Chronicles of Border Warfare


Alexander Scott Withers (Editor)

Series: American History, Culture and Literature
BISAC: HIS036080

Chronicles of Border Warfare by Alexander Scott Withers focuses on the American settlement throughout the northwestern portion of colonial Virginia (an area which today encompasses parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) from the French and Indian War to the Battle of Fallen Timbers, and the ensuing clashes with the indigenous population.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface
Memoir of the Author, by Lyman C. Draper
Introduction.––General view of the discovery of North America, by England, France and Spain. Aborigines of America––Their origin. Their persons and character––Indian antiquities.
Chapter 1. Of the country west of Blue ridge, difficulties attending its first settlement; Indians in neighborhood––their tribes and numbers. Various parties explore the Valley; their adventures. Benjamin Burden receives a grant of land; settles 100 families, their general character, West of Blue ridge divided into two counties; its present population, &c. Discovery of Greenbrier, explored by Martin and Seal; by the Lewis’s, Greenbrier Company, settlement of Muddy Creek and Big Levels, of New river and Holstein; of Gallipolis by French.
Chapter 2. North Western Virginia, divisions and population, Importance of Ohio river to the French, and the English; Ohio Company; English traders made prisoners by French, attempt to establish fort frustrated, French erect Fort du Quesne; War; Braddock’s defeat; Andrew Lewis, character and services; Grant’s defeat, capture of Fort du Quesne and erection of Fort Pitt: Tygart and Files settle on East Fork of Monongahela, File’s family killed by Indians, Dunkards visit the country, settle on Cheat, their fate; settlement under Decker on the Monongahela, destroyed by Indians, pursuit by Gibson, origin of Long knives.
Chapter 3. Expedition to the mouth of Big Sandy, ordered back by governor, their extreme sufferings: Dreadful catastrophe at Levit’s Fort, Shawnees visit James river settlements, their depredations and defeat, fortunate escape of Hannah Dennis, destruction at Muddy creek and Big Levels, Mrs. Clendennin, Indians visit Jackson and Catawba rivers, discovered, pursued, overtaken and dispersed, Mrs. Gunn.
Chapter 4. Indians commit depredations in Pennsylvania, burn three prisoners, excesses of Paxton Boys, Black Boys of great service to frontier, engagement at Turtle creek, Traders attempt to supply Indians, affair at Sidelong hill, Fort Bedford taken by Blackboys, Capt. James Smith, his character and services.
Chapter 5. Deserters from Fort Pitt visit head of Monongahela, The Pringles, Settlements of Buckhannon, of Hacker’s creek, Monongahela and other places, Of Wheeling by Zane’s, Their Character, Character of Wm. Lowther, Objects and character of the first settlers generally.
Chapter 6. War of 1774, Inquiry into its cause, Boone and others visit Kentucky, Emigrants attacked by Indians, Surveyors begin operations there, Affair at Captina, and opposite Yellow creek, Excesses of Indians, Preparations for [ii] war, Expedition against Wappatomica, Incursion of Logan and others, Of Indians on West Fork.
Chapter 7. Indians come on Big Kenhawa, Lewis and Jacob Whitsel taken prisoners, Their adventurous conduct, Plan of Dunmore’s xviii campaign, Battle at Point Pleasant, Dunmore enters Indian country and makes peace, Reflections on the motives of Dunmore’s conduct.
Chapter 8. General view of the relative situation of Great Britain and the colonies, British emissaries and American Tories stimulate the Savages to war, Progress of settlements in Kentucky, Character of Harrod, Boone and Logan, Attack on Harrod’s fort, on Boone’s and on Logan’s, Bowman arrives to its relief, Cornstock visits Point Pleasant, Projected campaign against the Indians abortive, Cornstock’s son visits him, Gilmore killed, Murder of Cornstock, Of Ellinipsico and others, Character of Cornstock.
Chapter 9. General alarm on the frontier, Savages commit depredations, Intelligence of contemplated invasion, Condition of Wheeling, Indians seen near it, Two parties under captain Mason and captain Ogal decoyed within the Indian lines and cut to pieces, Girty demands the surrender of Wheeling, Col. Zane’s reply, Indians attacks the fort and retire, Arrival of col. Swearingen with a reinforcement, of captain Foreman, Ambuscade at Grave creek narrows, conspiracy of Tories discovered and defeated, Petro and White taken prisoners, Irruption into Tygarts Valley, Murder at Conoly’s and at Stewarts.
Chapter 10. Measures of defence, Fort M’Intosh erected, exposed situation, commencement of hostilities, Attack on Harbert’s blockhouse, Murder at Morgan’s on Cheat, Of Lowther and Hughes, Indians appear before Fort at the point, Decoy Lieut. Moore into an ambuscade, a larger army visits Fort, stratagem to draw out the garrison, Prudence and precaution of capt. M’Kee. Fort closely besieged, Siege raised, Heroic adventure of Prior and Hammond to save Greenbrier, Attack on Donnelly’s Fort, Dick Pointer, Affair at West’s Fort, Successful artifice of Hustead, Affair at Cobern’s fort, at Strader’s, Murder of Stephen Washburn, captivity, &c. of James, Projected invasion of Indian country, Col. Clarke takes Kaskaskias and other towns, Fort Lawrens erected by Gen. M’Intosh and garrisoned.
Chapter 11. Gov. Hamilton marches to St. Vincent––critical situation of col. Clarke, his daring expedition against Hamilton, condition of Fort Lawren’s, Successful stratagem of Indians there, Gen. M’Intosh arrives with an army, Fort evacuated, Transactions in Kentucky, captivity of Boone, his escape and expedition against Paint creek town, Indian [iii] army under Du Quesne appear before Boone’s fort, politic conduct of Boone, Fort assaulted, Assailants repulsed, Expedition against Chilicothe towns under Bowman, Its failure, Kentucky increases rapidly in population.
Chapter 12. Hacker’s creek settlement breaks up, Alarm of Indians near Pricket’s fort, Stephen and Sarah Morgan sent to farm, Dream and anxiety of their father, His fearful encounter with two Indians, Kills both, Heroism of Mrs. Bozarth, Murders on Snow creek, captivity of Leonard Schoolcraft, Indians surprize Martin’s fort, destruction there, Irruptions into Tygart’s valley, Indians attack the house of Samuel Cottrail, Murder of John Schoolcraft’s family, Projected campaign of British and Indians, Indians again in Tygart’s Valley, mischief there, West’s fort invested, Hazardous adventure of Jesse Hughs to obtain assistance, Skirmish between whites and savages, coolness and intrepidity of Jerry Curl, Austin Schoolcraft killed and his niece taken prisoner, Murder of Owens and Judkins, of Sims, Small Pox terrifies Indians, Transactions in Greenbrier, Murder of Baker and others, last outrage in that country.
Chapter 13. Operations of combined army of British and Indians, Surrender of Ruddle’s Station, Outrages of savages there, Col. Byrd enabled to restrain them, Martin’s station surrenders, Byrd returns to the Indian towns, Escape of Hinkstone, Invasion of North Western Virginia, Plan of campaign, Indians discovered near Wheeling, Take prisoners, Alarmed for their own safety, kill their prisoners and retire, Expedition under Col. Broadhead, against the Munsies, against Coshocton, excesses of the whites there, Expedition under Gen. Clarke against Chilicothe and Piqua, Battle at Piqua, Indian depredations in Virginia, murder of capt. Thomas and family, of Schoolcraft, Manear, and others, Destruction of Leading creek settlement, aggressors overtaken by a party under Col. Lowther, Affair of Indian creek, murder of Mrs. Furrenash, Williamson’s first expedition against Moravian Indians, Prisoners taken sent to Fort Pitt, Set at liberty, Their settlements broken up by Wyandotts.
Chapter 14. The murder of Monteur and his family, others taken prisoners, Second expedition of Williamson against Moravians, its success and the savage conduct of the whites, Expedition under Crawford, his defeat––Is taken prisoner and burned; captivity and escape of Doctor Knight, of Slover; Death of Mills––Signal achievement of Lewis Whitsel..
Chapter 15. Murder of White, Dorman and wife taken prisoners; Inhabitants on Buckhannon evacuate the fort, attacked by Indians on their way to the Valley; Whites visiting [iv] Buckhannon settlement discovered and watched by Indians––conduct of George Jackson to obtain aid, Stalnaker killed, Indians cross Alleghany––miss Gregg killed by Dorman, murder of mrs. Pindall, of Charles Washburn, of Arnold and Richards––Daring conduct of Elias Hughes––murder of Corbly’s family––Grand council of Indians at Chillicothe, Its determinations; Indian army enters Kentucky; Affair at Bryants station; Battle of Blue Licks––Expedition under Gen. Clarke, Attack on Wheeling, Attempt to demolish the fort with a wooden cannon, Signal exploit of Elizabeth Zane, Noble conduct of Francis Duke, Indians withdraw, Attack on Rives [Rice’s] Fort, Encounter of Poe with two Indians.
Chapter 16. Peace with G. Britain, War continued by Indians––Operations in N. W. Virginia––murder of Daniel Radcliff, Attack on Cunninghams upon Bingamon, murders there; murders in Tazewell, of Davison, of Moore, mrs. Moore and seven children taken prisoners, their fate––murder of Ice, &c. Levi Morgan encounters two Indians, Indians steal horses on West Fork, pursued and punished by col. Lowther––murder of the Wests on Hacker’s creek, Remarkable recovery of J. Hacker’s daughter––murder of the Johnsons on Ten-mile creek, At Macks, Artifice of John Sims.
Chapter 17. Rapid increase of population of Kentucky, operations there––Preparations of the general Government to carry on the war in the Indian country, Settlement of Marietta, Of Cincinatti, Fort Washington erected, Settlement of Duck creek, Big Bottom and Wolf creeks––Harmar’s campaign, murder of whites on Big Bottom, murder of John Bush––Affair at Hansucker’s on Dunkard––murder of Carpenter and others and escape of Jesse Hughes––campaign under Gen. St. Clair––Attack at Merrill’s, Heroic conduct of Mrs. Merrill, Signal success of expedition under Gen. Scott.
Chapter 18. Indians visit Hacker’s creek––murder of the Waggoners and captivity of others––murder of Neal and Triplet, major Truman and col. Hardin killed, Greater preparations made by General Government, John and Henry Johnson, Attack on the hunting camp xx of Isaac Zane, Noble conduct of Zane––Treatment of Indian prisoners, Fort Recovery erected, Escape of Joseph Cox––murder of miss Runyan and attack on Carder’s, Indians kill and make prisoners the Cozads, Affair at Joseph Kanaan’s, Progress of army under Gen. Wayne, Indians attack and defeat detachment under M’Mahon, battle of Au Glaize and victory of General Wayne, Affair at Bozarth’s on Buckhannon––Treaty of Greenville.

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