Building Youth for the Future: A Path towards Suicide Prevention



Series: Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Health
BISAC: PSY037000

While much needs to be done in order to minimize the suicide attempts and suicides of adolescents, the work of Stop Youth Suicide (SYS) campaign and the comprehensive grassroots’ approach is showing signs of success in the state of Kentucky. The 2013 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) showed that for the first time, indicators of youth suicide in the state are at or below the national average, where they were previously always above. In the three rural counties where the school systems have partnered with SYS and the Division of Adolescent Medicine in Lexington, there is an actual absence of completed suicides compared to the average of three per year prior to this partnership. In order to maintain and improve that statistic, we must ensure that students do not have easy access to weapons, guns and drugs by ensuring that these items are properly stored in homes where children are present. Kentucky’s educators must continue to develop ways to provide safe and supportive school environments. In this book, the authors have gathered presentations from the 2017 Annual Stop Youth Suicide Campaign Conference, which we hope will be of interest and help to the readers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Teens and suicide (pp. 3-30)
(Hatim A Omar and Joav Merrick)

Section one: The adolescent brain (pp. 31-32)

Chapter 2. Adolescent brain development and self-esteem (pp. 33-44)
(Maria H Rahmandar and Frank M Biro)

Chapter 3. The adolescent brain and substance abuse (pp. 45-58)
(Patrick J Withrow)

Section two: Awareness and presentation (pp. 59-60)

Chapter 4. Evan’s story by his father: Suicide awareness and prevention (pp. 61-70)
(Charles W Peoples)

Chapter 5. Child and family poverty: Its impact on children and what we can do about it (pp. 71-82)
(David L Wood)

Chapter 6. Clinical overview of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (pp. 83-94)
(David L Wood)

Chapter 7. Youth gun violence: A growing public health concern (pp. 95-102)
(Amy Burnett)

Chapter 8. The internet and social media use among adolescents: Pitfalls and benefits (pp. 103-118)
(John A Yozwiak and Douglas J Yozwiak)

Chapter 9. Gender identity in adolescents (pp. 119-128)
(Mandakini Sadhir and Robyn Morris)

Chapter 10. Self-harm (pp. 129-136)
(Stephanie Stockburger and Jennifer Perry)

Chapter 11. Anxiety and depression in young athletes (pp. 137-156)
(Dilip R Patel, Hatim A Omar and Joav Merrick)

Chapter 12. Supporting adolescents who have experienced trauma (pp. 157-164)
(Cori Morgan)

Chapter 13. Eating disorders in adolescence (pp. 165-176)
(Mandakini Sadhir)

Chapter 14. How to survive and thrive: Parenting children and adolescents with mental health problems (pp. 177-186)
(Stephanie Stockburger and Alissa Briggs)

Chapter 15. Sleep: A talk for every visit (pp. 187-196)
(Shawn Sorrell)

Section three: Schools (pp. 197-198)

Chapter 16. Preventing suicide: What can schools do? (pp. 199-208)
(Alissa Briggs)

Chapter 17. School health programs as a means of suicide prevention (pp. 209-214)
(Eva Stone)

Chapter 18. Welcoming and safe schools/ communities for LGBTQ youth (pp. 215-234)
(Nicole A Begg)

Chapter 19. Trauma sensitive schools: A safe home for all students (pp. 235-244)
(Alissa Briggs)

Section four: Acknowledgments (pp. 245-246)

Chapter 20. About the editors (pp. 247

Chapter 21. About the Division of Adolescent Medicine, Kentucky Children’s Hospital at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, United States (pp. 249-254)

Chapter 22. The Annual “Stop Youth Suicide” Conference, Lexington, Kentucky, United States (pp. 255-256)

Chapter 23. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel (pp. 257-260)

Chapter 24. About the book series “Pediatrics, child and adolescent health” (pp. 261-266)

Section five: Index (pp. 267-268)

Index (pp. 269-277)

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