Applied Statistical Theory and Applications


Mohammad Ahsanullah, PhD 

Series: Theoretical and Applied Mathematics
BISAC: MAT003000

This book makes a significant contribution to the advancement of statistical science. It contains research in many statistical designs, compares many statistical models, and includes a theory that is oriented to real life problems. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Error Analysis on the Quasi-Negative Binomial Distribution (pp. 1-8)
Felix Famoye and Adeyinka Ogunsanya

Chapter 2 – A New Family of Skew Slash Logistic Distributions (pp. 9-16)
Bindu Punathumparambath and Sebastian George

Chapter 3 – On the Moments of Sample Covariance from a Bivariate Normal Population (pp. 17-28)
Anwar H. Joarder and M. Hafidz Omar

Chapter 4 – Bayesian Identification of Two Dimensional Moving Average Processes (pp. 29-44)
Samir M. Shaarawy, Mohammad S. Albassam and Sherif S. Ali

Chapter 5 – On the Use of Moment Estimators to Test for a Zero Inflated Poisson (ZIP) Distribution (pp. 45-50)
A. Nanthakumar and Z. Govindarajulu

Chapter 6 – Optimal Designing of a Variables Quick Switching Sampling System by Minimzing the Average Sample Number (pp. 51-66)
S. Balamurali and M. Usha

Chapter 7 – Characteristics of BIBD and Complementary BIBD in Terms of Triplets of Treatments (pp. 67-72)
S. Mandal, C. Zhu, D. K. Ghosh and S. C. Bagui

Chapter 8 – Bayesian Inference for an Impatient M|M|1 Queue with Balking (pp. 73-80)
Paul R. Savariappan, P. Chandrasekhar and Ambily Jose

Chapter 9 – Interval Estimation for Weibull Distribution Based on a Sample of Size One (pp. 81-92)
S. V. Sabnis and A. D. Dharmadhikari

Chapter 10 – Inferences under Truncated Generalized Cauchy Distribution (pp. 93-110)
Saieed F. Ateya and Essam K. AL-Hussaini

Chapter 11 – Unbiased Ridge Estimation with Multiple Sources of Prior Information (pp. 111-120)
Robert H. Crouse and Chun Jin

Chapter 12 – On an Asymptotic Comparison of Maximum Likelihood and Berkson’s Modified Minimum Chi-Square Estimates in the Two Parameter Dose Response Models (pp. 121-142)
Wuttichai Srisodaphol, Montip Tiensuwan and Bimal K. Sinha

Chapter 13 – Statistical Inference on the Generalized Gamma Distribution Based on Generalized Order Statistics (pp. 143-160)
M. Ahsanullah, M. Maswadah and M. Seham

Chapter 14 – On Statistical Characteristics of the Product of Two Correlated Chi-Square Variables (pp. 161-174)
Anwar H. Joarder and M. Hafidz Omar

Chapter 15 – Sequential Estimation of the Mean Survival Time of the Two- Parameter Exponential Distribution (pp. 175-192)
Sandeep Bhougal and Sunil Kumar

Chapter 16 – Characterizations of Mixtures of Exponential and Geometric Distributions Based on the Doubly Truncated Mean Function (pp. 193-204)
Zohdy M. Nofal and M. Ahsanullah

Chapter 17 – On Generalized Intervened Poisson Distribution (pp. 205-216)
C. Satheesh Kumar and D. S. Shibu

Chapter 18 – Characterization by Translation, Contraction and Dilation of Dual Generalized Order Statistics (pp. 217-224)
Imtiyaz A. Shah and A. H. Khan

Chapter 19 – Estimation of the Parameter of Binomial Distribution in the Presence of Outliers (pp. 225-234)
Ulhas J. Dixit and Shailaja G. Kelkar


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