Creative Intelligence: Essays in the Pragmatic Attitude


John Dewey
Addison W. Moore
Harold Chapman Brown
George H. Mead
Boyd H. Bode
Henry Waldgrave
Stuart James
Hayden Tufts
Horace M. Kallen

Series: World Philosophy
BISAC: PHI000000

Creative Intelligence: Essays in the Pragmatic Attitude represents an attempt at intellectual cooperation. No effort has been made, however, to attain unanimity of belief nor to proffer a platform of “planks” on which there is agreement. The consensus represented lies primarily in outlook, in conviction of what is most likely to be fruitful in method of approach. As the title page suggests, the volume presents a unity in attitude rather than a uniformity in results. Consequently each writer is definitively responsible only for his own essay. The reader will note that the Essays endeavor to embody the common attitude in application to specific fields of inquiry which have been historically associated with philosophy rather than as a thing by itself. Beginning with philosophy itself, subsequent contributions discuss its application to logic, to mathematics, to physical science, to psychology, to ethics, to economics, and then again to philosophy itself in conjunction with esthetics and religion. The reader will probably find that the significant points of agreement have to do with the ideas of the genuineness of the future, of intelligence as the organ for determining the quality of that future so far as it can come within human control, and of a courageously inventive individual as the bearer of a creatively employed mind.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Need for a Recovery of Philosophy
John Dewey, Columbia University

Chapter 2. Reformation of Logic
(Addison W. Moore, University of Chicago

Chapter 3. Intelligence and Mathematics
Harold Chapman Brown, Leland Stanford

Chapter 4. Scientific Method and Individual ThinkerGeorge H. Mead, University of Chicago

Chapter 5. Consciousness and PsychologyBoyd H. Bode, University of Illinois

Chapter 6. The Phases of the Economic InterestHenry Waldgrave Stuart, Leland Stanford, Jr., University

Chapter 7. The Moral Life and the Construction Of Values and StandardsJames Hayden Tufts, University of Chicago

Chapter 8. Value and Existence in Philosophy, Art, And ReligionHorace M. Kallen, University of Wisconsin

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