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Jose Rosa Gomes (Editor)

Series: Animal Science, Issues and Professions

This book presents a comprehensive review of various studies in animal science. Topics discussed herein include the developmental expression profile of cockroach genes; zooplankton composition in an estuarine area; noninvasive methods of DNA sampling; morphology and distribution of four pill millipedes; and immunotoxicity of azadirachtin in freshwater mussle.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Population Dynamics and Secondary Production of the Snail Neritina Virginea (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neritidae) in an Estuary in Southern Brazil;pp. 1-16
Ricardo S. Absalão, Ricardo S.Cardoso and Alexandre S. Alencar,Deptamento de Zoologia, and others)

Reproduction and Life History in the Two Land Snails Monacha Cartusiana (Muller) and Eobania Vermiculata (Muller) (Helicidae: Mollusca) in the Laboratory;17-26
(M.I. Mohamed and R.F. Ali, Dept. of Zoolology and Agricultural Nematology,Cairo University,Giza,Egypt)

Effect of Sublethal Concentration of Arsenic on Hemocyte Density in Edible Crab, Scylla Serrata;pp. 27-36
(Sanjib Saha, Mitali Ray,Sajal Ray, Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory, Dept. of Zoology, University of Calcutta,India)

Immunotoxicity of Azadirachtin in Freshwater Mussel in Relation to Surface Adhesion of Hemocytes and Phagocytosis;pp. 37-44 (Suman Mukherjee, Mitali Ray and Sajal Ray, Dept. of Zoology, Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory,University of Calcutta,India)

Aggregation and Chemical Induced Interference of Aggregation of Hemocytes of Indian Mudcrab Exposed to Arsenic;pp.45-56
(Sajal Ray, Mitali Ray and Sanjib Saha, Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory,Dept. of Zoology,University of Calcutta,India)

Developmental Expression Profile of Cockroach Vitellogenin Genes VG1 and 2;pp. 57-66
(Azza Mohamed Elgendy, Mohamed Elmogy, Muhammed Tufail
and Makio Takeda, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University, Japan)

Lectin Binding Pattern of Intestinal Goblet Cells in Horse, Pig and Rabbit;pp. 67-76 (J.M. Galotta, S.G. Márquez, C.N. Zanuzzi, E.J. Gimeno, E.L. Portiansky and C.G. Barbeito, Laboratorio Anatomia,Facultad Ciencias Agrarias,Rontificia Universidad Catolica,Argentina and others)

Ultrastructural Aspects of Frequency of Ciliated Fibroblasts in the Periodontal Ligament of Incisor Tooth of Rats Submitted to Different Eruption Conditions;pp. 77-86
(Pedro Duarte Novaes, Simone de Cássia Barbosa1, Nádia Fayez Omar, Juliana dos Santos Neves, Eliene Aparecida Orsini Narvaes, Maria Albertina de Miranda Soares and José Rosa Gomes, Departmento de Morfologia,Faculdade de Odontologia de Piracicaba, UNICAMP. Piracicaba,Brasil)

Zooplankton Composition in an Estuarine Area of the State of Maranhão, Northeastern Brazil;pp. 87-98
(Sérgio Luiz Costa Bonecker and Cristina de Oliveira Dias, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de Biologia, Departmento de Zoologia,Brazil)

On the Morphology and Distribution of Pill Millipedes (Arthrosphaera) of the Western Ghats;pp. 99-116
(B.S. Kadamannaya and K.R. Sridhar, Dept. of Zoology, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa Mangalore University College,Madikeri,Karnataka, India)

Comparison of Neighbor-Joining and Maximum-Parsimony Methods for Molecular Phylogeny of Oryx Species Using 12S RRNA and 16S RRNA Gene Sequences;pp. 117-126
(Ibrahim A. Arif, Haseeb A. Khan, Ali H. Bahkali, Ali A. Al Homaidan, Ahmad H. Al Farhan, Mohammad Shobrak and Mohammad Al Sadoon, Molecular Fingerprinting and Biodiversity Unit, Prince Sultan Research Chair for Environment and Wildlife,College of Science,King Saud University,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

Haematological Parameters in Adult Channa Punctatus (Bloch) Subjected to Multistress With an Organophosphate Pesticide Coupled With Challenge of Aeromonads;pp. 127-140
(Rajarshi Ghosh and Sumit Homechaudhuri, Aquatic Bioresource Research Laboratory,Dept. of Zoology,University of Calcutta,India)

Description of Two New Species of Mites Infesting Edible Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus);pp. 141-150
(Amrita Mukherjee, S.K. Gupta and G.K. Saha, Dept. of Zoology, University of Calcutta,India)

Usefulness of Noninvasive Methods of DNA Sampling But With a Caution;pp. 151-156
(Ibrahim A. Arif, Haseeb A. Khan, Ali A. Al Homaidan, Ahmad H.Al Farhan, Ali H.Bahkali, Mohammad Shobrak, Mohammad Al Sadoon, Molecular Fingerprinting and BioDiversity Unit, College of Sciences,King Saud University,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Thyroid Hormone Mediated Maintenance of Glucose Homeostasis and Cytomorphology of Cardiac Muscle and Skin in Rat;pp. 157-164
(Sudipta Chakrabarti, Srikanta Guria, Nisha Balmiki and Madhusudan Da, Dept. of Zoology, University of Calcutta, India)

Oncotic Cytology in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer;pp. 165-172
(Melissa Cesar, Luma Rebeca Pedroso, Marcela Cristina Altvater,
Lyia Mikami and Kárita Cláudia Freitas-Lidani, Faculdades Integradas do Brasil, Unibrasil,Curitiba,PR,Brasil)

Phagocytosis and Nitric Oxide Generation by Haemocytes of Lamellidens Marginalis as Biomarkers of Arsenic Toxicity;pp. 173-184 (Sudipta Chakraborty, Mitali Ray and Sajal Ray, Post Graduate Dept. of Zoology,Darjeeling Government College,West Bengal,India and others)

Spawning of the Endangered Killifish, Aphanius Disar Dispar (Ruppel, 1829), Under Laboratory Conditions;pp. 185-192
(El Amin Mohamed Suliman, Ali S. Al-Akel, Hmoud F. Alkhem Al-Balawi, Fahad Al-Misned and Zubair Ahmad, Dept. of Zoology, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh,Saudi Arabia)

Structure of a Glucan and a Heteropolymer From the Cell Wall of the Yeast Phaffia Rhodozyma;pp. 193-204
(Juliana Negrão Borges, Tania Maria Bordin Bonfim, Guilherme Lanzi Sassaki, Ricardo Wagner, José Domingos Fontana and Sandra Mara Woranovicz-Barreira, Departmento de Farmacia, Universidade Federal do Parana,Curitiba,Brazil)

Primary Immune Response and Parasite Dissemination in Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis;pp. 205-222
(P.S.T. Veras, W.L.C. dos Santos, T.F. Almeida and C.A.T. Rodrigues, Laboratorio de Patologia e Biointervencao, Fiocruz,Brazil)

Abstracts presented in – IV International Symposium on Development Biology and III Student Meeting of the Biology Development;pp. 223-270
(Dra Chao Yun, Irene Yan, Universidade de Sao Paulo,Brasil and others

Abstracts Presented in – X Brazilian Symposium on Extracellular Matrix and V International Symposium on Extracellular Matri;pp. 271-438
(Dra Marimellia Porcionato, Brasil)


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