Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 14


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI013000

This book is a compilation of research summaries from a number of different focuses in the field of chemistry research. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Photoluminescence of the Self Assembled GeSi/Si(001) Nanoislands Grown by Sublimation Molecular Beam Epitaxy in GeH4 Ambient (pp. 1-2)
D. O. Filatov, M. A. Isakov, V. G. Shengurov, M. O. Marychev, A. V. Nezdanov and A. I. Mashin

Chapter 2 – Internal Quantum Efficiency of Photoluminescence in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors (pp. 3-4)
Michael A. Reshchikov

Chapter 3 – A Fresh Look at the Structural, Ferroelectric and Photoluminescent Properties in Perovskites (pp. 5-6)
Juan Andrés, V. Longo, L. Cavalcante, M. L. Moreira, J. Varela and E. Longo

Chapter 4 – An Overview on the Photoluminescence Emission in ZnO Single Crystal. A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Analysis (pp. 7-8)
Renata C. Lima, J. Andrés, Júlio R. Sambrano, Valéria M. Longo, Leilane R. Macário, José W. M. Espinosa, Paulo S. Pizani, José A. Varela and Elson Longo

Chapter 5 – Photoluminescence Properties of Anodic Alumina (pp. 9-10)
I. V. Gasenkova, N. I. Mukhurov and S. P. Zhvavyi

Chapter 6 – Photoluminescence from Rare Earth Ions Doped Nanocrystals (pp. 11-12)
Zuoling Fu and Siyuan Zhang

Chapter 7 – Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Photoluminescence Properties of Erbium(III) Complexes (pp. 13-14)
Eny Kusrini, Muhammad I. Saleh and Anwar Usman

Chapter 8 – Molecular Self-Assemblies Based on Naphthalene Moiety (pp. 15-16)
Vladimir Burtman

Chapter 9 – Molecular Ionization-Dissociation of Naphthalene in the Multiple Photon Absorption Regimes (pp. 17-18)
Juan C. Poveda, I. Álvarez and C. Cisneros

Chapter 10 – Transition Metals Complexes of Naphthalene: DFT Studies of Structures, Reactivity and Dynamic Behaviour (pp. 19-20)
Yuri F. Oprunenko and Igor P. Gloriozov

Chapter 11 – Luminescence of Naphthalene in Self-Assembled Inclusion Complexes with Cyclodextrins (pp. 21-22)
Vitaly G. Avakyan, Valery B. Nazarov and Michail V. Alfimov

Chapter 12 – Naphthalene-Based Fluorophores: Structure, Properties and Applications (pp. 23-24)
Ana M. G. Silva, Carla Queirós and Filipe Monteiro-Silva

Chapter 13 – The Effect of Substitution on the Fluorescence Property of Naphthalene on a-Alumina and Its Application to Energy Transfer and Excimer Formation (pp. 25-26)
Rachel K. Teranishi, Laura M. Selby, Samantha R. Gardner, Seth W. Simonds, Michael S. Douglas, K. A. Martin and A. M. Nishimura

Chapter 14 – Naphthalene Decomposition in Industrial Flue Gases by the Action of Ionizing Radiation (pp. 27-28)
Henrietta Nichipor and Gennady Gerasimov

Chapter 15 – Aminophosphonates: Synthesis and Practical Application (pp. 29-30)
Ivan I. Stoikov,, Olga A. Mostovaya, Alena A. Vavilova, Joshua B. Puplampu, Igor S. Antipin and Alexander I. Konovalov

Chapter 16 – The Role of Phosphorus Ligands in the Homo-and Co-Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers (pp. 31-32)
Giovanni Ricci, Anna Sommazzi, Giuseppe Leone, Aldo Boglia and Francesco Masi

Chapter 17 – Effects of Phosphorus Doping on the Electrical Properties of Diamond and Carbon Nanotubes (pp. 33-34)
Qingyi Shao, Aqing Chen, Guangwen Wang and Juan Zhang

Chapter 18 – Limiting Nutrient and Eutrophication in Aquatic Systems – The Nitrogen/Phosphorus Dilemma (pp. 35-36)
Lars Håkanson

Chapter 19 – Study on the Environmental Response of Sedimentary Phosphorus of Shallow Lakes to Anthropogenic Impact in Lixia River Basin, China (pp. 37-38)
Ying Zhang, Ling Liu, Chengpeng Lu and Bao Qian

Chapter 20 – Application of the Standards, Measurements and Testing Programme and X-Ray Powder Diffraction to Study Phosphorus Speciation in Sediments from Baihua Lake, China (pp. 39-40)
Mei Jin, Jiwei Hu, Liya Fu and Miao Jia

Chapter 21 – Phosphorus Complex of Porphyrins (pp. 41-42)
Kazutaka Hirakawa

Chapter 22 – Evaluation of Pesticide-induced DNA Damage and Oxidative Stress on Human and Wildlife Populations in Santa Fe Province (Argentina) (pp. 43-44)
G. L. Poletta, M. F. Simoniello, M. Porcel de Peralta, E. Kleinsorge, P. Siroski and M. D. Mudry

Chapter 23 – Analytical Methods for Pesticides Determination in Biological Matrices: A Review (pp. 45-46)
Laure Wiest and Cécile Cren Olivé

Chapter 24 – Implications of Pesticide Use in Olive Sector: Residue Analysis (pp. 47-48)
Antonio Ruiz-Medina and Eulogio J. Llorent-Martínez

Chapter 25 – Pesticides and Endangered Sea Turtles: A Review (pp. 49-50)
Jorge Orós, María Camacho, Luis D. Boada and Octavio P. Luzardo

Chapter 26 – Pesticides in the Atmosphere: Monitoring Emissions and Atmospheric Degradations (pp. 51-52)
L. A. Tortajada-Genaro and E. Borrás

Chapter 27 – Pesticides: Individual to Ecosystem Level Effects (pp. 53-54)
Azad Mohammed

Chapter 28 – Adverse Effects of Pesticides in Human Health (pp. 55-56)
Irma M. Medina-Díaz, Aurora E. Rojas-García, María L. Robledo-Marenco, Briscia S. Barrón-Vivanco, Manuel I. Girón-Pérez and Carlos A. Romero-Bañuelos

Chapter 29 – Fate and Side-Effects of Pesticides in Urban Areas: A Case Study in Portugal (pp. 57-58)
Michiel A. Daam, Emília Silva, Ana Carina Santos Pereira, Luís M. Moreira da Silva, Ana Paula Ramos and Maria José Cerejeira

Chapter 30 – Phthalate-Based Coordination Polymers (pp. 59-60)
Svetlana G. Baca and Silvio Decurtins

Chapter 31 – A Chemical and Biological Approach to Phthalates Contamination in Two Estuaries from the Basque Coast (Bay of Biscay): Levels, Distribution and Biomarker Responses (pp. 61-62)
Luis Bartolomé, Nestor Etxebarria, Mariluz Alonso, Patricia Navarro and Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia

Chapter 32 – Phthalate Esters: Bioaccumulation and Intracellular Signal Modifications in In Vivo and In Vitro Models (pp. 63-64)
L. Marchetti, M. G. Sabbieti and D. Agas

Chapter 33 – Investigation of Di-2 Ethyl Hexyl Phthalate (DEHP) Behaviour in Contact with Liquid Food Simulants, Blood, Saliva and Soil (pp. 65-66)
N. Belhaneche-Bensemra, N. Lardjane, D. Ikermoud and M. O. Boussoum

Chapter 34 – Removal of Phthalates from Environment (pp. 67-68)
Sha Li, Shan Wu, Hua-Bin Li, Qing Hao and Xiang-Rong Xu

Chapter 35 – Gas Phase Fragmentation Reactions of Phthalates Ions (pp. 69-70)
Natarajan Ravi, Victor Ibeanusi and Yassin Jeilani

Chapter 36 – The Effects of Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate Exposure on Brain Development (pp. 71-72)
C. A. Smith and M. R. Holahan

Chapter 37 – Phthalates: Chemical Properties, Impacts on Health and the Environment (pp. 73-74)
Anderson Joel Martino-Andrade and Ibrahim Chahoud

Chapter 38 – Prevention of Phataltes Migration from Flexible PVC Products (pp. 75-76)
Veronica Ambrogi, Cosimo Carfagna, Marianna Pannico and Paola Persico

Chapter 39 – Phthalates: Toxicogenomics and Health Effects (pp. 77-78)
Sher Singh and Steven Shoei-Lung Li

Chapter 40 – On the Flexibility of Polyheteroarylenes and the Effect on Several Physical Properties of these Polymers (pp. 79-80)
Inga Ronova

Chapter 41 – Aliphatic Polyester-Based Nanocomposites (pp. 81-82)
Jung Seop Lim

Chapter 42 – Bioplastic-Based Blends (pp. 83-84)
Jung Seop Lim

Chapter 43 – Inorganic Polyphosphate: Biological Activities and Industrial Applications (pp. 85-86)
Tatyana V. Kulakovskaya, Vladimir M. Vagabov and Igor S. Kulaev

Chapter 44 – Aliphatic Polyester-Based Ionomers (pp. 87-88)
Jung Seop Lim

Chapter 45 – Interactions of Small Permeants in Polymeric Matrices: A Low-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study (pp. 89-90)
Shingjiang Jessie Lue

Chapter 46 – Role of Polymer Chain Ends in Plasma Surface Modification (pp. 91-92)
Norihiro Inagaki

Chapter 47 – Composition Effects on Thermodynamic and Conformational Properties of Ethylene/Propylene Copolymers (pp. 93-94)
Inmaculada Suárez and Baudilio Coto

Chapter 48 – Synthesis of Carbon Materials with High Porous Alumina as Template (pp. 95-96)
O. K. Krasilnikova, A. C. Pogosian, N. V. Serebryakova and T. Y. Grankina

Chapter 49 – Structure, Physical Properties and Industrial Application of a Particular Class of Polymer Chains: The Preceramic Polymers (pp. 97-98)
Samuel Bernard, Mirna Bechelany, Laura Gottardo, Olivier Majoulet, Ting Ouyang, Christel Gervais, Corneliu Balan and Philippe Miele

Chapter 50 – Boron-Dipyrromethene Chromophores: A Benchmark in Fluorescence, Lasing and Sensing Behaviour (pp. 99-100)
J. Bañuelos and I. López Arbeloa

Chapter 51 – A Novel Chromophoric Test for Quantifying Cholesterol and the Major Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Food and Biological Samples (pp. 101-102)
Gerard G. Dumancas, Mary Muriuki and Neil Purdie

Chapter 52 – Structural Characterization of Heterometallic PtAg Complexes (pp. 103-104)
M. Melník and P. Mikuš

Chapter 53 – On the Mechanism of Formation and Spectral Properties of Radical Anions Generated by the Reduction of -[Rei(CO)3(L)]+ Pendant Chromophores in Poly-4-Vinylpyridine Polymers (pp. 105-106)
Ezequiel Wolcan

Chapter 54 – Development of H-shaped Two-dimensional Conjugated Oligomers as Functional Chromophores and Fluorophores (pp. 107-108)
Yuming Zhao, Karimulla Mulla, Prateek Dongare, Ningzhang Zhou, Li Wang, Guang Chen and David W. Thompson

Chapter 55 – Structural Characterization of Heterometallic PtAu Complexes (pp. 109-110)
M. Melník and P. Mikuš

Chapter 56 – Design of Chromophores for Photoinitiators of Polymerization: Brief Survey and Recent Achievements (pp. 111-112)
Jean-Pierre Fouassier and Jacques Lalevée

Chapter 57 – Phytochrome-Chromophore Biosynthesis and Chloroplast Development: Possible Role and Regulation of HO (Haemoxygenase) (pp. 113-114)
Khushbu Verma and G. S. Shekhawat

Chapter 58 – Structural Characterization of Heteronuclear PtCu Complexes (pp. 115-116)
M. Melník and P. Mikuš

Chapter 59 – Efficient Plastic Scintillators with Luminescent Eu Complexes (pp. 117-118)
P. N. Zhmurin, V. N. Lebedev, V. N. Kovalenko, A. F. Adadurov and V. N. Pereymak

Chapter 60 – Preparation of Titania Nanoparticles and Relationships between Procedures and Properties (pp. 119-120)
Vicente Rives

Chapter 61 – Metal Oxides as Water Retention Materials for Low Humidity Proton Exchange Membrane Applications (pp. 121-122)
Ibrahim Saana Amiinu, Yu Lin, Haolin Tang, Mu Pan and Haining Zhang

Chapter 62 – Computational Materials Design of d0 Ferromagnetism in Metal Oxides (pp. 123-124)
Masayoshi Seike, Tetsuya Fukushima, Kazunori Sato and Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida

Chapter 63 – Application of Transition Metal Oxides in Tandem Organic Optoelectronics: Energetics and Device Physics (pp. 125-126)
Qin-Ye Bao, Yan-Qing Li and Jian-Xin Tang

Chapter 64 – Catalytic Oxidation of VOCs Using Lanthanum, Nickel and Lanthanum-Nickel Oxides (pp. 127-128)
X. Chen, S. A. C. Carabineiro, P. B. Tavares, J. J. M. Órfão, M. F. R. Pereira and J. L. Figueiredo

Chapter 65 – Structure and Properties of Nb under Severe Plastic Deformation and in High-Strength Cu-Nb Nanocomposites (pp. 129-130)
V. V. Popov and E. N. Popova

Chapter 66 – Crystal Structure of Ordered Carbide Phases and Revised Sequence of Phase Transformations Associated with Ordering of Strongly Nonstoichiometric Carbides of Group V Transition Metals (pp. 131-132)
A. I. Gusev and A. S. Kurlov

Chapter 67 – Niobium–based Alloys as Hydrogen Permeable Membranes for Hydrogen Separation and Purification (pp. 133-134)
H. Yukawa, T. Nambu and Y. Matsumoto

Chapter 68 – Electrode Processes in Anodic Oxide Films of Niobium (pp. 135-136)
Leonid Skatkov and Valeriy Gomozov

Chapter 69 – Properties of Plastics and Composites Prepared From Different Sources/ Grades of PLA (pp. 137-138)
Rakesh Kumar and Sandeep Kumar

Chapter 70 – Poly(lactic acid) Polymer Blends: A Review of Recent Works (pp. 139-140)
Kotiba Hamad

Chapter 71 – Melt Processing of Poly(Lactic Acid): Molecular Architecture, Mechanical Behavior And Stability Against Thermal Decomposition (pp. 141-142)
Félix Carrasco and Maria Ll. Maspoch

Chapter 72 – Improvement of Mechanical Properties and Processability by Addition of Polyesters (pp. 143-144)
Masayuki Yamaguchi and Tadashi Yokohara

Chapter 73 – Filler-Matrix Compatibility of Poly (Lactic Acid) Based Composites (pp. 145-146)
Adriana Gregorova and Rupert Wimmer

Chapter 74 – Properties and Biodegradation of PLA and PLA/Nanocomposites (pp. 147-148)
Kikku Fukushima

Chapter 75 – Modeling Hydrolytic Degradation of PLA Devices (pp. 149-150)
André F. C. Vieira

Chapter 76 – New Perspectives for Application of PLA in Cultural Heritage (pp. 151-152)
Giulia Giuntoli, Marco Frediani, Andrea Pedna, Luca Rosi and Piero Frediani

Chapter 77 – Flash Co-Pyrolysis of Biomass with Polylactic Acid – Statistical and Comparative Analytical Investigation (pp. 153-154)
Tom Cornelissen, Geert Molenberghs, Mark Stals, Jan Yperman, Sonja Schreurs and Robert Carleer

Chapter 78 – Synthesis of Polylactic Acid for Biomedical, Food Packaging and Structural Applications: A Review (pp. 155-156)
Mohammad S. Islam

Chapter 79 – Engineering Polylactic Acid with Thermal-Responsive Shape Memory Effect for Biomedical Applications (pp. 157-158)
Jianwen Xu and Jie Song

Chapter 80 – Preparation and Applications of Poly (Lactide Acid) Microsphere and Microcapsules for Drug Delivery (pp. 159-160)
Yuxia Wang, Guanghui Ma, Yi Wei and Zhiguo Su

Chapter 81 – Drug–Loaded Microspheres of Poly(D,L-Lactide) and Poly(D,LLactide-Co-Glycolide) Polymers Prepared by Spray-Drying: Characterization and In Vivo Administration (pp. 161-162)
Ana M. Fernández, Ana M. Martínez, Sandra Guerrero, Marta Benito, Elena Pérez and M. Dolores Blanco

Chapter 82 – Bioengineering Applications of Ultra-Thin Poly(Lactic Acid) Nanofilms Towards Cell-Based Smart Biomaterials (pp. 163-164)
Leonardo Ricotti, Toshinori Fujie, Virginia Pensabene and Arianna Menciassi

Chapter 83 – Production of Natural Flavor Compounds Using Monoterpenes As Substrates (pp. 165-166)
Gustavo Molina, Marina G. Pêssoa, Mariana R. Pimentel, Franciele M. Pelissari, Juliano L. Bicas and Gláucia M. Pastore

Chapter 84 – Diterpenes As Cancer Therapy (pp. 167-168)
Elena González-Burgos and M. Pilar Gómez-Serranillos

Chapter 85 – Phenolic Diterpenes from Rosemary As Enhancement Agents of Usual Chemotherapeutic Drugs for Colorectal Cancer Therapy (pp. 169-170)
Tiziana Fornari, Ana Ramírez de Molina and Guillermo Reglero

Chapter 86 – The Possible Use of Terpene Compounds in DC Immunotherapy against Cancer (pp. 171-172)
Masao Takei, Akemi Umeyama and Je-Jung Lee

Chapter 87 – Essential Oil Compositions and In Vitro Biological Activities of Three Szyzgium Species from Nigeria (pp. 173-174)
Oladipupo A. Lawal, Isiaka A. Ogunwande, Christiana A. Bullem, Olayinka T. Taiwo and Andy R. Opoku

Chapter 88 – From Terpenoids to Amines: A Critical Review (pp. 175-176)
Arno Behr and Andreas Wintzer

Chapter 89 – Illudane-Type Sesquiterpenes: Challenges and Opportunities for Toxicology and Chemotherapy (pp. 177-178)
Rui M. Gil da Costa, Carlos Lopes, Paula A. Oliveira and Margarida M. S. M. Bastos

Chapter 90 – Palladium-Catalysed Monoterpenes Oxidation: Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Valuable Oxigenate Derivatives (pp. 179-180)
Márcio José da Silva, Abiney Lemos Cardoso, Ligia Maria Mendonca Vieira and Danieli Marcolan Carari

Chapter 91 – Theoretical Properties of Terpenes and their Relationship with Biological Activities (pp. 181-182)
S. Andrade-Ochoa, A. A. Camacho-Dávila, L. M. Rodríguez-Valdez, M. Villanueva-García and G. V. Nevárez-Moorillón

Chapter 92 – Configurational and Conformational Analyses by Theoretical Methods of Pentacyclic Triterpenes Isolated from Myricaria elegans (pp. 183-184)
A. G. Pacheco, G. Salgado-Morán and A. F. C. Alcântara

Chapter 93 – Applications and Advances in the Extraction and Analysis of Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes in Plants (pp. 185-186)
J. Omar, M. Olivares, A. Vallejo, A. Delgado, P. Navarro, O. Aizpurua and N. Etxebarria

Chapter 94 – Hyaluronan: An Information Rich Messenger Reporting on the Physiological and Pathophysiological Status of Synovial Joints (pp. 187-188)
Ladislav Šoltés and Grigorij Kogan

Chapter 95 – Surface Properties of Polyimide Copolymers (pp. 189-190)
Igor Novák, Peter Jurkovič, Jan Matyašovský, Petr Sysel, Milena Špírková and Ladislav Šoltés

Chapter 96 – Antibacterial Polyvinylchloride Pre-Treated by Barrier Plasma (pp. 191-192)
Igor Novák, Anton Popelka, Ján Matyašovský, Peter Jurkovič, Marián Lehocký, Alenka Vesel, Ladislav Šoltés and Ahmad Asadinezhad

Chapter 97 – New Types of Nanocomposites based on Ethylene Copolymers (pp. 193-194)
Igor Novák, Peter Jurkovič, Ján Matyašovský and Ladislav Šoltés

Chapter 98 – Interaction of Hybrid Antioxidants: Ichphans with an Erythrocyte Membrane (pp. 195-196)
E. Yu. Parshina, L. Ya. Gendel and A. B. Rubin

Chapter 99 – Antifungal Activity of Aminated Chitosan against Three Different Fungi Species (pp. 197-198)
T. M. Tamer, M. M. Sabet, E. A. Soliman, A. I. Hashem and M. S. Mohy Eldin

Chapter 100 – Collagen Modified Hardener for Melamine-Formaldehyde Adhesive for Increasing Water Resistance of Plywood (pp. 199-200)
Ján Matyšovský, Peter Jurkovič, Pavol Duchovič and Igor Novák

Chapter 101 – Possibilities of Application of Collagen Coloid from Secondary Raw Materials as a Modifier of Polycondensation Adhesives (pp. 201-202)
Ján Matyasovský, Peter Jurkovič, Ján Sedliačik and Igor Novák

Chapter 102 – Preparation and Properties of Animal Protein Hydrolysates for Optimal Adhesive Compositions (pp. 203-204)
Peter Jurkovič, Ján Matyšovský, Peter Duchovič and Igor Novák

Chapter 103 – A Review: Preparation, Characterization and Applications of Magnesium Stearate, Cobalt Stearate and Copper Stearate (pp. 205-206)
Mehmet Gönen, Theresa O. Egbuchunam, Devrim Balköse, Fikret İnal and Semra Ülkü

Chapter 104 – Water Sorption of Polyvinyl Chloride–Luffa Cylindrica Composites (pp. 207-208)
Hasan Demir and Devrim Balköse

Chapter 105 – Control of the Particle Size and Purity of Nano Zinc Oxide (pp. 209-210)
Filiz Ozmıhçı Omurlu and Devrim Balköse

Chapter 106 – A Novel Supramolecular Hyaluronan/ Polyborate Systems for Tumour Treatment by Boron Neutron Capture Therapies (pp. 211-212)
S. A. Uspenskii, P. L. Ivanov, A. N. Zelenetskii, M. A. Selyanin and V. N. Khabarov

Chapter 107 – The Analysis of the Common Factors of Inactivation and Stabilization of Glutathione Peroxidase I with the Use of Polyacrylic Acid as a Way of Receiving Preparations for Curing the Diseases of the Central Nervous System (pp. 213-214)
I. S. Panina, L. Y. Filatova, A. V. Kabanov and N. L. Klyachko

Chapter 108 – Comparison of Two Bioremediation Technologies for Oil Polluted Soils (Russia) (pp. 215-216)
V. P. Murygina, S. N. Gaidamaka and S. Ya. Trofimov

Chapter 109 – Strong Polyelectrolyte-Inducing Demixing of Semidilute and Highly Compatible Biopolymer Mixtures (pp. 217-218)
Y. A. Antonov and Paula Moldenaers

Chapter 110 – Phase Behaviour and Structure Formation in Aqueous Solutions of Bovine Serum Albumin (pp. 219-220)
Y. A. Antonov and Bernhard A. Wolf

Chapter 111 – Phase Transitions in Water-in-Water BSA/Dextran Emulsion in the Presence of Strong Polyelectrolytes (pp. 221-222)
Y. A. Antonov and P. Moldenaers

Chapter 112 – Crucial Role for Milk Xanthine Oxidoreductase in Conversion of Toxic Nitrate and Nitrite to Physiologically Important Nitric Oxide (pp. 223-224)
A. Samarkanova, S. Altayuly and Z. Alikulov

Chapter 113 – The ProStor and Ferm KM-1 Complex Probiotic Additives: Innovation Biotechnological Preparations for Enhancing the Quality of Domestic Fish Mixed Feed (pp. 225-226)
D. S. Pavlov, N. А. Ushakova, V. G. Pravdin, L. Z. Кrаvtsovа, S. А. Liman and S. V. Ponomarev

Chapter 114 – Common Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra as an Example of the Use of Plant Extracts and Biological Components Obtained from the Plants of an Arid Zone (pp. 227-228)
O. V. Astafyeva, M. А. Egorov and L. T. Sukhenko

Chapter 115 – The Study of Morphogenetic Peculiarities of Winter Rape (Brassica napus L.) Primary Explants In Vitro Culture (pp. 229-230)
O. L. Klyachenko and N. V. Nikiforova

Chapter 116 – Cytological Changes in Spermia of the Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii B.) after Cryopreservation Based on the Composition of Cryoprotective Medium (pp. 231-232)
G. V. Zemkov and Т. I. Pochevalova

Chapter 117 – Development of Nontoxic Methods of Rodent Population Control as an Alternative Approach for Big Cities (pp. 233-234)
V. V. Voznessenskaya and T. V. Malanina

Chapter 118 – Antioxidantive Activity of Forest and Meadow Medicinal Herbs (pp. 235-236)
Z. G. Kozlova

Chapter 119 – Photoprotective Role of Mycosporine-Like Amino Acids (pp. 237-238)
Raúl Losantos and Diego Sampedro

Chapter 120 – Bicarbonate-Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol:Competition with Excess Organic Matter (pp. 239-240)
Radharani Das, Claudio Minero, Valter Maurino and Davide Vione

Chapter 121 – Conformational Relaxation of Excitons in Conjugated Polymers: A Stochastic Mechanical Model. Application to PPV (Poly-Phenylenevinylene) and P3HT (Poly-Thiophene) Oligomers (pp. 241-242)
Adelino M. Galvão and K. Razi Naqv

Chapter 122 – Quenching of Flavin Triplets by Amino Acids and Hydrophilic Carotenoids: Investigations Based on Laser Flash Photolysis and E-Type Delayed Fluorescence (pp. 243-244)
K. Razi Naqvi, Heng Li, Øyvind Persvik and T. B. Melø

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