Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 4 (with Biographical Sketches)


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI013000

This book is a compilation of biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of chemistry research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 – Dr. Joaquín García Álvarez (pp. 3-6)

Chapter 2 – Joel Tacla Asubar (pp. 7-8)

Chapter 3 – Javier Bachiller Corral (pp. 9-10)

Chapter 4 – Appala Raju Badireddy (pp. 11-12)

Chapter 5 – Dr. Malgorzata Joanna Banys (pp. 13-16)

Chapter 6 – Shankar Chellam (pp. 17-20)

Chapter 7 – Abdelaziz Elgamouz (pp. 21-24)

Chapter 8 – Toshio Fukasawa (pp. 25-26)

Chapter 9 – Angelina Georgieva (pp. 27-28)

Chapter 10 – Huey-Min Hwang (pp. 28-29)

Chapter 11 – Amanda Jenkins (pp. 30-36)

Chapter 12 – Ioannis Karapanagiotis (pp. 37-40)

Chapter 13 – Zornitza Kirova-Yordanova (pp. 41-42)

Chapter 14 – George Kliros (pp. 43-44)

Chapter 15 – Dr. M. F. Middleton (pp. 45-46)

Chapter 16 – Xiumei Mo (pp. 47-52)

Chapter 17 – Dr. Noel Nebra (pp. 53-54)

Chapter 18 – Oscar Núñez (pp. 55-56)

Chapter 19 – Miloš René (pp. 57-58)

Chapter 20 – Vicente Rives (pp. 59-62)

Chapter 21 – Masayoshi Seike (pp. 63-64)

Chapter 22 – Albert A. Shteinman (pp. 65-66)

Chapter 23 – Chunming Su (pp. 67-70)

Chapter 24 – Masao Takei (pp. 71-72)

Chapter 25 – Frank Uhlenhut (pp.73-74)

Chapter 26 – Surendranath R. Veeram Reddy, M.D. (pp. 75-76)

Chapter 27 – Vesna Vodnik (maiden Vuković) (pp. 77-78)

Chapter 28 – Tré Raymond Welch (pp. 79-80)

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 29 – An Introduction to Optimization (pp. 83-84)
Lino Costa and Pedro Oliveira

Chapter 30 – An Introduction to Multiobjective Optimization Techniques (pp. 85-86)
Antonio López Jaimes, Saúl Zapotecas Martínez and Carlos A. Coello Coello

Chapter 31 – Extending Optimization Algorithms to Complex Engineering Problems (pp. 87-88)
António Gaspar-Cunha, José Ferreira, José António Covas and Carlos Fonseca

Chapter 32 – Polymer Extrusion – Setting the Operating Conditions and Defining the Screw Geometry (pp. 89-90)
José António Covas, António Gaspar-Cunha

Chapter 33 – Reactive Extrusion – Optimization of Representative Processes (pp. 91-92)
António Gaspar-Cunha, José Antonio Covas, Bruno Vergnes and Françoise Berzin

Chapter 34 – The Automatic Design of Extrusion Dies and Calibration/Cooling Systems (pp. 93-94)
João Miguel Nóbrega and Olga Sousa Carneiro

Chapter 35 – On the Use of Reduced Bases in Optimization of Injection Molding (pp. 95-96)
Francisco Chinesta and Fabrice Schmidt

Chapter 36 – Estimation and Control of Sheet Temperature in Thermoforming (pp. 97-98)
Benoit Boulet, Md. Muminul Islam Chy and Guy Gauthier

Chapter 37 – Microwave Assisted Cycloaddition Reactions (pp. 98-100)
Davor Margetić

Chapter 38 – ZrO2-Tin Composites (pp. 101-102)
Sedigheh Salehi, Omer Van der Biest and Jef Vleugels

Chapter 39 – Photoactivity of Suspended and Immobilized P-25 TiO2 Nanoparticles on Example of Diazo Congo Red Dye Degradation (pp. 103-104)
Lidija Ćurković and Davor Ljubas

Chapter 40 – Characterization and Monitoring of Dissolution of Metal Strings (pp. 105-106)
Lidija Ćurković and Iva Rezić

Chapter 41 – Green Chemistry: A Need of the Day (pp. 107-108)
Suresh C. Ameta Rakshit Ameta, Aarti Ameta and Chetna Ameta

Chapter 42 – Advances in Downdraft Biomass Gasification (pp. 109-110)
Pratik N. Sheth and B. V. Babu

Chapter 43 – Advances in Optimization and Simulation of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Tubular Reactor (pp. 111-112)
Ashish M. Gujarathi and B.V. Babu

Chapter 44- Hydrothermal Stability of Yttria and Neodymia Co-Stabilised ZrO2 and ZrO2 Based Composites (pp. 113-114)
Sedigheh Salehi, Akhilesh Kumar Swarnakar, Omer Van der Biest and Jef Vleugels

Chapter 45 – The Chemical Topology of Carbon Allotropes and the Emergence of Spiro Quantum Chemistry (pp. 114-118)
Michael J. Bucknum and Eduardo A. Castro

Chapter 46 – Aqueous Electrolysis under Extreme Current Densities: Application to Micro and Nano-Systems Fabrication (pp. 119-120)
Rolf Wuthrich and Anis Allagui

Chapter 47 – Non-Phosgene Polycarbonate from CO2 – Industrialization of Green Chemical Process (pp. 121-122)
Shinsuke Fukuoka

Chapter 48 – Pressure Driven Membrane Processes: Modeling and Analysis (pp. 123-124)
Sergey P. Agashichev

Chapter 49 – Algebraic Chemistry: Applications and Origins (pp. 125-126)
Cynthia Kolb Whitney

Chapter 50 – Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration: An Integrated Overview of Available Technologies (pp. 127-128)
João Fernando Pereira Gomes

Chapter 51 – Non-Valency Interaction in Organic Peroxides Homolysis Reactions (pp. 129-130)
À. À. Turovsky, L. I. Bazylyak, À. R. Kytsya, N. À. Turovsky and G. E. Zaikov

Chapter 52 – Sampling and Sample Preparation in Analytical Chemistry (pp. 131-132)
Jaroslava Švarc-Gajic

Chapter 53 – Energy Metabolism in Acute Ammonia Intoxication (pp. 133-134)
Elena A. Kosenko and Yury G. Kaminsky

Chapter 54 – Development of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor of Ammonia Gas (pp. 135-136)
Ladislav Kalvoda, Jan Aubrecht and Petr Levinský

Chapter 55 – Specific Inhibition by Amines and Ammonium Ion of Initiation and Activation of Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Gene Expression at and after Midblastula Transition (MBT) in Xenopus Embryogenesis (pp. 137-138)
Koichiro Shiokawa

Chapter 56 – Plant Abiotic Stress Responses and Nutrients (pp. 139-140)
Yuriko Osakabe and Keishi Osakabe

Chapter 57 – Atmospheric Concentration of Ammonia, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide by Membrane-Type Passive Method and Their Emission Inventory in Japan (pp. 141-142)
Yoshinori Nishikawa and Akiyoshi Kannari

Chapter 58 – Concentration Gradient Measurements and Flux Calculation of Atmospheric Ammonia over Grassland (Bugac-Puszta, Hungary) (pp. 143-144)
T. Weidinger, A. Pogány, L. Horváth, A. Machon, Z. Bozóki, Á. Mohácsi, K. Pintér, Z. Nagy, A. Z. Gyöngyösi, Z. Istenes and Á. Bordás

Chapter 59 – Manganese Inhalation Induces Alterations Comparable to those Found in Parkinson Disease Patients (pp. 145-146)
Maria Rosa Avila-Costa, Jose Luis Ordoñez-Librado, Ana Luisa Gutierrez-Valdez, Verónica Anaya-Martínez, Ricardo García-Ruiz, Carmen Torres-Esquivel, Jesus Espinosa-Villanueva, Montserrat Moreno-Rivera, Patricia Aley-Medina, Javier Sánchez-Betancourt, Enrique Montiel-Flores, Cesar Sanches Vazquez del Mercado and Leonardo Reynoso-Erazo

Chapter 60 – Manganese in Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis (pp. 147-148)
Harvey J. M. Hou

Chapter 61 – Manganese Complexes in the Lignin Oxidation Catalysis (pp. 149-150)
José A. F. Gamelas

Chapter 62 – The Use of Functional Neuroimaging to Explore Cognitive Function in Welders Exposed to Manganese (pp. 151-152)
Yangho Kim and Yongmin Chang

Chapter 63 – Sinter-Alloying and Properties of Manganese Steels – State of the Art (pp. 153-154)
Andrej Šalak and Marcela Selecká

Chapter 64 – Manganese-Induced Parkinsonism, Parkinson‘s Disease and Welding (pp. 155-156)
Chin-Chang Huang and Nai-Shin Chu

Chapter 65 – Overview of Acetonitrile: Physicochemical Properties, Applications and Clinical Aspects (pp. 157-158)
João Cleverson Gasparetto, Roberto Pontarolo, Thais Martins Guimarães de Francisco and Francinete Ramos Campos

Chapter 66 – Sorption on Cellulose from Aqueous Acetonitrile Solutions (pp. 159-160)
A. G. Zakharov, M. I. Voronova, O. V. Surov and D. V. Batov

Chapter 67 – The Reactivity of Acetonitrile Towards Palladium Carboxylates: Coordination Effects and Transformations in Coordination Sphere (pp. 161-164)
Nailya S. Akhmadullina and Oleg N. Shishilov

Chapter 68 – Modulating Reactivity and Mechanism Using Acetonitrile as Reaction Medium: From Desolvation Effects to Solvent-Induced Hydrogen Tunnelling 163
Cvijeta Jakobušić Brala and Stanko Uršić

Chapter 69 – Application of Acetonitrile Modified Platinum Electrode for Electrochemical Determination of Nitroaromatic Compounds (pp. 165-166)
V. Marinović and S. Marinović

Chapter 70 – Photochemical Experiments in Acetonitrile (pp. 167-168)
Kazutaka Hirakawa

Chapter 71 – Involvement of Cigarette Smoke-Related Hydroquinone in the Pathogenesis of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (pp. 169-170)
Marianne Pons and Maria E. Marin-Castaño

Chapter 72 – Hydroquinone Solubility and Separation Processes (pp. 171-172)
Fátima L. Mota, António J. Queimada, and Eugénia A. Macedo

Chapter 73 – Permeation and Redox Mediation Processes at Poly(O-Aminophenol) Film Electrodes in the Presence of Hydroquinone/P-Benzoquinone Redox Species: A Review Article (pp. 173-174)
R. Tucceri, P. M. Arnal and A. N. Scian

Chapter 74 – Detection of Thiols Using Hydroquinone on Gold Surface (pp. 175-176)
Luisa Rojas de Astudillo, Rosa Brito Gómez and Rolando J. Tremont

Chapter 75 – Cellular Effects of Hydroquinone (pp. 177-178)
T. B. Ng, X. J. Ye and J. H. Wong

Chapter 76 – High Temperature Oxidation of Silicon Nitride Based Ceramics: A Review (pp. 179-180)
M. H. Bocanegra-Bernal, A. Aguilar-Elguézabal and J. Echeberria

Chapter 77 – Low Temperature Preparation of Phosphate Bonded Silicon Nitride Ceramics with High Mechanical Strength (pp. 181-182)
Fei Chen, Qiang Shen and Lianmeng Zhang

Chapter 78 – Optical and Vibration Properties of Silicon Rich Nitride (pp. 183-184)
V. A. Volodin

Chapter 79 – Influence of the Additives Amount upon SPS-Sintering, Metal Joining, and High Temperature Oxidation of Si3N4-Ceramics (pp. 185-186)
Leonel Ceja-Cárdenas, José Lemus-Ruiz, Sebastián Díaz-de la Torre and Egberto Bedolla-Becerril

Chapter 80 – Synthesis and Properties of Silicon Nitride Coatings (pp. 187-188)
Robert B. Heimann

Chapter 81 – Silicon Nitride as Biomaterial (pp. 189-190)
Cecilia C. Guedes-Silva

Chapter 82 – Preparation of Zirconium Oxide Thin Film by Plasma Coating Method and its Hydrophobic Nature (pp. 191-192)
Yasunori Ohtsu

Chapter 83 – Cellulose Fibers Coated Zirconium Oxide: Characteristics, Technology and Performance (pp. 193-194)
Daniella R. Mulinari, Paulo Henrique F. Pereira and Juliana M. Resende

Chapter 84 – Zirconium and Potassium Promoted Cobalt Molybdenum Carbide as an Active Water-Gas Shift Catalyst (pp. 195-196)
Masatoshi Nagai, Amin Md. Zahidul and Yutaka Kunisaki

Chapter 85 – Modification Effects on Electrical and Diffusive Parameters for Different Zirconium-Based Permselective Systems (pp. 197-198)
J. Benavente, R. de Lara, R. Piazuelo, V. Romero, J. Jiménez-Jiménez and E. Rodríguez-Castellón

Chapter 86 – Zirconia and Alumina Bioceramic Biocompatibility (pp. 199-200)
G. Maccauro, P. Rossi Iommetti, P. F. Manicone and L. Raffaelli

Chapter 87 – Preparation and Properties of Zirconia Nanocrystalline Ceramics (pp. 201-202)
Litian Hu and Yongsheng Zhang

Chapter 88 – Molecular Dynamics of Proteins: Towards Function Identification via Stability (pp. 203-204)
Ian Ilizaliturri-Flores, Jorge L. Rosas-Trigueros, Beatriz Zamora-López, José Correa-Basurto, Claudia G. Benítez-Cardoza and Absalom Zamorano

Chapter 89 – Investigation of Structural Properties of Drug-metabolizing Enzymes Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation (pp. 205-206)
Akifumi Oda, Kana Kobayashi and Ohgi Takahashi

Chapter 90 – Double-pulse Laser Control of Ultrafast Optical Kerr Effect in Liquid (pp. 207-208)
V. G. Nikiforov and V. S. Lobkov

Chapter 91 – Structural Aspects of Platinum Coordination Complexes (pp. 209-210)
M. Melník and P. Mikuš

Chapter 92 – The Problems of Geochemical ―Antagonism‖ between REE and PGE in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks and Their Petrogenetic Significance (pp. 211-212)
György Keglevich, Péter Bagi, Erika Bálint and Tamás Körtvélyesi

Chapter 93 – Platinum Films on YSZ with Different Types of Grain Boundaries – Microstructure Changes due to Annealing and Oxygen Exchange (pp. 213-214)
G. Beck

Chapter 94 – Platinum Nanoparticles and Inflammation (pp. 215-216)
Yoko Yoshihisa and Tadamichi Shimizu

Chapter 95 – Platinum-Halide Square-Prism Compounds: Novel Ground States and Their Optical Features (pp. 216-218)
Shoji Yamamoto and Jun Ohara

Chapter 96 – Synthesis and Properties of Intermediates in Reactions of Aldehydes with P (III) Chlorides (pp. 219-220)
M. B. Gazizov, R. A. Khairullin, R. F. Karimova and K. S. Gazizova

Chapter 97 – Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds by Interaction of Aldehydes with Monoterpenoids (pp. 221-222)
Oksana S. Mikhalchenko, Konstantin P. Volcho and Nariman F. Salakhutdinov

Chapter 98 – Update on Aliphatic Aldehydes in Lipid Foods (pp. 223-224)
M. C. Pérez-Camino, R. B.Gómez-Coca and W. Moreda

Chapter 99 – Inhibition of Microbial Biocatalysts by Biomass-Derived Aldehydes and Methods for Engineering Tolerance (pp. 225-226)
Laura R. Jarboe and Zhanyou Chi

Chapter 100 – Co-Oxidation Processes Promoted by N-Hydroxyphthalimide/Aldehyde System (pp. 227-228)
Lucio Melone and Carlo Punta

Chapter 101 – Synthesis and Structure of Gossypol Condensation Bis-Product with 2-Amino-4,6-Dioxypyrimidine in Acidic Environment (pp. 229-230)
K. Z. Tilyabaev, F. G. Kamaev, A. M. Yuldashev and B. T. Ibragimov

Chapter 102 – Green Catalytic Process for Synthesis of Aromatic Amines from Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds (pp. 231-232)
Haiyang Cheng, Xiangchun Meng, Weiwei Lin and Fengyu Zhao

Chapter 103 – Aniline-Based Polybenzoxazine and Their Copolymers or Composites: Molecular Design and Potential Applications (pp. 233-234)
Liangfang Zhu and Changwei Hu

Chapter 104 – Aniline Production: From Multiple Steps to One Step (pp. 235-236)
Liangfang Zhu and Changwei Hu

Chapter 105 – Oxidative Polymerization of Diphenylamine-2-Carbonic Acid –an Aromatic Derivative of Aniline (pp. 237-238)
S. Zh. Ozkan, I. S. Eremeev and G. P. Karpacheva

Chapter 106 – Fluorescent Probes Based on Upconverting Lanthanide Nanostructures (pp. 239-240)
Valerio Voliani and Julia Pérez-Prieto

Chapter 107 – Applications of Fluorescent Molecular Probes in Cell Biology (pp. 241-242)
Xin Zhang, Jing Liu, Wenchao Wang, Yundan Jia, Junfeng Wang and Qingsong Liu

Chapter 108 – Concentration Dependence of Humic Acid Fluorescence Intensity (pp. 243-244)
N. L. Lavrik and N. U. Mulloev

Chapter 109 – Structure and Properties of Nb under Severe Plastic Deformation and in High-Strength Cu-Nb Nanocomposites (pp. 245-246)
V. V. Popov and E. N. Popova

Chapter 110- Crystal Structure of Ordered Carbide Phases and Revised Sequence of Phase Transformations Associated with Ordering of Strongly Nonstoichiometric Carbides of Group V Transition Metals (pp. 247-248
A. I. Gusev and A. S. Kurlov

Chapter 111 – Niobium–based Alloys as Hydrogen Permeable Membranes for Hydrogen Separation and Purification (pp. 249-250)
H. Yukawa, T. Nambu and Y. Matsumoto

Chapter 112 – Electrode Processes in Anodic Oxide Films of Niobium (pp. 251-252)
Leonid Skatkov and Valeriy Gomozov

Chapter 113 – Ultrasound-Assisted Emulsification Microextraction: Selected Applications in Chemical Analysis (pp. 253-254)
Carmen Garcia-Jares, J. Pablo Lamas and Maria Llompart

Chapter 114 – Microbial Bioemulsifiers and Environmental Applications Potential (pp. 255-256)
Vera Lúcia dos Santos, Andrea Sousa Monteiro, Vitor Sousa Domingues and Aline Daniela Lopes Júlio

Chapter 115 – Alternative Methods for Emulsification (pp. 257-258)
Renata Valeriano Tonon, Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo, Fabiana de Assis Perrechil, Ana Carla Kawazoe Sato and Douglas Fernandes Barbin

Chapter 116 – Physical and Chemical Modifications on Emulsifying Properties of Proteins (pp. 259-260)
Ana Carla Kawazoe Sato, Fabiana de Assis Perrechil, Renata Valeriano Tonon, Fernanda Yumi Ushikubo and Douglas Fernandes Barbin

Chapter 117 – Low-Energy Nano-Emulsions and Their Applications as CT Blood Pool Contrast Media (pp. 261-262)
François Hallouard, Nicolas Anton, Thierry Vandamme and Hatem Fessi

Chapter 118 – Emulsification in Mini-Channels for Biodiesel Production (pp. 263-264)
A. Belkadi, D. Tarlet, A. Montillet and J. Bellettre

Chapter 119 – Molecular Complexation of Glycine by 18-Crown-6 in Aqueous – Organic Solvents: A Solvation -Thermodynamic Study (pp. 265-266)
T. R. Usacheva, V. A. Sharnin and E. Matteoli
Chapter 120 – One-Pot Electrosynthesis of Polypeptides on Surfaces in Concentrated Amino Acid Based Electrolytes: Study of Concentrated Glycine Based Electrolytes and Application to Solid pH Sensor (pp. 267-268)
Guillaume Herlem, Hatem Boulhadour, Alexandros Antoniou, Freddy Torrealba Anzola and Tijani Gharbi

Chapter 121 – Heterologous Expression of the Glycine Receptor Chloride Channel (pp. 269-270)
Qiang Shan and Lu Han

Chapter 122 – Glycine: Theory of the Interaction with Fast Ion Radiation (pp. 271-272)
John R. Sabin, Jens Oddershede and Stephan P. A. Sauer

Chapter 123 – Electrochemistry of Aliphatic Bifunctional Molecules: From Polymeric Thin Film Coating to Sensors and Biosensor Applications (pp. 273-274)
Guillaume Herlem, Hatem Boulhadour, Alexandros Antoniou, Freddy Torrealba Anzola and Tijani Gharbi

Chapter 124 – Clinical Uses of Glycine (pp. 275-276)
Michael D. Davis, Brian K. Walsh and John F. Hunt

Chapter 125 – Chemical Properties, Applications and Toxicology of Toluene (pp. 277-278)
Gulin Selda Pozan Soylu and Saliha Kunduz

Chapter 126 – Immediate and Persisting Effect of Toluene Chronic Exposure on Hippocampal Cell Loss, Learning and Memory in Adolescent and Adult Rats (pp. 279-280)
Mzia G. Zhvania, Nadezhda J. Japaridze, Lela R. Chilachava, Manana G. Dashniani, Tamar Z. Bikashvili, Lia K. Gelazonia and Maia A. Burjanadze

Chapter 127 – Inhibitory, Toxic and Structure Effects of Toluene on Microbial Consortia Involved in Wastewater Treatment (pp. 281-282)
A. C. Texier, J. Gómez and F. M. Cuervo-López

Chapter 128 – Metabolism and Behavior of Animals and Correction of Disturbance by Antioxidants (pp. 283-284)
D. P. Museridze, I. K. Svanidze, Ts. S. Tsaishvili, T. V. Sanikidze, E. V. Didimova, Z. Khanaeva, L. G. Gegenava and N. N Gvinadze

Chapter 129 – Alternative Procedures for the Synthesis of Linear Carbonates from Alcohols and Carbon Dioxide (pp. 285-286)
Felipe Bustamante, Oscar Arbeláez, Andrés Orrego and Aída Luz Villa

Chapter 130 – Functional Polymers Based on Carbonates Obtained from CO2 (pp. 287-288)
Bungo Ochiai and Takeshi Endo

Chapter 131 – Physical Redistribution of Calcium Carbonate in a Soil Pore System: An Experiment Using Soil Micromorphology and Image Analysis (pp. 289-290)
Laura Gargiulo, Giacomo Mele and Fabio Terribile

Chapter 132 – Types of Petroleum Reservoirs in Carbonate Sediments of the Russia Basins (pp. 291)
Vitaly G. Kuznetsov

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