Blockchain and Health: Transformation of Care and Impact of Digitalization


Dr. ing. Jan Veuger MRE FRICS MSV

Series: Health Care in Transition
BISAC: COM093000

The secure storage of medical records is vital to any healthcare system. Relying solely on centralized servers increases the likelihood of sensitive information going public. Transparency and increased security of Blockchain technology make it an ideal platform for storing medical records.

Patients can safely store their privacy-sensitive information by securing their data on a Blockchain using cryptography. This enables them to share their medical information with any healthcare institution with their approval. The healthcare system is currently very fragmented, but if all users were to use a secure global database, the flow of information between them would be much faster.

A great advantage of a global database is that clients do not have to tell their story every time. A medical specialist, for example, can see exactly what a patient has been through and what treatments and examinations have taken place. The information is also available in real time to the healthcare professional the client has indicated to have access to his file.

A new revolution is taking place that is clearly different from the third industrial revolution (Internet, communication and globalization). This fourth industrial revolution involves a fusion of technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and Blockchain. Our healthcare society is also changing fundamentally, also under the influence of COVID-19.

With this book in three chapters, we present the impact of Blockchain and digitization in healthcare with (1) a systematic literature review om implementing blockchain solutions in health care and organizational consequences, (2) Blockchain in health care and (3) transformation of elderly care and impact of digitalization.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. A Systematic Literature Review on Implementing Blockchain Solutions in Healthcare and the Organisational Consequences
(George Garritsen, Jan Veuger and Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof-Head Lecturer in Business Economics/Business Administration, Graduation coordinator, Saxion University of Applied Sciences School of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, the Netherlands), et al.

Chapter 2. Blockchain in Healthcare
(Jan Veuger and Harry Woldendorp-Saxion University of Applied Sciences, School of Finance and Accounting, School of Creative Technology, School of Governance, Law and Urban Development,
Hospitality Business School, School of Commerce and Entrepeneurship, School of People and Society, The Netherlands), et al.

Chapter 3. Transformation of Elderly Care and Impact of Digitalization
(Harry Woldendorp- Knowlegde Partner Research Group Blockchain, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)


Book Review

“The book offers a very complete and integral view of the meaning of “blockchain-technology” in health care. Not only with respect to the system of health care but more specific in the delivery of care. This meaning is very great in the “technological sense,” as well as for the organization of health care and the roles of responsibilities of the different stakeholders.  This concerns not only administrative, logistic, record-processes, but also the care-processes and the quality and efficiency of the delivered care. That great impact is relevant for the care-organization, the clients, the care-professionals, and for external-stakeholders, like health insurance-companies and the local and national authorities. The book has also given attention to the great problem of increasing administrative tasks for clients and professionals. Block-chain has a great impact in lowering these, partly needless, administrative tasks. The book is not only very interesting for the healthcare but also in other parts of the economy.” – Dr. Guus van Montfort, Board member and professor in health care and education

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