Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 19


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI013000

This book is a compilation of research summaries from a number of different focuses in the field of chemistry research. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. A Review on Hafnium: Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Variety of Hafnium Compounds
(Munusamy Thirumavalavan and Jiunn-Fwu Lee)

Chapter 2. Mechanical Engineering of Hafnium with Metal Transition Multilayers
(Cesar Escobar, Julio C. Caicedo and William Aperador)

Chapter 3. Hafnium Carbide Coating: Properties of Bulk, Surface and Metal/HfC Interfaces
(H. Si Abdelkader and H. I. Faraoun)

Chapter 4. Stabilization of Higher Symmetry HfO2 Polymorphs as Thin Films and Nanoparticles
(Protima Rauwel and Erwan Rauwel)

Chapter 5. Hafnium-Based Thin Oxides: Versatile Insulators for Microelectronics
(Albin Bayerl and Mario Lanza)

Chapter 6. Ultrathin Hafnium-Based High-K Dielectrics for High-K-Last/ Gate-Last CMOS Integration Scheme
(Shu Xiang Zhang, Jiang Yan and HongYu Yu)

Chapter 7. Chemosensory Properties of Stearic Acid
(Gregory Smutzer and Judith C. Stull)

Chapter 8. Stearic Acid in Rubber Chemistry and Technology
(E. Djagarova, D. Zheleva and N. Tipova)

Chapter 9. Stearic Acid in Biomedical Science
(Ting Zhang, Qiang Peng and Yunfeng Lin)

Chapter 10. Lubricant Potential of Stearic Acid and Derivatives for the Production Tablets by Direct Compression
(John Rojas)

Chapter 11. Deuterated Hydroxystearic Acids and Their Applications
(Gabriele Micheletti, Carla Boga, Silvia Cino, Paolo Caruana and Paolo Zani)

Chapter 12. Alginic Acid: Effectiveness in Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
(Rouzbeh Shams, Edward C. Oldfield IV and David A. Johnson)

Chapter 13. Alginate-Based Drug Carriers: Recent Advances
(A. Martínez, E. Pérez, N. Montero, C. Teijón, R. Olmo and M. D. Blanco)

Chapter 14. Alginic Acid: Sources, Modifications and Main Applications
(Milan Milivojevic, Ivana Pajic-Lijakovic, Steva Levic, Viktor Nedovic and Branko Bugarski)

Chapter 15. Vibrational Spectroscopy Characterization of Sodium Alginate and Its Heteropolymeric and Homopolymeric Block Fractions
(Betty Matsuhiro, Fabián Martínez-Gómez and Andrés Mansilla)

Chapter 16. Immobilization of P. putida A (ATCC 12633) Cells Using Ca-alginate: Environmental Applications for the Removal of Cationic Surfactants Pollutants in Industrial Wastewater
(Gloria I. Lucchesi, María F. Bergero, Paola S. Boeris, Gastón A. López, Romina M. Heredia and Andrés S. Liffourrena)

Chapter 17. Alginate Utility in Edible and Non Edible Film Development and the Influence of Its Macromolecular Structure in the Antioxidant Activity of a Pharmaceutical/Food Interface
(María Dolores De’Nobili, Lucrecia María Curto, José María Delfino, Carolina Daiana Pérez, Dana Bernhardt, Lía Noemí Gerschenson, Eliana Noemí Fissore and Ana María Rojas)

Chapter 18. Shrinkage-Gelation-Technique-Based Monodispersed Spherical Alginate Gel Bead Formation and Applications
(Hirotada Hirama, Kyouhei Aketagawa and Toru Torii)

Chapter 19. Utilization of Alginate and Alginate-Derived Oligosaccharides Degraded by Bacillus sp.
(Joong Kyun Kim, Eun Jung Kim and Da Som Kang)

Chapter 20. Magneto-Biology and Medicine
(Anatoly Buchachenko)

Chapter 21. Annonaceous Acetogenins as a Model of Bioactive Heterocyclic Derivative Structures. Extraction and Biological Evaluation
(Adriana Neske, Elena Cartagena, Sonia Díaz, Alicia Bardón, Eduardo Alberto Parellada and Lilian Di Toto Blessing)

Chapter 22. Indazole Motifs in Hetrocyclic Compounds: A Bio-active Component
(Digambar D. Gaikwad, Archana D. Chapolikar, Chabutai S. Patil, Saroj R. Bembalkar, Maya V. Katariya, K. L. Ameta and Rajendra P. Pawar)

Chapter 23. Essential Oils, Phytochemicals and Bioactivities of Piper caninum Blume
(Wan Mohd Nuzul Hakimi Wan Salleh, Farediah Ahmad and Khong Heng Yen)

Chapter 24. Marine Based Anticancer Agents – Apratoxin and Its Analogues
(N. C. Desai and Amit Dodiya)

Chapter 25. Aurone: The Versatile Natural Product Having Biological Potential
(Chetna Ameta, Arpit Kumar Pathak and K. L. Ameta)

Chapter 26. Ascorbic Acid and Furfurals in Chilli Pepper, Wine and Fruit Juice: The Non-Enzymatic Browning Study
(Jatesadaporn Yaisoongnern and Saksit Chanthai)

Chapter 27. Natural Coumarin Motifs: Anticancer Agents
(Sunil U. Tekale, Sushama S. Kauthale, Rajita D. Ingle, Sanjay B. Ubale, Satish U. Deshmukh, K. L. Ameta
and Rajendra P. Pawar)

Chapter 28. Natural Flavonoids: Assets for Life
(Shipra Bhardwaj and K. L. Ameta)

Chapter 29. Anthocyanin and Total Phenolics in Hot Chilli Varieties with Their Polyphenol Oxidase and Peroxidase Activities
(Prapha Arnnok and Saksit Chanthai)

Chapter 30. Carbazole and Azacarbazole with Cytotoxicity and Anti Mitochondrial Potential
(Sudesh Kumar, Priyanka Jain, K. L. Ameta and Dharma Kishore)

Chapter 31. Extraction and Biological Evaluation of Some Flavonoids
(Seema Kothari, Shiv N. Paliwal and K. L. Ameta)

Chapter 32. A Dibenzofuran: (+)-Usnic Acid: A Heterocyclic Natural Compound Isolated from Lichen Parmelia Perlata
(Anil K. Sharma and Kuldeep K. Sharma)

Chapter 33. Analytical Methods for Organic and Inorganic Toxics Determination in Cosmetics Products
(D. Melucci, C. Locatelli, M. D’Annunzio, M. Rendina and M. Locatelli)

Chapter 34. Bioinspired Chemically Modified Electrodes for Electroanalysis
(Ana Luisa Silva, Edilson Moura Pinto, Eduardo Ariel Ponzio, Eduardo Costa de Figueiredo and Felipe Silva Semaan)

Chapter 35. Enhanced Electrochemical Properties of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Paste Electrode for Simultaneous Determination of Phenolic Compounds in the Presence of Surfactant
(Felipe Augusto Gorla, Eduardo Henrique Duarte, Juliana de Fátima Giarola, Elen Romão Sartori, Arnaldo César Pereira and César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley)

Chapter 36. Adsorption Properties of a New Ion-Selective Hierarchically Imprinted Poly(Acrylamide-Co-Egdma) for the Extraction/Preconcentration of Co(II) from Aqueous Medium
(Fernanda Midori de Oliveira, Nathália Barbosa Wutke, Affonso Celso Gonçalves Jr., Mariana Gava Segatelli and César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley)

Chapter 37. Development of a Biosensor-Based Carbon Nanotube Paste (MWCT)-Modified DNA Adsorbed on Inorganic Material for the Phenothiazine Determination
(Guilherme B. Braga, Juliana de Fatima Giarola, Fernanda Midori de Oliveira, Emerson S. Ribeiro, César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley and Arnaldo C. Pereira)

Chapter 38. Recent Advances in Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Composites: Synthesis, Properties, and Potential Applications
(Mohamed Reda Berber and Inas Hazza Hafez)

Chapter 39. Formaldehyde: Human Exposure, Metabolism and Potential Health Effects
(Solange Costa and J. P. Teixeira)

Chapter 40. Formaldehyde in the Synthesis of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Carbon Gels
(Natalia Rey-Raap, Ana Arenillas and J. Angel Menéndez)

Chapter 41. Formaldehyde: Exposure and Genotoxicity Assessments and Potential Health Effects
(C. Ladeira and S. Viegas)

Chapter 42. Formaldehyde and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Brief History
(Joshua D. Rizak)

Chapter 43. Low Concentration Formaldehyde: Potential Health Effects and Treatment Technology
(Wenjun Liang, Jian Li and Hong He)

Chapter 44. Formaldehyde: Detection and Biodegradation
(Galina Gayda, Olha Demkiv, Halyna Klepach, Mykhailo Gonchar, Revital Levy-Halaf, David Wolf and Marina Nisnevitch)

Chapter 45. Kinetics of the Nonbranched-Chain Addition of 1-Hydroxyalklyl Free Radicals to the C=O Bond of Free Unsolvated Formaldehyde
(Michael M. Silaev)

Chapter 46. Mechanochemical Synthesis of Molybdates: Influence of Mechanical Activation on Structure of Molybdenum Oxides and Iron
(A. A. Il’in, R. N. Rumyantsev, A. P. Il’in and N. N. Katkova)

Chapter 47. Tailored Polymeric Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Microparticles
(Anka Trajkovska Petkoska)

Chapter 48. Modification of Electro-Optical Response of Tailored PCLC Microparticles
(Anka Trajkovska Petkoska)

Chapter 49. Microencapsulation Effects on the Electro-Optic Behavior and a Reverse Drive Mechanism for Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes
(Gerald Philip Cox)

Chapter 50. Effect of Nanomaterials on Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals
(V. Manjuladevi and R. K. Gupta)
Chapter 51. Iron(III)-Containing Paramagnetic Liquid Crystals: EPR and Mössbauer Spectroscopy Characterization
(Natalia Domracheva)

Chapter 52. Alignment Technologies for Nematic Liquid Crystals
(Anita Trajkovska-Broach)

Chapter 53. Biological Roles of Phenylalanine and Its Derivatives; The Genetic Disorder Phenylketonuria and Its Possible Treatment; Potential Separation Methods of Phenylalanine Enantiomers and Biological Functions of D-Phenylalanine
(Marek Graff)

Chapter 54. Phenylketonuria’s Impact on Physical Growth in a Spanish Cohort
(Luis Aldámiz-Echevarría, Marta Llarena, Fernando Andrade, María L. Couce, Domingo González-Lamuño, María A. Bueno, María C. García, Jaime Dalmau, Isidro Vitoria, Javier Blasco, Carlos Alcalde, David Gil, Mónica Ruiz, Luis Peña-Quintana, María A. Ruiz, David González and Felix Sánchez-Valverde)

Chapter 55. Role of Phenylalanine in Viticulture and Enology
(P. Santamaría, R. López, J. Portu, L. González-Arenzana, I. López-Alfaro, A. R. Gutiérrez and T. Garde-Cerdán)

Chapter 56. Penetration of L-Phenylalanine and Amino Acids into Hair Keratin Fibers
(Akio Kuzuhara)

Chapter 57. Controllable Self-assembly Process of Polyoxometalate Macroions Driven by Counterion Mediated Attraction
(Fadi Haso, Baofang Zhang, Jing Zhou and Tianbo Liu)

Chapter 58. Building New Polyoxotungstates Using Exogeneous Ligands: From Carboxylato to Bisphosphonato Complexes
(Olivier Oms, Pierre Mialane and Anne Dolbecq)

Chapter 59. POM-Based Chiral Hybrids via Organically Covalent Modification of Achiral Precursors
(Jiangwei Zhang, Yichao Huang and Yongge Wei)

Chapter 60. POM Complexes with Noble Metals: New Insights into Synthesis and Reactivity
(M. N. Sokolov, S. A. Adonin and C. Vicent)

Chapter 61. Synthesis and Characterization of Lanthanoid Containing Polyoxotungstates Nanocluster
(Rakesh Gupta and Firasat Hussain)

Chapter 62. Polyoxometalate-based Single-Molecule Magnets
(Natalya V. Izarova and Paul Kögerler)

Chapter 63. Small Angle X-ray Scattering of Group V Polyoxometalates
(May Nyman and Lauren Fullmer)

Chapter 64. Polyoxometalate Reactivity Toward Biomolecules and Their Model Systems
(Karen Stroobants, Gregory Absillis and Tatjana N. Parac-Vogt)

Chapter 65. Polyoxometalate-Containing Hybrid Diblock Copolymers: Synthesis, Morphology, and Applications
(Ruixin Wang, Sanjiban Chakraborty, Yong Li and Zhonghua Peng)

Chapter 66. Polyoxometalates Associated with Porphyrins Used As Efficient Visible Photosensitizers
(Delphine Schaming and Laurent Ruhlmann)

Chapter 67. Development of Polyoxometalate-Based Material Photocatalysts for Organic Dye Degradation under Visible Light
(Shui-Ying Gao, Jian Lü and Rong Cao)

Chapter 68. Polyoxometalate-Containing Multifunctional Materials
(Solomon Omwoma, Wei Chen, Christopher T. Gore and Yu-Fei Song)

Chapter 69. POM-Based Molecular and Composite Materials toward Electronic Applications
(Ryo Tsunashima)

Chapter 70. Porous Materials Containing Polyoxometalates and Their Applications in Catalysis
(LaSalle Swenson, Jose C. Orozco and M. Ishaque Khan)

Chapter 71. Assembly of Epsilon-Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates to Form Crystalline Microporous Metal Oxides
(Zhenxin Zhang, Masahiro Sadakane and Wataru Ueda)

Chapter 72. Paramagnetic Complexes in High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy
(V. K. Voronov and A. V. Podoplelov)

Chapter 73. Nitric Oxide in Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Disease and Health
(Cong Dai, Yi-ning Li, Wei-xin Liu, Min Jiang and Ming-Jun Sun)

Chapter 74. S-Nitrosylation: A Double-Edged Sword in the Progression and Inhibition of Cancer
(Kimberly Hallowell, Laura St. Clair, Dana Jarigese and Mark A. Brown)

Chapter 75. Nitric Oxide and Trypanosomatids: A Tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(D. L. Fabrino and L. L. Leon)

Chapter 76. Nanomaterials for In Vivo NO Sensing
(João M. M. Leitão, Eliana F. C. Simões and Joaquim C. G. Esteves da Silva)

Chapter 77. L-arginine Metabolism in the Pathogenic Trypanosomatids Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania sp.
(R. F. Rodrigues, D. L. Fabrino and L. L. Leon)

Chapter 78. Finite Element Based Multiscale Modeling Using the Bridging Cell Method
(Vincent Iacobellis and Kamran Behdinan)

Chapter 79. Basic Properties of a Molecular Mechanics Program and the Generation of Unknown Stereo Structures of Proteins for Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Reactions
(Toshihiko Hanai)

Chapter 80. Quantitative In Silico Analysis of Alanine Racemase Reactivity
(Toshihiko Hanai)

Chapter 81. Graphene Layer Pore Models for Molecule-Surface Binding Energies
(Thomas R. Rybolt, Miranda C. Trentle, Matthew J. Rice and Howard E. Thomas)

Chapter 82. Osmium, an Emerging Anthropic Polluting Traffic-Related Metal. Analytical Methods for Its Determination in Environmental Matrices of Interest for Human Health and Involved in the Food Chain
(Clinio Locatelli and Dora Melucci)

Chapter 83. Homoleptic Osmium Cyanide Complexes: Synthesis and Perspective Application in Molecular Magnetism
(Kira E. Vostrikova)

Chapter 84. Synthesis and Mixed-Valence State of Binuclear Osmocene Derivatives
(Hiroki Yasuhara and Satoru Nakashima)

Chapter 85. Photoneutron Cross Sections on Naturally Present Osmium Isotopes
(S. S. Belyshev, B. S. Ishkhanov, V. V. Khankin, A. A. Kuznetsov, V. N. Orlin, N. N. Peskov, M. E. Stepanov, K. A. Stopani and V. V. Varlamov)

Chapter 86. Tantalum Compounds and Complexes in Organometallic Synthesis
(Rifkat M. Sultanov and Usein M. Dzhemilev)

Chapter 87. Thermodynamic Properties of Tantalum through the Whole Range of Solid State: Correlation Analysis and Self-Consistent Interpretation
(Vladimir Yu. Bodryakov)

Chapter 88. Copper-Tantalum Joints and Their Role in the Construction of the Wall of a Chemical Reactor (Explosive Welding)
(B. A. Greenberg, M. A. Ivanov, A. M. Patselov, A. V. Inozemtsev, M. S. Pushkin, S. V. Kuzmin and V. I. Lysak)

Chapter 89. Surfactant and Antioxidant Properties of Fatty Acid Esters Synthesized through Lipase-catalyzed Condensation with Various Hydrophilic Compounds
(Yoshiyuki Watanabe and Shuji Adachi)

Chapter 90. The Impact of Combined Emulsifier on Crystallization Properties of Non Trans Fat
(Ivana Lončarević, Biljana Pajin and Jovana Petrović)

Chapter 91. Food-Grade Colloidal Particles As Emulsifiers and Stabilizers for Complex Colloids
(Ashok R. Patel)

Chapter 92. Lecithin, Modified Lecithins, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate and Sorbitan Monostearate Effects in Cocoa Butter and Other Lipid Systems
(Eriksen Koji Miyasaki, Glazieli Marangoni de Oliveira and Monise Helen Masuchi)

Chapter 93. Fabrication of Bulk (RE)BCO Superconductors by the Infiltration and Growth Process: Past, Present and Future
(N. Devendra Kumar, Yunhua Shi and David A. Cardwell)

Chapter 94. Growth of Bulk Superconductors in Y1.5Ba2Cu3Ox System with CeO2 Addition
(Pavel Diko, Daniela Volochová, Samuel Piovarči, Vitaliy Antal and Monika Radušovská)

Chapter 95. Development and Prospect of High-Tc Superconductive Maglev Bearing and Flywheel
(W. Liu, G. H. Peng, Z. G. Deng, Q. X. Lin, X. F. Yang, W. Wang and J. S. Wang)

Chapter 96. Bulk Superconductors: Trapped Flux and Its Potential Applications
(Yufeng Zhang, Mitsuru Izumi, Motohiro Miki and Tetsuya Ida)

Chapter 97. Magnetic Shielding with Bulk High Temperature Superconductors: Improvement of the Shielded Volume in Hollow Cylinders
(L. Wéra, J. F. Fagnard, K. Hogan, B. Vanderheyden and P. Vanderbemden)

Chapter 98. Pulsed Field Magnetization and Flux Behaviors in Melt-Processed HTS Bulk Magnets: A Review
(Tetsuo Oka)

Chapter 99. Charged Particle Beam Diagnostics with Superconducting Cryogenic Current Comparators
(R. Geithner, M. F. Fernandes, T. Sieber and P. Seidel)

Chapter 100. Cryogenics for Superconductivity Devices
(GuoHong Peng)

Chapter 101. Nanoengineered Pin – Spots Dimensionality for Vortex Power Harvesting on the in – Field Performance of YBCO Thin Films
(Paolo Mele and Malik Idries Adam)

Chapter 102. Development of Silver Sheathed Superconducting RE-123 Thick Films Produced by Solid Phase (REBa2O4) – Liquid Phase (BaCUO2) Reaction
(M. Muralidhar, M. Jirsa and M. Murakami)

Chapter 103. Glycine–Doped MgB2 Superconductors: Fabrication, Characterization, and Properties
(Qi Cai, Yongchang Liu and Zongqing Ma)

Chapter 104. Electric and Magnetic Characterization of Bulk Ag-Added MgB2
(Alex Wiederhold, Michael Koblischka, Kazuo Inoue, Miryala Muralidhar, Kévin Berger, Bruno Douine, Thomas Hauet, Masato Murakami and Uwe Hartmann)

Chapter 105. Trapped Field in MgB2 Samples and Their Applications
(K. Berger, B. Douine, J. Lévêque and M. R. Koblischka)

Chapter 106. Bulk MgB2 Cryomagnets Shaping and Their Applications
(J. G. Noudem)

Chapter 107. Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) Wires toward Commercial Applications
(Dipak Patel, Md Shahriar Al Hossain and Jung Ho Kim)

Chapter 108. Present Status of Mechanical Properties of REBaCuO and MgB2 Superconducting Bulk Materials
(Akira Murakami)

Chapter 109. Numerical Simulation of Liquid Nitrogen Jet: Impact Pressure and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis
(Chengzheng Cai, Gensheng Li, Zhongwei Huang and Chi Peng)

Chapter 110. The Use of Liquid Nitrogen for the Storage of Human Cells and Tissues for Transplantation: Freezing Time
(Vicente Mirabet, Pilar Solves and Carmen Escobedo

Chapter 111. Mathematical Prediction of Cooling Rates During Cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells in Liquid Nitrogen
(M. V. Santos, M. Sansinena, J. Chirife and N. Zaritzky)

Chapter 112. Nanocellulose: Synthesis and Application
(Ali Jebali, Seyedhossein Hekmatimoghaddam, Iraj Rezapour and Aliasghar Behzadi)

Chapter 113. Nanocellulose: Production and Properties
(J. Velásquez-Cock, J.-L. Putaux, M. Osorio, C. Castro, P. Gañán and R. Zuluaga)

Chapter 114. Extraction of Cellulose Nanocrystals from Natural Fibers and Their Composites for Biomedical Applications
(M. Saifur Rahaman, Jahid M. M. Islam, Abdullah Al-Jubayer, A. H. Mostofa Kamal, Mubarak Ahmad Khan and Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal)

Chapter 115. Extraction of Nanocellulose from Natural Sources: Potential Applications in a Nanocomposite Approach
(Debora Puglia, Elena Fortunati, Luigi Torre and Jose M. Kenny)

Chapter 116. Bacterial Cellulose Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications
(Johnsy George, S. N. Sabapathi, K. V. Ramana and Siddaramaiah)

Chapter 117. Potential of Bacterial Nanocellulose for Wound Dressings
(Genqiang Chen, Lin Chen and Feng Hong)

Chapter 118. Microwave and Ultrasound Assisted Degradation of Cellulose and Isolation Processes of Cellulose Nanocrystals
(Alojz Anžlovar, Majda Žigon and Ema Žagar)

Chapter 119. Electrospinning of Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives
(Ali Akbar Merati and Najmeh Moazeni)

Chapter 120. Advances in Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers: From Production to Utilization
(Minakshi Goyat and Yaser Dahman)

Chapter 121. Active Bio-Based Packaging: Toward Nanofibrillated Cellulose Applications
(Nathalie Lavoine and Julien Bras)

Chapter 122. Bagasse as an Important Promising Agricultural Residue for Nanofibrillated Cellulose: A Valorization Strategy
(Seyed Rahman Djafari Petroudy)

Chapter 123. Application of Nanofibrillated Cellulose for Papermaking
(Pejman R. Charani and Mohammad H. Moradian)

Chapter 124. Cellulose Nanofibers in Adhesive Application
(Hyun-Joong Kim, Jackapon Sunthornvarabhas and Ji-Won Park)

Chapter 125, Bionanocomposites Based on Biopolymers and Nanocellulose
(Aitor Arbelaiz, Gurutz Mondragon, Ander Orue, Cristina Peña and Arantxa Eceiza)

Chapter 126. Polyurethane Bionanocomposites as Stimuli-Responsive Smart Materials
(Ainara Saralegi, María Á. Corcuera and Arantxa Eceiza)

Chapter 127. Synthesis of Quantum Dot Doped Electrospun Cellulose and other Polymer Based-Nanocomposites and Their Applications
(Shah M. Reduwan Billah)

Chapter 128. Synthesis of Photochromic Dye Doped Cellulose Composite Based Electrospun Nanofibres for High-Tech Applications
(Shah M. Reduwan Billah)

Chapter 129. Nanophased Cellulose-Based Structural Composites
(Mohammad K. Hossain and Shamim A. Begum)

Chapter 130. Hybrids Materials Based on Bacterial Cellulose for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications
(Jéssica A. Marins and Bluma G. Soares)

Chapter 131. Synthesis and Assessment of Peptide-Nanocellulosic Biosensors
(J. Vincent Edwards, Krystal R. Fontenot, Nicolette Prevost, Sunghyun Nam, Monica Concha and Brian Condon)

Chapter 132. Nanofinishing of Cotton Fabrics
(Narayanan Gokarneshan, Palanisamy Gopalakrishnan and Ballad Jeyanthi)

Chapter 133. Phthalates and Neurodevelopmental Toxicity: A Review of the Evidence
(Myriam Bickle Graz, Jean-François Tolsa and Céline Fischer Fumeaux)

Chapter 134. A Critical Review on the Chromatographic Detection of Phthalates in Different Matrices: Problems and Solutions
(Mario Vincenzo Russo and Pasquale Avino)

Chapter 135. The Role of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Techniques in the Detection, Determination and Confirmation of Phthalates
(Paolo Lucci and Oscar Núñez)

Chapter 136. Proposal of New Approaches for Exposure Assessment of Phthalates: Exposure Assessment of Phthalates in Polymer Materials
(Yukihiro Ouchi, Fumitaka Maruyama and Shigehiko Fujimaki)

Chapter 137. Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties of CeO2 Nanocrystals and Au/CeO2 Composites
(Wanying Lei, Tingting Zhang, Xiaoying Qi, Gang Liu and Minghua Liu)

Chapter 138. Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties of Perovskite KNbO3: Insights into the Structure-Reactivity Relationships
(Tingting Zhang, Wanying Lei, Yang Qi, Gang Liu and Minghua Liu)

Chapter 139. Semiconductor-Based Photocatalytic Systems for Solar-Light-Driven Water Splitting and Hydrogen Evolution: Fundamentals, State-of-the-Art and Perspectives
(Oleksandr L. Stroyuk and Stepan Ya. Kuchmiy)

Chapter 140. Nafion Nanocomposites: Does the Polymeric Structure Drive the Features of Nanoparticles or Vice Versa?
(Berta Domènech, Maria Muñoz and Jorge Macanás)

Chapter 141. Nafion®: Separated Electrode Solutions as a Tool to Reach Closer Steady State in Isoelectric Focusing
(Cyrill L. Naydenov, Evgeni P. Kirazov and Vanio I. Mitev)

Chapter 142. Nafion® and the Study of the Kinetics of Neutralization and Exchange Reactions
(María José Lavorante and Juan Isidro Franco)

Chapter 143. Surface Modification of a Nafion Membrane Due to Phenyltrimethylammonium Cation Doping
(M. V. Martinez de Yuso, M. I. Vázquez, V. Romero, J. Benavente and E. Rodríguez-Castellón)

Chapter 144. Positioning Control of Nafion IPMC and Its Generation Mechanism of Residual Strain
(Akitoshi Itoh)

Chapter 145. Progress of Multifunctional Spin Crossover Complex Film Based on Nafion
(Hajime Kamebuchi, Masaya Enomoto and Norimichi Kojima)

Chapter 146. Regeneration of Palladium Catalysts G-58E Used in the Hydrogenation Process of Ethane-Ethylene Fraction by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
(T. R. Bilalov, F. M. Gumerov, F. R. Gabitov, Kh. E. Kharlampidi, G. I. Fedorov, R. S. Yarullin and I. A. Yakushev)

Chapter 147. Regeneration of Nickel on Kieselguhr Catalyst Used in the Process of Separation of Acetylene Compounds from Isoprene by Supercritical СО2 Extraction
(R. F. Gallyamov, А. А. Sagdeev, F. M. Gumerov and F. R. Gabitov)

Chapter 148. Regeneration of the Active Alumina Catalyst Used in the Methyl Phenyl Carbinol Dehydration Process by Supercritical CO2 Extraction
(A. T. Galimova, A. A. Sagdeev, F. M. Gumerov and N. N. Sarimov)

Chapter 149. Regeneration of LD-265 Palladium Catalyst Used in the Hydrogenation of Diene Hydrocarbons by Supercritical CO2 Extraction
(K. A. Sagdeev, A. A. Sagdeev, F. M. Gumerov, Z. I. Zaripov and B. Le Neindre)

Chapter 150. Regeneration of DN-3531 and Criterion 514 Nickel-Molybdenum Catalysts Used in Kerosene and Gas Oil Hydrotreating by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
(A. A. Jaddoa, T. R. Bilalov, F. M. Gumerov, F. R. Gabitov, Kh. E. Kharlampidi and B. T. Burganov)

Chapter 151. Synthesis of the Palladium Catalyst by Supercritical СO2 Impregnation Method Performed in Static and Dynamic Modes
(T. R. Bilalov, A. A. Zakharov, B. T. Burganov, F. M. Gumerov, Kh. E. Kharlampidi and G. I. Fedorov)

Chapter 152. Essential Oils: Properties, Applications, Extraction Methods, and Perspectives
(Gustavo Haralampidou da Costa Vieira, Barbara Barbosa Dias and Denise Caren Ozório Leonel)

Chapter 153. Phenological Changes in the Biosynthesis and Chemical Composition of the Essential Oils
(Jaime Usano-Alemany, Jesús Palá-Paúl and David Herráiz-Peñalver)

Chapter 154. Extraction Techniques and Pharmacological Potential of Essential Oils from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Mauritius
(Z. Aumeeruddy-Elalfi and F. Mahomoodally)

Chapter 155. Evaluation of Essential Oil of Ocimum gratissimum L. for Antibacterial Activity and Potential to Modify Aminoglycoside Toxicity
(José J. S. Aguiar, Cicera P. B. Sousa, Fernando G. Figueredo, Vanessa C. N. Bitu, Francisco A. V. Santos, Maria I. Ferreira, Maria A. da Silva, Flórido S. N. Peixoto, Henrique D. M. Coutinho and Edinardo F. F. Matias)

Chapter 156. Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Plinia jaboticaba (Vell.) Kausel Essential Oil
(Michele Debiasi Alberton, Gabriele Andressa Zatelli, Leonard de Vinci Kanda Kupa, Adrielli Tenfen,
Diogo Alexandre Siebert, Juliana Bastos, Edesio Luis Simionatto and Caio Maurício Mendes de Cordova)

Chapter 157. Essential Oils as Potential Antioxidant Agents in the Treatment of Oxidative Stress-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases: Results on In Vivo and In Vitro Models
(Carlos Fernández-Moriano, Elena González-Burgos and M. Pilar. Gómez-Serranillos)

Chapter 158. Essential Oils of Some Algerian Endemic and Medicinal Plants: Variability of Their Chemical Compositions and Their Potent as Natural Antioxidants
(Nadhir Gourine)

Chapter 159. Comparative Study of the Essential Oil Effects on the Aspergillus Flavus Growth
(Verônica M. S. Santos, Fábio V. Sussa, Edlayne Gonçalez, Paulo S. C. Silva and Joana D’arc Felicio)

Chapter 160. Essential Oils Applications in Agriculture
(Francisco Wilson Reichert Jr., Maurício Albertoni Scariot, Jéssica Mulinari, Marcio Antônio Mazutti, Helen Treichel and Altemir José Mossi)

Chapter 161. Essential Oils as Growth Promoters in Broiler Chicken
(I. L. Azevedo, E. R. Martins, A. C. Almeida, W. C. L. Nogueira, D. E. Faria Filho and F. S. A. Fonseca)

Chapter 162. Ishpink, Ocotea Quixos (Lam.) Kosterm. History, Traditional Uses, Chemical, Pharmacological Properties and the Economic Potential of its Essentials Oils Present within This Amazonian Species
(Paco Noriega)

Chapter 163. Introduction to Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules: Theory and Principles
(Marko Haramija)

Chapter 164. Introduction to Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules: Problems and Practical Aspects
(Marko Haramija)

Chapter 165. Metal-Organic Frameworks in Theranostic Nanomedicine
(Charity C. Epley and Amanda J. Morris)

Chapter 166. Metal-Organic Frameworks as Promising Sorbents in Solid-Phase Microextraction
(Priscilla Rocío-Bautista, Providencia González-Hernández, Idaira Pacheco-Fernández, Verónica Pino, Juan H. Ayala and Ana M. Afonso)

Chapter 167. Applications of Metal Organic Frameworks in Sensing
(Jiri Hromadka, Begum Tokay, Stephen James and Sergiy Korposh)

Chapter 168. The Applications of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Derived Materials as Oxygen Electrocatalysts
(Fengxiang Yin, Xiaobo He, Hao Wang, Xiao Zhang, Xiaocao Cheng and Jinnan Chen)

Chapter 169. An Overview on Vegetable Oils and Biocatalysis
(Ricardo Rodrigues de Melo, Gustavo Pagotto Borin, Guilherme Keppe Zanini, Antonio Adalberto Kaupert Neto, Bruna Soares Fernandes and Fabiano Jares Contesini)

Chapter 170. Assessing Authenticity of Vegetable Oils
(Nicoleta-Aurelia Chira, Raluca Stan and Sorin Ioan Roşca)

Chapter 171. Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oils: A Sustainable Energy Alternative
(Edith Martinez-Guerra and Veera Gnaneswar Gude)

Chapter 172. Vegetable Oil as a Feedstock for Biodiesel Synthesis
(Ivana Lukić, Željka Kesić, Miodrag Zdujić and Dejan Skala)

Chapter 173. Ozonized Vegetable Oils: Production, Chemical Characterization and Therapeutic Potential
(Nathália Rodrigues de Almeida, Adilson Beatriz, Eduardo José de Arruda, Dênis Pires de Lima, Lincoln Carlos Silva de Oliveira and Ana Camila Micheletti)

Chapter 174. Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil
(Gerard G. Dumancas Lakshmi C. Kasi Viswanath, Arnie R. de Leon, Sindhura Ramasahayam, Randall Maples, Rangika Hikkaduwa Koralege, Undugodage Don Nuwan Perera, Joel Langford, Aamina Shakir and Samuel Castles)

Chapter 175. Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Dihydropyridines
(Shunsuke Sueki and Isao Shimizu)

Chapter 176. Latest Research in the Synthesis of 1,4-Dihydropyridine Derivatives under Greener Reaction Conditions
(V. Calvino-Casilda, E. Pérez-Mayoral, A. J. López-Peinado and R. M. Martín-Aranda)

Chapter 177. Synthesis of Cyclic 1,4-Dihydropyridines Catalyzed by Fe(ClO4)3/SiO2
(Farahnaz K. Behbahani and Mahsa Mohammadloo)

Chapter 178. Synthesis of Chiral Dihydropyridines
(Shinji Yamada)

Chapter 179. Organic Corrosion Inhibitors and Industrial Applications
(Gözde Tansuğ and Tunç Tüken)

Chapter 180. Application of Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites as Corrosion Inhibitors
(Saviour A. Umoren and Moses M. Solomon)

Chapter 181. Uses of Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors in Amine-Based CO2 Absorption Processes
(Amornvadee Veawab, Sureshkumar Srinivasan and Adisorn Aroonwilas)

Chapter 182. The Effectiveness of Copaiba Oil Loaded into a Microemulsion System as a Green Corrosion Inhibitor
(Denise P. Emerenciano, Ana Carla C. Andrade, Melyssa L. de Medeiros, Maria de Fátima V. de Moura
and Maria Aparecida M. Maciel)

Chapter 183. Corrosion Mechanism and Inhibitors for Al Based Particulate Metal Matrix Composite (APMMCs)
(Ajay Singh Verma, Sumankant and N. M. Suri)

Chapter 184. Electrochemical Study of 1,3,4-Triazolium-2-Thiol as a Corrosion Inhibitor of Mild Steel in Saline Medium
(Jardel D. Cunha, Cátia G. F. T. Rossi, Djalma R. Silva, Ewerton R. F. Teixeira, Aurea Echevarria and Maria Aparecida M. Maciel)

Chapter 185. Mycotoxin Glucosides (Masked Mycotoxins)
(Hiroyuki Nakagawa)

Chapter 186. Steryl Glycosides in Foods: An Overview
(Raquel B. Gómez-Coca, María del Carmen Pérez-Camino and Wenceslao Moreda)

Chapter 187. Phase Behavior of n-Alkyl Glucosides in the Arid System ─ Recent Developments and Experiment Notes
(Shigesaburo Ogawa)

Chapter 188. Design and Applications of Supramolecular Systems Based on (thia)Calixarene Ammonium Derivatives
(Ivan I. Stoikov, Pavel L. Padnya, Elena A. Andreyko and Joshua B. Puplampu)

Chapter 189. The Lindqvist Hexavanadate: A Platform For Coordination-Directed Assembly
(Oliver Linnenberg, Aleksandar Kondinski and Kirill Yu. Monakhov)

Chapter 190. Supramolecular Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Metal-Nucleobase Entities
(Sonia Pérez-Yáñez, Garikoitz Beobide, Oscar Castillo, Javier Cepeda and Antonio Luque)

Chapter 191. Biomimetic Studies of Porphyrin Self-Assembled Systems
(A. G. Bessmertnykh-Lemeune, R. Guilard, C. Stern, Yu. Yu. Enakieva, Yu. G. Gorbunova, A. Yu. Tsivadze, and S. E. Nefedov)

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