Auto Oscillations of Flow Inhomogeneities


Dr. Andrey Semenov
N.N. Andreev Acoustics Institute, Russia

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI055000

The book provides the analysis and researches results related to flow inhomogeneities auto oscillations observed in free subsonic and supersonic jet flow as well as during jet flow interaction with adjacent bodies, acoustic resonators, ejectors and valves. It demonstrates the laws, relationships and experimental evidences for various auto oscillations phenomena directly related to incident flow regimes based on conditions of flow boundary instability and feed back mechanism realized by corresponding sound field radiated due to periodic hydrodynamic disturbances reflection propagating in opposite to flow direction in the form of sound impulses exciting flow origin. Book results allow devoting particular attention to auto oscillations condition prediction and in a sense to their control. Book is addressed to physicists, acousticians and hydrodynamics engineers developing low noise and vibration aircrafts, ships and space vehicles with aid of adjacent flow and jet flow auto oscillations cancellation as well as to specialists involved in flow induced auto oscillations sound sources efficiency increase research, say, related to musical instruments or to biological research of man and animal voice properties. Book will be useful as well to undergraduate and graduate students of these specialties.



Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Flow as Oscillations Amplifier

Chapter 2. Linear Approach to Supersonic Flow Auto Oscillations

Chapter 3. Flow Induced Auto Oscillation as Sound Source

Chapter 4. “Vortex Sound”

Chapter 5. “Voice of Sea”




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