Books and Printing: A Treasury for Typophiles


Paul A. Bennett

Series: Fine Arts, Music and Literature
BISAC: ANT005000

Books and Printing: A Treasury for Typophiles
is a collection of articles by some of the most famous book designers and historians, including Beatrice Warde, Updike, and Morison. Some of the subjects included, are printers’ marks, the fine art of printing, typefaces, calligraphy, and the parts of the book. This book will be of interest to anyone who wants to know about the art of printing and book making.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. By Way of Introduction
Paul A. Bennett
Chapter 2. The Story of the Alphabet
Otto F. Ege
Chapter 3. Printing, Paper and Playing Cards
Lancelot Hogben
Chapter 4. Colophons
Ruth S. Granniss
Chapter 5. Printers’ Marks
Edwin Eliott Willoughby
Chapter 6. Title Pages: Their Forms and Development
A. F. Johnson
Chapter 7. The First Work with American Types
Lawrence C. Wroth
Chapter 8. Typographic Debut
Ronald B. Mckerrow
Chapter 9. Metal-Flowers
Edward Rowe Mores
Chapter 10. The History of the Invention and Progress of the Mysterious Art of Printing &c
James Watson
Chapter 11. Printers As Men of the World
Evelyn Harter
Chapter 12. Are Women the Natural Enemies of Books?
Anne Lyon Haight
Chapter 13. Printing Should Be Invisible
Beatrice Warde
Chapter 14. The Ideal Book
Porter Garnett
Chapter 15. Extracts from an Investigation into the Physical Properties of Books
W. A. Dwiggins
Chapter 16. Twenty Years After
W. A. Dwiggins
Chapter 17. The Publisher and the Typographer
Desmond Flower
Chapter 18. The Anatomy of the Book: A Symposium
William Dana Orcutt, Bruce Rogers, Carl Purington Rollins, Joseph Blumenthal, P. J. Conkwright, Arthur W. Rushmore, Milton Glick, Morris Colman, Evelyn Harter, Peter Beilenson, and Ernst Reichl
Chapter 19. Trade Bookmaking: Complaint in Three Dimensions
Robert Josephy
Chapter 20. What Is a Private Press?
Will Ransom
Chapter 21. The Trained Printer and the Amateur: and the Pleasure of Small Books
Alfred W. Pollard
Chapter 22. Some Collectors Read
Sir Francis Meynell
Chapter 23. Printing for Love
Christopher Sandford
Chapter 24. The Fun and Fury of a Private Press: Some Voyages of The Golden Hind
Arthur W. Rushmore
Chapter 25. The Fine Art of Printing
Edwin Grabhorn
Chapter 26. The Typography of William Morris
Holbrook Jackson
Chapter 27. First Principles of Typography
Stanley Morison
Chapter 28. American Type Designers and Their Work
Carl Purington Rollins
Chapter 29. Typography
Eric Gill
Chapter 30. Types and Type Design
Frederic W. Goudy
Chapter 31. The Old and the New: A Friendly Dispute between Juvenis & Senex
Theodore Low De Vinne
Chapter 32. Paragraphs on Printing
Bruce Rogers
Chapter 33. B.R.—Adventurer with Type Ornament
Paul A. Bennett
Chapter 34. Some Tendencies in Modern Typography
Daniel Berkeley Updike
Chapter 35. The Amateur Printer: His Pleasures and His Duties
Peter Beilenson
Chapter 36. Harsh Words
T. M. Cleland
Chapter 37. A Comparison of Calligraphy & Lettering
Oscar Ogg
Chapter 38. Typography for the Twentieth-Century Reader
Aldous Huxley
Chapter 39. Notes on Modern Printing
Merle Armitage
Chapter 40. Benjamin Franklin: Printer and Publisher
John T. Winterich
Chapter 41. The Book & Job Print
Earnest Elmo Calkins
Chapter 42. Author and Printer: G.B.S. and R.&R.C.: 1898-1948
James Shand
Chapter 43 On Type Faces for Books
Paul A. Bennett
Chapter 44. Notes on the Type Faces Used in This Book
Paul A. Bennett

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