Agricultural Research Updates. Volume 23


Prathamesh Gorawala and Srushti Mandhatri (Editors)

Series: Agricultural Research Updates
BISAC: TEC003000

Agricultural Research Updates. Volume 23 opens with a study wherein cryoprotectants such as hydrocolloids, kappa- and iota-carrageenans, xanthan gum and dairy proteins were added to mashed potatoes to investigate ways of improving the effects of freezing and thawing. Following this, the authors present the results of some noticeable studies on organic agriculture and innovative crops as a strategy for reducing the risks of climate change on animal feed supplies.

During the last two decades, several studies have been conducted on the evaluation of the growth performance and quality of crops under the organic cropping system, with the obtained results suggesting that in many cases yield and quality were comparable between organic and conventional systems. Also in this book, a study is included in which it is concluded that wintering root systems of the goldenrod type protect themselves from metal stress caused by basipetally obtruded excess minerals, as well as reduce the mineral load to the root functional level via exudation rather than to act as a sink for macro- and micronutrients. This means that these perennials share an immediate dependence on the availability of soil minerals with annual plants. In the conserving nutrients released by herbage and roots, the buffering capacity of the soil that is commonly improved by perennial plant covers may be more essential than any internal root storage potential. Later, the authors examine the present knowledge concerning silage quality, in relation to the wilting degree and ensilability characteristics of some grass silages or haylages, for the following crops: lucerne, red clover, sulla, sainfoin, galega, foxtail millet, orchardgrass, and chia. Afterwards, the authors discuss the Peterhof genetic collection of rye, created over the past 60 years and initially under the direction of V. S. Fedorov.

In an additional study, the authors suggest that efficiency payments in Swiss agriculture show that such payments have complex side-effects, casting doubt on their overall positive contribution. A structural equation model, based on a survey of Swiss farmers, shows that promoting no-tillage leads to greater use of glyphosate and that other programs lead to over-mechanization and increased pressure on the soil. In the concluding study, CAD models were subjected to a FEA to determine whether they support the intended workloads (static analysis), and therefore, to ascertain whether the design is well dimensioned or would not withstand operating conditions. The results for stress distribution, deformation, displacement, and safety coefficient demonstrate that although the press works properly, it is oversized and its design could be optimized to save manufacturing costs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Influence of Different Cryoprotectants on the Quality of Frozen Mashed Potatoes (pp. 1-54)
(María Dolores Alvarez, Cristina Fernández, Wenceslao Canet and Beatriz Herranz)

Chapter 2. Organic Agriculture and Innovative Feed Crops (pp. 55-100)
(Dimitrios Bilalis, Ioannis Roussis, Nikolina Cheimona and Ilias Travlos)

Chapter 3. The Mineral Preservation in Giant Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea Ait.): A Model for Perennial Seed Crops? (pp. 101-130)
(Gerhard Gramss and Klaus-Dieter Voigt)

Chapter 4. Silage Quality in Relation to the Species, Wilting Degree and Ensilability Characteristics (pp. 131-154)
(P. G. Peiretti)

Chapter 5. Peterhof Rye Genetic Collection: History and Prospects for Practical Use (pp. 155-176)
(Petergof Rye Genetic Collection: History and Prospects for Practical Use, A.V.Voylokov, S. P. Sosnikhina, N. D. Tikhenko, N. V. T Svetkova and V. G. Smirnov)

Chapter 6. Chemical and Physical Properties of Meat of Bulls and Steers Fed Mycorrhizal or Conventional Corn (pp. 177-196)
(P. G. Peiretti, S. Tassone, G. Masoero and S. Barbera)

Chapter 7. On the Complexities of Promoting Environmentally Friendly Technologies in Agriculture (pp. 197-212)
(Stefan Mann)

Chapter 8. Static Analysis as a Key to Functional Analysis: Application to a Hydraulic Press for Olive Oil Production (pp.213-232)
(José Ignacio Rojas-Sola, Eduardo de la Morena-de la Fuente and Manuel Jesús Hermoso-Orzáez)

Index (pp. 233)

Total Pages: 241

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