Coenzyme Q10: From Fact to Fiction


April K. Hargreaves, PhD (Editor)
Trinity University, Dublin, Ireland

Series: Pharmacology – Research, Safety Testing and Regulation
BISAC: MED071000

There is a growing interest in coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and its involvement in many aspects of daily living including physical and mental health, energy, aging, stress, skin care and exercise. This book aims to highlight our current understanding of CoQ10 in each of these areas by presenting a selection of topics that clearly illustrates its role in both health and disease.

Each chapter provides a specialist’s insight into the subject whilst being written in a manner that is accessible to the non-CoQ10 expert. Is CoQ10 deficiency a contributor to heart disease, depression or migraines? Can taking CoQ10 supplements reduce symptoms of menopause, increase exercise tolerance or make our skin look younger? What is known about the genetics of CoQ10 biosynthesis? These are just some of the questions addressed in this book: which of them is fact and which is fiction?
(Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Antioxidant Potential of Coenzyme Q10
(Marta Luna-Sánchez and Luis C. López, Departamento de Fisiología, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain, and others)

Antioxidant and Therapeutic Potential of Coenzyme Q-Related Compounds
(José M. Villalba, María I. Burón, José A. González-Reyes, Lucía Fernández del Río, Mario Durán-Prado, Francisco J. Alcaín, Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Córdoba, Agrifood Campus of International Excellence ceiA3, Córdoba, Spain, and others)

Coenzyme Q10 and Oxidative Stress-Induced Retinal Neurodegeneration
(Won-Kyu Ju1, Keun-Young Kim, Myoug Sup Shim and Robert N. Weinreb, Hamilton Glaucoma Center and Department of Ophthalmology, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California, USA, and others)

Coenzyme Q10 in the Treatment of Heart Disease
(Oliver Watkinson and Perry Elliott, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation trust, London, UK)

Coenzyme Q10 and the Treatment of Mitochondrial Disease
(SE Marin, RH Haas, Department of Neurosciences, University of California, San Diego, USA, and others)

Coenzyme Q10 and its Analogues in the Hereditary Ataxias
(Michael H Parkinson, Department of Molecular Neuroscience, UCL Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, UK)

Coenzyme Q10 and Migraine
(Yonglie Zhao, Peter J.Goadsby, DongFang Hospital,Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Beijing, P.R. China, and others)

Coenzyme Q10 Depletion: Role in Depression and Depression-Associated Disorders
(George Anderson and Michael Maes, CRC Scotland & London, Eccleston Square, London, UK, and others)

Menopause and Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The Value of Coenzyme Q10
(Angela TS Wyse and Carlos A Netto, Departamento de Bioquímica, ICBS, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil)

Coenzyme Q10 as a Modulator of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Maladaptive Stress Responses in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(Signe Søes, Louise Brinth, Niels Gregersen and Rikke Katrine Jentoft Olsen, Research Unit for Molecular Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital and Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Brendstrupgaardsvej, Aarhus, Denmark, and others)

The Genes of Coenzyme Q10 Biosynthesis
(Carlos Santos-Ocaña, Leonardo Salviati and Plácido Navas, Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo-CIBERER Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain, and others)

Secondary causes of Coenzyme Q10 Deficiency
(Emma Footit, Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, London, UK)

Statin-Induced Coenzyme Q10 Depletion: Clinical Consequences and Therapeutic Implications in Skeletal and Myocardial Myopathies
(Peter H. Langsjoen, and Alena M. Langsjoen, Non-invasive cardiology practice, Tyler Texas, USA, and others)

What can we Expect from Blood (Plasma) Coenzyme Q10 Analysis?
(Delia Yubero, Raquel Montero, Rafael Artuch, Clinical Biochemistry Department, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and CIBERER, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Barcelona, Spain)

Coenzyme Q10 for Skin Protection and Prevention of Skin Aging
(Keiko Muta, Yutaka Ashida, Michio Aitani, Innovative Science Research & Development Center, Shiseido Co., Ltd., Japan)

The Relationship between Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation and Exercise Tolerance/Capacity
(Stefano Marinari, Pneumology Department; Colle dell’Ara Hospital, Chieti, Italy)

Coenzyme Q10 and Ubiquinol for Physical Performance
(Stefan Siebrecht, Co-Authors: Darren Yak Leong Chan, Franklin Rosenfeld, Kenneth Weicong Lin, Consultant for Health Ingredients, Schwelm, Germany, and others)

Coenzyme Q10 And Ubiquinol: Effects on Oxidative Stress and Inflammation Associated with Strenuous Exercise
(Javier Díaz-Castro, Naroa Kajarabille, Mario Pulido-Morán, Jorge Moreno-Fernández, Silvia Hijano, Julio J.Ochoa, Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology “José Mataix Verdú”. Biomedical Research Center. Health Sciences Technological Park. University of Granada, Granada, Spain, and others)



“What a gem of a book!! It is a real treasure trove, beautifully written, painstaking in its logic and do extensively resourced. I am currently en route home from Australia and Dubai. Devouring it is making the miles fly by!!!” – Des P. Leadon, MA, MVB, MSc, FRCVS, DipECEIM, founding Vice-President of the European College of Equine Internal Medicine, Past President of BEVA and WEVA, Veterinary Advisor to ITBA.

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