Bone and Brain Metastases: Advances in Research and Treatment


Arjun Sahgal (Editor) – University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada, and others
Edward Chow (Editor) – University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada, and others
Joav Merrick (Editor) – Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

Series: Health and Human Development

Bone and brain metastasis are of great importance because they can profoundly affect a patient’s quality of life and function. Complications of metastasis include pain, neurologic dysfunction and, in cases of bone metastasis, fractures and resulting loss of mobility. In particular for brain metastasis, personality and cognitive changes can affect the patient’s performance status which can jeopardise further systemic therapies aimed at prolonging survival. Ultimately, both conditions are very frightening for the cancer patient and their families. This book highlights the importance of expertise in the management of bone and brain metastasis.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Mary Gospodarowicz, and Catharine Whiteside, University of Toronto Canada)


Bone and brain metastases
(Arjun Sahgal, Edward Chow and Joav Merrick)

Section One: Treatment of Bone Metastases pp.1-2

Chapter 1. Innovative Palliative Programs: Rapid Response Radiotherapy
(Janet Nguyen, Arjun Sahgal, Emily Sinclair, et al.,Program and Multidisciplinary Bone Metastases Clinic)pp.3-26

Chapter 2. Conventional Radiation Treatment of Bone Metastases
(Shaelyn Culleton, Sheldon Kwok and Edward Chow)pp.27-40

Chapter 3. Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Spine Tumors
(Arjun Sahgal, Eric Massicotte, Raja Rampersaud,et al.)pp.41-54

Chapter 4. Management of Malignant Spinal Cord Compression
(Gunita Mitera, Arjun Sahgal, Normand Laperriere and Andrew Loblaw)pp.55-68

Chapter 5. Defining Oncologic Spinal Instability
Michael G Fehlings and Kenny S David)pp.69-78

Chapter 6. Vertebral Compression Fractures from Spinal Metastases: Imaging and Application of Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty
(Roger ML Smith) pp.79-96

Chapter 7. Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches for Spine Metastases
(Raphael Lotan and Joel A Finkelstein)pp.97-110

Chapter 8. Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Photodynamic Therapy as Treatment for Spinal Metastases
(Margarete K Akens, Shane Burch and Albert JM Yee)pp.111-120

Chapter 9. Bisphophonates in the Management of Bone Metastases
(Sara K Taylor, Orit C Freedman, Eitan Amir and Mark Clemons) pp.121-130

Chapter 10. Clinical Research in Spinal Cord Tolerance to Radiation
(Arjun Sahgal) pp.131-138

Section Two: Brain Metastases pp.139-140

Chapter 11. University of Toronto Department of Radiation Oncology Research on the Treatment of Brain Metastases: Striving to Improve Patient Outcomes
(Hany Soliman, Andrea Bezjak, Arjun Sahgal and May Tsao)pp.141-152

Chapter 12. Radiosensitizers and Anti-aAngiogenic aAgents for Brain Metastases
(Caroline Chung and Anthony Brade) pp.153-166

Chapter 13. Role of Surgery and Awake Craniotomy for Brain Metastasis
(Todd G Mainprize and Mark Bernstein) pp.167-178

Section Three: Symptom and Quality of Life Research pp.179-180

Chapter 14. Pain Flare Following Palliative Radiotherapy of Bone Metastases
(Roseanna Presutti, Amanda Hird, Carlo DeAngelis, et al.) pp.181-196

Chapter 15. Quality of Life Research in Bone Metastases
Roseanna Presutti, Janet Nguyen, Amanda Hird, et al.)pp.197-216

Chapter 16. Quality of Life Research in Brain Metastases
(Janet Nguyen, Arjun Sahgal, Edward Chow and Brita Danielson)pp.217-238

Chapter 17. Quality of Life in Patients with Spine Metastases
(Sorin C Craciunas and Michael G Fehlings)pp.239-254

Chapter 18. Radiation Induced Nausea and Vomiting
(Rebecca KS Wong)pp.255-268

Section Four: Technology and Imaging pp.269-270

Chapter 19. Quantification of Metastatic Burden in the Spine and its Structural Implications
(Cari M Whyne and Michael R Hardisty)pp.271-288

Chapter 20. Cone Beam CT Imaging in Radiation Oncology and Applications for Palliative
radiation therapy
(Daniel Létourneau, Andrew E Potter and Rebecca KS Wong)pp.289-304

Chapter 21. Advanced CT and MR Imaging of Brain Metastases
(Aditya Bharatha, Sean P Symons and Richard I Aviv)pp.305-326

Chapter 22. Gamma Knife Technology for Radiosurgery of Brain Metastasis
(Young-Bin Cho, BeiBei Zhang, Mark Bernstein and Arjun Sahgal)pp.327-340

Section Five: Understanding the Patient pp.341-342

Chapter 23. Under-Medication of Cancer Pain
(Gunita Mitera and Alysa Fairchild)pp.343-356

Chapter 24. Symptom Cluster and Gender Differences Research in Patients with Metastatic Cancer
(Harleen Bedi, Justin Kwong and Edward Chow)pp.357-372

Chapter 25. Patient Understanding and Preference, and Physician Communication in Palliative Radiotherapy
(Ewa Szumacher and Elizabeth Barnes) pp.373-386

Chapter 26. Survival Prediction
(Jocelyn Pang, Tony Panzarella and Edward Chow)pp.387-420

Section Six: Acknowledgments pp.421-422

Chapter 27. About the editors pp.423-424

Chapter 28. About the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto pp.425-426

Chapter 29. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel pp.427-430

Chapter 30. About the Book Series Health and Human Development at Nova Science pp.431-432

Index pp.433-466

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