Encyclopedia of Laser Research (3 Volume Set)


Jillian R. McDonald (Editor)

Series: Lasers and Electro-Optics Research and Technology
BISAC: TEC019000

This book presents current research in the study of lasers. Topics discussed include recent progress of high peak power solid state lasers; laser annealing of composite materials with metal nanoparticles; optical properties of rare earth ions induced by femtosecond laser; high intensity laser-matter interactions; low-dimensional models for characterizing mode-locked fiber lasers; single-frequency fiber laser; ZnO nanostructures deposited by laser ablation; diode laser forming of steel parts and laser cladding. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Recent Progress of High Peak Power Solid State Lasers
(Yung-Sheng Huang, Jung-Sheng Huang, Fang-Ling Chang – College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Semiconductors Research Laboratory, I-Shou Univ., Kaoshiung, Taiwan and others)pp.1-26

Laser Annealing of Composite Materials with Metal Nanoparticles
(Andrey L. Stepanov – Laser Zentrum Hanover, Germany and others)pp.27-70

Single Crystal Photo-Elastic Modulators
(F. Bammer – Vienna Univ. of Technology, Institute for Forming and High Power Laser Technology)pp.71-122

Diffractive Microoptics for Technological IR-Lasers
(V.S. Pavelyev, V.A. Soifer, V.I Konov, V.V. Kononenko, A.V. Volkov – Image Processing Systems Institute RAS, Samara, Russia and others)pp.123-156

Micro- and Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Femtosecond Laser Processing of Metals
(Yuwen Zhang, D.Y. Tzou, J.K. Chen – Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA)pp.157-204

High Power Femtosecond Laser Machining of Metals in Ambient Medium
(S.R. Vatsya, Chengde Li, S.K. Nikumb – Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council of Canada, London, Ontario, Canada and others)pp.205-228

Femtolasers-Mediated Multiphoton Excitation Imaging of Bulk Ocular Tissues
(Bao-Gui Wang, Karl-Jurgen Halbhuber – Lasermicroscopy Research Unit, Institute of Microscopic Anatomy, Friedrich-Schiller Univ., Jena, Germany)pp.229-276

Optical Properties of Rare Earth Ions Induced by Femtosecond Laser
(Lixin Yu, Zhongxin Liu – Dept. of Materials Science and Technology, Nanchang Univ., Nanchang, P.R. China and others)pp.277-312

Ytterbium Doped Materials for Femtosecond Lasers
(Pierre-Olivier Petit, Philippe goldner, Bruno Viana, Justine
Boudeile, Frederic Druon, Dimitris N. Papadopulos, Marc Hanna, APatrick Georges – Laboratoire de Chimie Appliquee de L’etat Solide, Paris, France and others)pp.313-332

Ultrafast Dynamics of Porphyrins in Higher Excited State,
(Dae Won Cho, Mamoru Fujitsuka, Tetsuro Majima – Dept. of Chemistry, Chosun Univ., Gwangju, Korea and others) pp.333-366

Femtosecond Excited-State Ultrafast Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems: Semiclassical Dynamics Simulations
(Guang-Jiu Zhao, Yu-Hui Liu, Ke-Li Han – State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Dalian Liaoning, P.R. China)pp.367-390

High Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions: Measurements of Ion and Neutral Emission and Applications
(A Daskalova, W. Husinsky – Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria and others)pp.391-412

Improved thermal model and its application in high-power laser ablation of target
(Ranran Fang,College of Mathematics and Physics, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications,China and School of Physics,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan; Duanming Zhang,School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China Hua Wei,Center for Modern Physics and Department of Physics, Chongqing University, Chongqing China and Zhihua Li, School of Physics,Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan) pp.413-436

Dynamics of Excitons Confined in Semiconductor Thin Films
(Osamu Kojima, Toshiro Isu – Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kobe Univ., Kobe, Japan and others)pp.437-450

High Power Long Pulse Width QCW Laser Diode Bars for Optical Pumping of Yb-er Glass Solid State Lasers
(N.I.Katsavets, V.A.Buchenkov, A.L.Ter-Martirosyan, ATC-Semiconductor Devices Joint-Stock Company, St. Petersburg, Russia, and others)pp.451-458

Four-wave-mixing-assisted Multi-wavelength Erbium Fiber Lasers
(Xueming Liu, State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi’an, China) pp.459-488

Widely Tunable Femtosecond Er:Fiber Lasers and Application
(Florian Adler, Florian Sotier, Daniel Trautlien, Alexander Sell, Konstantinos Moutzouris, Rupert Huber and Alfred Leitenstorfer, JILA, Univ. of Colorado)pp/489-516

Low-dimensional Models for Characterizing Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers
(Brandon G. Bale and J. Nathan Kutz, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA)pp.517-538

Bacterial Cell Interactions with Optical Fiber Surfaces
(Natasa Mitik-Dineva, Russell J. Crawford, Elena Ivanova, Faculty of Life and Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia, and Paul R. Stoddart, Center for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectros, Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia)pp.539-570

Single-Frequency Fiber Laser
(Tianshu Wang, College of Communications Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China)pp.571-606

Frequency Modulation (FM) Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers
(Youngjae Kim, Centre d’optique, photonique et laser, Pavillion d’optique-photonique, Université Laval, Québec, Canada, Dug Young Kim, Center For Nano Optical Imgaging Systems (CNOIS, GIST, Dept. of Info. & Comm., Gwang-ju, South Korea)pp.607-626

Passively Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers with Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirrors
(Nak-Hyun Seong and Dug Young Kim) pp.627-648

Fiber Laser Technology Must Be Better Focused
(Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, RP Photonics Consulting GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland) pp.649-656

Entangled Photon Recovery Using a Ring Fiber Laser for Quantum Repeater Use
(P. P. Yupapin and S. Pipatsart, Advanced Research Center for Photonics, Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok. Thailand)pp.657-668

Using of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope in the Examination of Neural Network Underlying the Gaze and Posture Control
(Clara Matesz, György Székely, Department of Anatomy, University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Centre, Debreecen Hungary, HAS-UD Neuroscience Research Group, Debrecen, Hungary, Tímea Bácskai, Ádám Deák, Éva Rácz and Gábor Veress, Department of Anatomy, University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Centre, Debreecen Hungary) pp.669-674

Nylon 6 Nanofiber Prepared by CO2 Laser Supersonic Drawing
(Akihiro Suzuki and Yohane Nakata, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan)pp.675-678

Computer Modeling of Nanostructuring on Materials with Tightly Focused Energy Deposition
(D.S. Ivanov, O. Osmani, and B. Rethfeld, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)pp.679-772

Quantum Kinetics of Multiphoton Processes: Durations of Elementary Processes, Thresholds of Channels Opening and their Saturations
(Mark E. Perel’man, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel)pp.773-836

Two-Dimensional Periodic Nanoscale Patterning of the Solid Surfaces by Four-Beam Standing Wave Excimer Laser Lithography
(Yu K.Verevkin, E. Ya Daume, V. N. Petryakov, A.Yu Klimov, B.S. Gribkov, D. O. Filatov, Yu Yu Gushchina, C. Tan, C.S. Peng, M. Pessa, Z. Wang, S. M. Olaizola, S. Tisserand, Institute for Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and others)pp.837-882

ZnO Nanostructures Deposited by Laser Ablation
(D. Valerini, A. Cretí, A.P. Caricato, M. Lomascolo, R. Rella, and M. Martino, Department of Physics, L3 group, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, and others) pp.883-922

Diode Laser Forming of Steel Parts
(A. Guglielmotti, F. Quadrini, E.A. Squeo, and V. Tagliaferri, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy) pp.923-960

Lasers and Lamps with Excitation by Background-Electron Multiplication Wave
(A.M. Boichenko, Head of Kinetic Dept., A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, and others)pp.961-990

Phase Transitions as Possible Sources of High Power Radiation
(Mark E. Perel’man, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) pp.991-1008

Application of Pulsed Laser Deposition for Putting Multi-Layer Coatings on the Inner Surfaces of Hollow Objects
(Alexandr Alexandrovich Lozovan, Stanislav Vladimirovich Frangulov, Denis Vladimirovich Chulkov, “MATT”-RSTU named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, Moscow, Russian Federation) pp.1009-1028

Underground Cavity 3D Detection Using Laser System
(Liu Xiling, Li Xibing, Anthony Comber, Liu Kewei, School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, China, and others) pp.1029-1044

Laser Prototyping of Polymer-Based Nanoplasmonic Components
(Andrey L. Stepanov, Roman Kiyan, Carsten Reinhardt, Boris N. Chichkov, Laser Zentrum Hannover, Hannover, Germany, and others)pp.1045-1058

Structured Beams in Laser Refractography Applications
(I.L. Raskovskaya, B.S.Rinkevichyus, A.V.Tolkachev, V.A. Fabrikant Physics Department, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Technical University, Moscow, Russia) pp.1059-1074

Optical Breakdown in Gases Induced by High-Power IRCO2 Laser Pulses (J.J. Camacho, L. Diaz, M. Santos, L.J. Juan, J.M.L. Poyato, Departamento de Quimica-Fisica Aplicada, Facultad de Ciencas, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, and others) pp.1075-1162

Machining Steel XC42 by High-Power Continuous CO2 Laser. Physical Process Description, Energetic And Thermal Modeling
(Neila. Jebbari, Mohamed Mondher Jebari, AnnieTarrats-Saugnac, Jean Paul Longuemard, Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, L.P.M.C., Département de physique, Campus Universitaire 2090 Al-Manar, Tunis, Tunisie and others) pp.1163-1178

Index pp.11789-1214

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