A Class-Book of New Testament History


George Frederick Maclear (Author)

Series: Historical Manuscripts

BISAC: REL006070

A Class-Book of New Testament History forms a sequel to the author’s Class-Book of Old Testament History, continuing the narrative from the point at which it ends, and carrying it on to the close of St Paul’s second imprisonment at Rome.

Table of Contents


Section I. The Connection between the Old and New Testaments.

Part I. The Jews under the Persians, and the Kings of Egypt.

Chapter I. High-Priesthood of Jaddua—Alexander at Jerusalem

Chapter II. Ptolemy Soter and Ptolemy Philadelphus

Chapter III. Ptolemy Euergetes and Ptolemy Philopator

Part II. The Jews under the Kings of Syria.

Chapter I. Antiochus the Great—Seleucus Philopator

Chapter II. Reign of Antiochus Epiphanes

Chapter III. Persecution of the Jews under Epiphanes

Part III. Rise of the Asmonean Dynasty.

Chapter I. Mattathias and Judas Maccabæus

Chapter II. Battle of Emmaus—Re-dedication of the Temple

Chapter III. Exploits and Death of Judas Maccabæus

Chapter IV. Jonathan Maccabæus

Chapter V. Exploits and Death of Jonathan

Chapter VI. Simon Maccabæus

Chapter VII. John Hyrcanus and Alexander Jannæus

Part IV. Decline of the Asmonean Dynasty; Interference of the Romans, and rise of the Herodian family.

Chapter I. Hyrcanus II. and Aristobulus; Pompeius and Crassus

Chapter II. Antipater and Herod; Julius Cæsar and Antonius

Chapter III. Herod, King of Judæa

Chapter IV. Herod, King of Judæa

Chapter V. Herod, King of Judæa

Chapter VI. Herod, King of Judæa

Part V. Retrospect and Reflections.

Chapter I. Dispersion of the Jews—Rise of Synagogues

Chapter II. The Jewish Sects

Section II. The Gospel History.

Part I. The Birth and Childhood of Christ.

Chapter I. The Birth of John the Baptist

Chapter II. The Nativity of Christ

Chapter III. The Saviour’s Early Life at Nazareth

Part II. From the beginning of the Ministry of the Baptist to the First Passover.

Chapter I. The Preaching of John—the Baptism of Christ

Chapter II. Call of the First Disciples—The Marriage at Cana

Chapter III. The First Passover, and Cleansing of the Temple

Part III. From the first Passover to the Election of the Apostles.

Chapter I. Imprisonment of the Baptist—The woman of Samaria

Chapter II. Second visit to Cana and Jerusalem

Chapter III. Miracles at Nazareth and Capernaum

Chapter IV. Call of Matthew—Hostility of the Pharisees

Part IV. From the Election of the Apostles to the death of John the Baptist.

Chapter I. Call of the Apostles—Sermon on the Mount

Chapter II. Teaching in Galilee

Chapter III. Miracles at Capernaum—Death of the Baptist

Part V. From the Death of John the Baptist to the visit of the Saviour to Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Chapter I. The Feeding of the Five Thousand, and the Walking on the Lake

Chapter II. The Discourse in the Synagogue of Capernaum

Chapter III. The Four Thousand Fed—The Confession of St Peter

Chapter IV. The Transfiguration—The Lunatic Child

Chapter V. The Coin in the Fish’s mouth—Tour through Samaria

Part VI. From the Feast of Tabernacles to the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

Chapter I. The Feast of Tabernacles—Hostility of the Sanhedrin

Chapter II. The opening of the eyes of one born blind

Chapter III. Mission of the Seventy—Discourses and Miracles

Chapter IV. The Feast of Dedication—Tour in Peræa

Chapter V. Raising of Lazarus

Chapter VI. Resolve of the Sanhedrin—Jesus retires to Ephraim

Part VII. From the Arrival at Bethany to the Ascension.

Chapter I. The Anointing at Bethany—The Triumphal Entry

Chapter II. The Second Cleansing of the Temple

Chapter III. The Day of Questions—The Enquiring Greeks

Chapter IV. The Compact of Judas—The Last Supper

Chapter V. The Agony and Betrayal—Peter’s Denial

Chapter VI. The Jewish Trial—Remorse and Suicide of Judas

Chapter VII. The Trial before Pilate—The Condemnation

Chapter VIII. The Crucifixion

Chapter IX. The Burial and Resurrection

Chapter X. The Great Forty Days, and the Ascension

Section III. The Apostolic History.

Part I. The Church of Jerusalem.

Chapter I. The Election of Matthias—The Pentecostal Effusion

Chapter II. Activity of the Apostles Peter and John

Chapter III. Ananias and Sapphira—Renewed Hostility of the Sadducees

Chapter IV. The Institution of Deacons—Activity of Stephen

Part II. The Church of Palestine.

Chapter I. Dispersion of the Christians—Activity of Philip

Chapter II. The Conversion of St Paul

Chapter III. St Paul’s First Visit to Jerusalem—Peter at Joppa

Chapter IV. The Conversion of Cornelius

Chapter V. Martyrdom of St James—Death of Herod

Part III. The Church of the Gentiles.

Section I. First Missionary Tour of Paul and Barnabas.

Chapter I. Cyprus—Perga—The Pisidian Antioch

Chapter II. Visit to Lystra, Derbe—Disputes at Antioch

Chapter III. The Council at Jerusalem

Section II. St Paul’s Second Missionary Journey.

Chapter I. The Sharp Contest—Tour in Phrygia and Galatia

Chapter II. Paul and Silas at Philippi

Chapter III. Thessalonica, Berœa, Athens

Chapter IV. Arrival and Stay of St Paul at Corinth

Section III. St Paul’s Third Missionary Journey and Imprisonment at Cæsarea.

Chapter I. Visit to Ephesus

Chapter II. Letter to the Corinthians—Disturbance at Ephesus

Chapter III. Troas—Second Journey to Greece

Chapter IV. The Return to Jerusalem—The Tumult in the Temple

Chapter V. The Imprisonment at Cæsarea

Chapter VI. Paul before Felix and Festus

Section IV. St Paul’s Imprisonment at Rome.

Chapter I. The Voyage from Cæsarea

Chapter II. The Reception at Malta, and Arrival at Rome

Chapter III. The first Imprisonment at Rome

Chapter IV. St Paul’s Second Imprisonment and Death

Appendix and Chronological Tables


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