Chemistry Research Summaries. Volume 10 (with Biographical Sketches)


Lucille Monaco Cacioppo (Editor)

Series: Chemistry Research Summaries

This book is a compilation of biographical sketches and research summaries from a number of different focuses in the field of chemistry research. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 – Irene Asouhidou, M.D., Ph.D. (pp. 3-4)

Chapter 2 – Gerardo D. Castro (pp. 5-6)

Chapter 3 – Natalia Domracheva (pp. 7-10)

Chapter 4 – Joong Kyun Kim (pp. 11-12)

Chapter 5 – Alexandros Papageorgiou (pp. 13-14)

Chapter 6 – Igor A. Pašti (pp. 15-18)

Chapter 7 – Eduardo Ariel Ponzio (pp. 19-20)

Chapter 8 – Giordano Pula (pp. 21-22)

Chapter 9 – Huan Qi (pp. 23-24)

Chapter 10 – Z. Saâdi (pp. 25-26)

Chapter 11 – Jan Sarek (pp. 27-28)

Chapter 12 – Ana Luisa Silva (pp. 29-30)

Chapter 13 – Felipe Silva Semaan (pp. 31-32)

Chapter 14 – Edilson Moura Pinto (pp. 33-34)

Chapter 15 – Ana Lúcia Bertarello Zeni (pp. 35-38)

Chapter 16 – Meng Zhang (pp. 39-40)

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 17 – Colloidal Gold (pp. 43-44)
Sónia Alexandra Correia Carabineiro

Chapter 18 – Nano Size Dependent Properties of Colloidal Surfaces (pp. 45-46)
Kazushige Yokoyama

Chapter 19 – Application of Oval Shape Gold Nanotechnology for Targeted Detection and Photothermal Therapy of Human Breast Cancer Cell (pp. 47-48)
Sadia Afrin Khan, Prateek S. Wate, Mangala Maddali, Pathepur Manoj Kumar, Willie Wesley, Christian Yu, Zhen Fan, Christen Robinson, Wengton Lu, Anant K. Singh, Santanu Banerjee, Dulal Senapati and Paresh Chandra Ray

Chapter 20 – Applications of Colloid Centrifugation in Assisted Reproduction (pp. 49-50)
Jane M. Morrell

Chapter 21 – Colloidal Nanophotocatalysts (pp. 51-52)
R. A. Khaydarov, R. R. Khaydarov, O. U. Gapurova, N. K. Nasirova and E. M. Ibragimova

Chapter 22 – Study of the Interaction of Combination of Sulfhydryl Ionic Collectors and Thionocarbamate with Sulfide Minerals Surface (pp. 53-54)
V. A. Ignatkina, V. A. Bocharov and B. T. Puntsukova

Chapter 23 – High-Temperature Stability of Platinum Colloids by Core-Shell Nanostructures Using Silica and Titania Layers (pp. 55-56)
A. Satyanarayana Reddy and Jeong Young Park

Chapter 24 – Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Material Transport in Non-Isothermal Colloid Systems (pp. 57-58)
Semen Semenov and Martin Schimpf

Chapter 25 – Colloid Transport and Retention: Recent Advances in Colloids Filtration Theory (pp. 59-60)
Hao Yuan and Alexander A. Shapiro

Chapter 26 – Arsenic: Environmental Contamination and Exposure (pp. 61-62)
Elena Sturchio, Miriam Zanellato, Claudio Minoia and Elisabetta Bemporad

Chapter 27 – Arsenic Speciation in Rock-Forming Minerals Determined by EPR Spectroscopy (pp. 63-64)
Yuanming Pan

Chapter 28 – Environmental Speciation of Arsenic (pp. 65-66)
Virender K. Sharma, Mary Sohn, Maurizio Pettine and Barbara Casentini

Chapter 29 – Scale Issues of Arsenic Mobility and Stabilization in a Paris Green Contaminated Soil (pp. 67-68)
Harald Weigand and Clemens Marb

Chapter 30 – Ecotoxicology of Arsenic in the Freshwater Environment: Consequences and Risk Assessment (pp. 69-70)
M. Azizur Rahman, Christel Hassler, Hiroshi Hasegawa and Richard Lim

Chapter 31 – Human Health Effects of Chronic Arsenic Toxicity (pp. 71-72)
D. N. Guha Mazumder

Chapter 32 – Occurrence of Inorganic Arsenic in Rice-Based Infant Foods: Soil- Rice-Infant Relationships (pp. 73-74)
A. Ramírez-Gandolfo, P. I. Haris, S. Munera, C. Castaño-Iglesias, F. Burló and A. A.Carbonell-Barrachina

Chapter 33 – Arsenic in Drinking Water and Pregnancy Outcomes: An Overview of the Hungarian Findings (1985-2005) (pp. 75-76)
Peter Rudnai, Mihály Csanády, Mátyás Borsányi and Mihály Kádár

Chapter 34 – Geophagy: Implications of Unknowingly Ingesting Arsenic – A Case Study in Selected Areas in Ghana (pp. 77-78)
Emmanuel Arhin and Musah Saeed Zango

Chapter 35 – Central Nervous System Targets of Chronic Arsenic Exposure (pp. 79-80)
Sergio Zarazúa, María E. Jiménez-Capdeville, Reinhard Schliebs and Rosalva Ríos

Chapter 36 – Drinking Water Sanitation, Arsenic Removal System, and Metal Interaction: A Triangular Relationship on Human Health (pp. 81-82)
Victor Raj Mohan Chandrasekaran and Ming-Yie Liu

Chapter 37 – Biological Filtration Technology for Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater (pp. 83-84)
Danladi Mahuta Sahabi and Minoru Takeda

Chapter 38 – Arsenic Adsorption, Remobilization, and Redox Transformation on Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide in the Presence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (pp. 85-86)
Ting Luo and Chuanyong Jing

Chapter 39 – Arsenic Removal by Functional Polymers Coupled to Ultrafiltration Membranes (pp. 87-88)
Bernabé L. Rivas and Julio Sánchez

Chapter 40 – Arsenic: Environmental Impact Reduction Using Natural and Modified Adsorbents (pp. 89-90)
Dimitris Papoulis, Dionisios Panagiotaras and Georgios Panagopoulos

Chapter 41 – Arsenic Removal in Continuous Systems Using Zero-Valent Iron Fixed Beds (pp. 91-92)
Fernando S. García Einschlag and Juan M. Triszcz

Chapter 42 – Closed Cycle Process Investigations for Arsenic Removal from Waters Using Adsorption on Iron-Containing Materials Followed by Waste Immobilization (pp. 93-94)
L. Lupa, M. Ciopec, A. Negrea and R. Lazău

Chapter 43 – Electroosmotic Flow Modulation and Capillary Surface Modification (pp. 95-96)
Antonella Cavazza and Claudio Corradini

Chapter 44 – Capillary Electrophoresis- mass Spectrometry (pp. 97-98)
Lucia D’Ulivo, Jennilee M. A. Gavina and Yong-Lai Feng

Chapter 45 – On-line Preconcentration Techniques in Capillary Electrophoresis (pp. 99-100)
Jan Petr, Vítězslav Maier and Juraj Ševčík

Chapter 46 – Elemental Mass Analysis of Biological Samples Using Capillary Electrophoresis Hyphenated with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (pp. 101-102)
Shin-ichiro Fujii, Kazumi Inagaki and Akiko Takatsu

Chapter 47 – Identification of Adducts of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate with N-Acetylcysteine or Glutathione through Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis (pp. 103-104)
Giuseppina Nocca, Gianrico Spagnuolo, Alessandro Lupi, Diana Valeria Rossetti, Virginia Carbone, Sandro Rengo and Claudia Desiderio

Chapter 48 – Capillary Electrophoresis Application in Metal Speciation and Complexation Characterization (pp. 105-106)
Yun Wang, Zhongqi He and Heidi M. Waldrip

Chapter 49 – Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis in Agricultural and Soil Chemistry Research (pp. 107-108)
Zhongqi He, Heidi M. Waldrip and Yun Wang

Chapter 50 – Determination of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Components in Plant Herbs by Capillary Electrophoresis (pp. 109-110)
Shengda Qi, Hongli Chen and Xingguo Chen

Chapter 51 – Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis to the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Analysis (pp. 111-112)
Silvia Lucangioli and Valeria Tripodi

Chapter 52 – Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis in Neuroscience (pp. 113-114)
Luc Denoroy, Bernard Renaud and Sandrine Parrot

Chapter 53 – Chemical Vapor Synthesis of Inorganic Nanopowders (pp. 115-116)
H. Y. Sohn

Chapter 54 – Biflavonoids: Occurrence, Structural Features and Bioactivity (pp. 117-118)
Andrew G. Mercader and Alicia B. Pomilio

Chapter 55 – Big Chemical Ideas in Context: The Periodic Law and Scerri‘s Periodic Table (pp. 119-120)
Mihai V. Putz

Chapter 56 -The Family Resemblance View of Quantum Mechanics (pp. 121-122)
Constantin Antonopoulos

Chapter 57 – On Relationship between Electronic Sharing in Bonding and Electronegativity Equalization of Atoms in Molecules (pp. 123-124)
Mihai V. Putz

Chapter 58 -Gordy‘s Atomic Electronegativity Ansatz – Revisited (pp. 125-126)
Nazmul Islam, Arindam Jana, Minakshi Das and Bulbul Bhaumik

Chapter 59 – Amphoteric, Amphihydric and Ambisaline: Are These Descriptive Concepts Manifestations of Convenience, Anthropocentrism, or Folksonomy? (pp. 127-128)
Kathleen F. (Kay) Edwards and Joel F. Liebman

Chapter 60 – From Cyclic Silylenes to Allenic Structures (pp. 129-1300
Klára Tarcsay Petrov and Tamás Veszprémi

Chapter 61 – Modeling and Simulation of Isothermal Fixed-Bed Adsorption Column: Comparison of Pore and Solid Diffusion Mass Transfer (pp. 131-132)
Dipaloy Datta and Suresh Gupta

Chapter 62 – Elastic Sphere Model of Some Inorganic Molecules (pp. 133-134)
Gavril Niac

Chapter 63 – Electron-Poor Polyhedra in Metallaborane Structures: Metal Atoms at Degree 7 Vertices of Capped Isocloso Deltahedra (pp. 135-136)
R. Bruce King

Chapter 64 – The Highly Unsaturated Binuclear Fluoroborylene Iron Carbonyls Fe2(BF)2(CO)n (n = 5, 4): Evidence for a Novel Bridging Difluorodiborene Ligand (pp. 137-138)
Liancai Xu, Qian-shu Li, Yaoming Xie, R. Bruce King and Henry F. Schaefer III

Chapter 65 – Golden Graphs (pp. 139-140)
Tomaţ Pisanski and Patrick W. Fowler

Chapter 66 – The Z Index and Number Theory: Continued Fraction, Euler‘s Continuant and Caterpillar Graph (pp. 141-142)
Haruo Hosoya

Chapter 67 – Graphs with Given Number of Cut-Edges and Minimal Value of Wiener Number (pp. 143-144)
Petra Šparl and Janez Ţerovni

Chapter 68 – A Graph Model Related to Chemistry (pp. 145-146)
Edgar G. DuCasse and Louis V. Quintas

Chapter 69 – On Altered Wiener Indices of Trees and Molecular Trees (pp. 147-148)
Bo Zhou and Nenad Trinajstić

Chapter 70 – The Eccentric Connectivity Index of Nanostar Dendrimers (pp. 149-150)
M. Saheli and A. R. Ashrafi

Chapter 71 – Omega Polynomial in Crystal-Like Single-Type Face/Ring Networks (pp. 151-152)
Mircea V. Diudea and Aleksandar Ilić

Chapter 72 – Multi-Tori by A Pentagon/ Hexagon-Triple Unit (pp. 153-154)
Mircea V. Diudea

Chapter 73 – Graphene Topological Modifications (pp. 155-156)
Franco Cataldo, Ottorino Ori and Ante Graovac

Chapter 74 – The Bipartite Edge Frustration of Some Infinite Families of Fullerenes (pp. 157-158)
Zahra Yarahmadi, Ali Reza Ashrafi and Modjtaba Ghorbani

Chapter 75 – Computing Schultz and Modified Schultz Polynomials of C80 Fullerene by GAP Program (pp. 159-160)
Ali Iranmanesh and Samaneh Mirzaie

Chapter 76 – The Area Generating Function for Simple-2-Column Polyominoes with Hexagonal Cells (pp. 161-162)
Svjetlan Feretic and Nenad Trinajstic

Chapter 77 – The E and S Thermodynamic Directed Graphs (pp. 163-164)
Lionello Pogliani

Chapter 78 – Upper Bound for Total Domination Number on Linear and Double Hexagonal Chains (pp. 165-166)
Snjeţana Majstorović and Antoaneta Klobučar

Chapter 79 – The Integer-Valued Characters of Tert-Butyl Alcohol (pp. 167-168)
Alireza Gilani, Ali Moghani and Soroor Naghdi

Chapter 80 – On the Models of Cross-linking Efficiency of Cotton Cellulose Obtained by Genetic Programming (pp. 169-170)
Maja Rotovnik, Miran Brezočnik, Olivera Šauperl and Janez Ţerovnik

Chapter 81 – Molecular Classification of Thiocarbamates with Cytoprotection Activity against Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (pp. 171-172)
Francisco Torrens and Gloria Castellano

Chapter 82 – Molecular Evolution-Directed Approach for Designing of -Methylaspartate Mutase from the Sequences of Haloarchaea (pp. 173-174)
P. Chellapandi and J. Balachandramohan

Chapter 83 – Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Profiles by Multivariate Statistical Analysis (pp. 175-176)
D. J. Marino, E. A. Castro, L. Massolo, A. Mueller, O. Herbarth and A. E. Ronco

Chapter 84 – Models for Prediction of BRAF Inhibitory Activity of 2,6- Disubstituted Pyrazines (pp. 177-178)
R. Dutt, H. Dureja and A.K. Madan

Chapter 85 – Semi-Random Descriptors in QSAR/QSPR Studies (pp. 179-180)
Lionello Pogliani

Chapter 86 – Spectral-SAR Realization of OECD-QSAR Principles (pp. 181-182)
Mihai V. Putz, Ana-Maria Putz and Ramona Barou

Chapter 87 – Testing Elemental Periodicity by QSPR (pp. 183-184)
Mihai V. Putz, Cosmin Ionașcu and Adrian Chiriac

Chapter 88 – Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration: An Integrated Overview of Available Technologies (pp. 185-186)
João Fernando Pereira Gomes

Chapter 89 – Algebraic Chemistry: Applications and Origins (pp. 187-188)
Cynthia Kolb Whitney

Chapter 90 – Green Catalytic Process for Synthesis of Aromatic Amines from Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds (pp. 189-190)
Haiyang Cheng, Xiangchun Meng, Weiwei Lin and Fengyu Zhao

Chapter 91 Aniline-Based Polybenzoxazine and Their Copolymers or Composites: Molecular Design and Potential Applications (pp. 191-192)
Chanchira Jubsilp, Sarawut Rimdusit and Tsutomu Takeichi

Chapter 92 – Aniline Production: From Multiple Steps to One Step (pp. 193-194)
Liangfang Zhu and Changwei Hu

Chapter 93 – Synthesis and Structures of Gossypol Mono-Aldehyde Derivatives with O-Substituted Anilines (pp. 195-196)
K. Z. Tilyabaev, F. G. Kamaev, A. M. Yuldashev and B. T. Ibragimov

Chapter 94 – Oxidative Polymerization of Diphenylamine-2-Carbonic Acid – an Aromatic Derivative of Aniline (pp. 197-198)
S. Zh. Ozkan, I. S. Eremeev and G. P. Karpacheva

Chapter 95 – Argon Properties, Production and Recent Applications (pp. 199-200)
B. N. Sismanoglu, R. S. Pessoa, R. Caetano, Y. D. Hoyer, H. S. Maciel and K. G. Grigorov

Chapter 96 – Use of Argon for Measurement of Rock Permeability (pp. 201-202)
V. I. Malkovsky, A. V. Zharikov and V. M. Shmonov

Chapter 97 – Effect of Argon Annealing on Chromia or Alumina Forming Alloys Oxidized at High Temperatures (pp. 203-204)
H. Buscail, C. Issartel, F. Riffard and A. Fleurentin

Chapter 98 – Generation and Application of Small Bandwidth Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet (pp. 205-206)
L. V. Dao

Chapter 99 – Some Applications of Argon in Microwave Plasmas Sustained at Atmospheric Pressure (pp. 207-208)
M. D. Calzada, J. Muñoz, M. Jiménez, R. Rincón and M. Sáez

Chapter 100 – Its Production and Application to Nanotechnologies (pp. 209-210)
K. Mochiji

Chapter 101 – Aspects of Multi Charged Argon Beam Transport (pp. 211-212)
P. Beličev, R. Balvanović, V. Alexandrov, N. Kazarinov and B. Radjenović

Chapter 102 – Modeling of the Breakdown Voltages in Argon Discharges with Improved Secondary Electron Emission Models (pp. 213-214)
M. Radmilović-Radjenović, B. N. Sismanoglu, B. Radjenović and K. G. Grigorov

Chapter 103 – Chemistry Studies of Low-Pressure Argon Discharges: Experiments and Simulation (pp. 215-216)
R. S. Pessoa, B. N. Sismanoglu, M. P. Gomes, H. S. Medeiros, J. C. Sagás, M. Roberto, H. S. Maciel and G. Petraconi

Chapter 104 – Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Cathode Sheath of an Argon Low Pressure Hollow Cathode Discharge (pp. 217-218)
G. Petraconi, A. B. Guimarães Neto, H. S. Maciel B. N. Sismanoglu and R. S. Pessoa

Chapter 105 – Sample Preparation Using Argon Ion Beam Milling (pp. 219-220)
C. Dahlström

Chapter 106 – Argon Plasma Coagulation for Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia Associated with Portal Hypertension (pp. 221-222)
T. Sato

Chapter 107 – Ion Exchange Materials and Their Pharmaceutical Applications (pp. 223-224)
Riaz Ullah, Sajjad Haider, Nausheen Bukhari, Yousef Al-Zaghauer, Adnan Haider and Zahoor Ullah

Chapter 108 – Polymer Based Ion Exchange Resin (pp. 225-226)
Dhanraj Tukdoji Masram

Chapter 109 – An Overview on Ion Exchange Process and Role of Zeolites in Nuclear Waste Treatment and Processing (pp. 227-228)
Pankaj Sharma and Monika Sharma

Chapter 110 – Electrospun Nanofibers and Their Functionalization (pp. 229-230)
Sajjad Haider, Yasin Khan, Waheed Al-Masry, Adnan Haider, Zahoor Ullah and Riaz Ullah

Chapter 111 – Applications of Polymer-Based Ion Exchangers for Heavy Metal and Radioactive Waste Removal, Water Purification, Protein Separation and Catalysis (pp. 231-232)
Tharanikkarasu Kannan and Hemant Verma

Chapter 112 – Adsorption on Carbon Nanotubes (pp. 233-234)
Vinod K. Gupta and Tawfik A. Saleh

Chapter 113 – Granular Activated Carbon for Water and Wastewater Treatment (pp. 235-236)
Loredana Elena Vîjan and Mihaela Neagu

Chapter 114 – Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies in Adsorption of Toxic Metal Ions for Wastewater Treatment (pp. 237-238)
Vicente de Oliveira Sousa Neto, Giselle Santiago Cabral Raulino, Paulo de Tarso C. Freire, Marcos Antônio Araújo-Silva and Ronaldo Ferreira do Nascimento

Chapter 115 – Adsorption of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants on Low-Cost Activated Carbon Prepared from Agricultural and Industrial Wastes (pp. 239-240)
M. Nageeb Rashed

Chapter 116 – Recent Advancement in Heavy Metal Removal onto Silica Based Adsorbents and Chitosan Composites – A Review (pp. 241-242)
Muniyappan Rajiv Gandhi and Sankaran Meenakshi

Chapter 117 – Activated Carbon as a Versatile Adsorbent for the Removal of Pollutants (pp. 243-244)
Rahmat Ali, Mu. Naushad, Mohammad Rizwan Khan and S. M. Wabaidur

Chapter 118 – Applications of Solvent Extraction Method for the Removal of Metals (pp. 245-246)
Saikh Mohammad Wabaidur, Mohammad Rizwan Khan, Mu. Naushad and Zeid Abdullah ALOthman

Chapter 119 – Trends of Solid-Phase Extraction Technique in Environmental and Food Analysis (pp. 247-248)
Mohammad Rizwan Khan, S. M. Wabaidur and Mu. Naushad

Chapter 120 – Supramolecular Solvent-Based Microextraction of Organic Compounds (pp. 249-250)
María Dolores Sicilia and Soledad Rubio

Chapter 121 – Microwave and Magnetic Prope -rties of Cobalt-Containing Magnetophotonic Crystals (pp. 251-252)
Anatoly B. Rinkevich, Dmitry V. Perov, Mikhail I. Samoylovich, Svetlana M. Klescheva and Vladimir O. Vaskovsky

Chapter 122 – Promoted Cobalt Silica Gel Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (pp. 253-254)
Hui Ming

Chapter 123 – Cobalt and Its Compounds in Oxidation-Reduction Processes of Environmental Catalysis (pp. 255-256)
S. M. Orlyk, T. V. Myronyuk, T. M. Boichuk and M. R. Kantserova

Chapter 124 – The Nature of Cobalt Species in Co-Zeolites Used for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx with Hydrocarbons (pp. 257-258)
Soledad G. Aspromonte and Alicia V. Boix

Chapter 125 – Cobalt Speciation in Aqueous Solution and Sorbents on the Basis of Natural Dolomite for Cobalt Removal (pp. 259-260)
Andrei I. Ivanets, Irina L. Shashkova, Dmitri Y. Davydov, Valiantsina V. Torapava and Artsiom V. Radkevich

Chapter 126 – Morphology, Microstructure, and Structural and Thermal Properties of Co Powder (pp. 261-262)
A. S. Bolokang and M. J. Phasha

Chapter 127 – Comparison among Cobalt and Iron Perovskite-Based Catalysts for WGSR (pp. 263-264)
Maria do Carmo Rangel, Hilma C. Fonseca Santos, Lindaura A. Silva, Jadson S. Moura, Marco André Fraga, Andréa M. Duarte de Farias and Sérgio Gustavo Marchetti

Chapter 128 – Direct Patterning of Cobalt Nanostructures Using Focused Electron Beam-induced Deposition (pp. 265-266)
Amalio Fernández-Pacheco, Rosa Córdoba, Luis E. Serrano-Ramón, M. Ricardo Ibarra and José M. De Teresa

Chapter 129 – Cobalt Catalysts Applied in Ethanol Reforming Reactions (pp. 267-268)
José Mansur Assaf, Silmara Rodrigues Garcia, Alessandra Fonseca Lucrédio and Elisabete Moreira Assaf

Chapter 130 – Combustion Synthesis of Cobalt Compounds: Principles and Applications (pp. 269-270)
J. C. Toniolo and C. P. Bergmann

Chapter 131 – Ab Initio Study of Energetics and Properties of Cobalt Interlayers in WC/Co Alloys (pp. 271-272)
V. G. Zavodinsky

Chapter 132 – Anisotropic Lattice Distortion of Composite Materials of Chiral Cu(II)-Co(III) or Cu(II) Complexes and TiO2 (pp. 273-274)
Daichi Tazaki, Yuta Orii and Takashiro Akitsu

Chapter 133 – Chemical Process of Recovering Cyanide As Cyanide-Bridged Cu(II)-Co(III)/Fe(III) Bimetallic Assemblies from Preparation of Semiconductors for Solar Cells (pp. 275-276)
Ryosuke Shoji, Ryuki Shoji, Mutsumi Sugiyama and Takashiro Akitsu

Chapter 134 – A Novel Aspect of Cobalt Toxicity in Escherichia coli: Production of Cobalt Protoporphyrin IX and Its Incorporation into Heme Proteins (pp. 277-278)
Tomas Majtan and Jan P. Kraus

Chapter 135 – Diamond Nanoparticles: A Review of Selected Surface Modification Methods for Bioconjugation, Biology and Medicine (pp. 279-280)
Sabine Szunerits and Rabah Boukherroub

Chapter 136 – Diamond Nanostructures: Technologies, Properties and Electrochemical Applications (pp. 281-282)
Nianjun Yang, Waldemar Smirnov and Christoph E. Nebel

Chapter 137 – Chemistry on Graphene (pp. 283-284)
Cécilia Ménard-Moyon

Chapter 138 – Carbon Nanotubes: Surface Modification and Applications (pp. 285-286)
Mohamed M. Chehimi, Jean Pinson and Zakaria Salmi

Chapter 139 – Property-Oriented Surface Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes for Polymer Nanocomposites (pp. 287-288)
Jin-Kai Yuan, Sheng-Hong Yao, De-Long He and Jinbo Bai

Chapter 140 – Atomic Sized Metallic Point Contacts: Fabrication Methodsand Characteristics of Quantized Conductance (pp. 289-290)
Jalal Ghilane and Jean Christophe Lacroix

Chapter 141 – Preparation, Surface Modification and Functionalization of Anisotropic Ferromagnetic Metal Nanoparticles: Towards Multifunctional Materials (pp. 291-292)
Jean-Yves Piquemal, Kahina Aït Atmane, Guillaume Viau, Mona Ibrahim, Philippe Decorse, Aazdine Lamouri and Mohamed M. Chehimi

Chapter 142 – Gold Nanoparticles at Polymeric Interfaces (pp. 293-294)
Samia Mahouche-Chergui, Sandrine Lépinay, Mourad Lakhlifi, Mohamed Guerrouache, Mohamed M. Chehimi and Benjamin Carbonnier

Chapter 143 – Nanostructured Polypyrrole Materials: Focus on Templateless Synthetic Methods and on Some Applications (pp. 295-296)
Catherine Debiemme-Chouvy

Chapter 144 – Carbon Nanotubes/Polypyrrole Hybrids (pp. 297-298)
Matej Mičušík and Mária Omastová

Chapter 145 – Surface Coating of Soft Materials with Conducting Polymer-Metal Nanocomposites (pp. 299-300)
Syuji Fujii and Yoshinobu Nakamura

Chapter 146 – Carbon Fiber and Nano/Micro Hybrid Structures and their Interface in Advanced Composites (pp. 301-302)
Delong He, Jing Zhang, Johan Saba, Jinkai Yuan, Fabien Miomandre and Jinbo Bai

Chapter 147 – Acetate: A Key Intermediate during the Anaerobic Degradation of Organic Matter (pp. 303-304)
James G. Ferry

Chapter 148 – Atomic Structure of a Hyperthermophilic Acetate Kinase (pp. 305-306)
Soma Mukhopadhyay, Thomas Hansen, Peter Schönheit, Miriam S. Hasson and David Avram Sanders

Chapter 149 – HATs, HDACs and the Regulation of Cellular Processes (pp. 307-308)
Faeze Saatchi and Ann L. Kirchmaier

Chapter 150 – [11C]Acetate for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging (pp. 309-310)
Melissa E. Rodnick, Adam C. Runkle, Ryan Littich and Peter J. H. Scott

Chapter 151 – Colloidal and Surfactant Properties of Poly (Vinyl Acetate-Co-Vinyl Alcohol) Copolymers (pp. 311-312)
L. I. Atanase and G. Riess

Chapter 152 – Production of Biodiesel through Interesterification of Triglycerides with Methyl Acetate (pp. 313-314)
Abraham Casas, María Jesús Ramos and Ángel Pérez

Chapter 153 – Structure Formation of Powder Cellulose Esters and Ethers in the Vapors of Specific Liquids (pp. 315-316)
A. B. Shipovskaya

Chapter 154 – Adverse Effects of Cadmium on Plants and Possible Mitigation of Cadmium-Induced Phytotoxicity (pp. 317-318)
Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Kamrun Nahar, M. M. Alam and Masayuki Fujita

Chapter 155 – Morphophysiological, Biochemical, Ultrastructural and Molecular Responses of Cadmium Toxicity in Plants (pp. 319-320)
Alex-Alan F. de Almeida, Luana M. C. Gomes, Vânia L. Souza and Raúl R. Valle

Chapter 156 – Antioxidative Response of Plants to Oxidative Stress Induced by Cadmium (pp. 321-322)
Luísa Louro Martins, Rafaela Reis, Inês Moreira, Filipa Pinto, Joana Sales and Miguel Pedro Mourato

Chapter 157 – Toxic Effects of Cadmium on Plant Growth and Lignification (pp. 323-324)
Aline Finger-Teixeira, Jennifer Munik Bevilaqua, Maria de Lourdes Lucio Ferrarese and Osvaldo Ferrarese-Filho

Chapter 158 – Physiological and Molecular Responses to Cadmium in Plants and Animals (pp. 325-326)
I. A. Omedo, F. K. Musasia and P. O. Mireji

Chapter 159 – Towards Understanding the Influence of Cadmium on Microbial Behavior (pp. 327-328)
María L. Ferreira, Irene C. Lazzarini Behrmann, Helena M. Ceretti, Anita Zalts, Diana L. Vullo and Silvana A Ramírez

Chapter 160 – Toxicity and Tolerance in Microalgal Cells Exposed to Cadmium: A Current Overview (pp. 329-330)
Enrique Torres, Roi Mera and Julio Abalde

Chapter 161 – Solanum nigrum L., A Promising Cadmium Hyperaccumulator: From Molecular Mechanisms to the Field (pp. 331-332)
Liangqi Wu, Yulong Li, Qing Ge, Ping Zhang, Xiaojing Liu and Jin Xu

Chapter 162 – Cadmium Removal From Aqueous Solutions by Biosorbents: Study of the Operating Conditions (pp. 333-334)
A. Converti, G.L. Mariottini, A.M. Ben Hamissa, E. Finocchio, S. Al-Arni, R. Botter and A. Lodi

Chapter 163 – The Effect of Zeolitic Tuff Nanoparticles on Cd, Pb and Zn Fractionation and Uptake by Barley from a Sewage Sludge-Treated Soil (pp. 335-336)
Ayoup M. Ghrair, Joachim Ingwersen and Thilo Streck

Chapter 164 – Cadmium-Based Devices and their Possible Environment-Friendly Alternatives (pp. 337-338)
Mythili Prakasam and Alain Largeteau

Chapter 165 – Radiation Removal of Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions (pp. 339-340)
Barbora Drtinova

Chapter 166 – Cadmium-Binding Properties of Surface Waters: Role of Dissolved and Suspended Matter (pp. 341-342)
Yanina S. Minaberry, Ezequiel Barral, Silvana A. Ramírez and Gabriel J. Gordillo

Chapter 167 – Cadmium Exposure from Food – Important Factors in Risk Assessment (pp. 343-344)
Jasmina Djedjibegovic,Aleksandra Marjanovic, Miroslav Sober and Kemo Sinanovic

Chapter 168 – Cadmium Level in Red Meat and Edible Offal (pp. 345-346)
Vladimir M. Tomović, Marija R. Jokanović, Mila S. Tomović, Branislav V. Šojić, Sneţana B. Škaljac, Tatjana A. Tasić and Predrag M. Ikonić

Chapter 169 – Cadmium in the Food Chain: An Insidious Pathway of Exposure (pp. 347-348)
Samuel Ogheneovo Asagba and Suru Steven Monday

Chapter 170 – Ammonium Nitrate: Crystal Structure, Polymorphism and Thermal Behavior (pp. 349-350)
Santiago García-Granda and Jose M. Montejo-Bernardo

Chapter 171 – An Overview on the Phase Transition of Ammonium Nitrate (pp. 351-352)
Xin Guo and Yun-Hong Zhang

Chapter 172 – Uptake, Metabolism, Toxicity, and Effect on Growth of Different Nitrogen Forms in Horticultural Plants (pp. 353-354)
Sonali Jana and Byoung Ryong Jeong

Chapter 173 – Current Technologies and Future Trends in Ammonium Nitrate (pp. 355)
Hung Lin Lee and Tu Lee

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