Chapter 1. Future of Biorefineries from a Circular Economy Perspective


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Part of the book: The Future of Biorefineries


Over the last decade, the world has been facing climate changes because of the environmental impacts caused by excessive use of fossil fuels, a linear economy, and the consequent depletion of natural resources. For these reasons, international organizations established the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs), which are guidelines designed to improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions through changes in economic development, to reduce environmental pressure by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and uncontrolled waste generation. Consequently, the second-generation (2G) biorefinery concept (focused on waste biomass as feedstock) has gained researchers’ attention worldwide. Indeed, the potential of underutilized waste as feedstock is an exciting strategy for changing from a traditional economy to a circular one. It enables the diffusion of sustainable development concepts and encourages the creation of new industrial models that consider the social and environmental demands. This chapter discusses the role of biorefineries that uses biomass waste in economics and social progress to meet the SDGs and the circular economy concept. In this context, we have discussed SDGs and government policies, biobased products and their importance to market expansions, and the relationship between the advances in industry 5.0 and biorefineries.

Keywords: bioeconomy, green chemistry, 5th industrial revolution, waste resources, bioproducts


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