Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: The Complexity of Human Traits and Diseases


Mary Miu Yee Waye, PhD (Editor)
Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, President, Hong Kong Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Founding Director, Croucher Laboratory for Human Genomics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Series: Biochemistry Research Trends
BISAC: SCI007000

Even though the ApoA5 gene was discovered more than 13 years ago by Pennacchio et al, 2001 [1], and it was known then the gene influences triglycerides, leading to speculations that it would affect the risk of stroke; the factors that affect cardiovascular diseases are very complex. Larry Baum’s group shown that APOA5 genotypes were not significantly associated with strokes or stroke subtypes in the cohort they studied [2]. The discovery of the ApoA5 gene was very special in that, unlike many other genes discovered through studying a known protein or enzyme, advanced bioinformatics was used for the initial gene discovery, an amazing feat that could not have been done without knowledge of the human genome.

The laborious effort in deciphering the genome was very controversial in its infancy, and voices of opposition nearly led to premature abortion of the project, and much of the objection was voiced due to the doubt of spending a hugh budget in sequencing what was thought to be useless, i.e. for a major proportion (98%) of “junk DNA” at that time. However, recently it was shown that deleting a non-coding region of what was thought to be “junk DNA” could lead to narrowing of arteries in mice [3] so that might offer an explanation that there are more to the story of stroke risk factors than merely studying APOA5, and such findings just remind us time and again, often the basic research could laid the foundation that is very essential for discoveries made by clinicians or the translational/applied scientists. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Apolipoprotein A5 polymorphism and triglycerides in ischemic cerebrovascular disease
(Hong Mei Wen, Ka Sing Wong, Ho Keung Ng, Wing Sze Cheung, Ru Xun Huang, Brian Tomlinson, G. Neil Thomas, and Larry Baum)

Expression of the dyslexia candidate gene Kiaa0319-like in insect cells
(Savanne Holster, Monique M. van Oers, Els C. Roode, Otto W.H. Tsang, Venus S.Y. Yeung, Just M. Vlak, and Mary M.Y. Waye)

The Lipoprotein Lipase 447Ter Variant is Not Associated with Age-related Macular Degeneration in Chinese
(Larry Baum, Wai-Man Chan, Kai-On Chu, Fion T.C. Lau, Alvin K.H. Kwok, Dennis S.C. Lam, and Chi P. Pang)

A Case-Control Study of Association between Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor 712G>A Polymorphism and Parkinson’s Disease
(Qiwen Liao, Peter Y.K. Poon, Anne Y.Y. Chan, Vincent C.T. Mok, and Larry Baum)

A 1.36-Megabase Deletion in Chromosome 18q21.32 Including GRP in a Patient with Epilepsy, Borderline Intellectual Disability, and Multiple Cerebral Cavernous Malformations
(Larry Baum, Youling Guo, Hongsheng Gui, Pak Chung Sham, Stacey S. Cherny, and Patrick Kwan)


Analysis of Codon Bias and its Application on the Expression of Foreign Genes in Fungi
(Ruan Ban-Zhan and Xie Bao-Gui)

The Blood-Brain Barrier Roadblock: Strategies for Targeted Drug Delivery
(Geoffrey H. Morris, Tessa N. Campbell, and Francis Y. M. Choy)

Genetics and Epigenetics of Bipolar Disorder
(Ming Wai Yeung and Miu Yee Mary Waye)


Conference report of 2012 Hong Kong Inter-University Biochemistry Postgraduate Symposium
(Mary Miu Yee Waye)

News in Brief: I. Interview with Five Members of the School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

• Interview of Prof. Yang Chao Chen by Vanessa Ho and Angel Chu
• Interview of Dr. Isabel, S. S. Hwang by Angel Chu and Vanessa Ho
• Interview of Prof. Sydney by SB YU by Joyce Wong and Amy Fong
• Interview of Prof. Hui Zhao by Saidal Chan and Eloisa de Vera
• Interview of Prof. Xiao Hua Jian by Carrie Lam and Mona Tam

My role in the development of the Department of Biochemistry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(Kai Keung Mark)

Meeting Report: 6th European Summer School in Proteomics Basics
(R. Dineshram)

News in Brief: II. Interview with Four Members of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Interview of Prof. Jacky Ngo by Vanessa Yeung
Interview of Prof. Wong Chi Hang Eric by Jory Fong
Interview of Prof. Jerome Hui Ho Lam by Lauren Lam
Interview of Prof. Wong Chun Kwok by Sharon Chung


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