Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering: Research and Manufacturing of Complex Parts


Betim Shabani (Author) – Lecturer, Department of Mechatronics Management, UBT, Pristina, Kosovo
Vladimir Dukovski (Author) – Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Doctoral School, Skopje, North Macedonia

Series: Manufacturing Technology Research

BISAC: TEC020000

Target Audience: Potential target of this book are students and educators at universities that deal with design and advanced manufacturing technologies, especially state-of-the-art technologies such as additive manufacturing and reverse engineering.

Additive manufacturing and reverse engineering have found various applications in different sectors. Additive manufacturing differs from traditional manufacturing technologies in the sense that it entails producing parts in layers, whereas reverse engineering involves taking information from existing products and turning them mainly into digital CAD models. The use and integration of both methods is very important for product development in general. In recent years, both methods have had a major impact on various industrial developments and applications, especially in the automotive, aerospace, dentistry, etc. sectors.

This book contains the fundamental aspects of the research and manufacturing of parts with complex geometry and targets a wide range of readers who will have the opportunity to find important information about the subject.




Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Advanced Reverse engineering and Additive manufacturing

Chapter 3. Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Complex Parts

Chapter 4. Experimental Investigation of Additive manufacturing and Reverse engineering of Complex Parts

Chapter 5. Economic Aspects of Implementation of Additive manufacturing and Reverse engineering


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