Applications of Traditional Wrestling in The World



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Applications of Traditional Wrestling in the World is about traditional wrestling which is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has been contributed to by a total of 26 contributors as scholars and experts from 16 countries with many popular traditional wrestling styles. This well-written book is a great resource for anybody such as teachers, athletes, coaches in traditional sports, scholars in sports science, sports historians, physical educators, people in sports ministries, and agencies.

The book not only covers traditional wrestling from a historical point of view but also provides guidance about culture, current application, and present rules and regulations that everybody in the field of traditional sports and games needs to learn.

The book has certainly accomplished the promise of being the single most comprehensive work on the subject matter to date, covering the broadest and most inclusive list of traditional wrestling styles and bringing together the collaboration of the leading scholars and experts from many countries under one publication. This book includes perspectives on traditional wrestling from all over the world, including Siberia, South Africa, Argentina, Scotland, Japan, the USA, Nigeria and Pakistan. As a result, this groundbreaking book will advance the understanding and enjoyment of the sacred sport of wrestling.

Editors and some of the contributors are among the best scientists in the scientific field of sports history and traditional sports and games. One of the editors, Dr. Mehmet Turkmen, is considered one of the best-known scholars in sports history in the world with many academic publications and awards.

Not only does this book educate and entertain, but it also gives the reader a connection on a personal level to all those who have come before him or her that are all united by this shared physical and cultural heritage. Wrestling is a powerful common denominator that has the singularly unique ability to unite all those involved in a brotherhood, giving readers a common link that will bridge the distance of language, location, and culture.

Table of Contents

Author’s Remarks
(Adem Kaya – Asst. Professor, Sport Management, Bowie State University, Maryland, USA)


Introduction: Historical Perspective of Traditional Wrestling
(Prof. Dr. Mehmet Türkmen – Director of TSG Research and Development Center at Manas University, Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan)

Chapter 1. A General Perspective Ottoman Wrestling Lodges and Greek Gymnasium/Palaistra
(Mehmet Türkmen and Adem Kaya – Professor, Traditional Sport and Games Research and Application Center, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, et al.)

Chapter 2. Pedagogy of Traditional Wrestling in Turks
(Mehmet Türkmen and Adem Kaya – Professor, Traditional Sport and Games Research and Application Center, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, et al.)

Chapter 3. Concepts of Wrestling and Wrestler in Turkish Folks
(Mehmet Akif Ziyagil and Sıymık Arstanbekov – Professor, Mersin University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Mersin / Turkey, et al.)

Chapter 4. The Roots of Modern Wrestling
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 5. Catch-Hold in England
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 6. Lancashire Wrestling in England
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 7. Ringen in Germany
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 8. Lutte Provençales Wrestling in France
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 9. Boers Wrestling Styles in South Africa
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 10. Side-Hold in USA and Canada
(Ruslan C. Pashayev – Sports Historian)

Chapter 11. Back-Hold Wrestling
(Scott Wendel – President of USA Traditional Sport and Games Federation, US)

Chapter 12. Application of the Short Shalwar Wrestling in Turkey, from Past to Present
(Abdullah Doğan and Metin Kaplan – Director of Youth Center at Ministry of Youth and Sport, Malatya, Turkey, et al.)

Chapter 13. Traditional Oil Wrestling in Turkey
(Recep Nur Uzun, and Mehmet Gül – Department of Sport Management, Institute of Postgraduate Education, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey, et al.)

Chapter 14. Traditional “Karakucak” Wrestling and Its Applications in Turkey
(Mehmet Gül and Burhan Özkurt – Faculty of Sport Sciences, Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Turkey)

Chapter 15. Desi Kushti (Phelwani)
(Nawab Furqan Khan – President of Traditional Sport and Games, Pakistan)

Chapter 16. Formation and Development of the Yakut National Wrestling Khapsagay
(Elena Cherkashin and Ilya Cherkashin – Physical Culture and Sport Sciences, North-East Federal University, Russia, et al.)

Chapter 17. Kazakh Wrestling
(Elemes Alimkhanova – Al-Farabi Kazak National University, Kazakhstan)

Chapter 18. The Effect of Traditional Wrestling and Games on the Protection and Development of National Identity in Gagauzia
(Irina Constantinova and S. S. Bulgar, PhD – History and Ethnography Department, the M.V. Marunevich Scientific Research Center of Gagauzia, Comrat, Republic of Moldova)

Chapter 19. Tuva National Wrestling “Huresh”
(Inga Eres-Oolovna Mendot – The Department of Physical Culture at Tyva State University, Republic of Tyva, Kyzyl, Russia)

Chapter 20. Buryat Wrestling “Bukhe Barildaan”: A Living Tradition
(Radjana Dugarova – Sports Historian)

Chapter 21. IGBO Traditional Wrestling in Nigeria
(Fidelis Nnaemeka Nnolim – Enugu State Traditional Wrestling Association, Nigeria)

Chapter 22. Traditional Wrestling in Cameroon, a Secular Tradition
(Joseph Blaiz Nonga – SPE Teacher, African Association of Traditional Games and Sports General Secretary, Cameroon)

Chapter 23. Traditional “Kokule” Wrestling in Benin
(Hassane Hussane – President of TSG, Benin)

Chapter 24. Traditional “Tarahumara” Wrestling in Mexico
(Ana Claudia Collado – President of Mexico Traditional Sports and Games Federation)

Chapter 25. The Masculinist Wrestling between the Patagonian Indigenous People
(Stela Maris Ferrarese Capettini – Director, Ethnic Toys Museum “Allel Kuzen”, Neuquén, Argentina)

Chapter 26. The Ancestral Legacy of the African Struggles at the Origin of the Asian and Greco Roman Wrestling
(Jean Paul Quiko – Founding Member of Caribbean Traditional Sports and Games Federation)

Chapter 27. Simplified Descriptions of the Most Common Traditional Wrestlings in the World

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