Cultural Genomics and the Changing Dynamics of Cultural Identity: The Scholarly Bond of Archaeology, Genealogy, and Genomics


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Series: Science in a Competitive and Globalizing World
BISAC: SCI029000

This monograph presents a new discipline—cultural genomics—as a complex approach for studying the interrelation between genomic data and culture and the impact of culture on genomic evolution in human history. It analyzes three basic components of cultural genomics—archaeology, genealogy, and genomics. The author explores the classifications of archaeology and genealogy as traditional disciplines and tests their peculiarities against the limitations and delimitations of genomics to resolve the problems of human origin and historical demography. The main thesis in the book is that cultural genomics as a complex discipline has been changing the dynamics of exploring the human cultural identity in revolutionary ways and the problems of personal origin and lineage. Additionally, this book analyzes the evolution of human civilization and its requirement for close integration of genomics, archaeology, genetic genealogy, traditional genealogy, and other related social and cultural disciplines.

Cultural identity is the basic constructor of the progress of human civilization. Cultural genomics allows researchers to personalize human history and embed new parameters of identity from the perspective of origin. However, the success of the scholarly results depends on how well genomics is blended with related branches of the science of humanity to produce quality results. Many topics of cultural identity still dwell only in the domain of traditional archaeology and genealogy, although genomics has expanded the opportunity to learn not only how cultural identity evolved, but also to create platforms of global networks of interrelatedness that have no analogies in the previous human scholarly experience.

The innovative scholarly problems that the author addresses and the general attempt to constitute cultural genomics as a leading complex discipline of human cultural identity in the 21st century connect the book to the interests of the global scholarly community and all who are interested in cultural identity, genomic archaeology, genetic genealogy, and human origin as well as the evolution of human civilization. The author of this study, Dr. Lolita Nikolova, is a globally renowned scientist who has conducted an in-depth and complex original research; she uniquely combines expertise in the fields of prehistoric archaeology, genealogy, and cultural genomics.


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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Prologue (pp. 1-20)

Chapter 2. Archaeology, Anthropology, and Cultural Identity (pp. 21-92)

Chapter 3. Genealogy and Cultural Identity (pp. 93-186)

Chapter 4. Cultural Genomics as a Complex Emerging Science from the Perspective of Cultural Identity 139 Conclusion (pp. 187-188)

References (pp. 189-230)

About the Author (pp. 231-232)

Index (pp. 233)


“This book is impressive. Clearly written and well-articulated, the author, Dr. Lolita Nikolova, thoroughly covers the breadth and depth of cultural genomics and cultural identity. Dr. Nikolova, an international renowned scientist, provides a valuable and contemporary approach to the study of genomics and takes complex and dense material and explains it in usable, scientific terms familiar to the disciplines of archaeology, genetic genealogy, traditional genealogy, genomics, human origin, and evolution of human civilization. This book is must for students and others wanting to understand the connections and interrelations between culture and genetic data and processes.” – Professor Kerri Naylor, PhD, Argosy University, Draper, Utah, USA

“Dr. Lolita Nikolova is a globally known scientist, who was always ambitious in achieving new knowledge and thoughtful by the new trends in the sciences, especially in the social ones. The present volume, entitled Cultural Genomics and the Changing Dynamics of Cultural Identity is a monograph, which represents an important contribution to this new discipline, which is cultural genomics, being meant to make us understand the permanent connection and interrelation that exists between the culture and genetic data, or processes.” – Professor Alexanda Comşa, PhD, Archaeological Institute, Bucarest, Romania

“The book by Professor Lolita Nikolova fills a considerable recent gap in understanding of the cultural context of human genetics and opens new scholarly directions of research of the personal origin from the perspectives of integration of genetic genealogy with archaeology and traditional genealogy.” – Evgeni Delev, Ph. Ing., France, FamilyTreeDNA, Bulgarian DNA Group Administrator

“The book offers a new discipline–cultural genomics–as a valuable constructive approach to integrating genomics with cultural studies in order to have more reliable and fruitful scientific research on origin and the evolution of human civilization. The monograph by Dr. Nikolova not only shows the limitations of genomics, but also directs readers toward new virgin horizons of exploring human history as a search for the deep roots of personal cultural identity.” – Professor Marcel Otte, University of Liège, Liège, Belgium

Additional Information

Keywords: Cultural genomics, genetics, archaeology, genealogy, genetic genealogy, identity, cultural identity, prehistory, Balkan prehistory, European Prehistory, human origin, evolution, constructivism grounded theory, science, theory, culture

The book is written in way to answer questions of professionals and general audience. The professional fields of interest: genetics, archaeology, genetic genealogy, theory of culture, theory of cultural identity, human evolution, etc. General audience: all interested in human origin, cultural identity and in searching for the origin of the personal identity.

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