Common Problems in Ambulatory Pediatrics: Anticipatory Guidance and Behavioral Pediatrics


Alexander K.C. Leung (Editor)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Series: Pediatrics – Laboratory and Clinical Research

Ambulatory care is undoubtedly a fundamental facet of pediatric medicine. This book is an essential resource for pediatric residents, pediatricians, family physicians and child health-care professionals as it provides a comprehensive review of common health problems in ambulatory pediatrics. Cleverly presented in a manner which lends to learning rather than rote memorization, this book offers a wealth of information and in-depth answers to some common psychosocial issues and common medical illnesses seen in ambulatory health-care settings. The book also provides solutions to common symptoms and helps readers to correctly identify the underlying conditions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Breastfeeding pp.1-14

Chapter 2. Whole Cow’s Milk in Infancy pp.15-20

Chapter 3. Childhood Discipline pp.21-26

Chapter 4. Children and Television pp.27-34

Chapter 5. Circumcision pp.35-42

Chapter 6. Fluorides in the Prevention of Dental Caries pp.43-50

Chapter 7. Playground Safety pp.51-58

Chapter 8. Swimming and Ear Infection pp.59-64

Chapter 9. Toilet Training pp.65-68

Chapter 10. Teething pp.69-72

Chapter 11. Drooling pp.73-82

Chapter 12. Infantile Colic pp.83-90

Chapter 13. Temper Tantrums pp.91-96

Chapter 14. Breath-Holding Spells pp.97-102

Chapter 15. Head Banging pp.103-108

Chapter 16. Pica pp.109-112

Chapter 17. Stuttering pp.113-120

Chapter 18. Speech Delay pp.121-130

Chapter 19. Sleep Refusal pp.131-136

Chapter 20. Night Waking pp.137-142

Chapter 21. Nightmares pp.143-146

Chapter 22. Night Terrors pp.147-152

Chapter 23. Sleepwalking pp.153-156

Chapter 24. Thumb Sucking pp.157-160

Chapter 25. Nail Biting pp.161-164

Chapter 26. Growing Pains pp.165-170

Chapter 27. Sibling Rivalry pp.171-176

Chapter 28. Human Bites pp.177-182

Chapter 29. The Toddler or Preschooler who Does Not Eat pp.183-188

Chapter 30. Lying pp.189-194

Chapter 31.Stealing pp.195-200

Chapter 32. Tics Disorders pp.201-208

Chapter 33. Bruxism pp.209-212

Chapter 34. Childhood Masturbation pp.213-218

Chapter 35. Recurrent Abdominal Pain pp.219-228

Chapter 36. Encopresis pp.229-232

Chapter 37. Gifted Children pp.233-238

Chapter 38. Mental Retardation pp.239-248

Chapter 39. School Phobia pp.249-254

Chapter 40. Children of Divorce pp.255-260

Chapter 41. Latchkey Children pp.261-266

Index pp.267-286

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