An Introduction to the Interpersonal-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Treatment System (I-CBT): A 21st Century Recipe for Mental Health Treatment Success


Thomas A. Cordier
PhD, NECBT Cordier Institute for I-CBT, Glastonbury, CT, USA

Series: Mental Illnesses and Treatments
BISAC: PSY008000

An Introduction to the Interpersonal-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (I-CBT) Treatment System: A 21st Century Recipe for Mental Health Treatment Success introduces a revolutionary treatment model for patients entitled “the I-CBT Treatment system”. The I-CBT system is currently being utilized to treat child, adolescent and adult patients struggling with an array of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and attentional deficit disorders.

Additionally, other mental health issues that affect these patients. The I-CBT approach was designed to address and correct problems associated with America’s struggling mental health system. The I-CBT model incorporates pre-existing, highly effective clinical methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy emotional intelligence and behavioral training for patients, professionals and parents “and other effective psychological and psychiatric practices” into one integrative, structured and easily comprehensive treatment system.

The I-CBT treatment system serves to increase the access and usage of validated treatment in our ever-evolving complex world. This book not only serves as an instructional model to aid in the implementation of the I-CBT system but it is also lined with a wealth of valuable, explanatory material pertaining to current psychological and psychiatric practices, validated treatment concepts, and the advancement of the mental health field. The book also serves as a highly beneficial educational resource for the reader who is interested in learning more about successful mental health treatment components and their applications.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Rajesh R. Tampi)
pp. ix-xi

pp. xiii-xviii

About the Author
pp. xix-xx

pp. xxi-xxii

Section I
pp. 1

Chapter 1
pp. 3-12

Chapter 2
An Overview of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
pp. 13-20

Chapter 3
An Introduction to the Interpersonal-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Treatment System
pp. 21-24

Chapter 4
Structured Treatment
pp. 25-28

Chapter 5
Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills Training
pp. 29-34

Chapter 6
Interpersonal-Cognitive-Behavioral System Triage
pp. 35-40

Chapter 7
Interpersonal-Cognitive-Behavioral Training for Parents (I-CBT, BPT)
pp. 41-48

Chapter 8
Validated Testing Instruments for Tracking Behavioral Improvement
pp. 49-52

Chapter 9
An Integrated Approach
pp. 53-58

Section II
A Preliminary Study
pp. 59

Chapter 10
Review of Literature Pertaining to Depression, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, and the Beck Depression Inventory
pp. 61-70

Chapter 11
Research Design
pp. 71-76

Chapter 12
pp. 77-80

Chapter 13
pp. 81-82

Chapter 14
pp. 83-84

pp. 85-100

pp. 101-106

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