A Walking Tour of Italy’s WWII Battlefields: From Rome to Bologna


Frank de Planta de Wildenberg – WWII Italy Battlefield Tour Guide, West Winds, The Gowans, Sutton on the Forest, York, United Kingdom
Robert Irving Desourdis – Solution Architect Master, Desourdis Collaboration, LLC, 3748 Kinsale Lane, SE, Olympia, Washington, USA

Series: Homeland Security and Safety
BISAC: HIS027100; HIS020000
DOI: https://doi.org/10.52305/LDNY7560

This book is a sequel to the 2014 South Mountain Expeditions tour that led to the first three books in the “Walking Tour” series. This fourth book covers World War II in Rome and the battlefields from north of Rome to Bologna. This book was added to cover the advance of Allied forces after the liberation of Rome, the taking of Florence, and the Eighth Army’s penetration of the Gothic line through the Argenta Gap. The impact of World War II on Rome: the Eighth Army’s offensive strategy; Albert Kesselring’s defensive-line selection and delay strategy; the impact of 1940’s military technology; the endemic role of the terrain and weather; and the emotional impact of the thousands of graves that represent only a small fraction of the human price for Italian freedom from tyranny, all come to life in this story.

This book presents a narrative description of a history tour whose transcribed quotes and images were derived from unrestricted video footage of the people and their words recorded on the tour, as well as Frank de Planta’s detailed notes.

Table of Contents





Authors’ Biographies

Introduction: Shermans Drive to the Sea

Chapter 1. WWII in Rome

Chapter 2. Lake Nemi to the Allerona Bridge

Chapter 3. The Val Di Chiana Advance

Chapter 4. From the Chianti Mountains to Florence

Chapter 5. Apennines to the Sea

Chapter 6. The Teeth of the Gothic Line: Gemmano and Coriano Ridge

Chapter 7. The Second Coriano Attack

Chapter 8. The Argenta Gap to VE Day

Chapter 9. The Cemeteries


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