Beyond Special Relativity: Looking for the Intrinsic Properties of Space-Time


Raul Tozzi – State Scientific High School “Federigo Enriques”, Regional School Office for Tuscany, Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, Livorno (LI), Italy
Riccardo Zancan – Energy Engineering Student, University of Pisa (UNIPI), Via Angiolo Tommasi, Livorno (LI), Italy

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI061000

What is time? And space? How are these two apparently opposed elements indissolubly linked? This book starts from man’s intrinsic need to ask himself questions and elaborate answers, and tries to analyze, through a simple and intuitive physical-mathematical language, some aspects of Einstein’s Special and General Relativity, accompanied by equally clear and immediately understandable images. An interesting discussion of simultaneity and causality is presented together with the relativistic accelerated version of the original twin paradox.

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Raul Tozzi
Riccardo Zancan