Encyclopedia of Dentistry Research (2 Volume Set)


Steven D. Levenstein (Editor)

Series: Dental Science, Materials and Technology
BISAC: MED016000

This book presents current research in the field of dentistry. Topics discussed include dental composites with nano-scaled fillers; mapping the structure, composition, properties and dental erosion in human enamel; dental polymer nanocomposites; development of low-shrinkage dental composites; placing and loading dental implants; biomechanics of oral implants; tape casting in the development of dental biomaterials; risk factors for chronic periodontal disease; the role of antimicrobial peptides in periodontal disease; treatment of periodontitis and genetic polymorphisms and periodontitis. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Resin Composites for Post Cementation and Core Build-up (pp. 1-45)
(Juthatip Aksornmuang, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand)

Chapter 2: Design and Development of Novel Urethane Dimethacrylate Monomers for Use in Dental Compositions (pp. 47-83)
(Tinca Buruiana, Violeta Melinte, Emil C. Buruiana, Romanian Academy, Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania)

Chapter 3: Dental Composites with Nano-Scaled Fillers (pp. 85-113)
(Matthew J. Little, Hao Fong, Department of Chemistry, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota, USA)

Chapter 4: Mapping the Structure, Composition, Properties and Dental Erosion in Human Enamel (pp. 115-141)
(I.M. Low, A. Alhuthali, N. Duraman, Centre for Materials Research, Dept. of Applied Physics, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia)

Chapter 5: Effect of Filler Content and Size on Mechanical Properties of Dental Resin Composites: Experimental and Computational Investigation (pp. 143-154)
(Yasuhiro Tanimoto, Satoshi Hirayama, Masaru Yamaguchi and Yo Shibata, Department of Dental Biomaterials, Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Matsudo, Chiba, Japan, and others)

Chapter 6: Inhibition of Telomerase Activity in HL-60 Cell Line by Methacrylic Monomers (pp. 155-168)
(B. Sampaolese, A. Lupi, E. Di Stasio, G.E. Martorana, G. Gambarini, B. Giardina, G. Nocca, Molecular Recognition Chemistry Institute, C.N.R, Rome, Italy, and others)

Chapter7: Scale Development to Assess Psychological States in Dental Patients (pp. 169-180)
(Naoki Kakudate, Manabu Morita, Shunichi Fukuhara, Masamitsu Kawanami, Itsuo Chiba, Division of Disease Control & Molecular Epidemiology, Department of Oral Growth & Development, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, Japan, and others)

Chapter8: Trends in Dental Polymer Nanocomposites (pp. 181-191)
(Irini D. Sideridou, Associate Professor in Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Lab of Organic Chemical Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Chapter 9: Dental Nanocomposites (pp. 193-206)
(Seyed Shahabeddin Mirsasaania, , Maryam Sarmast Shoushtaria aFaculty of medical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran)

Chapter 10: On the Critical Parameters that Regulate Self-Organized Biocomposites (pp. 207-215)
(Yukimichi Tamaki, Yo Shibata, Yasuhiro Tanimoto and Takashi Miyazaki, Department of Oral Biomaterials and Technology, Showa University School of Dentistry, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and others)

Chapter 11: The Annual Effective Dose Assessment during Panoramic / Oral Radiography including the Dental Errors Examinations to the Patients in Albania (pp. 217-228)
(Alketa Qafmolla, Luan Qafmolla, Faculty of Medicine, Stomatological Department, Tirana, Albania, and others)

Chapter 12: Effects of Using Recycled Nickel-Chrome Based Alloys in the Preparation of Metallic Restorations (pp. 229-235)
(Dr Sharanaprabhu. L, Dr Achyutha B.T., Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, RYMEC, Bellary-583 107, Karnataka State, India, and others)

Chapter 13: Development of Low-Shrinkage Dental Composites in Dentistry: A Review of the Trends and Techniques Applied (pp. 237-256)
(Mui Siang Soh, Adrian U.J. Yap, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore, and others)

Chapter 14: Design, Characterization and Evaluation of Biomimetic Polymeric Dental Composites with Remineralization Potential (pp. 257-293)
(D. Skrtic, J.M. Antonucci, Paffenbarger Research Center, American Dental Association Foundation, Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Chapter 15: Interim Restorations in Implant Dentistry: Basic Considerations and Techniques (pp. 295-329)
(Omid Savabi, Farahnaz Nejatidanesh, Department of Prosthodontics and Torabinejad Dental Research Center, School of Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran)

Chapter 16: Dental Implants in Oral Cancer Patients (pp. 331-349)
(Dr. Anne-Gaëlle Bodard, Dr. Samuel Salino, Centre Régional de Lutte, Contre le Cancer Léon Bérard, Lyon, France)

Chapter 17: Emerging Themes: A Commentary on Interprofessional Training between Undergraduate Dental Students and Trainee Dental Technicians (pp. 351-363)
(Michael G. Reeson, Caroline Walker-Gleaves, Nicholas J. A. Jepson, School of Dental Technology, The Dental Hospital, United Kingdom, and others)

Chapter 18: Are Metal-Free Crowns Truly More Aesthetically Pleasing? (pp. 365-388)
(Jefferson Ricardo Pereira, Janaina Salomon Ghizoni, Bauru Dental School, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and others)

Chapter 19: Placing and Loading Implants (When & How?) (pp. 389-403)
(Mohamed Sherine ElAttar, Professor of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt and others)

Chapter 20: Clinical Success of Alveolar Bone Distractions for Implant Rehabilitation (pp. 405-417)
(Guhan Dergin, Hasan Garip, Cem Dergin, Gokan Gocmen, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey and others)


Chapter 21: Biomechanics of Oral Implants;pp. 419-456
(Murat Çehreli, Kývanç Akça, Associate Professor of Prosthodontics, CosmORAL Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, Ankara, Turkey, and others)

Chapter 22: Tape Casting in the Development of Dental Biomaterials;pp. 457-467
(Yasuhiro Tanimoto, Department of Dental Biomaterials, Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo, Matsudo, Chiba, Japan)

Chapter 23: A Novel Stereolithographic Surgical Template in Computer-Aided Implantology: Methods and Applications;pp. 469-481
(Chen Xiaojun, Wang Chengtao, Institute of Biomedical Manufacturing and Life Quality Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China)

Chapter 24: Considerations of Graft Materials in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Procedures;pp. 483-489
(Jun-Beom Park, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA )

Chapter 25: Overdenture Construction of Implants Directionally Placed using CT Scanning Techniques;pp. 491-502
(Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, Detroit, MI)

Chapter 26: Onlay Block Bone Grafting in Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis to Increase Callus Volume;pp. 503-513
(Guhan Dergin, Gokhan Gurler, Bahar Gursoy, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey and others)

Chapter 27: The Emergence and Integration of CAD/CAM Dental Restorations;pp. 515-524
(Paul Schoenbeck, North Country Dental, New Hampshire, USA)

Chapter 28: Immediate Implant Loading Following Extraction of a Split Cuspid;pp. 525-533
(Timothy Kosinski, DDS, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentristy, Detroit, MI)

Chapter 29: Risk Factors for Chronic Periodontal Diseases;pp. 535-566
(Daniela da Silva Feitosa, Mauro Pedrine Santamaria, Márcio Zaffalon Casati, Enilson Antonio Sallum, Francisco Humberto Nociti Júnior, Sérgio de Toledo, Division of Periodontics, Piracicaba Dental School, University of Campinas, SP, Brazil, and others)

Chapter 30: Treatment of Periodontitis;pp. 567-603
(S. Raja, Modern Dental College and Research Centre, Gandhinagar, Madhya Pradesh, India)

Chapter 31: The Role of Antimicrobial Peptides in Periodontal Disease;pp. 605-635
(Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit, Sakornrat Khongkhunthian, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Chapter 32: Prognosis: Predictability Redefined;pp. 637-670
(M.V. Jothi, K.M. Bhat, P.K. Pratibha, G.S. Bhat, Department of Periodontics, Manipal college of Dental Sciences, Manipal, Karnataka, India)

Chapter 33.: Bioluminescent Lux Gene Biosensors in Oral Streptococci: Determination of Complementary Antimicrobial Activity of Minocycline Hydrochloride with the Anesthetic Lidocaine/Parilocaine or the Antiseptic Chrlohexidine;pp. 671-694
(Viet Ton That, Sarah Nguyen, David Poon, W. Shawn Monahan, Rebecca Sauerwein, Dan C. Lafferty, Lindsey Marie Teasdale, Amanda L. Rice, Winthrop Carter, Tom Maier, Curtis A. Machida, Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry, Portland, Oregon)

Chapter 34: The Role of the Th17 Pathway in the Progression of Periodontal Disease;pp. 695-712
(Roger B. Johnson, Department of Periodontics and Preventive Sciences, University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, Jackson, Mississippi, USA)

Chapter 35: Natural Avocado Sugars Induce Secretion of ß-Defensin-2 by Epithelial Cells: Effects on Porphyromonas Gingivalis;pp. 713-722
(Martine Bonnaure-Mallet, Fatiha Chandad, Astrid Rouillon, Zohreh Tamanai-Shacoori, Vincent Meuric, Patrice Gracieux, Caroline Baudouin, Stéphanie Brédif, Philippe Msika, Equipe de Microbiologie, UPRES-EA 1254, Université Européenne de Bretagne, Rennes, France, and others)

Chapter 36: Periodontitis as a Trigger for Cutaneous Disorder, Cheilitis Granulomatosa: Review of Japanese Literature;pp. 723-734
(Kazuyoshi Fukai, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka Japan)

Chapter 37: Genetic Polymorphisms and Periodontitis;pp. 735-745
(L. Chai, E. F. Corbet, W.K. Leung, Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China)

Chapter 38: Immune Responses to Heat Shock Proteins in Chronic Periodontitis and Coronary Heart Disease;pp. 747-764
(A.Hasan, D. Sadoh, M. Foo, Dept. of Periodontology, King’s College, London Dental Institute, London, United Kingdom, and others)

Chapter 39: Chronic Periodontitis and the Risk of Oral Cancer;pp. 765-779
(Mine Tezal, Maureen A. Sullivan, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, and others)


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