A Class-Book of Old Testament History


George Frederick Maclear (Editor)

Series: Historical Manuscripts

BISAC: REL006060

A Class-Book of Old Testament History provides an overview of history as presented in the Bible, starting with the creation of the Earth and ending with the times of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Table of Contents


SECTION I. From the Creation to the Dispersion of Mankind
Chapter I. The Creation
Chapter II. The Fall
Chapter III. The Flood
Chapter IV. The Confusion of Tongues
Chapter V. Rise of Idolatry. The Patriarch Job

SECTION II. The Patriarchal Age
Chapter I. The Call of Abraham
Chapter II. Life of Abraham continued
Chapter III. The History of Isaac
Chapter IV. Life of Jacob
Chapter V. History of Joseph
Chapter VI. Jacob’s Descent into Egypt, and Death of Joseph

SECTION III. From the Settlement of the Israelites in Egypt to the Giving of the Law
Chapter I. The Birth and Call of Moses
Chapter II. Signs and Wonders in Egypt
Chapter III. The Last Plague—The Passover—The Exodus
Chapter IV. The Journey from the Red Sea to Rephidim
Chapter V. Sinai and the Giving of the Law
Chapter VI. Moses in the Mount. The Construction of the Golden Calf

SECTION IV. The Mosaic Worship and Polity
Chapter I. The Tabernacle
Chapter II. The Priests
Chapter III. The Sacrifices and Offerings
Chapter IV. Holy Times and Seasons
Chapter V. The Great Festivals—The Jewish Calendar
Chapter VI. Civil and Moral Laws

SECTION V. From the Departure from Sinai to the Death of Moses
Chapter I. Kadesh-Barnea and the Mission of the Spies
Chapter II. The Wanderings—Death of Miriam and Aaron
Chapter III. Conquest of the East of Jordan—Balaam and Balak
Chapter IV. War with the Midianites—Death of Moses

SECTION VI. Joshua and the Conquest of Western Palestine
Chapter I. The Passage of the Jordan, and Fall of Jericho
Chapter II. Conquest of the Southern and Central Mountains
Chapter III. Battle of Merom, and Division of the Land

SECTION VII. Period of the Judges
Chapter I. Events subsequent to the Death of Joshua
Chapter II. Micah and the Danites—The Tribal War
Chapter III. Othniel and Ehud, Deborah and Barak
Chapter IV. Invasion of the Midianites—Gideon
Chapter V. Abimelech and Jephthah
Chapter VI. Invasion from the South-west, Samson

SECTION VIII. From the Time of Samuel to the Accession of David
Chapter I. Eli and Samuel
Chapter II. Samuel’s Judgeship
Chapter III. Election of the First King
Chapter IV. The Battle of Michmash
Chapter V. Saul and the Amalekites—David and Goliath
Chapter VI. David’s Life as an Outlaw
Chapter VII. David at Ziklag—Battle of Mount Gilboa

SECTION IX. The Reigns of David and Solomon
Chapter I. David’s Reign at Hebron
Chapter II. David’s Reign at Jerusalem
Chapter III. David’s Army, his Conquests, his Sin
Chapter IV. The Rebellion of Absalom
Chapter V. Close of David’s reign
Chapter VI. Accession of Solomon
Chapter VII. The Building of the Temple
Chapter VIII. Solomon’s reign continued

SECTION X. Kingdoms of Judah and Israel
PART I.Period of Mutual Hostility.
Chapter I. The Revolt of the Ten Tribes
Chapter II. Rehoboam and Abijah, Jeroboam and Nadab
Chapter III. Asa and Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri

PART II. Period of Mutual Alliance, and Hostility to Syria
Chapter I. Accession of Ahab—Era of Elijah
Chapter II. Wars of Ahab and Benhadad
Chapter III. Murder of Naboth—Battle of Ramoth Gilead
Chapter IV. Wars of Jehoshaphat. Translation of Elijah
Chapter V. Jehoshaphat and Jehoram—Era of Elisha
Chapter VI. Elisha and Naaman—Siege of Samaria

PART III. Renewal of Hostilities; Decline of both Kingdoms before the power of the Assyrian Empire
Chapter I. Accession of Jehu
Chapter II. Athaliah and Joash; Death of Elisha
Chapter III. Amaziah and Jeroboam II.; Era of Jonah
Chapter IV. Decline and Captivity of the Kingdom of Israel
Chapter V. Reign of Hezekiah
Chapter VI. Reign of Manasseh—Reforms of Josiah
Chapter VII. Death of Josiah—Captivity of Judah

SECTION XI. From the Captivity to the Close of the Canon
Chapter I. Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar
Chapter II. Reigns of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Darius
Chapter III. Rebuilding of the Temple—Esther and Ahasuerus
Chapter IV. Times of Ezra and Nehemiah—Close of Canon

Appendix and Chronological Tables


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