Comprehensive Guide for Nanocoatings Technology. Volume 4: Application and Commercialization


Mahmood Aliofkhazraei (Editor)
Tarbiat Modares University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Tehrān, Iran

Series: Nanotechnology Science and Technology
BISAC: TEC027000

This volume mainly discusses the application and commercialization of nanocoating. There are seventeen chapters in this volume, each including examples of interesting materials supported by appropriate figures for better clarification.
(Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Natural Bionanocomposite-Based Coatings for Food Packaging
(Olga Díaz and Ángel Cobos, Food Technology Division. Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science. Faculty of Sciences. Lugo Campus. University of Santiago de Compostela. Spain)

Plasma Sprayed Coatings on Aisi 316 for High Temperature Tribological Applications
(N.L.Parthasarathi, Scientific Officer, Metal forming and Tribology Programme, Materials Technology Division, IGCAR, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India)

Coating Strategies for Gold and Lanthanides Nanostructures with Protocols
(Valerio Voliani, NEST-Scuola Normale Superiore, Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR, and Center for Nanotechnology Innovation @NEST (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), Pisa, Italy)

Sputtered Silver Nanocluster/Silica Composite Coatings for Antibacterial Applications
(Cristina Balagna, Sara Ferraris, Sergio Perero, Marta Miola, Francesco Baino, Alfio Battiato, Chiara Manfredotti, Ettore Vittone, Enrica Vernè and Monica Ferraris, Institute of Materials Physics and Engineering, Department of Applied Science and Technology, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy, and other)

Recent Developments in Spin Coating and its Applications
(MadhulikaSrikanth and Ramazan Asmatulu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University, Fairmount, Wichita KS, USA)

Nanostructured Coatings and their Recent Applications
(A. Jabbarnia, A. Ghazinezami, and R. Asmatulu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University, Fairmount, Wichita, KS, USA)

Fabrication of Nanocomposite Calcium-Phosphate Coatings by Thermal Substrate Method
(A. Yanovska, S. Danilchenko, L. Sukhodub, Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Sumy, Ukraine, and other)

Nanostructured Antireflection (AR) Coatings for Optoelectronic Applications
(Ashok K. Sood, Roger E. Welser, Gopal G. Pethuraja, Adam W. Sood
And Yash R. Puri, E. Fred Schubert, Pradeep Haldar, Nibir K. Dhar, Dennis L. Polla, Magnolia Optical Technologies Inc., Woburn, MA, USA, and others)

Self-cleaning of Glass Surfaces through Surface Hydrophobicity
(W.S. Khan, M. Ceylan, and R. Asmatulu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University, Fairmount, Wichita, KS, USA)

Layer-by-Layer Nanostructured Coatings for Flame Retardancy
(F. Carosio, J. Alongi, G. Malucelli, Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia, Politecnico di Torino, sede di Alessandria, Alessandria, Italy)

Production and Application of Thin Films
(Mariya Aleksandrova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, and other)

Silver Nanoparticles Based Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices
(Peter Majewski, D. Ravi Shankaran, School of Engineering, Mawson Institute, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, Australia, and other)

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings: Synthesis, Deposition and Applications
(Silvia Gross, IENI-CNR, Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Università di Padova, and INSTM UdR Padova, Padova, Italy)

Electrochemical Deposition and Patterning of Composite Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors
(Stelian Lupu, Cecilia Lete, Boris Lakard, Jean-Yves Hihn, David Sanchez–Molas Francisco Javier del Campo, Department of Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, and others)

Using Nano-Composite Coating for Food Packaging
(Fumi Maria Daria, Institute of Enology and Agro-Food Engineering, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, Italy)

Application of Nanocoating Film in Nanoimprint Lithography
(Weimin zhou, Jing Zhang, Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center (SNPC), Shanghai, China)

Bioactive Nanocoatings by Sol-Gel Process: Biomedical Applications
(Isabel Izquierdo-Barba and María Vallet-Regí, Departamento de Química Inorgánica y Bioinorgánica. Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Plaza Ramón y Cajal, Madrid. Spain, and other)


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