494. Economic, Social and Psychological Issues of Survival in the Pandemic: The Case of Russian Federation
Chapter 495. Long Live to the Urban Flesh
Chapter 496. Pandemic, Social Policies and Emotions in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires
Chapter 497. Sensibilities of Eating Inside: Emotions and Food Practices in a Time of a Pandemic
Chapter 498. Die Alone in Argentina. A View from Sensibilities in Times of the Pandemic

Volume 20.
Chapter 499. Children, Youth, Violence, Public Health and Mexico
Chapter 500. Law Enforcement and Public Health: How North Carolina Became a Leader in Harm Reduction Policy Change
Chapter 501. Expanding the Mission of Harm Reduction: A Public Health Population and its Members’ Perspectives Towards Health
Chapter 502. Harm Reduction Hipsters: Socio-Spatial-Political Displacement and the “Gentrification of Public Health”
Chapter 503. Addressing the Bootstrap Myth: A Public Health Response to Childhood Adversity
Chapter 504. Survey of Heavy Metal Pollution, Human Exposure and Public Health Implication in Nigeria: A Review
Chapter 505. Testimony of Dr. Kathryn M. Wells, Medical Director, Denver Health Clinic at the Family Crisis Center. Hearing on ”Is the Department of Justice Adequately Protecting the Public from the Impact of State Recreational Marijuana Legalization?”
Chapter 506. Public Health Service Agencies: Overview and Funding (FY2015-FY2017)
Chapter 507. Are Current Wastewater Treatments Enough to Avoid Public Health Problems in Tunisia?
Chapter 508. Microbiological and Physicochemical Characterization of Ground and Spring Waters: Imminent Public Health Issue
Chapter 509. Neighborhoods and Public Health Issues
Chapter 510. Public Health Aspects of Suicide in Children and Adolescents
Chapter 511. Public Health Aspects of Substance Use and Abuse in Adolescence
Chapter 512. From the Battered Child Syndrome to Abuse and Maltreatment: A Public Health View
Chapter 513. Public Health Aspects of Youth Sexual Offenders
Chapter 514. Intestinal/Lung/Liver Flukes: A Public Health Concern
Chapter 515. Leishmaniasis: A Public Health Issue
Chapter 516. The Migrant Challenge to Public Health: Overcoming Disparities in Healthcare Offered to Migrants
Chapter 517. Nonverbal Communication between Finnish Authorities in Animal Disease Emergency Exercise and in Public Health Border Control Measures
Chapter 518. An Example of Integration of Palliative Care Service in Africa’s Healthcare System: Strengthening Intervention at Kibagabaga Hospital in Rwanda’s Public Health System
Chapter 519. Recognition of Informal Learning in Virtual Communities of Practice: A Case Study of Public Health Workers
Chapter 520. Menstruation and Depressive Disorders: A Reciprocal Relationship That Calls for Public Health and Clinical Concern
Chapter 521. Advancement of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Relation to Public Health
Chapter 522. Promoting Effective Treatment and Public Health Efforts to Combat Use of Smokeless Tobacco Products among Appalachian Male Adults and Youth

Volume 21.
Chapter 523. Microbiology of Fish and Fish Products and Its Implications on Public Health
Chapter 524. The Precision Medicine and Precision Public Health Approaches to Cancer Treatment and Prevention: A Cross-Comparison
Chapter 525. Youth Gun Violence: A Growing Public Health Concern
Chapter 526. How Computer Models Can Distort Bayesian Uncertainty about Public-Health Harm: Scientific and Ethical Problems
Chapter 527. Pork Foodborne Parasites of Public Health Interest in Mexico
Chapter 528. The Liberian Public Health System
Chapter 529. Opioid Crisis: Status of Public Health Emergency Authorities
Chapter 530. Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance Genes as Environmental Contaminants: A Public Health Threat
Chapter 531. Cartels and the U.S. Heroin Epidemic: Combating Drug Violence and Public Health Crisis
Chapter 532. The Implementation of the Common Assessment Framework in Public Healthcare Organizations: Improving Patient Safety through Improvement of Organizational Performance
Chapter 533. Brazilian Rattlesnake (Crotalus Durissus Linnaeus 1758) in the Atlantic Forest of Rio De Janeiro State: A Case of Biological Invasion or a Red Alert to Public Health?
Chapter 534. Microbial Resistance: A Worldwide Public Health Problem
Chapter 535. Strategic Facilities Management Approach in Australian Public Healthcare Organisation

Volume 22.
Chapter 536. Climate Change: HHS Could Take Further Steps to Enhance Understanding of Public Health Risks
Chapter 537. Testimony of Anthony S. Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Hearing on “Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Zika Virus”
Chapter 538. Testimony of Joseph M. Conlon, Technical Advisor, American Mosquito Control Association. Hearing on “Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Zika Virus”
Chapter 539. Statement of Dr. Luciana Borio, Acting Chief Scientist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Hearing on “Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Zika Virus”
Chapter 540. Testimony of Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hearing on “Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Zika Virus”
Chapter 541. Testimony of Lawrence O. Gostin, Faculty Director, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Hearing on “Examining the U.S. Public Health Response to the Zika Virus”
Chapter 542. Epidemiological Concepts, Public Health and Q Fever
Chapter 543. Pharmacogenomics, Regulatory Affairs and Public Health
Chapter 544. The Offer of Alternative/Complementary Therapies in the Brazilian Public Health System and Considerations about the Limits of the New Age
Chapter 545. Therapeutic Diversity and Public Health Policies among Vulnerable Populations: A Study in Bahia, Brazil
Chapter 546. Mussels as Sentinel Organisms in Metal and Metalloid Contamination Scenarios: Environmental and Public Health Risk Bioindicators
Chapter 547. Climate Change and Its Potential Risks Towards Public Health
Chapter 548. Public Health Challenges and Opportunities in Leprosy Control: from Theory to Implementation
Chapter 549. Leishmaniasis: A Public Health Issue
Chapter 550. Public Health Preparedness: HHS Should Take Actions to Ensure It Has an Adequate Number of Effectively Trained Emergency Responders
Chapter 551. Prosopis Genus: Potential Uses and Applications With Special Reference to Public Health and in Veterinary Medicine
Chapter 552. Schizophrenia: An Overview from Public Mental Health Perspective


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