Division, Derision and Decisions: The Domino Effect of Brexit and Populism’s Intersection of Rights and Wrongs

Prebble Q. Ramswell
Destin, FL, USA

Series: Political Science and History
BISAC: POL058000



Volume 10

Issue 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Special issue: Resilience in breaking the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities
Edited by I Leslie Rubin, Robert J Geller, Abby Mutic, Benjamin A Gitterman, Nathan Mutic, Wayne Garfinkel, Claire D Coles, Kurt Martinuzzi, and Joav Merrick


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In 2016, both the United Kingdom and the United States found themselves embroiled in bitter battles, battles in which the citizens themselves became their own worst enemies. The Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom and the 2016 United States Presidential campaign precipitated a rebirth of populism and nationalism, reinvigorating entire populations and charming even the most casual observer into political action and discourse. Yet, in both cases, what began as an endeavor to serve the needs of the citizenry morphed into a battlefield of derision and division.

Racism and xenophobia are no longer isolated issues affecting only small portions of a society. Hate crimes, hate speech and overt racial discrimination are on the rise worldwide, stemming from populist empowerment. Battlegrounds of freshly brewed hostility, pitting neighbor against neighbor, have created a pandemic with the potential to permanently alter our understanding of right and wrong as well as the application of law and order. Rather, these issues are now at the forefront of debate and have assumed a position on the frontlines of political warfare worldwide.

The parallels between campaigns are not merely provocative, they are disarming; but the manifestation of similar events in countries around the world is cause for concern. This book explores the course of Brexit, the parallels between it and the 2016 US Presidential election, and how it served as an impetus and inspiration for public outcry and uprising around the world.

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Brexit: Impetus or Inspiration?

Chapter 3. The US Presidential Election of 2016: Inspiration Leads to the Birth of Ameriscepticism

Chapter 4. Brexit and the 2016 US Presidential Election: Parallels and the Bigger Picture

Chapter 5. The Socio-Political Environment in the West

Chapter 6. The Socio-Political Environment in the Rest of the World (ROTW)

Chapter 7. Recurrent Themes: The Domino Effect

Chapter 8. Conclusion: Division, Derision and Decisions


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