Edison: His Life and Inventions


Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin

Series: Historical Figures
BISAC: BIO015000

Prior to this book’s original publication in 1910, no complete, authentic, and authorized record of the work of Mr. Edison had been given to the world. The authors deemed themselves happy in the confidence reposed in them, and in the constant assistance they enjoyed from Mr. Edison while preparing these pages, a great many of which are altogether Mr. Edison’s own. The cooperation in no sense relieved the authors of responsibility as to any of the views or statements of their own that the book contains. They realized the extreme reluctance of Mr. Edison to be made the subject of any biography at all; but he felt that, if it must be written, it were best done by the hands of friends and associates of longstanding, whose judgment and discretion he could trust, and whose intimate knowledge of the facts would save him from misrepresentation.

These pages were designed to bring the reader face to face with Edison; to glance at an interesting childhood and a youthful period marked by a capacity for doing things, and by an insatiable thirst for knowledge; then to accompany him into the great creative stretch of forty years, during which he had done so much. This book shows him plunged deeply into work for which he always had an incredible capacity, reveals the exercise of his unsurpassed inventive ability, his keen reasoning powers, his tenacious memory, and his fertility of resource. It follows him through a series of innumerable experiments, conducted methodically, reaching out like rays of search-light into all the regions of science and nature, and finally exhibits him emerging triumphantly from countless difficulties bearing with him in new arts the fruits of victorious struggle.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Age of Electricity
Chapter 2. Edison’s Pedigree
Chapter 3. Boyhood at Port Huron, Michigan
Chapter 4. The Young Telegraph Operator
Chapter 5. Arduous Years in the Central WEST
Chapter 6. Work and Invention in Boston
Chapter 7. The Stock Ticker
Chapter 8. Automatic, Duplex, and Quadruplex Telegraphy
Chapter 9. The Telephone, Motograph, and Microphone
Chapter 10. The Phonograph
Chapter 11. The Invention of the Incandescent Lamp
Chapter 12. Memories of Menlo Park
Chapter 13. A World-Hunt for Filament Material
Chapter 14. Inventing a Complete System of Lighting
Chapter 15. Introduction of the Edison Electric Light
Chapter 16. The First Edison Central Station
Chapter 17. Other Early Stations-The Meter
Chapter 118. The Electric Railway
Chapter 19. Magnetic Ore Milling Work
Chapter 20. Edison Portland Cement
Chapter 21. Motion Pictures
Chapter 22. The Development of the Edison Storage Battery
Chapter 23. Miscellaneous Inventions
Chapter 24. Edison’s Method in Inventing
Chapter 25. The Laboratory at Orange and the Staff
Chapter 26. Edison in Commerce and Manufacture
Chapter 27. The Value of Edison’s Inventions to the World
Chapter 28. The Black Flag
Chapter 29. The Social Side of Edison

Introduction to the Appendix
1. The Stock Printer
2. The Quadruplex and Phonoplex
3. Automatic Telegraphy
4. Wireless Telegraphy
5. The Electromotograph
6. The Telephone
7. Edison’s Tasimeter
8. The Edison Phonograph
9. The Incandescent Lamp
10. Edison’s Dynamo Work
11. The Edison Feeder System
12. The Three-Wire System
13. Edison’s Electric Railway
14. Train Telegraphy
15. Kinetograph and Projecting Kinetoscope
16. Edison’s Ore-Milling Inventions
17. The Long Cement Kiln
18. Edison’s New Storage Battery
19. Edison’s Poured Cement House
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Foreign Patents

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