A Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, and of Washington and Patrick Henry: With an Appendix, Containing the Constitution of the United States and Other Documents


L. Carroll Judson

Series: American History, Culture and Literature
BISAC: HIS036030

A Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence contains biographies of individuals who wisely conceived, nobly planned and boldly achieved the independence of these United States. The character of each of the individuals who signed the declaration, and of the illustrious Washington and the bold Patrick Henry, is fully portrayed. The most prominent acts of their lives are also clearly exhibited.
(Imprint: SNOVA)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Declaration of Independence
Chapter 2. Thomas Jefferson
Chapter 3. John Hancock
Chapter 4. Benjamin Franklin
Chapter 5. Roger Sherman
Chapter 6. Edward Rutledge
Chapter 7. Thomas M’Kean
Chapter 8. Philip Livingston
Chapter 9. George Wythe
Chapter 10. Abraham Clark
Chapter 11. Francis Lewis
Chapter 12. Richard Stockton
Chapter 13. Samuel Adams
Chapter 14. Dr. Benjamin Rush
Chapter 15. Oliver Wolcott
Chapter 16. George Read
Chapter 17. Thomas Heyward
Chapter 18. Robert Morris
Chapter 19. John Witherspoon
Chapter 20. Thomas Lynch, Jr.
Chapter 21. Matthew Thornton
Chapter 22. William Floyd
Chapter 23. William Whipple
Chapter 24. Francis Hopkinson, Esq.
Chapter 25. Josiah Bartlett
Chapter 26. Arthur Middleton
Chapter 27. James Wilson
Chapter 28. Charles Carroll, of Carrollton
Chapter 29. William Williams
Chapter 30. Samuel Huntington
Chapter 31. George Walton
Chapter 32. George Clymer
Chapter 33. Carter Braxton
Chapter 34. John Morton
Chapter 35. Richard Henry Lee
Chapter 36. Stephen Hopkins
Chapter 37. Robert Treat Paine
Chapter 38. George Taylor
Chapter 39. Francis Lightfoot Lee
Chapter 40. Thomas Stone
Chapter 41. Lewis Morris
Chapter 42. John Hart
Chapter 43. Button Gwinnett
Chapter 44. William Ellery
Chapter 45. Lyman Hall
Chapter 46. John Penn
Chapter 47. Elbridge Gerry
Chapter 48. William Paca
Chapter 49. George Ross
Chapter 50. Benjamin Harrison
Chapter 51. Cæsar Rodney
Chapter 52. Samuel Chase
Chapter 53. William Hooper
Chapter 54. Thomas Nelson
Chapter 55. James Smith
Chapter 56. Joseph Hewes
Chapter 57. John Adams
Chapter 58. George Washington
Chapter 59. Chapter Patrick Henry
Appendix 1. Washington’s Farewell Address to the People of the United States
Appendix 2. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms
Appendix 3. Articles of Confederation
Appendix 4. Constitution of the United States
Appendix 5. Amendments to the Constitution
Appendix 6. The Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson

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