Cardiovascular Health and Chronomics


Ram B. Singh (Editor)
Halberg Hospital and Research Institute, Moradabad, India
The Tsim Tsoum Institute, Krakow, Poland

Series: Cardiology Research and Clinical Developments
BISAC: MED010000

This book presents important research from around the world in the field of cardiovascular science. Particular emphasis is placed on chronomics, immunogenicity, diet and health, diabetes, coronary risk, and cardiovascular disease. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines and Desirable Levels of Risk Factors for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes among Elderly Subjects. A Revised Scientific Statement of the International College of Cardiology and International College of Nutrition-2011
R.B Singh, Adarsh Kumar. N.S. Neki, Daniel Pella, S.S. Rastogi, T.K. Basu, S.N. Acharya, Lekh Juneja, Toru Takahashi, K. Otsuka, Fabien De Meester, and D.W. Wilson

Space and Earth Weather Mirrored in Patterns of Suicide Incidence
Germaine Cornelissen, Borislav D. Dimitrov, Franca Carandente, and Franz Halberg

Signatures of Space Weather in the Aging Human Blood Circulation?
Franz Halberg, Robert B. Sothern, Yoshihiko Watanabe, Dewayne Hillman, William R. Best, Othild Schwartzkopff, and Germaine Cornelissen

Time Structures (Chronomes) of the Blood Circulation, Populations’ Health, Human Affairs and Space Weather
Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornelissen, Rollin McCraty, Jerzy Czaplicki, and Abdullah A. Al-Abdulgader

Cardiac Sudden Death of Athletes: “Athlete’s Heart”
J. Fedacko, D. Pella, R.B. Singh, B. Bohus, R. Rybar, J. Pella, P. Fedackova, K. Trejbal, T. Lopuchovsky, L. Merkovska, L. Jedlickova, M. Mraz, M. Babcak, I. Pirnikova, and J. Simonova

The Role of Immunogenicity in Cardiovascular Disease
Michael Jan, Anthony T. Virtue, Meghanaben Pansuria, Jingshan Liu, Xinyu Xiong, Pu Fang, Shu Meng, Hong Wang, and Xiao-Feng Yang

Evaluating the Form of Nonsinusoidal Variations
George S. Katinas, Mikhail V. Dementyev, Franz Halberg, Patricia Grambsch, Anatoly V. Sorokin, and Germaine Cornelissen

The Gut, Brain, and Heart Connection
R.B. Singh, Jayeeta Chaudhury, Fabien De Meester, Agnieszka Wilczynska, Douglas W. Wilson, A.P.S. Hungin, Branislav Milovanovic,
Toru Takahashi, S. Sarrafi Zadeh and Shabnam Omidvor

Evolution: A Modified Synthesis in Relation to Inheritance of Diseases
R.B. Singh, Fabien De Meester, Agnieszka Wilczynska, D.W. Wilson, and A.P.S. Hungin

Cusum-Assessed Personalized Hypotensive Treatment Surveillance
D. W. Wilson, F. Halberg, G. Cornelissen, Y. Watanabe, and A.P.S. Hungin

Association of Coronary Risk Factors with Blood Glucose Levels in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
K.S.N. Reddy, T.M. Reddy, K.K. Reddy, J. Lalu Naik, A. Papa Rao, and R.B. Singh

Plasma Fibrinogen Levels in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Asna Urooj, K. Kusuma, P.P. Preetham, B. Mohan and P. Upadya

Synergistic Antilipidemic and Antihepatotoxic Action of <i>Gongronema latifolium</i> and <i>Nauclea latifolia</i> in Streptozotocin Diabetic Rat Models
P.E. Ebong, G.S. Effiong, I J. Atangwho and E.U. Eyong

24- Hour Chronomics of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Rotating Night Shift Workers and Controls
Baby Anjum, Nar Singh Verma, Sandeep Tiwari, Vinod Jain, Ranjana Singh, Shipra Bhardwaj, Qulsoom Naz, Abbas A. Mahdi, Ram B. Singh, and Raj K. Singh

Association of Obesity and Abdominal Adiposity with Blood Pressure in Adults
K.S.N. Reddy, K.K. Reddy, and T.P.K. Reddy

Chronobiologically Interpreted Clinical and Physiological Monitoring and Dietary Vistas in the Care of the Elderly
R.B. Singh, F. De Meester, A. Wilcynszka, G. Cornelissen, D.W. Wilson, A.P.S. Hungin, R. Singh, S. Sarrafi Zadeh, Shabnam Omidvor Toru Takahashi and F. Halberg

Early Glimpses of Lunisolar and Reciprocal Biospheric Cycles with Overlapping Uncertainties
Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, and Othild Schwartzkopff

In Memoriam, Salvador Sanchez Alfonso De La Pena, MD, PhD: A Comrade in the Chronousphere (November 14, 1948 – November 2, 2011)
R.B. Singh, Germaine Cornelissen, Robert B. Sothern, Jonathan Levi Rito Medina, Douglas W. Wilson, Miguel Revilla, Fabien De Meester, Chibisov Sergey, Radzhesh Agarval, Othild Schwartzkopff, and Franz Halberg

Bohumil Fiser (*22.10.1943-†21.03.2011): Chronobiologist, Emeritus Head of the Physiology Department at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), Czech Minister of Health, and Executive Board Member of the World Health Organization: His Legacies for Public and Personalized Health Care
Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornelissen, Thomas Kenner, Jiri Dusek, Brigitte Kenner, Othild Schwartzkopff, and Jarmila Siegelova


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