Brand Touchpoints


Aparna Sundar (Editor)
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Series: Marketing and Operations Management Research
BISAC: BUS043010

Brand touchpoints are used to reinforce the basic premise of branding, which is to distinguish brands from their competitors and remain memorable, ultimately keeping customers resolute in their allegiance. Information related through brand touchpoints increases brand familiarity, contributes to a brand’s value, improves attitudes towards a brand, and in general is essential to maintain an ongoing relationship with consumers. Given the role of brand touchpoints, a look at contemporary issues is warranted. Brand Touchpoints is a collection of chapters by academics, practitioners and designers on the current evolution of brand communication. The book looks at existing issues in the marketplace and ways to influence the branding process. First, the changing role of brand touchpoints is reviewed in terms of the move from physical assets such as stores, trucks, and outdoor billboards to digital applications. A foundational sense of how consumers develop inferences surrounding brand touchpoints is then explored. Following this, prescriptive models for building brands to enhance the effectiveness of brand touchpoints are proposed. Then the ability of tangible touchpoints such as product design, packaging, and other tangible aspects of the brand to inform macro branding is reviewed. A case is made for more research on multisensory aspects of a brand. Chapters in the final section of the book explore brand touchpoints as it influences microtrends of prosocial consumers, children and ardent sports fans. To conclude, novel linkages in brand literature that set up an agenda for future research as it relates to consumer culture is discussed.

The diverse set of chapters in this book offer a well-timed, in-depth summary of the various academic literature and industry phenomenon. Chapters are contributed by leading academic and industry experts.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Part I: The Consumer Brand Interface (pp. 1-2)

Chapter 1. A New Paradigm for Brand Touchpoints (pp. 3-18)
(Dominic Walsh)

Chapter 2. Implications of Consumer Inference Processes for Understanding Branding (pp. 19-42)
(Xiaoqi Han, Susan P. Mantel and Frank R. Kardes)

Chapter 3. Leveraging Brand Touchpoints: A Literature Review and Research Agenda (pp. 43-64)
(Lars Bergkvist and Marc Mazodier)

Part II: New Tools for Managers to Build Brands from the Inside Out (pp. 65-66)

Chapter 4. The Brand Culture Wheel: A Model for Brand Building from the Inside Out (pp. 67-94)
(Chris Allen and Matt Carcieri)

Chapter 5. Using Systematic Creativity Techniques to Create and Maintain Brands (pp. 95-112)
(Drew Boyd)

Part III: Experiencing the Brand (pp. 113-114)

Chapter 6. Multisensory Brand Communications: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Consumers (pp. 115-140)
(Clarinda Rodrigues)

Chapter 7. Product Branding + Sport Performance Footwear Design: A Model and Case Study of Macro to Micro Brand Marks (pp. 141-158)
(Susan L. Sokolowski)

Chapter 8. Effective Branded Packaging for a Tangible Brand Experience (pp. 159-174)
(Peter Chamberlain and Todd Timney)

Chapter 9. Understanding the Role of Crossmodal Processes in Branding (pp. 175-206)
(Sara Baskentli and Maureen Morrin)

Part IV: Brand Touchpoints in New Markets and Looking Ahead (pp. 207-208)

Chapter 10. Branding Consumer Well-Being and Motivating Prosocial Consumption (pp. 209-228)
(Claudio Alvarez and Remi Trudel)

Chapter 11. Understanding Children and Brand Relationships Online (pp. 229-246)
(Teresa Davis)

Chapter 12. Fostering Connections between Sports Teams and Consumers (pp. 247-272)
(Kathryn R. Mercurio and Frank Veltri)

Chapter 13. The Future of Branding Research (pp. 273-300)
(Douglas R. Ewing)

Index (pp. 301)


“Brand Touchpoints  presents a timely and insightful look at the latest thinking on connecting with consumers. Branding is how businesses build long-term connections with the marketplace, and this book gives readers a cutting-edge advantage for branding success in this competitive world.”  – Lynn. R. Kahle, PhD, Emeritus professor of Marketing, University of Oregon

“Navigating the market-space rather than the simple market-place requires practitioners and scholars to rethink how the consumer and business customer understands the organization and its brands in the decision-making process. <I>Brand Touchpoints  helps today’s executives and scholars build strategies and research programs in the modern marketplace by bringing together the latest thinking by some of the smartest people working in this area.” – Andrea Dixon, PhD, Baylor University professor and co-author, Strategic Sales Leadership

“Many businesses still treat brand as a bundle of distinctive attributes while consumers interact with brands in many ways that don’t involve its attributes. Whether a brand lives by its promise is determined by how it manages these interactions.  Brand Touchpoints  is a must-read for anyone interested in developing brand strategy and own a living, breathing brand that becomes an integral part of a consumer’s life.”  – Hanumantha Rao Unnava, PhD, Professor and Dean at the Graduate School of Management University of California, Davis

“With the rise of Digitally Native Vertical Brands, many consumers are first interacting with a brand not on store shelves or television but through social media and mobile phones.  Brand Touchpoints  is a fascinating read on how companies big and small need to adapt to an evolved world of brand communication in this digital marketplace.” – Dave Knox, Author,  Predicting The Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips

“I love this book! Aparna and an impressive mix of contributors, both academics and practitioners, have cast their insightful eyes towards understanding the brand touchpoints that so dramatically shape and are shaped by brands, and in turn exert an enormous influence on our culture. In our confusing, modern world of increasingly interactive brand relationships, touchpoints are the air that brands breathe, the water they swim in, yet we’ve never before had access to the kind of incisive, rigorous analysis and helpful guidance that  Brand Touchpoints  offers.”  – Rebeca Arbona, President & Brand Weaver at Tapestry Strategy

“The effective management of customer touchpoints enables businesses to sense and address customer needs and satisfaction more quickly and often.  Brand Touchpoints offers marketing practitioners and modern leaders insights and tools to build more adaptable business strategies that are well connected to their customers.”  – Laurence Vigeant-Langlois, PhD, Head of Marketing, GE Additive (Laurence Vigeant-Langlois’ comments do not reflect the views of GE Additive)

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