Data Sharing: Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges


Yousef Ibrahim Daradkeh (Editor) – Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Department of Computer Engineering and Networks, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University (PSAU) – KSA

Korolev Petr Mikhailovich (Editor) – Chief, World Global Network, Studia Korolevae, Russia

Series: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
BISAC: COM018000


Table of Contents

Coherence of the information world is needed to approve technology concerning data sharing. This book gives to a wide range of readers the possibility to know what problems exist in the field. An international group of experts discuss the situations in their practices concerning the data exchange. Bio information, education protocols, and investigation of data bases gather at different information resources. These data are needed for protection, invariability and open access. In many cases, opposite goals are encountered and it is important to solve complex problems. The authors of the chapters found within this book give their solutions to different problems. These tools and methods have been described in different conditions of locality (from the developed to the developing world) and domains of practice (from art and research to government and schooling). This book is founded on many sources, such as books, papers, reports, data bases, legislative acts, etc.
The editorial board and editors hope that this book will become a table book for readers and that they will often refer to it.

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