Encyclopedia of Materials Science Research (2 Volume Set)


Batukhan B. Chinbat (Editor)
Sora H. Mori (Editor)

Series: Materials Science and Technologies

This new book presents and discusses current research in the study of materials science. Topics discussed include constitutive models for shape memory alloys; structure and properties of a monocrystalline alloy; the shape-memory effect in antiferromagnetic alloys; micromechanical modeling of shape memory alloy composites; computer modeling of amorphous metals; novel amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials; fundamentals and technological applications of hydrogen absorbing Mg amorphous alloys and amorphous superconducting structures. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Constitutive models for shape memory alloys: A two-phase mixture model and a microstructure-based model
(Xianghe Peng, Wenli Pi and Xuesong Long)

Review of the state of the art of control of SMA systems
(Mohammad H. Elahinia and Shuo Wang)

Fabrication and Surface Modification of Porous Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy for Bone Grafts
(Shuilin Wu, Xiangmei Liu, Paul K. Chu, Tao Hu, Kelvin W. K. Yeung, and Jonathan C. Y. Chung)

Structure and properties of a monocrystalline Cu-Al-Ni alloy submitted to thermal cycling under load
(L.A. Matlakhova, E.C. Pereira, A.N. Matlakhov and S.N. Monteiro)

Interaction between martensitic transformations and defects during thermal and pseudoelastic cycling in CuAlNi single crystals
(R. Gastien, M. Sade and F. C. Lovey)

Importance of the study of thermal properties in the research of Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloys
(Alexandra Rudajevova)

Characteristic deformation and structural changes of ni-ti alloys by molecular dynamics; phase transformation and amorphization
(Tomohiro Sato, Ken-ichi Saitoh, Keisuke Kubota and Noboru Shinke)

Evolution of the stress-induced martensitic transformation in a CuAlBe shape memory alloy under uniaxial tension
(F. M. Sánchez-Arévalo, G. Pulos, R. Pérez-Cabeza de Vaca)

Formation of transitory bainite as a precursor of α-phase during tempering of martensitic
(Leandru-Gheorghe Bujoreanu)

The shape memory effect in antiferromagnetic alloys
(H. Zhang)

Phase transformation in NiTi shape memory alloy Under Thermomechanical conditions
(Manjunatha Pattabi and K. Ramakrishna)

Dependence of Transformation Temperatures of Shape Memory Alloys on the Number and Concentration of Valence Electrons
(Mehrdad Zarinejad and Yong Liu)

Some Factors Affecting the Transformation Hysteresis in Shape Memory Alloys
(Yong Liu)

Micromechanical Modeling of Shape Memory Alloy Composites
(Jacob Aboudi and Yuval Freed)

The Numerical Analysis Of Two – Shape Memory Model

Shape Memory Alloys In Micropositioning Applications
(E. Asua, J. Feuchtwanger, V. Etxebarria and A. Garcia-Arribas)

Analysis of a thermomechanical model of shape memory alloys
(Aida Timofte and Vlad Timofte)

Computer Modeling of Amorphous Metals
(David K. Belashchenko, Moscow Inst. of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russian Federation)

Novel Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Materials
(Nuria Iturriza,1, Juan José del Val, Arkadi P. Zhukov1, Ignacio García,2, José A. Pomposo2 and Julián González1, 1Department of Materials Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, University of the Basque Country, Pº Manuel de Lardizabal,3, San Sebastian, Spain
2New Materials Department, CIDETEC – Centre for Electrochemical Technologies, Pº Miramón, San Sebastián, Spain)

Relationship Of Fragility and Dilatation with Glass-forming Ability of Pr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasse
(Qingge Meng, Shuguang Zhang, Mingxu Xia, Jianguo Li, Shangai University,China, Xiufung Bian,Shandog University,Jinan,China, et al.)

Studies of Isolated Pores in Non-Graphitazable Carbon by Solid-State NMR
(Kazuma Gotoh, Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology, Okayama Univ. Okayama, Japan, and Aisaku Nagai, Kureha Corp., Tokyo, Japan)

Ge:Sb:Te Stoichiometric and Eutectic Films for Phase-Change Memory Technology
(E. Prokhorov, J. Gonzalez-Hernandez, CIMAV, Miguel de Cervantes, Complejo Industrial Chihuahua, Mexico)

Significance of the Amorphous State – A Pharmaceutical Approach
(Istvan Antal, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Semmelweis Univ., Budapest, Hungary, Romana Zelko, Univ. Pharmacy Dept. of Pharmacy Administration, Semmelweis Univ., Budapest, Hungary)

Fundamentals and Technological Applications of Hydrogen Absorbing Mg Amorphous Alloys
(Sydney F. Santos, CECS Federal University of ABC, Brazil, Tomaz T. Ishikawa, Dept. of Materials Engineering, Federal Univ. of Sao Carlo, Brazil, Edson A. Ticianelli Institute of Chemistry, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Reuse Strategies for Dual-Layer Organic Photoreceptors
(David M. Goldie, Division of Electronic Engineering and Physics, Univ. of Dundee, United Kingdom, Martin J. Ball, Ricoh UK Products Ltd, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom)

A New Approach to the Ab Initio Generation of Amorphous Semiconducting Structures: Electronic and Vibrational Studies
(Ariel A. Valladares, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, México)


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