Chapter 19. Progesterone


Klaudia Kusz, Dorota Bartusik-Aebisher and David Aebisher
Medical College of The University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów, Poland

Part of the book: The Biochemical Guide to Hormones


Progesterone is a unique, endogenous hormone that can be secreted by the corpus luteum and placenta, but also synthesized in the CNS and PSN. It works with estrogen, thanks to which it regulates the monthly cycle and inhibits the resorption of calcium from the bones, preventing the occurrence of diseases such as osteoporosis. The unbalanced level may adversely affect the cycle in women, as well as health, leading to, for example, thromboembolic diseases. Current scientific discoveries prove that progesterone is not only useful in the functioning of the human reproductive system, but can also play a significant role in its clinical application. It creates a range of possibilities in hormone therapies. It has a potential role in clinical situations during the treatment of, for example, TBI, Alzheimer’s disease or prostate enlargement.

Keywords: progesterone, hormone, hyperprolactinemia, neurosteroids, hypothyroidism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


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