Chemistry Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries


Elnur S. Hüseynov and Vusal Babayev (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research and Applications
BISAC: SCI013000

This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of chemistry, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1 – Research Biographies

Saber Ahmed
Nailya S. (Sayfullovna) Akhmadullina
Irena S. Akhrem
Leon A. Apresyan
Jose L. Arias
Maria I. Arriortua
Bin Bao
Havazelet Bianco-Peled
Vladimir Burtman
Vito Capozzi
Igor Čeliković
Monica C. Chuong
Maria Vittoria Diamanti
Sergey V. Dorozhkin
Snežana Dragović
Richard Drevet
Barbora Drtinova
Pavel N. D’yachkov
Fernando S. García Einschlag
Sami Fattouch
Kikku Fukushima
Alexander Y. Galashev
Julie Garden-Robinson
Penka Dimitrova Gatseva
Gerasimov Gennady
Cecilia C. Guedes-Silva
Norma Guemes Vera
Francisco Javier Guillén Gerada
Sergio Zarazua Guzman
Eduard Hanslík
James Harmon
Masashi Hatanaka
Robert B. Heimann
Kazutaka Hirakawa
Tomohisa Hirobe
Gorazd Hribar
Bouraoui Ilahi
Piera Iuliani
Songsri Kaewsuwan
C. Karunakaran
Shahed U. M. Khan
Renat Khaydarov
Masashi Kijima
Joong Kyun Kim
Jean Le Bras
Chu-Hsuan Lin
Cheng Liu
Xiaoxuan Liu
Yulia Sergeevna Lukina
Maria Virginia Luna
Randall D Maples
María de los Ángeles Martín Santos
Jyri-Pekka Mikkola
Steven J Milne
Vinita Mishra
Yuichi Morishita
Jane Morrell
Fathi Moussa
N. S. Muravyeva
Alexandr P. Novikov
Hiroaki Onoda
Guangnan Ou
Byung-Dae Park
Jin Hee Park
Sang-Eon Park
Bertil Rolf Ragnar Persson
Eva Petrovova
Matthew Picklo
Carolina Henritta Pohl
Juan Carlos Poveda Jaramillo
Tatiana Prado
Antonio Jose Queimada
Stéphane L. Raeppel
Michael A. Reshchikov
Claudionor Ribeiro da Silva
Semenov Semen
Konstantin Zh.Seminsky
Mohd. Shakir khan
Jose Angel Siles Lopez
Steven Y. Qian
Clifford Y. Tai
Tomoki Takahashi
Shinji Tokonami
Vukosava Milic Torres
Rolando J. Tremont
Hirotada Tsujii
Tiverios C. Vaimakis
Bakharev Vladimir Valentinovich
Konarev Dmitri Valentinovich
Inés Velasco
Gloria Víllora
Maja D. Vitoroviæ-Todoroviæ
Vladimir Volodin
Winfried Vonau
Andriy Voronov
Viroj Wiwanitkit
Anatoly G. Zakharov
Aristides D. Zdetsis
Jasenka Piljac Zegarac
Zheng-Wen Li
Jun Zhu
Sergei P. Zhvavyi
Evangelos Zoidis
Jin-Long Zou

PART 2 – Research Summaries in Chemistry

Advances in Adsorption Technology

Analytical Chemistry of Cadmium: Sample Pre-Treatment and Determination Methods

Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes

Biomedical Applications of Lanthanum

Boron Hydrides, High Potential Hydrogen Storage Materials

Chemistry and Biochemistry: From Pure to Applied Science, New Horizons-Vol. 3 (A Festschrift in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Gennady E. Zaikov)

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Progress

Chitosan-Based Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications

Cyclic B-Ketoesters: Synthesis and Reactions

Dzhemilev Reaction in Organic and Organometallic Synthesis

Electrochemical Hydrogen and Metals: Absorption, Diffusion and Embrittlement Prevention in Corrosion and Electroplating

Electrochemical Properties and Applications of Ionic Liquids

Electrospray Technology for Thin-Film Deposition

Emerging Topics in Organic Chemistry

Humic Acids from Raw Materials of the Czech Republic

Information Origins of the Chemical Bond

Layered Double Hydroxides: Present and Future

Magnetic Interactions in Oxo-Carboxylate Bridged Gadolinium (III) Complexes

Molecular and Supramolecular Bioinorganic Chemistry: Applications in Medical and Environmental Sciences. Volume 2

Molecular Symmetry and Fuzzy Symmetry

Nanotube Array Supercapacitor

Optimization in Polymer Processing

Organic Europium Complexes and their Applications in Optoelectronic Devices

Phosphazenes: A Worldwide Insight

Physical Chemistry Examinations

Polymer and Composites: Theory and Practical Applications

Recent Advances in Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Devices

Relaxation Phenomena in Chitosan Films

Selected Aspects of Theoretical Physics and Organic Chemistry

Some Applications of Ultrasound Irradiation in Pinacol Coupling of Carbonyl Compounds

Sonochemistry in Water Organic Solutions

Sonochemistry: A Suitable Method for Synthesis of Nano-Structured Materials

Structure and Properties of Modified Polyurethanes

Structures, Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activities of Copper (II) Pyridinecarboxylates

The Promoting Effect of Lanthanum in Heterogeneous Catalysts

Experimental and Theoretical Standard Enthalpies of Formation of 3,6-Dibutanal-1,2,4,5-Tetroxane

Separation of the Electronic and the Steric Effects on the Cu(II/I) Potentials in Cu(I) (N-X)2 Complexes Where X = N Or O

Bonding in Biologically-Relevant High-Valent Iron Centers

Fractal Features of Proteins Structure and Dynamics. Part I-Structure

Fractal Features of Proteins Structure and Dynamics. Part II-Dynamics

A Model of the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test that Defines the Gastric Emptying Process

Spectral-SAR Ecotoxicology of Ionic Liquids-Acetylcholine Interaction on E. Electricus Species

The Scattering of Particles and Waves on Nucleon Nodes of the Atom

Editorial: Laudatio for Prof. Dr. Lionello Pogliani

Zero and Vacuum: Parallel Stories of Two Parallel Concepts

Chemical Action and the Transition-State Reactivity

Omega Polynomial in C84-Unit Nano-Dendrimers

Wiener Index of 1-Pentagon Fullerenic Infinite Lattice

Twisted Phenanthrene and Other Molecular Victims of Steric Repulsion

Molecular Modeling and Spectroscopic Properties of a Sesquiterpene Lactone, 1β-Hydroxy-4-Oxo-11βH-4-Noreudesman-6,12-Olide

SMILES-Based QSPR Models of Ionic Lattice Energies

A Quantum Mechanical Calculation of the Reactivity Descriptors of Ammonia (NH3) Molecule During the Physical Process of Its Umbrella (C3v –D3h) Inversion and Identification of the Preferred Conformation of Reaction in the Gas Phase

Molecular Matrix Based on Chemical Structure and Atomic Number

A Note on Wiener- and Kirchhoff-Sum Indices

On the Algebraic Chemistry of Catalysis

Dependence of Thermodynamic Characteristics upon Spatial-Energy Parameter of Free Atoms

Modeling of the Solid-State Polymerization Kinetics

Distance in Trees and Laplacian Matrix

On a Class of Integrals Encountered in Theoretical Chemistry

On Chemical Hardness Assessment of Aromaticity for Some Organic Compounds
Omega Polynomial: Composition Rules in CorSu Lattice

Computation of Some Descriptors of the Real World in Terms of a New Scale of Electronegativity. Part 1. The Dipole Moments of Some Heteronuclear Diatomic Molecules

Computation of Some Descriptors of The Real World in Terms of a New Scale of Electronegativity. Part 2. Evaluation of Equilibrium Internuclear Bond Distances of Some Heteronuclear Diatomics

Density Functional Study on the Stability and Reactivity of Pt(100) and Pt(111) Surfaces Modified by Ni Atoms

Models for the Prediction of A3 Adenosine Receptor Binding Affinity of 2-Chloro-N6-Substituted-4-Thioadenosine-5-Uronamides

Modeling on Methanol Clusters in Terms of ab initio and ABEEM/MM Methods

Modeling of the Polyurethane Structure for a Better Antibiotics’ Adsorption

Golden Graphs

Big Chemical Ideas in Context: The Periodic Law and Scerri’s Periodic Table
Testing Elemental Periodicity by QSPR

The Z Index and Number Theory. Continued Fraction, Euler’s Continuant and Caterpillar Graph

Graphene Topological Modifications

Omega Polynomial in Crystal-like Single-Type Face/Ring Networks

Models for Prediction of BRAF Inhibitory Activity of 2,6-Disubstituted Pyrazines

The Integer-Valued Characters of Tert-Butyl Alcohol

Computing Schultz and Modified Schultz Polynomials of C80 Fullerene by GAP Program

The Area Generating Function for Simple-2-Column Polyominoes with Hexagonal Cells

Graphs with Given Number of Cut-Edges and Minimal Value of Wiener Number

Upper Bound for Total Domination on Linear and Double Hexagonal Chains
Research Progress in the Secondary Reactions of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Gasoline

Ion Transfer at Liquid|Liquid Interfaces

Phytochrome A: Two Native Pools in the Cell with Diverse Spectroscopic, Photochemical and Functional Properties

Nitrogen-Containing Ligands Anchored onto Polymers as Catalyst Stabilizer for Catalytic Enantioselective Reactions

Poly (Ethylene Glycol/Poly-Orthoester) Multiblock CoPolymers in the Preparation of Parenteral Drug Delivery Systems

Electroplating of Lead Free Solder for Electronics

Main-Chain Modification as a Result of Polyolefin Funtionalization by Different Techniques

Selective Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch Waxes to High-Quality Gasoline and High-Quality Diesel Fuel over Bifunctional Catalysts Containing Platinum and Solid Acids

Superhydrophobic Coatings: Preparations and Applications

Co-Precipitation Model for Migration and Removal of Nuclear Waste Containing Actinoids

Chemoinformatics: Principles and Applications

Quantum-Chemical Studies of Double Bond Pyramidalization of Sesquinorbornenes and Related Strained Polycyclic Molecules

Leaching of Organotin Stabilizers from PVC under Prevailing Landfill Conditions

Spectroscopic analysis and structural elucidation of small peptides – experimental and theoretical tools

Spectral and photophysical properties of the carboline anhydrobases. The non phototautomeric origin of the long stokes shifted emissions of the carbolines

Polyamine-Containing DNA Fragments

Preparation of Functional TiO2 Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition on Proper Substrates

Trends in Polymeric Sorbents for Solid-Phase Extraction

Modeling of the Phase Equilibria Relevant to the Biodiesel Production and Purification Processes with the Cubic-Plus-Association (CPA) Equation of State

A Generalized Thermodynamic Model for Predicting the Phase Behaviour of Gas Hydrates in Reservoir Fluids

Condensation Polyamines Containing Metal Moieties

Response of Explosives to Hypervelocity Impact and Shearing

Palladium-Catalyzed Arylation of Polyamines

Accuracy of Standard Thermodynamic Data and Some Influencing Factors

The Possible Importance of Polyamines in Marine Micro-Algal Growth

Structures, Physico-Chemical Properties and Biological Activities of Copper (II) Pyridinecarboxylates

Layered Perovskite-Like Oxides 0112 Type: Structure, Properties, and Possible Applications

Ensemble of Clusters – New Form of Molecular Matter, Risks and Chances: Zubow Equations

Experimental Study of Bond Characteristics in an Icosahedral AlPdMn Quasicrystal by Quantitative Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction

Mesokinetics of Growth of Nanostructured Objects with Strong Interatomic Bonds

Mechanism of Covalent Bond Heterolysis: Novel Methods of Investigations, New Facts, and New Interpretations

Ab Initio Study of Different Acid Molecules Interacting with H2O


Kinetic Investigation of Grafting of Poly (ethylene terephthalate) Fibers with 2- Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate using 4,4′-Azobis (4-cyanovaleric acid)

Kinetic Investigation of Grafting of Ethylmethacrylate – Acrylic Acid Mixture onto Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Fibers with Benzoyl Peroxide

Runaway Reaction of Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
The Liquid Crystal State and Spontaneous Changes in the Size of Acetate Fibers and Films in the Vapors of Mesophasogenic Solvents

Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Combustion Wave and Flame Propagation of Metalized Double-Base Propellants

Metabolic Engineering for Enhanced Biofuels Production with Emphasis on the Biological Production of Hydrogen

Holmium Polysulfides: Crystal Growth, Crystal Structure, Composition, Properties and Application Perspective

Holmium Oxide Single Crystals and Their Properties

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Galvanized and Ungalvanized Carbon-Manganese Steel with Copper Addition

Delayed Failure of Maraging Steels In Environment

Premixed Combustion of Spherically Propagating Methanol-Air-Nitrogen Flames

Internal Corrosion of Pipelines in Oil/Gas Production

Influence of the Solid-Liquid Adhesion on the Self-Assembling Properties
of Colloidal Particles

Interaction between NO and AN Activated Carbon at High Temperatures

Corrosion Resistance of Metallic Materials in Ionic Liquids

Two-Step Synthesis of MLM-Type Structured Lipids using Enzymatic or Combined Enzymatic and Chemical Reactions

Advances in Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Improved Compounds-Structure, Properties and Applications

The Role of PTFE in Tribological Properties of Polymide Composites

Ytterbium: Compounds, Production and Applications

Composites Based on Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Matrix and Iron-Containing Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Properties

Rare Earth Doped Lutetium Oxides Phosphors and Transparent Ceramics for Inorganic Scintillators

Polytetrafluoroethylene as a Model System for Studies of Out of Equilibrium Thermodynamic Phase Transitions: A Dynamic Nanocalorimetry Study

Shielding of Ionizing Radiations with PTFE

Preconcentration of Tocoferol Acetate on a Nickel Acetyl Acetonate Surface Layer

Electron Spin Resonance of Some Undoped Yb-Based Intermetallics

Highly Efficient Dehydration of Aldoximes In The Presence Of Fe (ClO4)3 as Catalyst

Synthesis of 1- Phenyl -3, 4, 5 – Tri Substituted Pyrazoles with 1, 3- Diketones and Phenyl Hydrazine In The Presence of Fe (ClO4)3. 6H2O

Development of Functional Food Additives from the Cell-Free Fraction of Fermented Dairy Culture Media

Association Nature of Dyes Chromaticity

Thermal Behaviour and Enthalpy Relaxation in Aromatic Polycarbonate and Syndiotactic Poly (Methyl-Methacrylate)

About Geometrical and Electronic of the Structure of Molecular Insecticide DDT (Nobel Award 1048, P. Muller)

Parameters of the Combustion of Differential Propellant in Mixture of Oxidants: Molecular Oxygen-Ozone

Cobaloximes with Functionalized Ligands

The Tacticity Governed Steromicrostructure in Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) (PMMA) as a Way to Explain its Physical Properties

The Modeling of Transition Metal Complex Catalysts in the Selective Alkylarens Oxidations with Dioxygen: The Role of Hydrogen – Bonding Interactions

New Carbofunctional Oligoisiloxanes for the Substrates of Antibiocorrosive Covers

Performance, Stability and Qualification of Developed Multifunctional Materials

Molybdenum-Initiated Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Noborn-5-ene-2-yl Acetate

The Co-Occurrence of Carrageenan and Agaran Structures in Red Seaweeds
Materials Issues, Status of Technologies and Potential Applications of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Electrocrystallization of Al, Pb, Mn, Al-Pb and Al-Mn from Molten Salt (AlCl3-NaCl-KCl)

Advanced Materials for Wet Electrochemical Detection of Organic Impurities

Electrochemical Applications of Modified Electrodes in Waste Water Treatment and Energy Conversion Systems

Application of PBO2 Anodes for Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment

Electrochemical Preparation of TiO2 and WO3 Single Component or Bicomponent Photocatalytic Coatings for Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Organics: A Short Review

Acids as a Source of Hydrogen in Cathodic Hydrogen Evolution

Electrocatalytic Properties of Modified Lead Dioxide Electrodes and Oxidation Mechanism of Nitrophenols

Estimation of the Corrotion Rate in Circumstances of Difficult Implementation of the Common Methods for Electrochemical Measurements

Corrosion and Protection of Magnesium and its Alloys as a Biomaterial

Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage

An Application of Two-Sample Multivariate Statistical Techniques to the Analysis of Electrochemical Reactor Performance

Development of Non-Parameter Regression Methods for the Prediction of Process Variables of Chlor-Alkali Membrane Cells

Microheterogeneous Electrocatalytic Sensing via Inorganic Solids Incorportating Electroactive Guests

Corrosion Behaviour of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

Molybdenum Deposition by Ionic Melts Electrolysis. Theoretical Background and Practical Realization

Function of Norepinephrine in Neuroinflammation and Chronic Neurodegenerative Diseases

The Role of Noradrenaline on Interpersonal Functioning

Role of Norepinephrine in Affective Disorders

The Role of Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Renal Injury

Quantitative Immunohistology – Problems and Solutions

Immunohistochemical Basis for Orthodontic Treatment

Pathological Research on Molecular-Targeted Therapy and Advanced Immunohistochemical Approaches

Pre-embedding Scarce Biological Specimens for Light and Electron Microscopy

Role of Surrogate Light Chain Expressing B Cells in the Formation of Self-reactive Antibodies

Unique Enzymes of Aspergillus Fungi used in Japanese Bioindustries

Extracellular Proteases of Entomopathogenic Fungi

Glycoside Hydrolases from Hyperthermophiles: Structure, Function and Exploitation in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

Studies on the Thermal Stability of the Therapeutic Enzyme L-Asparaginase from Erwinia Carotovora

A Novel Method for Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies

Review on Analytical Methods for the Determination of Regulated Phthalates Considered as Priority Substances by European and American Regulations in the Environment

Analytical Methods for Phthalates Determination in Biological and Environmental Samples: A Review

Preparation and Characterization of Phthalated Hemicelluloses and Cellulose Derivatives

Bisphenol A: Uses, Health Effects and Environmental Risks

Viscosity Reduction of Polycarbonates

Phthalates: Identification, Properties, and Health Effects

Bisphenol A Based Polybenzoxazine and Its Tailored Systems

DEHP-Induced Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity and PPARα

Pitfalls in the Analysis of Bisphenol A: Sources and Solutions

Polymeric Particles for the Removal of Endocrine Disruptors

Radiofrequency Electrodynamic Properties of Bulk Lanthanum Manganites

Sinter-alloying and properties of manganese steels – state of the art

Surface Treatment Effects on Bulk Material Fatigue Resistance

Development of Controllable Chemical Synthetic Routes to Elemental Selenium and Some Metal Chalcogenides as Bulk Materials and Thin Films

Combinatorial friction materials research

Grain-Size Dependent Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Bulk Nanocrystalline Materials

Electronic Properties and Bonding Mechanism of the Mercury Vacancy and Arsenic Impurities in Hg1-xCdxTe

Search for increased performance in BiFeO3: effect of A-site substitution

Unusual properties of laser-processed strontium ruthenates

Effective-Mass Theory of Narrow-Gap Semiconductors

Dipicolinic Acid, its Analogues, and Derivatives: Aspects of their Coordination Chemistry

Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Thiophene-Functionalized Metal Dithiolenes

Crystal Chemistry of an Atropisomer: Conformation, Chirality, Aromaticity and Intermolecular Interactions of Diphenylguanidine

Construction and Structure of Metal-Organic Frameworks with Specific Ion-Exchange Property

Substituent Effect on the Structures of Zinc 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate Coordination Polymers Synthesized in Dimethyl Sulfoxide

About Suncare Products

Photochemical Behavior of UV Filter Combinations

Technology of Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN, NLC) as Nanocarriers for Skin Applications: Properties, Production & Cosmetic Formulations

Health Impact of Heavy Metals Exposure from Consumer Products

The Hazards of Traditional Cosmetics used in the Islamic World

Occupational Contact Dermatitis to Cosmetics

Botanical Arbutin from Naringi crenulata

Comparative in Vitro-in Vivo Skin Permeation of Cosmetic Ingredients

Photon stimulated ozone sensing

Fiber optic sensors for gas detection

Chemical sensors and biosensors based on impedimetric interdigitated electrode array transducers

Optosensors for (bio)chemical analysis based on phosphorescence detection

Non-Specific Chemical Gas Sensor Arrays for Environmental Monitoring of Odour Emissions: A Review

Amperometric biosensor based on Laccase and Meldola’s blue coimmobilized on oxidized multi-wall carbon nanotubes for phenol compounds determination

Photodynamic therapy

Phthlocyanine to Use Photosensitizer for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Dyes, Pigments and Supercritical Fluids: Selection of Emerging Applications

Photo-controlled Molecular Switches based on Photochromic Spirooxazine Dyes

Combined Sonohomogeneous and Heterogeneous Oxidation of Dyes for Wastewater Treatment

Decoloration of Textile Wastewaters

Non-conventional Sorbents for the dye removal from waters: Mechanism and selected applications

Irradiation Treatment of Azo Dyes in Aqueous Solution

Application of Advanced Oxidation Process(AOP) to dye degradation-An overview

First Steps to a Deductive Classification Systems of Colorants from the Point of View of Structural Chemistry

Removal of Dyes From Solution on Clay Surface-An Overview

The Beauty of Colors: the Yellow Flavonols in Science and Art

Inorganic Pigments to Colour Ceramic Materials: State of the Art and Future Trends

Synthesis and Characterization of Several Series of Substituted Metallophthalocuanines

Dyes and Pigments with Ecologically more Tolerant Application

Enhanced anthraquinone dye production in plant cell cultures of Rubiaceae species: emerging role of signaling pathways

The use of solid media for bacterial growth in degradation of dyes

Double Layer Theory

Application of High Temperature Electrolysis for Large-scale Hydrogen Production: A Review

Electrochemical Technology Applied in Treatment of Wastewater and Ground Water

Electrochemical Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Acidic Media on ‘Active’ and ‘Non-Active’ Type Electrodes

Electrolysis in Aqueous Solutions Under Extreme Current Densities – Fundaments and Applications of Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon

Molten Salt Electrolysis for Sustainable Metals Extraction and Materials Processing – A Review

Electrodeposition of Silver-Indium Alloys

Electrolysis of Nitrate in Aqueous Solution

Understanding the Electrochemistry of Isoelectric Focusing

Electrodeposition of Niobium from Molten Salts

Novel Electrochemical Approaches for the Recovery of Fission Platinoids using Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

Electrochemical-pH-Switchable Polymer Film for Treatment of Metallic Ion Aqueous Waste: From Fundamental Study to Semi-Pilot Industrial Applications

Study of a Fuel Cell Network with Water Electrolysis for Improving Partial Load Efficiency of a Residential Cogeneration System

Studies on the Electrochemical Oxidation of Aqueous SrCl2 to Sr(ClO3)2

Influence of the Composition of the Solution on the Process of Copper Deposition while using the Inductive-Capacitive Device

Improvement Technology of the Efficiency Concerning Partial-Load Operation of the Fuel Cell using Water Electrolysis

Water Electrolysis in Mono- and Hetero-Phase Low Conductive Systems and a Secondary pH Gradient Establishment

Electrocoagulation, Electroflotation-fundamental, present and future perspective

High Pressure PEM Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production

Europium III: Different Emission Spectra in Different Matrices, the Same Element

Organic Europium Complexes and its Applications in Optoelectronic Devices

Europium: Compounds, Production and their Optical Applications

The Development of Luminescence Properties of Eu3+-Doped Nanosized Materials

Properties of Europium Complexes Doped Polymer Optical Materials

Europium in Phospholipid Nanoscaffolds for the Photophysical Detection of Antibiotic Traces in Solution

Organic-Inorganic Emitting Materials Using Eu-Complex

Magnetic Phase Separation in the EuBxC1-x Observed by ESR

Research on Luminescent Characteristics of Organic Europium Complexes

Inelastic Chanells Resonant Tunneling in Heterostructures EuS/PbS

Excitons in Superlattices on the Basis of Ferromagnetic Semiconductors: Rules of Selection

Electrode coatings consisting of polythiophene-based composites containing metal centres

Poly (ethylene oxide) clay nanocomposites: From gels to multilayered films

Collagen Composites for Tissue Engineering

Advances in Generation of Environmentally Responsive Surfaces

Advances in Grafting of Polymer Chains ‘to’ and ‘from’ the Layered-Silicate Clay Surface

Physical-mechanical, thermochemical, thermophysical properties And morphological features Of polymer nanocomposites

Design, characterization and evaluation of biomimetic polymeric dental composites with remineralization potential

Durability of adhesives and matrices for polymer composites used in restoration and rehabilitation of building structures under natural and accelerated weathering conditions

Some aspects of the theory and practice of frontal polymerization

General issues in carbon nanocomposites technology

LEPR spectroscopy of charge carriers photoinduced in polymer/fullerene composites

Composite polymer gels responsive to magnetic fields

Initiation and propagation controlled intralaminar cracking in cross-ply laminates

A shape memory polymer based self-healing smart syntactic foam

Thermal properties of carbon nanotube-silicone composites

Towards antimicrobial polymer materials: A new niche for clay/polymer nanocomposites

Dental polymer composites

Polyaniline: A functional stabilizer for nano-composite systems

Effect of pimelic acid treatments on the crystal structures, crystallization behaviors, morphologies and mechanical properties of polypropylene composites

Acid-base interactions and their role in forecasting of polymer composites adhesion properties

Preparation and electrical properties of chemically functionalized carbon nanotube/polymer composites

Development of high performance shape memory polyurethane by cross-linking

Preparation of polymer composite nanofibers by electrospinning and their biomedical application

Carbon nanotube based polymer nanocomposite: A unique system for versatile applications

Incorporation of silica nanospheres into epoxy–amine materials: Polymer nanocomposites

Polymer stabilizers: Structure, development and performance estimated changed with the thermal stability of polymer/MMT or NanoG composite

Dynamic processes in polymer-liquid crystal composites

Fiber reinforced composite for non-metallic dental implants

Polymer functionalized nanoporous carbon for use as adsorbents

Impact damage behaviour of composite materials after long-term exposure to a hygrothermal environment

Adhesion improvement in thermoplastic composites by polypropylene-glass grafting

Carbon-polymer composite sensors in electronic noses

Thermal wave scattering in composites with functionally grade interface and non-steady effective thermal conductivity

Toughening of polylactic acid

Influence of fillers of different nature on properties of polymer compositions based on water solutions

Hindered amine stabilizers as sources of markers of the heterogeneous photooxidation / photostabilization of carbon chain polymers

Material design of high performance polypropylene containing nucleating agent

Effects of filler concentration and geometry on performance of cylindrical injection molded composites

Photoinduced polymerization of dental composite materials: Kinetics and optimization

Solid state foaming of nanocomposites

Densified wood as raw material for polymer composites

Manufacturing technique of composite material based on wood and polymer

Instrumentation applications for load testing of flexural structural panel members

Polyimide composite laminates: Preparation, properties, and applications

Electrically conductive composites: Properties, performance and application

Synthesis and characterization of melting copoly(lactic-glycolic acid

Preparation and Characterization of Polyamides Composites with Poly(β-hydroxybutyrate) And Poly(vinyl alcohol)

Recent Developments in the Theory of Explosive Materials

Synchrotron-Based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Statistic Analysis in Detection of Post-Blast Traces of Explosive Materials

Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Chemical Explosives Using Ambient Mass Spectrometry

Important Aspects of Sensitivity of Energetic Compounds: A Simple Novel Approach to Predict Electric Spark Sensitivity

Thermal Methods of Analysis as a Tool for Quantitative Composition Determination of “Water-in-Oil” Emulsions”

Tetraazapentalenes and Benzofuroxans as Explosive Materials

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on the Characterization of TNT Explosive Threats

New Research on Hazardous Materials
A Simple Theoretical Prediction of Detonation Velocities of Non-Ideal Explosives only from Elemental Composition

Energetic Materials: Chemistry, Hazards and Environmental Aspects
Extraction of Nitroaromatic Explosive Compounds from Soil: Critical Review

Remote Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy Detection of High Explosives

A Review of Peroxide Based Homemade Explosives: Characterization and Detection

Developmental Neurotoxicity of PBDEs, Mechanisms and Implications,

Phosphorous Flame Retardants for Polyesters

Brominated Flame Retardants – Environmental Impact, Persistence and Biodegradability

Oxidative Stress as a Potential Mechanism for Developmental Neurotoxicity of Polybrominated Diphenylether (PBDE) Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants and Developmental Disabilities: A Cause for Concern

Organophosphorus Flame Retardants Occurrence in Environmental Waters

Synergistic Effect of Red Phosphorus and Aromatic Polymer Binary Combination on Flame Retardancy of Poly (butylene terephthalate)

Effect Profiles of Different Brominated Flame Retardants in Neurobehavioral and Endocrine Studies

Flame Retardant and Intumescent Properties of Inorganic Polymers

Recent Trends in Flame Retardancy of Polyurethane Foams

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy: Development, Techniques, and Application in the Analyses of Fats and Oils

A Modified Fourier Series Method for the Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Fiber Optic-Coupled Grazing Angle Probe-Fourier Transform Reflection Absorption Infrared Spectroscopy for Analysis of Energetic Materials on Surfaces

Application of Chemometric Modeled Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometric Data for Diagnostic Investigation of Cancer via Tissue and Blood Analysis

Simulator Photoreactor For The Chemical Characterization Of Diesel Exhaust Emissions

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: Developments, Techniques and Applications

Evaluation of Samples and Standards of Energetic Materials on Surfaces by Grazing Angle-FTIR Spectroscopy

An In situ FTIR Fiber Optic Method for the Detection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients on Metallic Substrates

Structural Modification of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Gamma Irradiation

Migration of a heat stabilizer from rigid poly (vinyl chloride) bottles into sunflower oil

Magnetic Interactions in Oxo-Carboxylate Bridged Gadolinium (III) Complexes: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties

Application of the Gadolinium Foils as Converters of Thermal Neutrons in Detectors of Nuclear Radiation

Toxicities Associated with Gadolinium Contrast in Patients with Kidney Disease

Electron Microscopic Studies of the Role of Gadolinium in Human Fibrosing Diseases

Novel Nanovectors as the Liver Target Molecular: MRI Contrast Agents

Application of Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents in Abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Important Considerations

Use of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Cardio-Vascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Review

The Use of Gadolinium for ESR Dosimetry

Gadolinium as an Additive to Magnesium Alloys and its Role in Environmental Issues

Ex-Vivo Application of Gadolinium: It’s Utilization to Certify the Viability of Marginal Organs during their Perfusion of Reanimation – Experimental Study

Gadolinium Compounds and MRI in Daily Practice: How to Reduce Inappropriate Ordering and Improve Communication between Radiologists and Referring Physicians

Rare Earth Gadolinium Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Induced Switching, Sensing and Storage Devices

Structure and Properties of Green Composites Based on Wheat Proteins: A Review

Flax as Potential Fiber for Reinforcement in Composites

Review on Natural Fi

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