Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 20  (With Biographical Sketches)


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI013000

This book is a continuation of the book Chemistry Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of chemistry research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I: Researcher Biographical Sketches
Chapter 1 Mufida Aljicevic
Chapter 2 Vladimir Yu. Bodryakov
Chapter 3 Yannis Kalaidzidis
Chapter 4 Thomas Kühn
Chapter 5 Wei Li 11
Chapter 6 Damir Ljuboja
Chapter 7 Yongtao Lu
Chapter 8 Amanda Alves Domingos Maia
Chapter 9 Yemall Alexander Maigual Enriquez
Chapter 10 Irena Malátová
Chapter 11 Tsunao Matsumoto
Chapter 12 Leandro Cardoso De Morais
Chapter 13 Bojana Ostojić
Chapter 14 Vicente Rive
Chapter 15 Raquel Ferreira Rodrigues
Chapter 16 Petr Slepička
Chapter 17 Meng Guan Tay
Chapter 18 László Trif
Chapter 19 Ping Yang

Part II: Research Summaries
Chapter 20 Microemulsion Hydrogels – Properties and Current Applications in Drug Delivery
(Ljiljana Djekic, Martina Martinovic and Marija Primorac)

Chapter 21 Synthesis and Investigation of the Properties of Hexaferrites Obtained by Microemulsion Techniques
(T. Koutzarova, S. Kolev, Ch. Ghelev, B. Vertruyen and A. Zaleski)

Chapter 22 Manufacturing Solid Lipid Nanoparticle (SLN) Dispersions Using a Microwave Assisted Microemulsion Approach
(Theresa Holt, Rohan Shah, Daniel Eldridge, Enzo Palombo and Ian Harding)

Chapter 23 Vanadium-Containing Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
(Tadaharu Ueda)
Chapter 24 Antibacterial and Antitumor Activities of Polyoxometalates
(Hideki Nabika)

Chapter 25 Environmental Chemistry Utilization of the Redox and Catalytic Properties of Polyoxometalates for Desulfurization of Gas and Fuel Oil
(Xinpeng Liu, Jianwei Ding and Rui Wang)

Chapter 26 Homogeneous Polyoxometalate Catalysis in Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion
(Anatoly A. Shatalov)

Chapter 27 Utilization of Polyoxometalates for NOx Adsorptive Decomposition, Photocatalysis and Greenhouse Gas CO2 Conversion
(Zhaoyong Ren, Zhidong Wei, Na Yang and Rui Wang)

Chapter 28 Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transformations in Stimuli-Responsive Compounds Based on Polyoxometalate Clusters
(Santiago Reinoso, Beñat Artetxe, Leire San Felices and Juan M. Gutiérrez-Zorrilla)

Chapter 29 Formation of Phosphanegold(I) Cluster Cations Mediated by Polyoxometalates, Molecular Structures and Catalysis for Organic Transformation
(Kenji Nomiya Takuya Yoshida and Satoshi Matsunaga)

Chapter 30 Bioactive Natural Compounds: Biological Significance and Clinical Implementation in Organ Pathophysiology
(Sudip Bhattacharyya, Sayantani Chowdhury and Parames C. Sil)

Chapter 31 Natural Therapeutics Against Alzheimer’s Disease: Conventional Treatment Versus Phytotherapy
(Abhijit Dey and Anuradha Mukherjee)

Chapter 32 Bioactive Constituents from Artocapus
(Rohaya Ahmad and Mohd Nazrul Hisham Daud)

Chapter 33 Maize (Zea mays L.) – An Ethnopharmacological Review
(Priscilla Maria Menel Lemos, Beatriz Veleirinho, Aline Pereira, Simone Kobe de Oliveira, Rosendo Augusto Yunes, Shirley Kuhnen and Marcelo Maraschin)

Chapter 34 Antitumor Sesterterpenoids
(Lishu Wang, Junfeng Wang and Yonghong Liu)

Chapter 35 Recent Studies of Polar Steroids from Starfish: Structures, Biological Activities and Biosynthesis
(N. V. Ivanchina, A. A. Kicha, T. V. Malyarenko and V. A. Stonik)

Chapter 36 Strategies Based on Microbial Metabolites for Microbial Control in Industrial Water Systems
(Vera Lúcia dos Santos and Andrea Sousa Monteiro)

Chapter 37 Strategies Based on Microbial Metabolites for Microbial Control in Agriculture
(Vera Lúcia dos Santos and Andrea Souza Monteiro)

Chapter 38 Type I Photosensitizers for Cancer Therapy
(Kazutaka Hirakawa)

Chapter 39 Photosensitizers as Antibacterial Agents in Polymer Science
(Pauline Sautrot and Davy-Louis Versace)

Chapter 40 Rose Bengal and Its Biomedical Applications
(V. S. Maryakhina)

Chapter 41 Multi-Phototherapy Based on Combined Use of Photosensitizers and Photothermal Agents
(Meng Yu, Nan Li and Xintao Shuai)

Chapter 42 Cationic Metal Phthalocyanines as Effective Photosensitizers Towards Pathogenic Microorganisms
(Vanya Mantareva, Vesselin Kussovski and Ivan Angelov)

Chapter 43 Immobilization of the Photosensitizers on the Solid Surface for the Application in the Photooxidation Reactions
(Katarzyna Piwowar, Agata Blacha-Grzechnik and Jerzy K. Zak)

Chapter 44 Vehicles, Ways and New Challenges for the Improvement of Photosensitizers Delivery
(Hilde Harb Buzzá, Natalia M. Inada, Michelle Barreto Requena, Ana Paula da Silva and Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato)

Chapter 45 Health and Environmental Impacts of Phenols: The Role of Radicals
(Joshua K. Kibet, Hayat Bennadji, Rubik Asatryan and Lavrent Khachatryan)

Chapter 46 New Design of Phenol-Containing Polymers as Radical Scavengers
(Qian Zhang, Yunyue Jiang, Yue Wang, Peng Li, Xin Zhao, Chao Xie, Jie Zhao, Jinfen Niu, Jung Kwon Oh and Pengfei Li)

Chapter 47 Possible Applications of Radon Therapy in Veterinary Care for Oxidative Stress-Induced Kidney Damage
(Kaori Sasaoka, Takahiro Kataoka, Norie Kanzaki and Kiyonori Yamaoka)

Chapter 48 Melatonin: A Double-Edged Sword for Cancer Treatment
(Paula Nuñez and Sara C. Zapico)

Chapter 49 Oxidative Stress in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Can Anti-Oxidants Have a Beneficial Effect?
(Soumita De and Mitali Chatterjee)

Chapter 50 Is the Beneficial Effect of Green Tea, Wine, Olive Oil and Coffee the Consequence of Low Concentration of H2O2 Formation and Its Hormetic Response?
(Borut Poljšak, Andrej Starc and Raja Dahmane)

Chapter 51 Assembly of Nanocatalytic Structures by Molecular Layer Epitaxy Method
(Tatjana N. Kopylova, Sergey Yu. Nikonov, Evgeny N. Telminov, Ruslan M. Gadirov, Konstantin M. Degtyarenko and Vladimir Burtman)

Chapter 52 Solid Acids as Catalysts for Biodiesel Synthesis
(Ivana Lukić, Željka Kesić, Miodrag Zdujić and Dejan Skala)

Chapter 53 Process Optimization of Refined Palm Oil Biodiesel Production Using Calcium Methoxide Obtained from Quick Lime as Heterogeneous Catalyst
(Vittaya Punsuvon)

Chapter 54 Cyclization of Pseudoionone over USY Zeolites
(C. S. Caetano, M. Caiado and J. E. Castanheiro)

Chapter 55 Phenolic Acids during Growth and Development of Xylem Cells in Pinus sylvestris L. Stems
(Galina F. Antonova)

Chapter 56 Antioxidant Capacity of Individual and Combined Phenolic Acids in a Model System
(Aleksandra Sentkowska and Krystyna Pyrzyńska)

Chapter 57 Heather Flowers as a Source of Phenolic Acids – Evaluation of Solvent Effect and Antioxidant Capacity
(Paulina Dróżdż, Aleksandra Sentkowska and Krystyna Pyrzyńska)

Chapter 58 Quantification of the Antioxidant Activity on 5 Varieties of Mole (Mexican Food) Produced in the Region of Huichapan, Hidalgo, México
(G. Medina-Pérez, N. Guemes Vera, R. G. Campos-Montiel, J. P. Hernández-Uribe, A. Quintero-Lira and A. Gódinez-Oviedo)

Chapter 59 Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Phenolic Acids and Their Role in the Anticancer Therapies
(Katarzyna Szewczyk and Anna Grzywa-Celińska)

Chapter 60 Quantification and Characterization of Phenolic Acids in Foods
(Xiaoming Yu and Baojun Xu)

Chapter 61 Phenolic Acids in Tea and Coffee and Their Health Benefits
(Protiva Rani Das and Jong-Bang Eun)

Chapter 62 A Review of Laser Additive Manufacturing of Titanium and Its Alloys
(R. M. Mahamood and E. T. Akinlabi)

Chapter 63 Properties of Titanium Alloy Manufactured by Laser Metal Deposition Process
(R. M. Mahamood and E. T. Akinlabi)

Chapter 64 Effects of Welding Heat Input and TIG Dressing Repair Welding on Ti-3Al-2.5V Titanium Alloy
(Yi Hui-Jun, Lee Yong-Jun and Lee Kwang-O)

Chapter 65 Positive Roles of Hydrogen in Titanium Alloys
(Jingwei Zhao, Zhengyi Jiang, Hua Ding and Chong Soo Lee)

Chapter 66 Progress in the Knowledge of Lipid Peroxidation, from the First Evidences Issued by Nicolas – Theodore De Saussure in Paris 1804
(Angel Catalá)

Chapter 67 Fighting against Lipid Peroxidation in the Brain: The Unique Story of Docosahexaenoic Acid
(Mario Díaz, Verónica Casañas-Sánchez, Raquel Marín and José Antonio Pérez)

Chapter 68 Protective Effects of Melatonin and Structurally-Related Molecules in Reducing Membrane Rigidity due to Lipid Peroxidation
(J. J. García, L. López-Pingarrón, E. Esteban-Zubero, M. C. Reyes-Gonzales, A. Casanova, J. O. Alda, D. Pereboom and R. J. Reiter)

Chapter 69 Synergistic Effects of Antioxidant Compositions during Inhibited Lipid Autoxidation
(Vessela D. Kancheva and Silvia E. Angelova)

Chapter 70 Lipid Peroxidation and Animal Longevity
(J. Hulbert, Nicolas Martin and Paul L. Else)

Chapter 71 Free Radicals and Lipid Peroxides in Health and Disease
(Naveen K. V. Gundala, Siresha Bathina and Undurti N. Das)

Chapter 72 Lipid Peroxidation in Autoimmune Diseases: Friend or Foe?
(Ana Reis and M. Rosário M. Domingues)

Chapter 73 Aldehydes Derived from Lipid Peroxidation in Cancer and Autoimmunity
(Giuseppina Barrera, Stefania Pizzimenti, Martina Daga, Chiara Dianzani, Giovanni P. Cetrangolo, Alessio Lepore, Alessia Arcaro and Fabrizio Gentile)

Chapter 74 The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Lipid Peroxidation in the Neurodegenerative Process after Spinal Cord Injury
(E. García, DSc, R. H. Rodríguez-Barrera, DSc, M. Goldberg and A. Ibarra)

Chapter 75 Kinetics and Mechanism of Inhibited Lipid Autoxidation in Presence of 4-Substituted-Coumarins
(Vessela D. Kancheva, Silvia E. Angelova and Adriana K. Slavova-Kazakova)

Chapter 76 Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress: Cell Signaling Mechanisms and Protective Role of Vitamin C and Cilnidipine
(Kusal K. Das, Swastika N. Das and Jeevan G. Ambekar)

Chapter 77 Characterization of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant’s Potency: Pay Attention to Time and Location
(Dov Lichtenberg and Ilya Pinchuk)

Chapter 78 Lipid Peroxidation in Aquatic Organisms: Ontogenic, Phylogenic and Ecological Aspects
(I. I. Rudneva and V. G. Shaida)

Chapter 79 Chemistry of Lipid Oxidation in Edible Oils
(Alam Zeb)

Chapter 80 Menopause Progression and Oxidative Stress: Associated Mechanisms and the Importance of Physical Exercise
(Randhall Bruce Kreismann Carteri)

Chapter 81 Tellurium Nanostructures: Synthesis, Properties, and Their Applications
(Muhammad Hassan, Zhen He, Jia-Fu Chen, Jian-Wei Liu and Shu-Hong Yu)

Chapter 82 Recent Advances in the Preparation and Characterization of Te, N-Containing Heterocycles
(Thomas Junk)

Chapter 83 Toxicology and Pharmacology of Organotellurium Compounds
(Daiana Silva Avila, Ana Thalita Gonçalves Soares and Willian Goulart Salgueiro)

Chapter 84 Electrodeposition of Tellurium and on Tellurium
(D. K. Ivanou, Y. A. Ivanova, G. A. Ragoisha, Y. M. Aniskevich, P. V. Chulkin and E. A. Streltsov)

Chapter 85 Finding a Novel Beta-(1→3)-D-Glucan/Polynucleotide Complex and Its Applications for an Immunocyte-Targeting Delivery
(Noriko Miyamoto, Shinichi Mochizuki, Seiji Shinkai and Kazuo Sakurai)

Chapter 86 Supramolecular Wrapping by Beta-(1→3)-D-Glucans toward Polysaccharide-Based Functional Materials
(Munenori Numata, Kouta Sugikawa, Shuichi Haraguchi, Tomohiro Shiraki, Shun-ichi Tamaru, Shingo Tamesue and Seiji Shinkai)

Chapter 87 Beta-Glucan-Induced Macrophage Stimulation and Role of Chitotriosidase as a Biomarker
(T. A. Korolenko, T. P. Johnston, A. B. Shintyapina, I. D. Ivanov, E. Korolenko and E. E. Filjushina)

Chapter 88 The Cellulomonads as an Alternative Source of the Bacterial Exopolysaccharide Curdlan
(William J. Kenyon)

Chapter 89 Discovery of Rhenium and Its Consequences
(Fathi Habashi)

Chapter 90 Oxo-Rhenium Complexes as Versatile Catalysts for Organic Chemistry
(Ana Cristina Fernandes)

Chapter 91 Rhenium Occurrence in Portugal: An Overview Considering the Valorisation of Mineral Resources
(Teresa P. Silva, Daniel P. S. de Oliveira, Maria João Batista, João Pedro Veiga, F. Noronha and João X. Matos)

Chapter 92 Occurrence, Biological Activity and Synthesis of Diterpenoid Amides
(Nicon Ungur, Aculina Aricu and Marina Grinco)

Chapter 93 Diterpenoids in Marine Cnidaria: An Overview of Existing Data
(Gian Luigi Mariottini)

Chapter 94 Chemical Characterization and Antioxidant Potential of Diterpenoids Rich Fractions Isolated from Selected Plant Species
(Vanja M. Tadić, Irena Žižović, Jelena Živkovć, Ivana Arsić and Edward Roj)

Chapter 95 Biology of Acyclic Diterpenoids, with Special Attention to Geranylgeranoic Acid and Its 2,3-Dihydro Derivative
(Yoshihiro Shidoji and Hiroshi Sagami)

Chapter 96 Diterpenoids in Rice: Functions, Biosynthesis, and Their Regulation
(Koji Miyamoto)

Chapter 97 Azobenzene: Research Progress and Its Reflections in Applications
(Mihaela Homocianu, Nicusor Fifere and Anton Airinei)

Chapter 98 Recent Advances in Hybrid Azobenzene-Silica Materials
(Raul-Augustin Mitran, Daniela Berger and Cristian Matei)

Chapter 99 Azobenzene-Based Liquid Crystalline Soft Materials for Remote-Controllable Optical Devices
(Dae-Yoon Kim, Namil Kim and Kwang-Un Jeong)

Chapter 100 Photo- and Thermal Isomerization of Azobenzenes Incorporated in Macrocyclic Coordination Compounds
(Masaki Yamamura)

Chapter 101 Wavelength Dependence of Polarized UV Light Induced Supramolecular Orientation of Azobenzene-Containing Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials of Chiral Schiff Base Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) Complexes
(Nobumitsu Sunaga, Chigusa Kominato, Naoya Ishida, Maiko Ito, Takashiro Akitsu, Taro Konomi and Masahiro Katoh)

Chapter 102 Surfactin Production from Agro-Industrial Residues: A Review
(Patrícia Maria Rocha, Sérgio Dantas de Oliveira Júnior, Francisco Canindé de Sousa Júnior, Ana Carmen dos Santos Mendes de Oliveira, Gorete Ribeiro de Macedo and Everaldo Silvino dos Santos)

Chapter 103 Biosurfactants in the Oil Industry, Forestry and Environmental Pollution
(Miguel Ángel Hernández-Rivera, Marcia Eugenia Ojeda-Morales, and Marivel Domínguez-Domínguez)

Chapter 104 Treatise in Biosurfactant Production by the Genus Pseudomonas
(Mostafa M. Abo Elsoud and Enas M. Mostafa)

Chapter 105 Environmental and Health Application of Biosurfactants
(Jorge H. Unás Daza, Marcio D. Bocelli, Crisiane A. Marangon and Marcia Nitschke)

Chapter 106 Limitations of Biosurfactant Strength Produced by Bacteria
(Joanna Fechtner, Scott Cameron, Yusuf Y. Deeni, Simona M. Hapca, Kamaluddeen Kabir, Ibrahim U. Mohammed and Andrew J. Spiers)

Chapter 107 Current Status and Trends in Mannosylerylthritol Lipids: Production, Purification and Potential Applications
(Ana Paula Resende Simiqueli, Cristiano José de Andrade and Ana Elizabeth Cavalcante Fai)

Chapter 108 Characterization of Polycrystalline Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-X)4 Thin-Films and Solar Cells
(Muhammad Monirul Islam, Takeaki Sakurai and Katsuhiro Akimoto)

Chapter 109 Semiconductor Materials Film Formation Process Assisted by an Acceleration Technique
(Hitoshi Habuka)

Chapter 110 Formation of Nanostructured Films of Polycrystalline Silicon Doped with Germanium
(А. А. Kovalevskii, А. S. Strogova, and O. M. Komar)

Chapter 111 Caffeic Acid: Chemistry and Natural Resources
(Abdelsamed I. Elshamy, Tarik A. Mohamed and Mohamed-Elamir Hegazy)

Chapter 112 Analytical Methodologies for the Extraction and Determination of Caffeic Acid: Occurrence in Food
(Daria Filatova and Oscar Núñez)

Chapter 113 Inhibiting the Development of Solid Ehrlich Tumor by Extract of the Ripe Fruits of Solanum lycocarpum
(Melissa Grazielle Morais, Guilherme Augusto Ferreira da Costa, Izabela Caputo Assis Silva, Ana Gabriela Silva, Rosy Iara Maciel Azambuja Ribeiro, Jaqueline Maria Siqueira Ferreira, Joaquim Mauricio Duarte-Almeida, Flávia Carmo Horta Pinto, and Luciana Alves Rodrigues dos Santos Lima)

Chapter 114 Synthesis and Characteristics of Carbon Nanofibers Based on Phenolic Resin and Transition Metal Catalysts by Chemical Vapor Deposition
(Chang-Seop Lee and Yura Hyun)

Chapter 115 Conductive Thin Film CVD: Graphene
(Steven Gottlieb, Nicolas Wöhrl and Volker Buck)

Chapter 116 Advances of APCVD Graphene-Based Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries
(Charalampos Drosos and Dimitra Vernardou)

Chapter 117 Low-Energy Plasma CVD for Epitaxy and In-Situ Doping of Group-IV Semiconductors in Nanoelectronics
(Masao Sakuraba, Hisanao Akima and Shigeo Sato)

Chapter 118 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Transition and Inner Transition Elements and Their Complexes
(Sandeep Kaur-Ghumaan, Ayyamperumal Sakthivel, Dhanraj T. Masram and Malaichamy Sathiyendiran)

Chapter 119 Green Solvents: Chemistry and Food Applications
(Lluvia I. López, Aidé Sáenz, Adriana C. Flores-Gallegos, Juan Ascacio-Valdés, Diana Muñiz-Márquez
and Raúl Rodríguez-Herrera)

Chapter 120 The Use of Green Solvents in the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds
(Adriana C. Flores-Gallegos, Aidé Sáenz-Galindo, Lluvia I. López-López, Diana B. Muñiz-Márquez, Raúl Rodríguez-Herrera and Juan Ascacio-Valdés)

Chapter 121 Interaction Enthalpies of -Сhymotrypsin with Water-1,2-Propanediol Mixtures as Measured by Isothermal Calorimetry
(Vladimir A. Sirotkin and Alexandra A. Kuchierskaya)

Chapter 122 Residual Activity of α-Chymotrypsin in Water-1,2-Propanediol Mixtures
(Igor A. Komissarov, Alexandra A. Kuchierskaya and Vladimir A. Sirotkin)

Chapter 123 The Metrology of Exposure to Organic Solvents in the Shoes Industry of Sfax City, Tunisia
(Imed Gargouri, Moncef Khadhraoui and Boubaker Elleuch)

Chapter 124 Stereoselective Preparation of Stilbenes Employing Trialkylphosphoranylides: New Methods and Applications
(David McLeod and James McNulty)

Chapter 125 Genetic Manipulation of Stilbene Composition in Plants to Enhance Pathogen Resistance
(Richard G. Shimshock and David A. Christopher)

Chapter 126 Stilbenes in the Vitis genus: The Key of Revalorization in Winemaking
(Raúl F. Guerrero and Emma Cantos-Villar)

Chapter 127 The Introduction of Click Chemistry Reaction
(Yu Chen)

Chapter 128 Nitrile N-Oxide-Based Click Reactions Accompanying C-C Bond Formation
(Yasuhito Koyama and Toshikazu Takata)

Chapter 129 Bi-1,2,3-Triazoles: Synthesis and Perspectives
(Ivette Santana-Martinez and Erick Cuevas-Yañez)

Chapter 130 Click Chemistry of Natural Polymers
(Yu-Tong Zhang, Zhu-Yun Li and Yu Chen)

Chapter 131 Synthesis and Functionalization of Hydrogel through “Click-Chemistry”
(Mi-Heng Dong and Chen Yu)

Chapter 132 Using of Click Chemistry for Elastomer
(Ya-Lun Wang and Yu Chen)

Chapter 133 Surface Engineering of Porous Monoliths via Click Chemistry: Towards Functional Materials for Flow Chemistry Applications
(Seydina Ibrahima Kebe, Hela Kammoun, Mohamed Guerrouache, Samia Mahouche-Chergui, Sabrina Belbekhouche, Benjamin Le Droumaguet, Yosra Dridi-Zrelli and Benjamin Carbonnier)

Chapter 134 Click Chemistry for Membrane Preparation and Surface Modification
(Zhu-Fang Hu, Jin Zhou and Hai-Yin Yu)

Chapter 135 Copper-Mediated Click Chemistry Applications to Assemble Polyaromatic Structures
(Celedonio M. Álvarez, Héctor Barbero and Sergio Ferrero)

Chapter 136 Application of Click Chemistry in Biomedical Fields
(Yu Chen, Ying Zhang, Xiaoyu Sun and Jingjing Yuan)

Chapter 137 Click Chemistry: Optical Sensing in Biological Analysis
(Suyan Qiu, Fang Luo, Linguang Luo, Longhua Guo, Bin Qiu, Zhenyu Lin and Guonan Chen)

Chapter 138 Telechilic Polybutadiene Solid Propellant Binders Based on ‘Çlick’ Chemistry Approach
(S. Reshmi, E. Arunan and C. P. Reghunadhan Nair)

Chapter 139 Preparation of Boron Nitride Nanosheets Based Composites and Their Application in Catalysis
(Li Fu and Aimin Yu)

Chapter 140 Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nano-Scrolls: Morphology, Magnetic Properties and Applications
(Da Young Hwang and Dong Hack Suh)

Chapter 141 Growth Mechanisms of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Film by Chemical Vapor Deposition
(Ji-Hoon Park, Soo Min Kim and Ki Kang Kim)

Chapter 142 Modeling Boron Doped Carbon and Boron Nitride Nano Structures as Catalysts at the Cathode in Fuel Cells
(F. J. Owens)

Chapter 143 Composite Laminate Prepared from Boron Nitride Nanoparticle (BNNP) Enhanced Prepregs
(Qiong Tian, Demei Yu, Lifeng Zhang and Ajit D. Kelkar)

Chapter 144 Boron Nitride Nanotubes as Efficient |Fillers of Biopolyesters for Biomedical Applications
(Ana M. Díez-Pascual)

Chapter 145 Buckling Behavior of Single Walled Boron Nitride Nanotubes by a Molecular Mechanics Method
(Georgios I. Giannopoulos)

Chapter 146 NMR Studies of the Dynamics of 3He on Boron Nitride
(N. S. Sullivan, Y. Tang, C. Parks and P. Stachowiak)

Chapter 147 The Kinetics of Binary Metal Hydride Decomposition
(Igor E. Gabis and Ilia A. Chernov)

Chapter 148 Carbohydrate–Protein Interactions Studied Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
(Jay K. Bhattarai, Vasilii Mikhaylov, Dharmendra Neupane, Bishal Nepal, Alexei V. Demchenko and Keith J. Stine)

Chapter 149 An Electrochemical Study About the Stability and Durability of Poly (O-Aminophenol) Film Electrodes Employing Impedance Spectroscopy and Surface Resistance
(Ricardo Tucceri)

Chapter 150 The Effect of Cerium Content on the Corrosion Behavior of Amorphous Al85CexNi15-x (x = 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10) Alloys Obtained by Melt Spinning
(Carlos Triveño Ríos, Mara Cristina Lopes de Oliveira and Renato Altobelli Antunes)

Chapter 151 A Comparison among Activated Carbons Prepared from Different Precursors
(Maria do Carmo Rangel, Sirlene Barbosa Lima, Alvaro Marcelo Porcel Padilla, Márcia Souza Ramos, Sarah Maria Santana Borges and Carlos Augusto Pires)

Chapter 152 Environmental Applications of Activated Carbons: Synthesis and Applications in Adsorption of Organic Contaminants
(G. Ovejero, M. A. Uguina, A. Rodriguez, J. A. Delgado, J. M. Gómez, E. Diez, V. I. Águeda, S. Álvarez and J. García)

Chapter 153 Mercury Adsorption from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbons
(Ninfa Marisol Zúñiga-Muro, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet, Didilia Ileana Mendoza-Castillo, Hilda Elizabeth Reynel-Ávila and Radamés Trejo-Valencia)

Chapter 154 Surface Properties and Preparation Condition Optimization of Amination Bamboo/Lignite AC
(Guojie Zhang, Yongfa Zhang, Fuai Tian, Guoqiang Li and Ying Xu)

Chapter 155 Polymer-Waste-Derived Nanoporous Carbon for Removal of Methyl Orange and Bromophenol Blue from Aqueous Solutions
(B. Tsyntsarski, I. Stoycheva, B. Petrova, T. Budinova, N. Petrov, Sarbu and A. Radu)

Chapter 156 The Preparation and Application of Activated Carbon for Gas Adsorption
(R. Hidayu)

Chapter 157 Dielectric Properties of Zinc Chloride-Castor Residue Mixtures at Microwave Frequencies
(Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini, Siti Hajar Sulaiman, You Kok Yeow and Mohd. Johari Kamaruddin)

Chapter 158 Adsorbents from the Residue of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis via Metal Hydroxide Activation
(Constance Joe Ondi and Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini)

Chapter 159 Activated Carbon: A Potential Applicant For Solid-State Hydrogen Storage
(Amandeep S. Oberoi, Baljit Singh, Muhammad Fairuz Remeli and Navdeep Singh)

Chapter 160 Cerium Oxide (Ceria) Nanostructures: Synthesis, Characteristics and Applications
(N. Shehata, K. Meehan and E. Samir)

Chapter 161 The Role of Ceria in the Modification of Novel Nanocatalysts for Processes of Hydrogen Production and Environmental Catalysis
(S. M. Orlyk, S. O. Soloviev, A. Yu. Kapran, M. R. Kantserova, P. I. Kyriienko and Ie. V. Gubareni)

Chapter 162 Coverage-Dependent Structural Evolution and Electronic Transition of Self-Organized Cerium-Silicide Nanowires on Si(110)-16×2 Surfaces
(Ie-Hong Hong, Yung-Cheng Liao, Yung-Feng Tsai and Tsung-Ming Chen)

Chapter 163 Biological Effects Associated with Nanoceria Exposure
(Laura Rubio and Ricard Marcos)

Chapter 164 Biohydrogen Generation: Concepts and Applications on Brazilian Agro-Industrial Wastewaters
(Caroline V. Rodrigues, Kamili O. Santana, Lorena O. Pires, Michel Brienzo and Sandra I. Maintinguer)

Chapter 165 Biohydrogen Production by Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria: The Importance of Mathematical Analysis Based on System Modelling
(Fernando Grijalva-Hernández, Hugo Iván Velázquez-Sánchez, Juan Carlos Figueroa-Estrada and Ricardo Aguilar-López)

Chapter 166 Glycerol: An Attractive and Versatile Form of Carbon and Energy for Biohydrogen and Biocommodities: A Review
(Biniam T. Maru, Magda Constantí and Francesc Medina)

Chapter 167 Integrating Hydrogen and Methane Production in an AnSBBR: The Kinetic Model of Metabolic Pathways and Energy Estimation
(R. Albanez, G. Lovato, M. Zaiat, S. M. Ratusznei and J. A. D. Rodrigues)

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