Biology Research Summaries (With Biographical Sketches). Volume 1


Bernard Olson (Editor)

Series: Biology Research Summaries
BISAC: SCI008000

This new book provides research summaries from a number of different focuses in biology, and compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I. Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1. Ciemon Frank Caballes

Chapter 2. Milos Cankovic

Chapter 3. Wen-Tung Chang

Chapter 4. Paul R. Gard

Chapter 5. Edlayne Gonçalez

Chapter 6. Daishu Han

Chapter 7. Jyh-Ming Jimmy Juang

Chapter 8. Takayuki Kashima

Chapter 9. Héctor Alejandro Keller

Chapter 10. Hidenori Kiyosawa

Chapter 11. Prof. Dr. Alexa Klettner

Chapter 12. Jiunn-Lee Lin

Chapter 13. Esteban Ismael Meza Torres

Chapter 14. Shin-ichi Miyashita

Chapter 15. Zilda Braga Morais

Chapter 16. Gaétan Moreau

Chapter 17. David Motta Marques

Part II. Research Summaries

Chapter 18. Native and Invasive Mussels
(Slavka Stankovic and Mihajlo Jovic)

Chapter 19. Life and Interaction of Hydrobiological Organisms
(Mytilus sp.) with Harmful Algal Blooms: Composition, Distribution and Metabolism of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Toxins in the Austral Pacific Region
(Carlos García, and Néstor Lagos)

Chapter 20. Mussels as a Tool to Monitor Pollution
(Elena Cubero-Leon and Corina M. Ciocan)

Chapter 21. Bioenergetic Model Predictions of Actual Growth and Allometric Transitions during Ontogeny of Juvenile Blue Mussels Mytilus Edulis
(Poul S. Larsen, Kim Lundgreen and Hans Ulrik Riisgård)

Chapter 22. The Synthesis of Vitellogenin in the Mussel Mytilus Galloprovincialis: An Interdisciplinary Approach
(Marisa Agnese, Marina Prisco, Luigi Rosati, Mariailaria Verderame, Enrico De Meo, Ermelinda Limatola, Rosanna Del Gaudio, Serena Aceto and Piero Andreuccetti)

Chapter 23. Brachidontes Solisianus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) Re-Colonization Dynamics on A Sandstone Reef at Pernambuco – Brazil
(Mariana Alves de Guimaraens, Jessica Pires Sá Carneiro, Betty Rose de Araújo Luz and Janilson Felix da Silva)

Chapter 24. Mussel Farms in the Gulf of Naples (Campania, Southern Italy): Real Opportunity or a Risk to Consumers?
(Maria Grazia Esposito, Francesca Trinchella and Rosaria Scudiero)

Chapter 25. Ecosystem Services in the Mediterranean Sea: the Need for an Economic and Business Oriented Approach
(Rafael Sardá)

Chapter 26. Marine Pollution from Shipwrecks at the Sea Bottom: A Case Study from the Mediterranean Basin
(Mario Sprovieri, Marco Barra, Marianna Del Core, Gabriella Di Martino, Luigi Giaramita, Serena Gherardi, Sara Innangi, Elvira Oliveri, Salvatore Passaro, Teresa Romeo, Paola Rumolo, Daniela Salvagio Manta, Stella Tamburrino, Renato Tonielli, Anna Traina, Giorgio Tranchida, Mattia Vallefuoco, Salvatore Mazzola and Franco Andaloro)

Chapter 27. Disposal of Produced Formation Water from Offshore Gas Platforms in the Mediterranean Sea: A Parametric Study on Discharge Conditions Aimed at Mitigating Risks for the Marine Environment
(Daniela Cianelli, Rossella Di Mento, Loredana Manfra, Federico Oteri, Anna Maria Cicero and Enrico Zambianchi)

Chapter 28. Secchi Depth and Water Quality Control: Measurement of Sunlight Extinction
(Javier Ibáñez Civera, Nicolás Laguarda Miró, Eduardo García Breijo and Rafael Masot Peris)

Chapter 29. An Environmental Monitoring Plan for the Construction and Operation of a Marine Terminal for Regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the North Adriatic Sea
(C. Virno Lamberti, M. Gabellini, C. Maggi, O. Nonnis, L. Manfra, S. Ceracchi, B. Trabucco, G. Moltedo, F. Onorati, G. Franceschini and R. Di Mento)

Chapter 30. Bioactive Peptides from the Venom of the Mediterranean Cone Snail Conus Ventricosus
(Maria Carolina Spiezia, Cristiano Chiarabelli, Maria Eugenia Schininà and Fabio Polticelli)

Chapter 31. Plasticity in Spider Webs and Silk: An Overview of Current Evidence
(Cecilia Boutry and Sean J. Blamires)

Chapter 32. Spider Webs as Extended Phenotypes
(Sean J. Blamires)

Chapter 33. Lipoproteins of Spiders: Structure and Function
(C. Fernando Garcia, Aldana Laino and Monica Cunningham)

Chapter 34. Study of the Discriminate Information on Spider Webs
(Jaime R. Ticay-Rivas, Carlos M. Travieso, Marcos del Pozo-Baños, Jesús B. Alonso and William G. Eberhard)

Chapter 35. Ant Mimicry in Spiders – Short Communication
(Fadia Sara Ceccarelli)

Chapter 36. Analytical Frameworks of Social Network Analyses
(Swarna Weerasinghe)

Chapter 37. Phylogenetic Networks Are Fundamentally Different from Other Kinds of Biological Networks
(David A. Morrison)

Chapter 38. Construction of the Statistic Network from Field Sampling
(WenJun Zhang)

Chapter 39. Systems Biology and Environmental Exposures
(Julia E. Rager and Rebecca C. Fry)

Chapter 40. A Method for Creating a Real Network with Expected Mean and Variance of Degree Distribution
(WenJun Zhang and GuangHua Liu)

Chapter 41. Testing a Tree Productivity: Climate Model with Dendrochronological Data
(Yueh-Hsin Lo, Juan A. Blanco, Brad Seely, J. P. (Hamish) Kimmins and Clive Welham)

Chapter 42. Modelling Stochasticity in Multi-stable and Oscillatory Biological Networks Far from Equilibrium
(Thusangi Wannige, Don Kulasiri and Sandhya Samarasinghe)

Chapter 43. Microalgae and Man
(Dilwyn J. Griffiths)

Chapter 44. Network Structures in Biological Systems and in Human Society
(Alexander V. Oleskin)

Chapter 45. Biology, Morphology and Antiviral Defense of Penaeid Shrimp
(Crustacea: Decapoda)
(César Marcial Escobedo Bonilla)

Chapter 46. Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) Farming in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects towards Sustainable Development
(Manjurul Karim, Craig A. Meisner and Michael Phillips)

Chapter 47
Food Additives Determination in Shrimps: Development of Innovative Analytical Methods by Ion Chromatography with Conductivity Detection
(Marco Iammarino, Aurelia Di Taranto, Marilena Muscarella, D. Nardiello, Carmen Palermo and D. Centonze)

Chapter 48. A Study of Ecological Connectivity in a Seagrass Bed: Movement and Habitat Use by the Abundant Seagrass Shrimp Phycomenes zostericola
(Decapoda: Palaemonidae)
(Jodie A. Haig)

Chapter 49. The Availability of Brine Shrimp Bioassay as a Screening Technique of Allelopathic Compounds
(Takuya Morikawa and Norihisa Kusumoto)

Chapter 50. Oberhauserellidae (Benthic Foraminifera) Outbursts during the Environmental Perturbations at the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary: Palaeoecological Implications
(Marie-Emilie Clémence and Axel Von Hillebrandt)

Chapter 51. Volgian Foraminifera and Biostratigraphy of the Husky Formation, Arctic Slope Region of Northwestern Canada
(M. Dan Georgescu and Willi K. Braun)

Chapter 52. New and Revised Cretaceous (Albian-Campanian) Planktic Foraminifera of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans
(M. Dan Georgescu, Melissa S. Sawyer, Caterina J. Heikkinen and Randall M. Burke)

Chapter 53. Cretaceous Planktic Foraminifera from the Jacob Whitman Bailey Collection
(Farlow Herbarium, Harvard University)
(M. Dan Georgescu)

Chapter 54. Evolutionary Classification of the Globotruncanellid and Abathomphalid Planktic Foraminifera
(Late Cretaceous, Late Campanian-Maastrichtian)
(M. Dan Georgescu and Melissa S. Sawyer)

Chapter 55. Biostratigraphical, Paleoecological and Evolutionary Significance of Guembelitria
(Planktic Foraminifera) across the K/Pg Boundary in the Atlantic and Tethyan Realms
(Njoud Gallala)

Chapter 56. Eocene-Oligocene Planktic Foraminifera of the West African Margin in Casamance: Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology
(Malick Thiam)

Chapter 57. Planktic Foraminifera throughout the Pleistocene: From Cell to Populations to Past Marine Hydrology
(Frédérique Eynaud, Linda Rossignol and Marie-Camille Gasparotto)

Chapter 58. Soft-Walled Foraminifera under Normoxia/Hypoxia Conditions in the Shallow Areas of the Black Sea
(N. G. Sergeeva and O. V. Anikeeva)

Chapter 59. Classification and Taxonomy of Modern Benthic Shelf Foraminifera of the Central Mediterranean Sea
(Antonio Caruso and Claudia Cosentino)

Chapter 60. Honeybee Diseases
(Tzayhrí Gallardo Velázquez, Karina Uribe Hernández and Guillermo I. Osorio Revilla)

Chapter 61. The Status of Bee Health and Colony Losses in Argentina
(Matías D. Maggi, Sergio R. Ruffinengo, Pedro Negri, Constanza Brasesco, Sandra Medici, Silvina Quintana, Nicolás Szawarski, Pablo Gimenez Martinez, Fiorella De Piano, Pablo Revainera, Giullia Mitton and Martín J. Eguaras)

Chapter 62. Situational Choices among Alternative Visual Stimuli in Honeybees and Paper Wasps when Foraging
(Vladimir M. Kartsev)

Chapter 63. Fuel for Foraging: Regulation of the Crop Content of Foragers upon Departing the Hive
(Ken-ichi Harano)

Chapter 64. Sex Differences of Dopamine Control Systems Associated with Reproduction in Honeybees
(Ken Sasaki)

Chapter 65. Roundtrip-Structure of the Foraging Honeybee (Apis mellifera)
(Rudolf Jander)

Chapter 66. Understanding the Role of Zooplankton in Transfer of Pollutants through Trophic Food Webs
(Roberta Bettinetti and Marina Manca)

Chapter 67. A Comparison of Several Plankton Models for Red Tides
(Tiziana Romano, Malay Banerjee and Ezio Venturino)

Chapter 68. Zooplankton Variation in Five Greek Lakes
(George Kehayias, Ekaterini Chalkia and Evangelia Doulka)

Chapter 69. Zooplankton of the Cooling Reservoir of the Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station: Species Characteristics and Accumulative Ability
(Мargarita Ya. Chebotina, Valentina P. Guseva and Еvgeny V. Polyakov)

Chapter 70. Some Aspects of Zooplankton (Cladocera, Copepoda) Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in a Large River: The Case Study of the Danube River
(Csaba Vadadi-Fülöp and Levente Hufnagel)

Chapter 71. Abundance and Trophic Position of Gelatinous Zooplankton in the Namibian Upwelling Region
(Rolf Koppelmann, Sarina A. Jung and Niko Lahajnar)

Chapter 72. Seasonal Dynamics of Zooplankton Community Related to the Environmental Factors in a Man-Made Sfax Solar Saltern (Tunisia)
(Rayda Kobbi Rebai, Ikbel Sellami, Neila Annabi-Trabelsi and Habib Ayadi)

Chapter 73. Thematic Maps, a Tool to Establish the Spatial Patterns of Eutrophication and the Zooplankton Community Structure in a Tropical Urban Reservoir (Pampulha Reservoir, MG) in Brazil
(Juan Carlos Jaramillo-Londoño and Ricardo Motta Pinto-Coelho)

Chapter 74. The Conceptual Foundations of Systems Biology: An Introduction
(Mariano Bizzarri, Alessandra Cucina and Alessandro Palombo)

Chapter 75. The Mesoscopic Level and Its Epistemological Relevance in Systems Biology
(Marta Bertolaso, Alessandro Giuliani and Simonetta Filippi)

Chapter 76. Mathematical Framework for Analyzing Genome-Wide Association Study Data with Rational Classes
(A. X. C. N. Valente, Abhijit Sarkar, Joo Heon Shin, Jie Wu and Yuan Gao5)

Chapter 77. A Review and Perspective on Thermodynamics Applied to Molecular Systems and Cancer Biology
(Edward A. Rietman, Philip Hahnfeldt and Lynn Hlatky)

Chapter 78. Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks for Identification of Functional Modules
(Tolga Can)

Chapter 79. Mass Spectrometry in Systems Biology
(Lei Cheng, Robert A. Fenton and Trairak Pisitkun)

Chapter 80. Theory of Reliability in Systems Biology: Aging versus Reliability
(Vitaly K. Koltover)

Chapter 81. Computational Approaches in Synthetic and Systems Biology
(Miha Moškon, Jure Bordon, Miha Mraz, Nikolaj Zimic and Mattia Petroni)

Chapter 82. Modelling Transcriptional Regulation with Gaussian Processes
(Vinny Davies and Dirk Husmeier)

Chapter 83. Systems Biology Approach for Human Complexity and Personalized Cardiology
(George E. Louridas and Katerina G. Louridas)

Chapter 84. Football, Airplanes, Diabetes and Systems Biology
(Alexandra R. Petrasek and Danny Petrasek)

Chapter 85. Cardiac Systems Biology
(Seong-Eui Hong, Hong Ki Song, Taeyong Kim, Pradeep Kumar Sreenivasaiah and Do Han Kim)

Chapter 86. Systems Biology Approach to Transplant Immune Tolerance
(Reza F. Saidi, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., and S. Kamran Hejazii Kenari, M.D.)

Chapter 87. Cancer Systems Biology
(Rachael Hageman Blair, David L. Tritchler1; and Daniel P. Gaile)

Chapter 88. Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Aquaculture and Diversity of Associated Species
(Gulnihal Ozbay, Brian Reckenbeil, Frank Marenghi and Patrick Erbland)

Chapter 89. The Cadmium Conundrum in British Columbian Oysters: Economics, Ecotoxicology and Ethics
(L. I. Bendell)

Chapter 90. From Indo-Pacific to Atlantic Ocean: Problems and Risks Related to an Exotic Oyster Introduction Case
(Mauro André Damasceno de Melo and Guilherme da Cruz Santos Neto)

Chapter 91. Spionid Polychaetes Expand Their Distribution by Accompanying Oyster Shells during Transportation
(Waka Sato-Okoshi and Kenji Okoshi)

Chapter 92. EPH-Ephrin Signaling in Retinal Ganglion Cells
(Deborah C. Otteson and Tihomira D. Petkova)

Chapter 93. Nonvisual Ganglion Cell Subtype: Which Kind of Cells Are They? And Where Do They Come From?
(Javier Vicente, Pedro de la Villa and Francisco Germain)

Chapter 94. Detailed Insights into Functional Retinal Neurodegeneration of Aged DBA/2J Glaucoma Mice
(Sven Schnichels and Peter Heiduschka)

Chapter 95. What Have We Learned from Cultured Adult Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons?
(Kazunori Sango, Naoko Niimi, Masami Tsukamoto, Kazunori Utsunomiya, Kunihiko Sakumi, Yusaku Nakabeppu, Toshihiko Kadoya and Hidenori Horie)

Chapter 96. MicroRNA-Target Network Topology across Regions of Chromosomal Synteny (Muller Elements) and Genes Linked to Species Diagnostic Phenotype in Drosophila
(M. Ryan Woodcock, PhD)

Chapter 97. Drosophila melanogaster: A Valuable Ally to Understand Human Malignancies
(Ilda Patrícia Ribeiro and Isabel Marques Carreira)

Chapter 98. Drosophila melanogaster as a Host Model for Studying the Pathogenesis and Host-Pathogen Interaction of Staphylococcus aureus Infection
(Jianbo Zhang and Kunyan Zhang)

Chapter 99. Role of Algae in Agriculture
(Christos Chatzissavvidis and Ioannis Therios)

Chapter 100. An Illustrated Review on Cultivation and Life History of Agronomically Important Seaplants
(Felix Bast)

Chapter 101. Seaweed Uses: Human Health and Agriculture
(Maha Ahmed Mohamed Abdallah)

Chapter 102. Scientific Evidences of the Health-Promoting Effect of Seaweed Intake in Humans
(Antonio Jiménez-Escrig)

Chapter 103. Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds in Seaweeds: A Review
(Julia López-Hernández and Ana Rodríguez-Bernaldo de Quirós)

Chapter 104. Population Studies and Carrageenan Properties in Eight Gigartinales (Rhodophyta) from Iberian Peninsula
(Leonel Pereira, Filipa Meireles and Rui Gaspar)

Chapter 105. D-Amino Acids and Amino Acid Racemases in Seaweeds
(Takehiko Yokoyama and Koji Mikami)

Chapter 106. Seaweed Polyphenols As Potential Anti-Oxidant Agents
(Rashmi Chandrakant Vinayak and Vasanth L. Kallapur)

Chapter 107. Antioxidant Sulfated Polysaccharides from Seaweed
(Mariana Santana Santos Pereira Costa, Gabriel Pereira Fidelis, Hugo Alexandre Oliveira Rocha and Leandro Silva Costa)

Chapter 108. Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Defect in Neuromuscular Disorders: Source or Symptoms?
(Nanna Cornelius, Niels Gregersen, Zeynep Tümer, and Rikke K. J. Olsen)

Chapter 109. Oxidative Stress in Biofilms: Causes, Role in Diseases and Biological Effects
(María Gabriela Paraje)

Chapter 110. Oxidative Stress and Age Related Macular Degeneration
(N. Manresa, PhD, J. Mulero, PhD, M. Losada and P. Zafrilla, PhD)

Chapter 111. Traditional Chinese Medicine Exerts Cardioprotective Effects Against Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
(Ru Tie, Wenjuan Xing, Lele Ji and Haifeng Zhang)

Chapter 112. Controlling Oxidative Stress in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
(Akinobu Takaki, Daisuke Kawai and Kazuhide Yamamoto)

Chapter 113. Current Approaches to Redox Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis (pp.239-240)
(Elżbieta Miller, Jarosław Jakubik and B. Wachowicz)

Chapter 114. The Role of Nitric Oxide Toxicity and Oxidative Stress in Graft vs. Host Disease
(Osnat Almogi-Hazan, Reut Shainer, Eytan R. Barnea and Reuven Or)

Chapter 115. Review of the Oxidative Stress Role in the Pathophysiology of Different Hearing Disorders: New Insight in the Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathophysiology of Otosclerosis
(Milan Rudić, M.D., PhD)

Chapter 116. Oxidative Stress in Eales’ Disease: An Update
(R. Saravanan and K. N. Sulochana)

Chapter 117. Pelagic Diversity and Climate Change
(Grégory Beaugrand)

Chapter 118. Community Ecology of Pelagic Copepods in Tropical Coastal Waters
(A. D. McKinnon and S. Duggan)

Chapter 119. Harpacticoida (Copepoda) under Hypoxia Conditions in the Black Sea
(Elena A. Kolesnikova, Victor E. Zaika, Nelli G. Sergeeva and Anna Lichtschlag)

Chapter 120. Antarctic Lacustrine Copepods: Scattered Remnants of an Ancient Fauna and Recent Marine Invaders
(Kerrie M. Swadling and John A. E. Gibson)

Chapter 121. Marine Copepods and Solar Radiation
(Rodrigo J. Gonçalves and Samuel Hylander)

Chapter 122. Swimming, Feeding and Mating Behavior in Copepods: A Brief Review
(Luciana Sabia, Marco Uttieri, Giacomo Zagami and Enrico Zambianchi)

Chapter 123. High-Speed Imaging in Copepod Behavior
(Yuji Tanaka)

Chapter 124. The Sensory Horizon of Marine Copepods
(David M. Fields)

Chapter 125. Nano- and Microfluidics, Rheology, Exopolymeric Substances and Fluid Dynamics in Calanoid Copepods
(Ian R. Jenkinson)

Chapter 126. Copepod Behavior: Oceanographic Cues, Distributions and Trophic Interactions
(C. B. Woodson, D. R. Webster and A. C. True)

Chapter 127. Copepod Carcasses: Occurrence, Fate and Ecological Importance
(Kam W. Tang and David T. Elliott)

Chapter 128. Behaviors of Botos and Short-Finned Pilot Whales during Close Encounters with Humans: Management Implications Derived from Ethograms for Food-Provisioned versus Unhabituated Cetaceans
(M. Scheer, L. C. P. de Sá Alves, F. Ritter, A. F. Azevedo and A. Andriolo)

Chapter 129. Presence of Two Morphotypes in Populations of Delphinus delphis: Occipital Bone Morphology
(L. C. Miramontes-Sequeiros, N. Palanca-Castán and A. Palanca-Soler)

Chapter 130. Neurocranium Asymmetries in the Bottlenose Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus (Montagu, 1821)
(P. M. Parés-Casanova and R. Bravi)

Chapter 131. Isolation of Yeasts from Stranded and Captive Dolphins in Italy
(Roberto Papini, Simona Nardoni, Ileana Troisi and Francesca Mancianti)

Chapter 132. All about Dolphins in Secondary Education
(Georgia Pantidou, Philologist, MEd, PhD)

Chapter 133. Population Ecology and Anthropogenic Stressors of the Coastal Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the El Morro Mangrove and Wildlife Refuge, Guayaquil Gulf, Ecuador: Toward Conservation and Management Actions
(Pedro J. Jiménez and Juan José Alava)

Chapter 134. Unusual Records of the Behavior of Boto Inia sp. (Cetartiodactyla, Iniidae) in the Lower Reaches of the Tocantins and Guamá Rivers, Amazonia
(Gabriel Melo Alves dos Santos, Angélica Lúcia Figueiredo Rodrigues, Danilo Leal Arcoverde, Iara Ramos, Leonardo Sena and Maria Luisa da Silva)

Chapter 135. An Infrequently-Occurring Anomalous Color Pattern on Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
(Keiko Sekiguchi, Thomas A. Jefferson, Yuka Iwahara, Motoi Yoshioka, Kyoichi Mori, John K. B. Ford, Yoko Mitani and Uko Gorter)

Chapter 136. Dolphin-Assisted Therapy Re-Examined: Is It Fair to the Dolphins?
(Noel Kok Hwee Chia, Norman Kiak Nam Kee and Arnold Chee Keong Chua)

Chapter 137. Transportation Vectors for Non-Indigenous Echinoderms
(J. Micael and A. C. Costa)

Chapter 138. Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria in Echinoderms and Their Ecological Consequences
(C. Marinho, T. Santos, N. Silva, J. Micael, A. Gonçalves, G. Igrejas and P. Poeta)

Chapter 139. Chemical Ecology of Echinoderms: Impact of Environment and Diet in Metabolomic Profile
(David M. Pereira, Paula B. Andrade, Ricardo A. Pires and Rui L. Reis)

Chapter 140. Population Variability and Spatial-Pattern of Sea Urchin Anthocidaris crassispina in Hong Kong
(Dickey C.C. Lau, Pak-ki Wong, Chi-chiu Cheang, Yiu-fai Tsang and Kin-chung Ho)

Chapter 141. Reproductive Biology and Early Life History of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish
(Ciemon F. Caballes and Morgan S. Pratchett)

Chapter 142. Population Ecology of Common Sea Urchins (Arbacia lixula, Paracentrotus lividus, Sphaerechinus granularis) on Algal-Dominated Rocky Shores in the Aegean Sea
(Chryssanthi Antoniadou and Dimitris Vafidis)

Chapter 143. Anchialine Ecosystem El Aerolito (Cozumel, Mexico): Paradise of Cave Dweller Echinoderms
(Fernando Calderón-Gutiérrez, Francisco A. Solís-Marín and Carlos A. Sánchez-Ortiz)

Chapter 144. Phenotypic Variation and Resilience in Sea Urchin Morphogenesis
(Dimitri Fabrèges)

Chapter 145. Response of Sea Urchin to Environmental Stress
(Oriana Migliaccio, Immacolata Castellano, Giovanna Romano and Anna Palumbo)

Chapter 146. Nonparametric Regression Applied to Sea Urchin Growth
(Isabel Martínez-Silva, Marta Sestelo, Gorka Bidegain, Altea Lorenzo-Arribas and Javier Roca-Pardiñas)

Chapter 147. Sea Urchin Immune System: From Basic Concepts to Environmental Biomonitoring
(Paola Cristina Branco, Débora Alvares Leite Figueiredo, Andrews Krupinski Emerenciano, Douglas Amaral dos Santos, Marcelo González-Aravena and José Roberto Machado Cunha da Silva)

Chapter 148. Systems Biology: An Integrated Platform for Bioinformatics, Systems Synthetic Biology and Systems Metabolic Engineering
(Bor-Sen Chen and Chia-Chou Wu)

Chapter 149. General Overview of the Benign Diseases of the Breast
(Jaime G. de la Garza-Salazar and Paula Juárez-Sánchez)

Chapter 150. Epidemiology
(Nancy Reynoso-Noveron and Alejandro Mohar-Betancourt)

Chapter 151. Development, Anatomy, Physiology, and Developmental Abnormalities
(David Isla-Ortiz and Eduardo Charco-Lopez)

Chapter 152. Physical Exploration of the Breast
(Carlos Robles-Vidal, Miguel Lazaro-Leon, Robin Shaw-Dulin and Osvaldo Armando Quiroz-Sandoval)

Chapter 153. Nipple Discharge and Secretions
(Robin Shaw-Dulin and Juan Enrique Bargallo-Rocha)

Chapter 154. Inflammatory Lesions
(Diana Vilar-Compte, Consuelo Diaz, Patricia Cornejo-Juarez and Martha Patricia Perez-Badillo)

Chapter 155. Fibrocystic Disease
(Carlos Villegas-Cruz, Lesvia Olivia Aguilar-Cortazar and David Cantu de Leon3)

Chapter 156. Superficial and Deep Vascular Lesions
(Flavia Morales-Vásquez, Horacio Noé Lopez-Basave, Kuauyama Luna-Ortiz, Dolores Gallardo-Rincón, Aura Rubi Espejo-Fonseca, Arturo Albrant-Salmeron, Eva Ruvalcaba-Limón, Antonio Maffuz-Aziz, Martin Granados-Garcia and Jaime G. de la Garza-Salazar)

Chapter 157. Proliferative Stromal Lesions
(Heriberto Medina-Franco and Adrian Mauricio Garza-Gangemi)

Chapter 158. Benign Tumors of the Breast
(Rafael Vazquez-Romo, Silvia Patricia Villarreal-Colin and Yolanda Villaseñor Navarro)

Chapter 159. Mastalgia
(Claudia Arce-Salinas, Rebeca Ramirez-Morales, Alberto Alvarado-Miranda and Fernando Lara-Medina)

Chapter 160. Gynecomastia
(Osvaldo Armando Quiroz-Sandoval, Carlos Robles-Vidal, Alberto Mitsuo Leon-Takahashi and Angel Herrera-Gomez)

Chapter 161. Imaging Studies for Benign Lesions of the Breast
(Yolanda Villaseñor-Navarro, Lesvia Olivia Aguilar-Cortazar, Cecilia Magdalena Pavon-Hernandez, Martha Patricia Perez-Badillo and Irma Perez-Zuñiga)

Chapter 162. Benign Breast Diseases: Current Pathological and Molecular Concepts
(Hector Aquiles Maldonado-Martinez, Victor Manuel Perez-Sanchez, Claudia Haydee Caro Sanchez, Paula Juarez-Sanchez and Abelardo Meneses-Garcia)

Chapter 163. History, Science and Conservation of Sea Turtles in Chile
(Carlos A. Canales Cerro and Rocío E. Álvarez Varas)

Chapter 164. The Role of Residents, Tourists and Students in Marine Turtle Conservation
(Stephanie Rousso and Carla Sanchez)

Chapter 165. Biological Monitoring of Sea Turtles on Nesting Beaches: Datasets and Basic Evaluations
(Vicente Guzmán Hernandez, Eduardo Cuevas Flores, Pedro García Alvarado and Teresa González Ruiz)

Chapter 166. Quantifying Sea Turtle Nesting Habitat: Using Beach Profiling and Nest Distribution As a Conservation Tool
(Stephanie Rousso, Carla Cristina Sanchez and Cibeles D. Lara Aragón)

Chapter 167. “Sea Turtle Protection Network”: An Indicator for Tourist and Environmental Sustainability at Los Cabos, B.C.S.-México
(Graciela Tiburcio Pintos and José Luis Escalante Arriola)

Chapter 168. Health Issues in Sea Turtles: Barnacles, Snails and Leeches
(Gustavo Hinojosa Arango, Ma. Monica Lara Uc, Juan Manuel López Vivas and Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez)

Chapter 169. Past, Present and Future of Conservation of Sea Turtles in Mexico
(Ma. Mónica Lara Uc, Gustavo Hinojosa Arango, Juan Manuel López Vivas, Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez and Isis Santiesteban)

Chapter 170. Sea Turtles and Conservation Challenges in the Peninsula of Baja California
(Gustavo Hinojosa Arango, Ma. Monica Lara Uc, Juan Manuel López Vivas and Rafael Riosmena-Rodríguez)

Chapter 171. The Positive Effects of Prescribed Burning of Clear-Cuts on Saproxylic Beetle Diversity Are Short-Lived and Depend on Forest-Fire Continuity
(Jonas Victorsson, Lars-Ove Wikars and Stefan Ås)

Chapter 172. Community Assembly of Saproxylic Beetles in Old-Growth Forest and Recently Burnt Forest
(Jonas Victorsson)

Chapter 173. Assessing the Potential Role of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera) As Ecological Indicators in Tropical Ecosystems: A Review
(Reinaldo Lucas Cajaiba, Eduardo Périco, João Alexandre Cabral and Mário Santos)

Chapter 174. Twig-Girdler Beetles of the Atlantic Rainforest
(Alberto Arab, Claudia Moreno Paro, Gustavo Quevedo Romero, Gustavo Schiffler and João Vasconcellos-Neto)

Chapter 175. Biology, Ecology and Strategies for Control of Stored-Grain Beetles: A Review
(Thiago H. Napoleão, Afonso C. Agra-Neto, Bernardo R. Belmonte, Emmanuel V. Pontual and Patrícia M.G. Paiva)

Chapter 176. Decaying Matters: Coleoptera Involved in Heterotrophic Systems
(Paryse Nadeau, Monic Thibault, Finbarr G. Horgan, Jean-Philippe Michaud, Franck Gandiaga, Charles Comeau and Gaétan Moreau)

Chapter 177. How a Locality Can Have so Many Species? A Case Study with Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) In a Tropical Rain Forest in Colombia
(Jorge Ari Noriega A)

Chapter 178. Biodiversity in Geographically Remote Natural Populations of Adalia Ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coсcinellidae)
(Elena V. Shaikevich and Ilia A. Zakharov)

Chapter 179. Ladybird Diversity on Crops and Ecology of Cocicnelle algerica Kovar in Tunisia
(Ben Halima Kamel Monia and Mdellel Lassad)

Chapter 180. Marine Dinoflagellates
(R. Santhanam)

Chapter 181. Internal Rotation in Molecular Crystals: Computational Studies
(Xianlong Wang)

Chapter 182. H∞ Robust Designs and Their Applications to Control, Signal Processing, Communication, Systems And Synthetic Biology: An Integrated Course for Engineering, Mathematics and Bioscience
(Bor-Sen Chen and Chia-Chou Wu)

Chapter 183. Aphid Monitoring and Predicting Based on Remote Sensing Data
(Wenjiang Huang, Juhua Luo, Jingcheng Zhang, Jinling Zhao, Xianfeng Zhou, Linsheng Huang, Jing Wang and Chunjing Lu)

Chapter 184. Changes in the Distribution of Russian Wheat Aphid Biotypes in South Africa from 2009 to 2013: Future Implications for the Wheat Industry in a Changing Environment
(Astrid Jankielsohn)

Chapter 185. Biological Control of Whiteflies
(Raymond A. Cloyd)

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