A Comprehensive Review of Significant Geological Eras


Miko Avci (Editor)

Series: Origin, Evolution and Geological History of the Earth
BISAC: SCI031000



A Comprehensive Review of Significant Geological Eras begins by exploring the nature and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton.

The late Cenozoic evolution of the east Eurasian convergent margin is described through an investigation of geothermal events related to regional tectonic movements.

The authors discuss how the onset of glacial conditions began in the very early Carboniferous Tournaisian Stage and continued at least until the Gzhelian, or even into the Permian Asselian Stage.

The geochemical characteristics of volcanism in the Western Magmatic Belt and Eastern Magmatic are also discussed, indicating early stages of back-arc basins during the Tremadoc.

The Neoproterozoic Malani Igneous Suite, the product of mantle plume/hotspot tectonism in the Northwestern Indian shield, is also examined.

Thanks to recent developments in archaeobotany and archaeozoology, the authors evaluate how the initial domestication of plants and animals unfolded during the Neolithic revolution.

Lastly, the Fars cultural zone is discussed to investigate the Neolithization process in Iran.

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