Central Banking: Economic Considerations and Policy Goals


Betty F. Vang (Editor)
Raphael H. Pate (Editor)

Series: Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives, Banks and Banking Developments
BISAC: BUS004000

Keeping an economy growing over the long run at rates sufficient to provide full employment for labor and capital with low inflation or a stable price level has been an important goal for economic policy. Money and monetary policy have figured importantly in achieving this goal. Currently, it is argued, central bank independence is important to achieving this end. This book examines various indices of central bank independence to see how closely independence is related to such important performance characteristics of an economy as the rate of inflation, the growth of output, investment, and real interest rates. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Central Bank Independence and Economic Performance: What Does Evidence Show?
(Marc Labonte, Gail E. Makinen, CRS)

Price Stability (Inflation Targeting) as the Sole Goal of Monetary Policy: The International Experience
(Marc Labonte, Gail E. Makinen, CRS)

Economics of Federal Reserve Independence
(Marc Labonte, CRS)

Should the Federal Reserve Adopt an Inflation Target?
(Marc Labonte, CRS)


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