Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie


Andrew Carnegie

Series: Historical Figures
BISAC: BIO003000

This autobiography of Andrew Carnegie, originally published in 1920, is an account of the author’s early years, written mostly from a little bungalow retreat on the moors of Aultnagar in Scotland during the early 20th century.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Parents and Childhood

Chapter 2. Dunfermline and America

Chapter 3. Pittsburgh and Work

Chapter 4. Colonel Anderson and Books

Chapter 5. The Telegraph Office

Chapter 6. Railroad Service

Chapter 7. Superintendent of the Pennsylvania

Chapter 8. Civil War Period

Chapter 9. Bridge-Building

Chapter 10. The Iron Works

Chapter 11. New York as Headquarters

Chapter 12. Business Negotiations

Chapter 13. The Age of Steel

Chapter 14. Partners, Books, and Travel

Chapter 15. Coaching Trip and Marriage

Chapter 16. Mills and the Men

Chapter 17. The Homestead Strike

Chapter 18. Problems of Labor

Chapter 19. The “Gospel of Wealth”

Chapter 20. Educational and Pension Funds

Chapter 21. The Peace Palace and Pittencrieff

Chapter 22. Matthew Arnold and Others

Chapter 23. British Political Leaders

Chapter 24. Gladstone and Morley

Chapter 25. Herbert Spencer and His Disciple

Chapter 26. Blaine and Harrison

Chapter 27. Washington Diplomacy

Chapter 28. Hay and McKinley

Chapter 29. Meeting the German Emperor




Andrew Carnegie
Photogravure frontispiece

Andrew Carnegie’s Birthplace

Dunfermline Abbey

Mr. Carnegie’s Mother

Andrew Carnegie at Sixteen with his Brother Thomas

David McCargo

Robert Pitcairn

Colonel James Anderson

Henry Phipps

Thomas A. Scott

John Edgar Thomson

Thomas Morrison Carnegie

George Lauder

Junius Spencer Morgan

John Pierpont Morgan

An American Four-in-Hand in Britain

Andrew Carnegie (about 1878)

Mrs. Andrew Carnegie

Margaret Carnegie at Fifteen

Charles M. Schwab

The Carnegie Institute at Pittsburgh

Mr. Carnegie and Viscount Bryce

Matthew Arnold

William E. Gladstone

Viscount Morley of Blackburn

Mr. Carnegie and Viscount Morley

The Carnegie Family at Skibo

Herbert Spencer

James G. Blaine

Skibo Castle

Mr. Carnegie at Skibo, 1914

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