Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 18 (With Biographical Sketches)


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI013000

This book is a compilation of research summaries from a number of different focuses in the field of chemistry research. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I: Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1. Teresa Albuquerque
Chapter 2. Margarida Antunes
Chapter 3. Alison Curnow
Chapter 4. Dragana Đorđević
Chapter 5. Mohammad K. Hossain
Chapter 6. Tomohito Kameda
Chapter 7. Xiangkai Li
Chapter 8. Ivana Lončarević
Chapter 9. Olga Makarova
Chapter 10. K.A. Matis
Chapter 11. Alexandros Papageorgiou
Chapter 12. Priscilla Rocio-Bautista
Chapter 13. Michael M. Silaev
Chapter 14. Judit Telegdi
Chapter 15. Tadaharu Ueda
Chapter 16. Mingshan Zhu

Part II: Research Summaries
Chapter 17. Physical Modelling of Biogenic VOCs Emission and Dispersion in a Forest Stand
(S. Aubrun and B. Leitl)

Chapter 18. Estimation of VOCs Emissions during the Wildland Fires from 1995 to 2009 in Corsica
(T. Barboni, P. A. Santoni and F. Bosseur)

Chapter 19. Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions of Heated Mediterranean Vegetal Species
(K. Chetehouna, L. Courty, L. Lemée, F. Bey and J. P. Garo)

Chapter 20. Contribution of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds to Tropospheric Ozone Formation in the Pearl River Delta Region of China
(K. Cheung and H. Guo)

Chapter 21. Natural Organic Compounds from the Urban Forest of the Metropolitan Region, Chile: Impact on Air Quality
(M. Préndez, K. Corada and J. Morales)

Chapter 22. Latest Results on the Catalytic Oxidation of Light Alkanes, As Probe VOC Molecules, over Ru-Based Catalysts: Effects of Physicochemical Properties on the Catalytic Performances
(Hongjing Wu, L. F. Liotta and A. Giroir-Fendler)

Chapter 23. Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Using Adsorption Process onto Natural Clays
(H. Zaitan and H. Valdés)

Chapter 24. Analysis of Kinetic Models of Chemical Reaction Systems. Value Approach
(L. A. Tavadyan and G. A. Martoyan)

Chapter 25. The Effects of Processing on the Phase, Structure and Properties of Thick Gd2O3 Films Deposited by Reactive Electron-Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (EB-PVD)
(Daniel A. Grave and Douglas E. Wolfe)

Chapter 26. The Application of Gd(DTPA)2- Contrast Agent on the
Quantitative Measurement of Glycosaminoglycans in Cartilage by Microscopic MRI
(ShaoKuan Zheng and Yang Xia)

Chapter 27. Application of Gadolinium Magnetic Resonance in Cardiology
(A. Doltra and S. Kelle)

Chapter 28. Versatility of Flow-Through Optosensors with Terbium-Sensitized Luminescence Detection: Theory and Applications
(A. Ruiz-Medina and E. J. Llorent-Martínez)

Chapter 29. Terbium-Based Crystals and Transparent Ceramics Phosphors: Fabrication and Applications
(Mythili Prakasam and Alain Largeteau)

Chapter 30. Gadolinium Luminescent Materials Obtained by Spray Pyrolysis, Co-Precipitation, and Non-Hydrolytic Sol-Gel Route: Structure and Optical Properties
(Marcela Guedes Matos, Gabriela Simões Freiria, Lídia Resende Oliveira, Emerson Henrique de Faria, Paulo Sérgio Calefi, Katia Jorge Ciuffi, Lucas Alonso Rocha, Eduardo José Nassar, Marc Verelst, Sémiyou A. Osseni and Séverine Lechevallier)

Chapter 31. Thermodynamic Study of Mixed-Ligand Complex Formation of Gadolinium(III) Ethylenediaminetetraacetate with Dipeptides in Solution
(Dmitrii Pyreu, Eugenii Kozlovskii, Matvey Gruzdev and Roman Kumeev)

Chapter 32. Electrodeposition, Composition and Properties of Zn-Cr Alloy Coatings
(Tz. Boiadjieva and M. Monev)

Chapter 33. Some Applications of Chromium Alloys in Electroanalysis
(Diego E. Pissinis and Juan M. Marioli)

Chapter 34. Production of Nano-Structured Chromium-Containing Alloys by Machining
(Manabu Tanaka, Ryuichi Kato and Tadashi Fujita)

Chapter 35. Samarium Compounds: Amazing World of Catalysts
(Cláudia D. Raposo)

Chapter 36. The Sm-Complex/Polymer Composite with Excellent Luminescent and X-Ray Shielding Properties
(Li Liu, Shipeng Wen and Lu Yao)

Chapter 37. Activation Procedures of SmI2 and Its Utilization for Organic Reactions
(Aya Yoshimura and Akiya Ogawa)

Chapter 38. Comparison of Sm(III) and Cr(VI) Ions for Visible Light Induced Reduction in Methanol by Hybrid Systems of Chiral Schiff Base Cu(II) Complexes and TiO2
(Naoki Yoshida and Takashiro Akitsu)

Chapter 39. Potential Applications of Samarium As a Dopant Element
(Nader Shehata and Kathleen Meehan)

Chapter 40. Arsenic Intake and Urine As Biomarker of Exposure in Two Endemic Arsenic Areas in Chile: Phytoremediation As a Strategy for the Recovery of Contaminated Soils
(Oscar P. Díaz, Nelson Núñez, Yasna M. Tapia, Rafael Arcos, Rubén Pastene, Dinoraz Vélez and Rosa Montoro)

Chapter 41. Malignant Transformation Models in vitro for the Study of Arsenic Carcinogenesis
(Ning Ma and Shiwen Huang)

Chapter 42. Analytical Detection of Arsenic Species in Environmental and Biological Materials
(Akira Namera and Akito Takeuchi)

Chapter 43. Inorganic Arsenic in Foodstuffs: Health Effects and Analytical Methods for Its Determination
(I. N. Pasias, A. K. Psoma, N. I. Rousis, and N. S. Thomaidis)

Chapter 44. Arsenic Exposure Inhibits Poly (ADP)-Ribosylation of Nuclear Proteins in PC-12 Cells and Rat Brain
(Fátima Ceballos, Juan Manuel Delgado, Claudia G. Castillo, Othir Galicia-Cruz and María E. Jiménez-Capdeville)

Chapter 45. Distribution and Abundance of Arsenic in the Soils and Plants
(Ismail M. M. Rahman, Zinnat A. Begum, S. Y. Salehi-Lisar, Rouhollah Motafakkerazad, M. Rabiul Awual
and Hiroshi Hasegawa)

Chapter 46. Chemical-Electrochemical Approaches to Chalcopyrite Passivation Behavior
(Gianfranco Debernardi and Carlos Carlesi)

Chapter 47. MBE-Grown ZnSnAs2 Epitaxial Films: A Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Host Prospect
(Joel T. Asubar, Hiroto Oomae and Naotaka Uchitomi)

Chapter 48. Effect of Se Flux on the Cu (In1-xGax)Se2 Thin Film and Solar Cell Properties Grown by Three Stage Evaporation Process
(Muhammad Monirul Islam, Takeaki Sakurai and Katsuhiro Akimoto)

Chapter 49. Crystal Chemistry, Electronic and Vibrational Structure of Compounds with Chalcopyrite Lattice
(Yu. M. Basalaev and A. S. Poplavnoi)

Chapter 50. “Sizing” Giant Molybdenum‐Oxide‐Based Molecular Spheres of the Keplerate Type
(Sabyasachi Sarkar)

Chapter 51. Molybdenum Blue: A Rendezvous with Colloid and Coordination Chemistry
(Soumyajit Roy)

Chapter 52. Molybdenum-Based Compounds for Energy Storage and Conversion
(Qamar Abbas and Yogesh Kumar)

Chapter 53. Molybdenum-Based Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation by Water Electrolysis
(Viswanathan S. Saji)

Chapter 54. Recent Developments in Molybdenum (VI) Oxide Preparation and Application
(Nguyen Huu Huy Phuc, Hiroyuki Muto and Noriyoshi Kakuta)

Chapter 55. Molybdenum Oxide: Its Positive Action on Ionic Glassy Conductors
(M. A. Frechero, P. E. diPrátula, E. Cardillo and S. Terny)

Chapter 56. Molecular Oxygen Activation by Oxo-Molybdenum As a Heterogeneous Catalytic System
(Nelson J. Castellanos)

Chapter 57. Molybdenum-Based Cyclopentadienyl Carbonyl Complexes As Precursors for Epoxidation Catalysts
(A. Sakthivel andM. Sathiyendiran)

Chapter 58. Photomagnetism in Octacyanomolybdates of the Square Antiprism Configuration
(Jun Ohara and Shoji Yamamoto)

Chapter 59. Molybdates As Matrices of 99mTc Generators
(F. Monroy-Guzman)

Chapter 60. Intercalation of Solid Polymer Electrolytes into Molybdenum Diselenide
(Hao Xu, Rabin Bissessur and Douglas C. Dahn)

Chapter 61. Electrochemical Behaviours of Mo/Mo-Oxides
(Viswanathan S. Saji and Chi-Woo Lee)

Chapter 62. Mechanism of Anodic Oxidation and Transpassive Dissolution of Molybdenum
(Iva Betova)

Chapter 63. Electrodeposition of Nickel-Molybdenum Alloys
(Manoj Kumar Tripathi and V. B. Singh)

Chapter 64. Molybdenum in Ionic Melts: Electrodeposition of Molybdenum and Molybdenum Carbides and Their Electrochemical Behaviors
(V. Malyshev, N. Uskova, S. Kochetova, A. Savchuk, A. Gab, D. Shakhnin, A. Pisanenko, N. Tumanova and I. Astrelin)

Chapter 65. Thermodynamic Properties and Structure of Gaseous Molybdates
(Sergey I. Lopatin, Sergey M. Shugurov and Ksenia A. Emelyanova)

Chapter 66. Kinetics of Molybdenum Oxidation between 375 and 500ºC
(Georgina De Micco, Horacio E. Nassini and Ana E. Bohé)

Chapter 67. Synthesis and Properties of Nanometric Carbides in the Mo-Ti-C System
(Anna Biedunkiewicz, Marta Krawczyk, Urszula Gabriel-Polrolniczak and Pawel Figiel)

Chapter 68. Recent Methodologies for Molybdenum Determination in Geological Matrices
(Arabinda K. Das, M. Luisa Cervera and Miguel de la Guardia)

Chapter 69. Molybdenum Distributions and Controls in Groundwater from the Pampean Aquifer of La Pampa Province, Argentina
(Pauline L. Smedley and Hugo B. Nicolli)

Chapter 70. Refining of Low-Grade Molybdenite Concentrate
(T. R. Mankhand)

Chapter 71. The Products of Laser Ablated Thorium Atom Reactions with Small Molecules
(Lester Andrews)

Chapter 72. Soil Profile Thorium and Uranium Concentration Distributions in Southeastern Missouri Soils
(Michael Aide, Donn Beighley and David Dunn)

Chapter 73. Influence of a Coal-Fired Power Plant on the Thorium Levels in Soils and on the Radioactive Hazard for the Population
(Elena Charro and Rafael Pardo)

Chapter 74. Behavior of Th-Isotopes along the Pigment TiO2 Industrial Production Process
(M. J. Gázquez, J. Mantero, S. Pérez-Moreno, R. García–Tenorio and J. P. Bolívar)

Chapter 75. Some Features of the Th Presence in the Poços De Caldas Alkaline Massif, Minas Gerais State, Brazil
(Daniel Marcos Bonotto)

Chapter 76. Thorium Occurrence: Geological and Geophysical Implications for Western Australia
(M. F. Middleton, J. Brett and D. Flint)

Chapter 77. Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Properties of Oxygen-Containing Compounds of Thorium
(Alexander V. Knyazev and Marina E. Manyakina)

Chapter 78. Unique Role of Thorium in Closed (Th-U-Pu)-Fuel Cycle due to the Involvement of Hybrid “Fusion-Fission” Reactors with Th-Blanket to Generate Advanced (231Pa+232U+233U)-Fuel: Long-Life Power Reactor Cores and Non-Proliferation
(A. N. Shmelev, G. G. Kulikov, E. G. Kulikov, V. A. Apse and N. I. Geraskin)

Chapter 79. The Development of Organic Phosphorus Chemistry: Discoveries of the Nineteenth Century
(Louis DuBose Quin)

Chapter 80. Protein Kinase-Targeting Drug Discovery and Design: Computational Chemistry As an Indispensable Tool
(Pedro M. M. Araújo, Luís Pinto da Silva and Joaquim C. G. Esteves da Silva)

Chapter 81. Computational Chemistry Investigation of UV Filters
(Paulo J. O. Ferreira, Luís Pinto da Silva, Margarida S. Miranda and Joaquim C. G. Esteves da Silva)

Chapter 82. Using the Network Simulation Method to Study Ionic Transport Processes in Electrochemical Cells
(A. A. Moya)

Chapter 83. Molecular Simulation of Electron Beam Nanofabrication
(Masaaki Yasuda and Kazuhiro Tada)

Chapter 84. Interpretation of Chiral Ordering of Hybrid System of Several AZO Dyes and Chiral Schiff Base Co(II) Complex Induced by Circularly Polarized Light
(Nobumitsu Sunaga, Shohei Furuya, Maiko Ito, Chigusa Kominato and Takashiro Akitsu)

Chapter 85. A General Procedure for a Priori Calculation of Thermochemical Properties of Organic Molecules and Free Radicals
(Arijit Bhattacharya, Yuvraj Dangat and Kumar Vanka)

Chapter 86. Strategies for Design of New Organic Molecular Rectifiers: Chemical and Molecular-Simulation Perspectives
(Morad M. El-Hendawy, Niall J. English and Ahmed M. El-Nahas)

Chapter 87. DFT Studies of 8,6-Electrocyclizations of Benzooctatetraenes and Benzodecapentaenes
(Davor Margetić, Iva Jušinski and Irena Škorić)

Chapter 88. Waste/Contaminated Polystyrene Recycling through Reverse Polymerization
(Piero Frediani, Andrea Undri, Luca Rosi and Marco Frediani)

Chapter 89. Polystyrene-Based Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
(Patrizio Raffa)

Chapter 90. Expanded Polystyrene: Thermo-Mechanical Recycling, Characterization and Application
(Matheus Poletto, Heitor L. Ornaghi Júnior and Ademir J. Zattera)

Chapter 91. Gigaporous Polystyrene Microspheres and Their Applications in High-Speed Protein Chromatography
(Jian-Bo Qu, Fang Huang, Wei-Qing Zhou, Fei Gao and Guang-Hui Ma)

Chapter 92. Functional Structures Fabricated from Submicron-Scale Polystyrene Spherical Particles
(Akira Emoto and Takashi Fukuda)

Chapter 93. Synthesis and Applications of Ionic Polystyrenes Derived from Imidazolium-Based Polymerizable Ionic Liquids
(Jun-ichi Kadokawa)

Chapter 94. Hypercrosslinked Polystyrene: A New Life for the Old Polymer
(M. P. Tsyurupa, A. V. Pastukhov, Z. K. Blinnikova, L. A. Pavlova, M. M. Il’in, Yu. A. Davidovich and V. A. Davankov)

Chapter 95. Synthesis and Characterization of Polystyrene Based Nanocomposites
(Vesna V. Vodnik, Enis S. Džunuzović and Jasna V. Džunuzović)

Chapter 96. Polystyrene Spheres for Template in the Production of Nanostructured Materials
(Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Takashi Ogi and Kikuo Okuyama)

Chapter 97. Applications of Polystyrene and Its Role as a Base in Industrial Chemistry
(Tanvir Arfin, Faruq Mohammad and Nor Azah Yusof)

Chapter 98 A New Equation for Homogeneous Nucleation from Polystyrene Solutions
(John H. Jennings)

Chapter 99 Effects of Radiation Damage in GaN and Related Materials
(S. J. Pearton, Fan Ren, Y. H. Hwang, Shun Li, Yueh-Ling Hsieh, Alexander Y. Polyakov and Jihyun Kim)

Chapter 100. Mechanisms Determining Reliability in Electrically Stressed AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
(F. Ren Y.-H. Hwang, Shun Li, Yueh-Ling Hsieh, P. G. Whiting, M. R. Holzworth, S. J. Pearton and K. S. Jones)

Chapter 101. Low-Dimensional GaN: Structure, Synthesis and Physical Properties
(Dongwei Xu, Haiying He and Ravindra Pandey)

Chapter 102. Wurtzite Gallium Nitride Nanostructures: Syntheses and Growth Mechanisms
(Yucheng Lan, Jianye Li and Zhifeng Ren)

Chapter 103. GaN Schottky Contacts and Their Applications
(R. X. Wang, S. J. Xu and S. Fung)

Chapter 104. GaN MOSFET on AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure
(Jin-Ping Ao)

Chapter 105. Structural and Dielectric Properties of the Gallium Nitride and Silica Nanoparticles Investigated by Molecular Dynamics
(Alexander Y. Galashev)

Chapter 106. AlGaN/GaN-Based Lateral-Type Schottky Barrier Diode with Bonding Pad over Active Structure Prepared on Sapphire Substrate
(Jae-Hoon Lee)

Chapter 107. Improvement in Heat Dissipation Capability of GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
(Ray-Hua Horng, Sin-Liang Ou and Dong-Sing Wuu)

Chapter 108. Gallium Nitride Bulk and Nanostructures for Spintronic Application
(E. Salmani, O. Mounkachi, H. Ez-Zahraouy, H. El Moussaoui, R. Masrour, M. Hamedoun and A. Benyoussef)

Chapter 109. Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) for Photovoltaic Application
(O. Mounkachi, E. Salmani, H. Ez-Zahraouy, M. Hamedoun and A. Benyoussef)

Chapter 110 Unipolar Resistive Switching Effect
(Tatiana V. Kundozerova and Genrickh B. Stefanovich)

Chapter 111. Some Fundamental Points of Technology of Lithium Niobate and Lithium Tantalate Single Crystals
(M. N. Palatnikov and N. V. Sidorov)

Chapter 112. Sputter Deposited Nanolaminates Containing Group IVB (Ti, Zr, Hf)-Oxides: Phase Structure and Near Band Gap Optical Absorption Behavior
(Carolyn Rubin Aita)

Chapter 113. Optical and Electrical Switching of Thermochromic VO2 Smart Coatings
(Mohammed Soltani)

Chapter 114. Predicting Performance for BeLPT Testing: A Review
(Dan Middleton and Michael Lewin)

Chapter 115. Clinical Aspects of Chronic Beryllium Disease: A Review
(Hans Schweisfurth)

Chapter 116. Cosmogenic Nuclide Beryllium-10 in Marginal Sea Research
(Yong-Liang Yang, Masashi Kusakabe, Zhenxia Liu, Chengde Shen, Tiegang Li, Xuefa Shi and Zhenbo Cheng)

Chapter 117. Beryllium-7 Content in Rain: Evidences for a Semiarid Environment
(J. Juri Ayub, R. H. Velasco, M. Rizzotto and R. M. Anjos)

Chapter 118. A Novel Flash Ironmaking Technology Based on Naturally Occurring Magnetite Mineral
(Hong Yong Sohn)

Chapter 119. Preparation and Application of Magnetite-Based Catalysts to Wastewater Treatment
(Macarena Munoz and Juan J. Rodriguez)

Chapter 120. Characteristics of Magnetite and Related Spinel Ferrite Thin Films, and Their Magnetoresistive Multilayers
(Hiroshi Matsuda)

Chapter 121. Magnetite, Properties and Modern Biomedical Applications
(Marius Chirita, Mihaela Luminita Kiss and Cecilia Savii)

Chapter 122. Interpolyelectrolyte Functionalized Shells of Magnetite Nano- and Microparticles 263
(N. A. Samoilova, V.E. Tikhonov, M. A. Krayukhina and I. A. Yamskov)

Chapter 123. Solving Some of the World’s Problems with Ruthenium Complexes: Their Role in Imaging and Biomedical Applications
(Jimmie L. Bullock, Michael J. Celestine and Alvin A. Holder)

Chapter 124. Solving Some of the World’s Problems with Ruthenium Complexes: Their Use in Solar Energy Capture and Production of Hydrogen
(Michael J. Celestine, Jimmie L. Bullock and Alvin A. Holder)

Chapter 125. Advances in the Use of Ruthenium Complexes for Medicinal Applications
(Sarah Weisner and Shawn Swavey)

Chapter 126. “RuCp” a Versatile Moiety: From NLO to Antitumor Properties
(Tiago J. L. Silva, Paulo J. Mendes, Tânia S. Morais, Andreia Valente, M. Paula Robalo and M. Helena Garcia)

Chapter 127. Ruthenium-Catalyzed Isomerization of Allylic and Propargylic Alcohols in Non-Conventional Solvents
(Noel Nebra and Joaquín García-Álvarez)

Chapter 128. Voltammetric and Spectroscopic Methods for the Ruthenium Determination in the Environment at Ultra-Trace Concentration Level: Critical Comparison and Application to Airborne Particulate Matter, Vegetables, Superficial Waters, Mussels, Clams and Soils
(Clinio Locatelli and Dora Melucci)

Chapter 129. Design and Mechanistic Insight into Molecular Ruthenium-Based Water Oxidation Catalysts
(Markus D. Kärkäs and Björn Åkermark)

Chapter 130. Ruthenium Compounds with Schiff Bases: Design and Promising Applications of Salicylideneimine Complexes
(Emira Kahrović)

Chapter 131. Polymeric Ruthenium Compounds: Synthesis and Employment As Synthons
(Frederick P. Malan, Eric Singleton and Reinout Meijboom)

Chapter 132. Regulation of GABA Synthesis and Transport
(Jigar Pravinchandra Modi, Howard Prentice and Jang-Yen Wu)

Chapter 133. GABA Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(Susana Correa-García and Mariana Bermúdez-Moretti)

Chapter 134. The Effects of Persistent Activation of GABAA Receptors by Neurotransmitter GABA
(Josipa Vlainić, Dubravka Švob Štrac and Maja Jazvinšćak Jembrek)

Chapter 135. The Role of GABA in Development and Behaviour: Emphasis on the Effects of GABA Receptor Agonists and Antagonists
(Maja Jazvinšćak Jembrek, Josipa Vlainić and Vedrana Radovanović)

Chapter 136. The Effects of GABA and GABAergic Drugs on the HPA Axis Activity
(Dubravka Svob Strac, Dorotea Muck-Seler and Nela Pivac)

Chapter 137. GABAergic Drugs in the Treatment of Cerebellar Ataxia and Other Motor Disorders of the Central Nervous System
(José Gazulla, Carlota Ruiz-Gazulla and María Tintoré)

Chapter 138. GABA-Mediated over-Inhibition in Down Syndrome: Implications for Cognitive and Neuromorphological Phenotypes
(Paula Martínez and Carmen Martínez-Cué)

Chapter 139. Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia and GABAergic System: Implications for Treatment
(Maite Solas and Maria J. Ramirez)

Chapter 140. GABAergic System and Alzheimer’s Disease
(Claudio De Piazza)

Chapter 141. GABA Pharmacology in Veterinary Medicine: From Anesthesia to Phobias Treatment
(Jelena Šuran and Josipa Vlainić)

Chapter 142. Oxidative Stress and Lipid Oxidation: Non-Inhibited and Inhibited
(Vessela D. Kancheva)

Chapter 143. Assessment of Oxidative Balance in the Lipo- and Hydro-Philic Cellular Environment in Biological Systems
(G. Malanga, J. M. Ostera and S. Puntarulo)

Chapter 144. Mass Spectrometry Detection of Protein Modification by Cross-Reaction with Lipid Peroxidation Products
(M. Rosário Domingues, Maria Fedorova and Pedro Domingues)

Chapter 145. Diagonal Gel Electrophoretic Analysis of Protein Disulfides: Principles and Applications
(Xiaoting Luo, Rongrong Li and Liang-Jun Yan)

Chapter 146. Participation of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Toxicity of Cobalt, Nickel, Cadmium and Mercury
(Sandra Viviana Verstraeten)

Chapter 147. Biodegradation of Metallic Biomaterials: Its Relation with the Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species
(Natalia S. Fagali, Claudia A. Grillo, Susana Puntarulo and Mónica A. Fernández Lorenzo)

Chapter 148. Oxidative Modifications of Proteins in the Aging Heart
(Peter Kaplan, Zuzana Tatarkova, Veronika Ilovska, Jan Lehotsky, Peter Racay and Dusan Dobrota)

Chapter 149. Role of Reactive Oxygen Species As Signaling Molecules in the Regulation of Physiological Processes of the Nervous System
(Mauricio Olguín-Albuerne, Marco Antonio Zaragoza-Campillo and Julio Morán)

Chapter 150. Oxidative Stress in Diabetes and Hypertension Treated with Alternative Therapy of Medicinal Plants
(Alfredo Saavedra-Molina, Rafael Salgado-Garciglia, Ruth Noriega-Cisneros, Edgar R. Esquivel-Gutiérrez,
Salvador Manzo-Avalos, Christian Cortés-Rojo and Rocío Montoya-Pérez)

Chapter 151. Redox Homeostasis Impairment as an Important Pathomechanism of Tissue Damage in Inborn Errors of Metabolism with Intoxication: Insights from Human and Animal Studies
(Guilhian Leipnitz, Bianca Seminotti, César Augusto João Ribeiro and Moacir Wajner)

Chapter 152. Lipid Peroxidation of Phospholipids in Retinal Membranes and in Liposomes Made of Retinal Lipids: Similarities and Differences
(Angel Catalá)

Chapter 153. Bioalcohol Production
(Francesco Dalena and Angelo Basile)

Chapter 154. Bioethanol Production and Metabolism by Aquatic Photosynthetic Microbes: Algae and Cyanobacteria
(G. Kenchappa Kumaraswamy)

Chapter 155. Process Development for Hydrolysate Optimization from Lignocellulosic Biomass Towards Biofuel Production
(Ankita Mazumder, Sunil Maity, Dwaipayan Sen and Kalyan Gayen)

Chapter 156. Application of Ultrasonication in the Production of Second-Generation Bioethanol
(Keat Teong Lee and Cynthia Ofori-Boateng)

Chapter 157. The Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Small Organic Molecules (Methanol, Formic Acid and Ethanol)
(Zhiming Cui)

Chapter 158. Bimetallic Catalysts, Alloy Catalysts, and Bed Reactors for Alcohols and Bio-alcohols Reforming
(Vincenzo Palma, Antonio Ricca, Marco Martino, Daniela Barba and Paolo Ciambelli)

Chapter 159. Alcohols and Bio-Alcohols and Bio-Alcohols Derived Hydrogen in Fuel Cells
(Vincenzo Palma, Antonio Ricca, Marco Martino, Daniela Barba and Paolo Ciambelli)

Chapter 160. Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Alcohols in Conventional Reactors
(Francesco Frusteri and Giuseppe Bonura)

Chapter 161. Alcohols and Bio-Alcohols Steam and Autothermal Reforming in a Membrane Reactor
(Jordi Llorca and Ali Hedayati)

Chapter 162. Photocatalytic Conversion of Alcohols
(Riitta L. Keiski, Tanja Kolli, Prem Kumar Seelam, Khawer Shafqat, Anna Valtanen and Mika Huuhtanen)

Chapter 163. How to Determine the Adequateness of Multiple Linear Regression and QSAR Models?
(Károly Héberger)

Chapter 164. Repeated Double Cross Validation (rdCV) – A Strategy for Optimizing Empirical Multivariate Models, and for Comparing Their Prediction Performances
(Kurt Varmuza and Peter Filzmoser)

Chapter 165. Fuzzy Clustering of Environmental Data
(Costel Sârbu)

Chapter 166. Accuracy in Self Modeling Curve Resolution Methods
(Golnar Ahmadi and Hamid Abdollahi)

Chapter 167. Chemometric Background Correction in Liquid Chromatography
(Julia Kuligowski, Guillermo Quintás and Miguel de la Guardia)

Chapter 168. How to Compute the Area of Feasible Solutions, a Practical Case Study and Users’ Guide to Fac-Pack
(M. Sawall and K. Neymeyr)

Chapter 169 Multiway Calibration Approaches to Handle Problems Linked to the Determination of Emergent Contaminants in Waters
(Mirta R. Alcaráz, Romina Brasca, María S. Cámara, María J. Culzoni, Agustina V. Schenone, Carla M. Teglia, Luciana Vera-Candioti and Héctor C. Goicoechea)

Chapter 170. Quantification of Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
(Mohammad Ali Parto Dezfouli and Hamidreza Saligheh Rad)

Chapter 171. Data Handling and Analysis in Metabolomics
(Marc Breit, Christian Baumgartner and Klaus M. Weinberger)

Chapter 172. On Some Emerging Concepts in the QSAR Paradigm
(Rahul Balasaheb Aher, Pravin Ambure and Kunal Roy)

Chapter 173. Chemometric Treatment of Serum Spectra for Obtaining Information about the Clinical Parameters
(D. Perez-Guaita, J. Ventura-Gayete, C. Pérez-Rambla, M. Sancho-Andreu, S. Garrigues and M. de la Guardia)

Chapter 174. Most Common Techniques of Outlier Detection
(Amir Bagheri Garmarudi, Keyvan Ghasemi, Faezeh Mozaffari, Mona Khorani and Mohammadreza Khanmohammadi)

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