Advanced Cancer, Pain and Quality of Life


Editors: Edward Chow (Department of Radiation Oncology, Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada) Joav Merrick( Division for Mental Retardation, Child Health & Human Development, Jerusalem, Israel; Kentucky Children’s Hospital, University of Kentucky, USA)

Series: Health and Human Development (Joav Merrick – Series Editor – Medical Director, Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel)

An estimated 166,400 new cases of cancer will occur in Canada in 2008. Bone metastases unfortunately remain a common site of recurrence, with breast and prostate cancer patients representing a substantial proportion of this population. Metastatic bone disease is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Pain is experienced by up to two thirds of patients. The prognosis for patients with bone metastases is highly influenced by tumor type, performance status, and the presence of extraosseous disease. The median survival has been significantly longer in breast cancer patients with a first relapse in the axial skeleton (24 months) versus patients with initial relapse in the liver (3 months) (2). Survival after diagnosis of bone metastases is influenced by the subsequent development of extraosseous metastatic sites: 1.6 years versus 2.1 years in patients with bone-only disease.

Table of Contents

(C Shun Wong)

INTRODUCTION: Advanced cancer. Pain and quality of life, pp. 3-7
(Edward Chow and Joav Merrick)


Chapter 1. Psychodynamic pain management for cancer patients, pp. 11-17
(Frederick B Levenson, Micah D Levenson, Søren Ventegodt and Joav Merrick)

Chapter 2. Improving cancer pain management in the home, pp. 19-32
(April Hazard Vallerand, Susan M Hasenau and Thomas Templin)

Chapter 3. Registered nurse awareness of and practice related to cancer pain, pp. 33-45
(Johanna Elizabeth Maree)

Chapter 4. The relationship factors between radiation oncologists and hospice professionals that influence cancer pain palliation, pp. 47-51
(Stephen T Lutz)


Chapter 5. (Bisphosphonates in combination with radiotherapy for the treatment of bone metastases, pp. 55-68
(Shaelyn Culleton, Amanda Hird, Janet Nguyen, et al.)

Chapter 6. Are baseline ESAS symptoms related to pain response in patients treated with palliative radiotherapy for bone metastases?, pp. 69-76
(Shaelyn Culleton, Jocelyn Pang, Liying Zhang,et al.)

Chapter 7. Improvement of symptoms following palliative radiation for bone metastases, pp. 77-86
(Shaelyn Culleton, Liying Zhang, Emily Sinclair,et al.)

Chapter 8. Pain flare following palliative radiotherapy for symptomatic bone metastases, pp. 87-94
(Amanda Hird, Rebecca Wong, Candi Flynn,et al.)

Chapter 9. Exploring the optimal definitions of partial response and pain progression in patients receiving radiation treatment for painful bone metastases, pp. 95-118
(Roseanna Presutti, Liying Zhang, Amanda Hird,et al.)

Chapter 10. Post procedure radiation therapy after kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty/cementoplasty for bony metastatic disease, pp. 119-120
(Edward Chow, May Tsao, Arjun Sahgal, et al.)


Chapter 11. Skeletal related events in patients with metastatic bone disease, pp. 123-127
(Amanda E Hird, Mark Clemons, Liying Zhang and Edward Chow)

Chapter 12. A critical discussion of symptom clusters in metastatic cancer, pp. 129-143
(Harleen Bedi, Amanda Hird, Sarah Campos and Edward Chow)

Chapter 13. Meaningful change in pain scores in the treatment of bone metastases, pp. 145-151
(Edward Chow, Amanda Hird, Rebecca Wong, et al.)

Chapter 14. Multidisciplinary approach to metastatic bone disease, pp. 153-164
(Janet Nguyen, Emily Sinclair, Albert Yee, et al.)

Chapter 15. Gender difference in patients with advanced cancer, pp. 165-175
Harleen Bedi, Roseanna Presutti, Amanda Hird, et al.)

Chapter 16. Is it possible to predict the survival of patients with advanced metastatic cancer?, pp. 177-189
Edward Chow, George Hruby, Kristin Harris, et al.)

Chapter 17. Projected referral for an out-patient palliative radiotherapy clinic, pp. 191-200
(Roseanna Presutti, Liying Zhang, May Tsao,et al.)

Chapter 18. Utilization of performance scales in an outpatient palliative radiation oncology clinic, pp. 201-212
(Sarah Campos, Liying Zhang, Emily Sinclair, et al.)


Chapter 19. Can we measure quality of life for patients with metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC)?, pp. 215-224
(Gunita Mitera, Nadil Zeiadin, Arjun Sahgal, et al.)

Chapter 20. The European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality-of-Life Group Bone Metastases Module (EORTC QLQ-BM22) questionnaire, pp. 225-232
(Candi J Flynn, Mark Clemons, Liying Zhang, et al.)

Chapter 21. Quality of life issues in patients with bone metastases, pp. 233-246
(Sarah Campos, Liying Zhang and Edward Chow)

Chapter 22. Bone metastases quality of life instrument tool, pp. 247-259
(Liying Zhang, Janet Nguyen, Amanda Hird and Edward Chow)


Chapter 23. Surgical stabilization of severely destructive upper cervical lytic bone metastases, pp. 263-269
(Janet Nguyen, Matthew Chung, Michael Ford, et al.)

Chapter 24. Simple bracing for the relief of intractable pain, 271-277
(Roseanna Presutti, Sarah Campos, Joel Finkelstein, et al.)

Chapter 25. Cemented hemiarthroplasty, percutaneous acetabular cementoplasty and post operative radiation for a high risk lesion of the hip, pp. 279-285
(Jocelyn Pang, Richard Jenkinson, Gunita Mitera, et al.)

Re-mineralization of an impending fracture from an ostmineralization of an impending fracture from an osteolytic metastasis in a breast cancer patient from palliative radiotherapy and bisphosphonate, pp. 287-294
(Gunita Mitera, Joel Rubenstein, Joel Finkelstein, et al.)


Chapter 27. About the editors, pp. 297-298

Chapter 28. About the Department of Radiation Oncology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada, pp. 299

Chapter 29. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human development in Israel, pp. 301-303

Chapter 30. About the book series health and human development, pp. 305-306


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