An Englishwoman in Utah: The Story of A Life’s Experience in Mormonism


Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse

Series: Religion and Society
BISAC: REL012000

An Englishwoman in Utah is a plain, unexaggerated record of the author’s personal experience with Mormonism. Much that may seem altogether incredible, would to a Mormon mind appear simply a matter of ordinary every-day occurrence with which everyone in Utah is supposed to be perfectly familiar.
(Imprint: SNOVA)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Chapter I. My Early Life
Chapter II. My First Introduction to Mormonism
Chapter III. The Labour of my Life begun—How the Mormon Missionaries made Converts
Chapter IV. Life among the Saints—My New Engagements
Chapter V. The First Whisperings of Polygamy
Chapter VI. My Husband’s Mission—I am left Alone
Chapter VII. Our Mission in Switzerland—Mutterings of the Coming Storm
Chapter VIII. The Revelation on “Celestial Marriage”
Chapter IX. Missionary Work—Teaching Polygamy
Chapter X. Mormonism in England—Preparing to Emigrate
Chapter XI. Emigrating to Zion—We Arrive in New York
Chapter XII. Life in New York—Conducting a Mormon Paper
Chapter XIII. Saintly Pilgrims on the way—the “Divine” Hand-cart Scheme
Chapter XIV. A Terrible Story—The Hand-cart Emigrants crossing the Plains
Chapter XV. Mary Burton’s Story continued—Terrible ending of the Hand-Cart Scheme
Chapter XVI. We forsake all, and set out for Zion—Our Journey across the Plains
Chapter XVII. My First Impressions of the City of the Saints
Chapter XVIII. Brigham Young at Home—We visit the Prophet and his Wives
Chapter XIX. The Wives of Brigham Young—Their History and their Daily Life
Chapter XX. Ways and Works of the Saints—The Prophet’s Millinery Bill
Chapter XXI. Mysteries of the Endowment House—Fearful Oaths and Secret Ceremonies
Chapter XXII. Secrets of Saintly Spouses—A Visit from my Talkative Friend
Chapter XXIII. Social Life in Salt Lake City—Ball-rooms, “Wall-flowers,” and Divorce
Chapter XXIV. The Origin of “The Reformation”—Extraordinary Doings of the SaintsChapter XXV. The “Reign of Terror” in Utah—The Reformation of the Saints
Chapter XXVI. The Mountain Meadows Massacre—“I will Repay, saith the Lord”
Chapter XXVII. What Women Suffer in Polygamy—The Story of Mary Burton
Chapter XXVIII. How Marriages are made in Utah—A New Wife found for my Husband
Chapter XXIX. Taking a Second Wife—The Experience of the First
Chapter XXX. Trials—The Second Wife chosen—Shadows of Life
Chapter XXXI. Marriage for the Dead—Entering into Polygamy—The New Wife
Chapter XXXII. Domestic Arrangements of the Saints—Polygamy from a Woman’s Standpoint
Chapter XXXIII. Lights and Shadows of Polygamy—Marriage and Baptism for the Dead
Chapter XXXIV. My Daughter becomes the Fourth Wife of Brigham Young’s Son—The Second Endowments
Chapter XXXV. Realities of Polygamic Life—Orson Pratt: The Story of his Young English Wife
Chapter XXXVI. “Our” Husband’s Fiancée—A Second Wife’s Sorrows—Steps towards Apostasy
Chapter XXXVII. Some curious Courtships—Brigham ruins our Fortunes—Belinda Divorces “our” Husband
Chapter XXXVIII. Mary Burton—Life’s Journey ended: Rest at Last
Chapter XXXIX. My Husband Disfellowshipped—We Apostatize—Brutal Outrage upon my Husband and Myself
Chapter XL. Amusing Troubles of my Talkative Friend—Charlotte with the Golden Hair
Chapter XLI. After we left the Church—Interesting Facts and Figures—Mormonism and Mormons of to-day
Chapter XLII. L’Envoi
Chapter XLIII.Postscript
Chapter XLIV. Mountain Meadows Massacre—Complete Confession of Bishop John D. Lee
Chapter XLV. Killing a Rival Prophet

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