Challenges in Adolescent Health: An Australian Perspective


David Bennett (Editor) – Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Susan Towns (Editor) – Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Elizabeth Elliott (Editor) – Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Joav Merrick (Editor) – Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

Series: Health and Human Development

This book addresses the issue of adolescent medicine and its place in society today. It discusses Australia’s first hospital-based medical unit which officially opened in 1978 and is now called the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Australia. The future of the adolescent into adulthood is crucially dependent on the care given early on, addressing both the physical as well as mental and behavioral conditions imperative of stellar care. Although the book is directed to Australian youth, it would be applicable to all adolescent care in every part of the world. Abuse problems, such as smoking and alcohol, are also discussed and new avenues of treatment plans explored. This important book will be an aid to both professionals in the field and laymen, including the parents who remain the child’s first and most important care-takers in his or her well-being.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

FOREWORD: Adolescent medicine: Towards evidence based practice
in a young specialty.
(Kathryn North)


Exciting times for a field coming of age.
(David L Bennett, Susan J Towns, Elizabeth J Elliott
and Joav Merrick)


Chapter 1. The health and well-being of young Australians:
Patterns,Trends, Explanations and Responses;pp. 3-18
(Richard M Eckersley)

Chapter 2. Pubertal Transitions in Health;pp. 19-37
(George C Patton and Russell M Viner)

Chapter 3. Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Misuse:
The major health challenge for young Australians;pp. 39-48
(Ian B Hickie and Garry Walter)

Chapter 4. Mental health and well-being of Australian
adolescents;pp. 49-60
(Diana Smart, Alan Hayes, Ann Sanson and John W Toumbourou)

Chapter 5. Technology and young people’s mental health
and well-bein;pp. 61-71
(Jane Burns and Carolyn Morey)

Chapter 6. Health and well-being of Aboriginal adolescents;pp. 73-89
(Sven R Silburn, Eve Blair, Judith A Griffin,
Stephen R Zubrick, David M Lawrence, Francis G Mitrou,
John A De Maio and Robin Dalby)

Chapter 7. Health status of young people in contact with the
criminal justice system;pp. 91-100
(Cathrine Lynch, Richard Matthews and Robyn Rosina)

Chapter 8. Optimising the health and well-being of refugee
children and young people: What will it take?;pp. 101-110
(Shanti Raman and Karen Zwi)


Chapter 9. Body image among Australian adolescents:
A preventive school based approach;pp. 113-130
(Jennifer A O’Dea)

Chapter 10. Adolescent obesity as a major public health concern;pp. 131-139
(Elizabeth Denney-Wilson and Louise A Baur)

Chapter 11. The family based treatment of anorexia nervosa
at Children’s Hospital, Westmead: Implementation, experience and practice challenges;pp. 141-152
(Andrew.Wallis, Paul Rhodes, Michael Kohn and
Sloane Madden)

Chapter 12. Why has smoking in Australian youth never been lower?;pp. 153-161
(Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman)

Chapter 13. Alcohol, drugs and Australian young people;pp. 163-173
(Bronwyn Milne, James Bell, Martin Weltman,
Basiliki Lampropoulos and Susan J Towns)

Chapter 14. Approaching adulthood with a chronic health
condition: Professionals’ and young peoples’ perspectives;pp. 177-188
(Anne Honey, Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Julie Schneider and
Nikki Wedgwood)

Chapter 15. Promoting cultural competency in adolescent health care;pp. 189-203
(David Bennett, Melissa Kang and Peter Chown)

Chapter 16. Young people and sexually transmitted infections;pp. 205-215
(Rachel Skinner, Amanda Parsons, Melissa Kang,
Henrietta Williams and Christopher K Fairley)


Chapter 17. Adolescent medicine and the primary health care system;pp. 219-224
(Melissa Kang and Lena A Sanci)

Chapter 18. Chronic illness and transition to adult care;pp. 225-234
(Katharine S Steinbeck, Lynne Brodie and Susan J Towns)

Chapter 19. Care for young people in a hospital setting;pp. 235-242
(Susan J Towns, Susan M Sawyer, Lila Stephens,
Simon D Clarke, David L Bennett)

Chapter 20. Education initiatives for professionals working
in adolescent medicine;pp. 243-254
(Susan M Sawyer, Lena A Sanci, Jennifer J Conn
and George C Patton)

Chapter 21. Are we failing our young people? Analysing gaps in policy;pp. 255-263
(Fiona J Robards)

Chapter 22. Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth;pp. 265-273
(Brian W Head and Fiona J Stanley)


Chapter 23. What lies ahead? Challenges and opportunities for
adolescent healt;pp. 277-282
(David L Bennett, Susan J Towns, Elizabeth J Elliott and Joav Merrick)


Chapter 24. About the authors;pp. 285-290

Chapter 25. About the editors;pp. 291-292

Chapter 26. About the NSW Centre for the Advancement of
Adolescent Health, the Department of Adolescent
Medicine the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health,
the University of Sydney and the Children’s Hospital
at Westmead;pp. 293-295

Chapter 27. About the National Institute of Child Health and
Human Development in Israel;pp. 297-299


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