Applications of Layered Double Hydroxides



Series: Chemistry Research and Applications
BISAC: TEC021040; SCI013060

Currently, Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) is a hot area of research on inorganic layered materials. The present book, Applications of Layered Double Hydroxides, edited by Dr. Rjib Lochan Goswamee and Dr. Pinky Saikia, is a collection of articles from various researchers from different parts of the world mainly on structure and property relationships of various types of LDH and their related application prospects. How these application prospects can be related to the most pressing problems of humanity like drug delivery, global warming, green catalysis, electrochemical energy storage and generation etc. are clearly discussed in the articles inside. The book provides a thorough up-to-date review of recent literature on applications of LDH available in the global scientific and technical media. For example, the book lucidly describes the behaviour of LDH nanocarriers in biological fluids, their low cytotoxicity and high levels of cellular internalization, and high drug loading capacity. Similarly, the book examines why hybrid nanocomposites of LDH-MOF are considered promising materials due to their diverse functionality, flexible properties and tailored end-use properties. Likewise, application of LDH in secondary batteries and electro-chemical supercapacitors with a thorough up-to-date review is included in the book. Also, basic research articles on structural properties and measurements of a special class of unique LDH Li-Al-LDHs are included. Editors also have written their own articles on their findings on the prospective application of dispersions of LDH nanocomposites on structured catalysts for green-house gas emission. Overall, the book gives a short glimpse of wonderful opportunities that LDH can provide in solving many global socio-economic problems of today.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Understanding the Behavior of LDH Nanocarriers in Biological Fluids
(Cecilia Vasti, Dariana Aristizabal Bedoya, Ricardo Rojas and Carla Giacomelli – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Departamento de Fisicoquímica, Córdoba, Argentina, et al.)

Chapter 2. Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Behaviour of Lithium Aluminum LDHs Intercalated with Phthalate (Benzene Dicarbonic Acid) – Anions
(Anton Niksch and Herbert Poellmann – Mineralogy/Geochemistry, Institute for Geosciences and Geography, University of Halle, Halle, Germany)

Chapter 3. Antimicrobial Applications of Layered Double Hydroxides
(Mónica Cristina García, Ricardo Rojas y Delgado and Yadira Estefanía Salguero Salas – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Departamento de Ciencias Farmacéuticas, Córdoba, Argentina, et al.)

Chapter 4. Application of Layered Double Hydroxides in Secondary Batteries and Electrochemistry Supercapacitors
(Meng Hu – School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, PR China)

Chapter 5. Structure and Properties Correlation with LDH Applications
(Abdelkrim Azzouz, Fatiha Mokhtari-Belkhadem, Naima Benselka, Nawal Drici-Setti, Nour El Houda Hadj-Abdelkader and Rachida Ouargli-Saker – Nanoqam, Department of Chemistry, University of Quebec in Montreal, QC, Canada, et al.)

Chapter 6. Synthesis and Application of Layered Double Hydroxide-Metal Organic Framework (LDH-MOF) Nanohybrids
(Anindita Chakraborty and Himadri Acharya – Centre for Soft Matters, Department of Chemistry, Assam University, Silchar, Assam, India)

Chapter 7. Clay Gel and Sol-Gel Derived Mixed-Metal Oxide Nano-Sheet Coated Structured Catalyst from Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) for the Treatment of Greenhouse Gases
(Pinky Saikia and Rajib Lochan Goswamee – Department of Chemistry, Joya Gogoi College Khumtai, Golaghat, Assam, India, et al.)

Chapter 8. Applications of Layered Double Hydroxides
(H. Zazoua, S. Kerchich, R. Chebout, K. Bachari1 and A. Boudjemaa – Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Analyses Physico-Chimique (CRAPC), Tipaza, Algeria, et al.)


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